Tremayne McNair Will Call Georgia Tech Home

White Oak High School (Jacksonville, North Carolina) athlete Tremayne McNair plays both fullback and linebacker. McNair has expressed a desire to play on the defensive side of the ball. He's found the school where he wants to do that and will announce his decision tomorrow.

Tremayne McNair has gone through a hectic recruitment and now has decided to end it and name a school. "I have found a place I want to call home and that place is Georgia Tech," said McNair. "They have been great to me from the beginning and they are recruiting me to play linebacker and that is where I want to play." Some schools recruited had recruited McNair as a fullback. "I have made up my mind and I am 100% behind that decision."

After talking with his family, McNair decided that now was the time to announce his decision. "We came to the conclusion that Georgia Tech offered me the best of everything," said Tremayne. "Georgia Tech has great academics, the major I want, and they want me as a linebacker."

McNair took a look at the numbers at the linebacker position in the 2011 class and decided to make his decision. "They said they are looking to take a couple more linebackers in this class and I know they are looking hard at another player so I wanted to be a part of this class." McNair has talked with recent Georgia Tech commit Vad Lee about the great players that they will be getting in this class. "I am talking with Dominique Noble a lot and he is very interested in Georgia Tech," said McNair. "He would be another great addition to a class that is getting better and better."

Tremayne has already given one of the Georgia Tech coaches the good news. "I've talked to Coach (Andy) McCollum and told him I was committing and I will be calling Coach (Paul) Johnson to let him know of my decision."

McNair has plans to take an official visit to Georgia Tech and will also be attending a game closer to home. "I will also go to the Tech-Carolina game but I'll be a part of the Tech section for that game."

McNair is glad that his recruitment is over. "Now I can concentrate on my senior year without any distractions." Tremayne didn't get to play very much in his opening game. He's suffered a dislocated shoulder that needs some time to heal. "It's nothing serious," said McNair. "I just want to get on the field and help my team win some games in my last year before I go to Georgia Tech." Top Stories