Derrick Wilson Has A Final Six

When you live in Alaska and attend school in Connecticut, the trip back to campus for your senior year is not a brief car trip. So, it was especially nice that senior Derrick Wilson took the time on his final bus leg to The Hotchkiss School to check in with us.

Derrick Wilson had a long day as he made his way back to school. "I took a flight from Anchorage and now this bus trip back to school." Normally, Wilson would have already been back at school with the football team where he was a star quarterback. "After eight years of playing, I decided to give it up and don't really miss it."

Wilson's dad made a recent visit to one of the schools that Derrick will be visiting. "My dad was at Georgia Tech a few weeks ago and met with Coach (Paul) Hewitt and Coach (Peter) Zaharis," said Derrick. "They gave him a tour of the campus and he really loved the school." Wilson hopes to be on campus in September but hasn't set a date for the visit.

Now that his summer is over and he's back at school, Derrick has narrowed his list of schools. My list includes DePaul, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Stanford, and Boston College, where I plan on taking an unofficial visit." Wilson at one time considered Notre Dame but he hasn't heard from them for a while so they are no longer a consideration.

Wilson has been a lifelong friend and teammate with Georgia Tech freshman Jason Morris. Morris has been on campus for a while now. "My dad spent some time with him on his visit and I talked to him by phone."

Now that he's narrowed his list, Wilson has also decided when he'll be making his decision. "I plan to decide by mid to late October." Wilson also has an idea of what he wants from a school. "Basketball is a given so my focus is on the academics and somewhere that I will be happy."

When we first talked to Derrick he mentioned that his family would locate to where he'd be going to college. Is that plan still in the works? "It is, but not too close." Top Stories