Butler, Williams Accept Blame

ATHENS – Drew Butler was expected to be one of the Georgia football team's strengths, and the punter could still be.

The past two games, however, Butler acknowledges he has literally come up short.

It started two weeks ago, when he had several low-hanging punts at South Carolina. "He finished with a 42.8 average, but none were inside the 20, and three of his five attempts were returned by the Gamecocks.

"I was pretty upset," Butler said. "I had a great week of practice prior to that game and had a really good pregame. And I just couldn't get into rhythm and didn't kick the way I wanted to."

He punted the way he wanted to most of the time against Arkansas, until the final one. Punting from his own 42 with 54 seconds left, Butler's punt went out at the 27. That was enough for Arkansas to risk avoiding overtime, and three plays later it was in the end zone.

Butler was trying to angle it into the left corner, but it went low, hit and bounced forward a few yards.

"I really just didn't even kick through it," Butler said. "I just made a mistake. I hadn't kicked like that all day. Just a poor punt, no excuses."

Rehashing the painful

Georgia safety Shawn Williams stopped watching replays of Saturday's game-winning touchdown by Arkansas. It was Williams who missed a tackle on Greg Childs, who cut inside to score a 40-yard touchdown with 15 seconds left.

"I take that loss myself, because I think I should've made the tackle," Williams said after Monday's practice. "But it is what it is. I can't look back. I can't change it. But if I could I would."

Childs was asked by media in Fayetteville on Monday if Williams thought Childs was trying to get out of bounds.

"I don't know what he was thinking. But he was thinking the wrong thing," Childs said.

Williams was asked about Childs' comment.

"I really couldn't say," he said. "It's not a guessing game. It's a matter of how you react. I just over-ran it."

Williams said the Bulldogs were in a zone coverage. Cornerback Sanders Commings was first lined up on Childs, then moved to pick up tight end D.J. Williams, leaving Childs wide open near the sideline.

Cornerback Sanders Commings was first lined up on Childs, then moved to pick up tight end D.J. Williams

Asked if another defender could have helped, Williams shook his head.

"It's just my fault, and I missed the tackle," he said. "That one's on me."

Williams played much of the second half in favor of starter Jakar Hamilton, who picked up two facemask penalties. Hamilton was listed first on the depth chart released Monday.

This and that

Fullback Shaun Chapas was listed as third on the depth chart, an indication that he isn't likely to return this week. Chapas missed the Arkansas game with an ankle injury. …

Akeem Hebron is the senior who will wear No. 31 this week. A different senior is wearing the number each week to honor Quintin Banks, who ended his career in August because of chronic knee trouble.

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