D.C. Area Freshmen Excel

In the weeks leading up to the football season opener, one of the questions always asked by Tech fans is which freshman have a chance to play. Two members of the freshman class recently found out that they'll be playing this season.

Jeremiah Attaochu and Louis Young were two of the final four players to give Coach Paul Johnson their verbal commits in this year's freshman class. Both came aboard after Coach Al Groh was named defensive coordinator. Both are from the Washington, D.C. area.

Attaochu comes to Tech from Archbishop Carroll in Washington, D.C. as a highly touted outside linebacker. Jeremiah is learning on the fly as the season opener approaches. "I'm still in the learning process and trying to get better."

One of the things that are mentioned when talking about the move from high school to college is learning to adjust to the speed of the game. This hasn't been a problem for Jeremiah. "Speed is speed in high school and college, said Attaochu. "It's basically about going full speed all the time and being able to recover." Jeremiah feels it's more about stamina and being able to do things on the run. "There are a lot of fast guys in high school but it's about being mentally fast."

With everyone learning the new defense, it has been easier for Jeremiah to keep up with the experienced players. "The older guys have been in college longer so they're more mature and they understand the game a lot more than I do." Jeremiah feels that he's a rookie compared to the older players but he learning.

Jeremiah came in hoping he'd be able to contribute as a freshman. "Every week it changes but I've been getting reps in the dime defense and playing on the outside but you have to keep working every week." The one thing Jeremiah has learned about college is that there's no comfort zone and everybody is always fighting for a spot.

Look for Jeremiah to get some time on special teams. "That's our job description on defense," said Attaochu. "Coach Groh made it clear that to be a defensive player on this team you have to first play on special teams and then everything else falls in line." Jeremiah is excited and willing to play anywhere on special teams.

Attaochu is working hard every day to secure a spot of the field. He's also looking forward to running out of the tunnel for the first game of the season. "I'm pretty pumped for the first game and ready to get it started."

Louis Young comes to Georgia Tech from Good Counsel High School in Olney, Maryland. With preseason camp behind him, Young is now focusing on getting ready for the season opener. "I'm working hard every day and learning new things and trying to master one thing a day."

The news that he would have a chance to play as a freshman was exciting news for Louis. "I came out ready to work and make a name for myself out here." Young has been rotating in at the corner with the second team and he's also been playing some special teams. "I'm just trying to get some playing time and I'm working on getting better everyday."

As Jeremiah mentioned the way for the young defensive players to get on the field is by playing on the special teams. Young is looking to prove himself on those teams. "I'm excited for that and I'm ready to go out there and get a tackle."

Louis made a last minute change and was the last to come aboard in the freshman class. He's happy that he made the change. "The second week I was a little homesick but now I'm more comfortable and the three weeks of camp took my mind off being homesick."

Young is learning the new defense just like the veteran players have to adjust to the 3-4. He feels that may be an advantage for him. "That was one of the reasons I came here was the new defense knowing the others only had the spring to learn the defense."

Like his teammate Jeremiah Attaochu, Louis is looking forward to the opening game. "Coming out on the field for my first college game I'm going to be excited." Names like Attaochu, Young, Bostic, and Johnson are four freshmen names that look to give the Georgia Tech fans that same excitement that they'll be experiencing in their first season at Georgia Tech.

Jeremiah Attaochu

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