Eric Katenda Patterns Game After Melo

Eric Katenda is not your prototypical high school basketball star. The 6-9, 212 pound senior at Cheshire (CT) Academy has been in the States from Paris, France for just two years. He shared more of his story and a recruiting update.

Most of the top recruits around the country spent their summer playing in AAU tournaments and attending camps. Eric Katenda was not one of those recruits. "I was sick," said Eric. "I had appendicitis so I spent the last few months trying to get healthy and I think I'm just about there now."

Most people think of Eric as a power forward or small forward but he had a surprise for us when asked what position he preferred. "I prefer guard." That was a surprise even thought Katenda does handle the ball well. "I think I do handle the ball well." Eric also likes to pattern his game after Carmelo Anthony.

Eric has about a dozen offers including one from Georgia Tech. Eric is not ready to name a favorite. Katenda has yet to set up any visits during his senior season. "I've had a few conversations with the coaches at Georgia Tech but we haven't set a date for a visit yet."

When he does set up a visit date it will be his first trip to Atlanta. Eric has some things that he likes about Georgia Tech. "I like the coaches, the players, and my legal guardian, who lives in Washington, D.C., said he likes the school."

Eric has a good idea of what he'll be looking for in selecting a school. "I'll look at how well I get along with the coaches, how I like the college and its location, I'll be looking to see if they have a good computer science program, and does the school's style of play match mine."

While he hasn't taken any visits yet, Eric does have an idea of when he'll make his decision. "I hope to decide before my season and my guardian will have some input but the decision will be mine."

Although he has only been in the States for two years, Eric's English was flawless. "I've worked pretty hard at that and I appreciate that you have noticed." Top Stories