The Opportunity Was There For Us

When Georgia Tech started preseason camp, there was expected to be a three players challenging for the backup job at quarterback. The transfer of Jordan Luallen to Cincinnati left Tevin Washington and David Sims as the remaining two from that three player group.

Both Tevin Washington and David Sims felt that the competition in camp at Georgia Tech was a positive thing. "The opportunity was there for us to get better and we went out there and did the best we could do", said Washington. Sims also agreed with Washington's assessment. "We had some goals coming into camp that we wanted to achieve to get better in the passing game and to make sure we knew what we were doing with our checks."

Both players try to avoid looking at certain games thinking that they might have a chance to play in those games. "We prepare for every game like we are going to play in that game and we are ready to play in each game," said Sims. Both agreed that you always have to be ready.

With one less quarterback to take reps at practice, Sims has been the beneficiary of more reps. "I used to share the third team reps with Jordan and now that is basically mine and Tev is still getting the reps with the twos and some with the ones." Sims is still working with the same group of players but is getting more reps with that group. "It's given me more opportunities to get more reps," said Washington.

Joshua Nesbitt enters his final year at Tech as the starting quarterback. Are Washington and Sims looking ahead knowing that they will have a chance to start next season? "I'm pretty sure that Tevin has thought about it more than I have but you always think about it and that was one of the reasons I came here." Sims is looking to take this year to learn the system and then compete for playing time next season. "I just stay open-minded, ready to play and ready to learn," said Washington. Tevin is excited about the opportunity and is ready to wait his turn.

Sims and Washington are at different stages of learning the offense with Tevin having one more year in the offense than Sims. Sims has seen a big jump from year one to year two. "For the most part you don't have to think as much," said David. "When me and Jordan got here we had to think a lot about are we going the right way and now you just have to take a look at the defense and that makes it easier."

At one time in his career Tevin was the youngster asking the questions about the offense. Now he's gotten to the point where he's becoming the veteran and the younger players are coming to him. "Sometimes I'm still asking questions because just like everyone else I'm still learning something new every day."

Having just completed Camp Johnson, David and Tevin noticed a lot of similarities from this year and last year and also some differences. "We had the need for a lot more of the younger people to step up this year and fill some holes and I think we did that," said Tevin. "I think the younger players are going to make some big contributions this season."

The theme this year for David and Tevin is to be prepared to play and to absorb as much of the offense as possible as next year they may be called upon to fill the role now held by starting quarterback Joshua Nesbitt. Both have the talent and both are looking forward to the challenge this year and in the future. Top Stories