He Can Take Us To The Promised Land

Going into the 2010 season quarterbacks Coach Brian Bohannon has the luxury of having Joshua Nesbitt back for his third year as the starter in Coach Paul Johnson's option offense. Coach Bohannon talks about Nesbitt's progress and the players that will be backing up Nesbitt in the 2010 season.

Coach Bohannon has seen first hand the progress that Josh Nesbitt has made in the option offense since the first day he took over the starting job. "The biggest thing is he knows what he's doing and he's comfortable in the offense," said Coach Bohannon. "He can get under center and use his athletic ability without a lot of thinking going on and that is the biggest thing." Nesbitt now has a good idea of what they are trying to do with the offense and can now execute the little things.

In comparing Nesbitt to some of the quarterbacks he's had at Navy, the thing that sticks out about Nesbitt is that he has a good understanding about what's going on with the offense. "I think he feels comfortable under center and I'm hoping his execution is at its highest level this year," said Coach Bohannon. "Josh is different than those guys and they're different than him."

The biggest thing about Nesbitt as the quarterback position is his leadership on the field. "That's the biggest thing because when he steps in the huddle he takes command and those other ten guys know that he can take us to the Promised Land." Coach Bohannon is looking for Nesbitt to continue to work on being the leader in the huddle with how he carries himself and how he works.

With Nesbitt solidly entrenched as the starter, Coach Bohannon is looking to get reps for the backups. "Right now all three backups are getting somewhat equal reps." Tevin Washington has emerged as number two quarterback. "Everything will be sorted out when we scrimmage." Coach Bohannon likes the fact that they're all improving and doing some things better but he knows they all have room to grow. The transfer of Jordan Luallen leaves David Sims and freshman Synjyn Days behind Washington.

The new player in the mix is freshman Synjyn Days. "He's doing fine and he is learning but there's so much going on between his ears right now and I'm on him every snap about something," said Coach Bohannon. "I bet he thinks he hasn't done a thing right since he's been here." Coach Bohannon is pleased with what he says with Days' ability.

Days spent some time on campus in the spring watching film and trying to learn as much as possible prior to arriving at Georgia Tech. He was able to learn five of the plays during that time. Days took those base option plays and worked on them at home with his brother Jabari (Hunt-Days) "Things are going well and I think I'm learning the offense a lot better," said Days. "I'm able to recognize things a lot quicker and my mentality has changed from high school where you usually run the same things." Checking and being able to read the coverage are two of the new things Days is facing as a college quarterback.

The relationship between Coach Bohannon and Days is one that is growing with Coach Bohannon pushing Synjyn to get better. "The first day was horrible and I thought this wasn't like the recruiting process but then I thought he's helping me to become a player so I took it and I ran with it." The more that Days learns the more he's able to use his athletic ability. He's grown to 6'2"-215 after playing at 6'1"-205 in high school.

Days feel that he'll likely be a redshirt this coming season. He thinks this will be a positive. "This will give me that extra year to learn the offense and have a good four years on the field."

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