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ATHENS - Another installment of Fletcher Page's answers, thoughts and various rambling.

Dean gets on me from time-to-time, because he says I ramble and carry on. I don't see this as a negative bash. I write long because I like to think somewhere, at an office desk or on an airplane or in a bathroom stall, somebody needs to kill time.

I'm here for you guys. And for the rest of you that enjoy questions and answers and Georgia football talk.

By the way, my team beat Dean's at the Mark Fox Media Madness showdown today. He's gonna blame it on his team's lack of talent. But it's not surprising he'd lean on an excuse. I took my bitter defeat last year like a man. I had to live with the pain and agony for a year. But I got mine.

"Man I'm so...I'm so hyped right now. Anything is possible. ANYTHING IS POSSSSSSIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEEE."

Let's get it poppin'.

jtanner7 asks: Let's just start off with a bang then...

1.) Do you think that CMR will be letting Bobo and Van Halanger go after the season is over?!! Let's all hope so!

I can't really speak for what he WILL do. But he better do something with strength and conditioning. That change alone, in my opinion, would make all the difference in the world.

2.) Why is Josh Davis still starting?! Are the coaches not seeing his poor blocking?

I think this one may be answered this Saturday. As I'm sure you've heard, freshman Kenarious Gates has been working with the first unit at guard, with Clint Boling and Trinton Sturdivant manning the tackles.

I can't say this enough: Linemen who played serious basketball in high school can come in ready to play. We saw the theory proven by Boling four years ago, and now Gates is the latest to provide positive evidence. Watts Dantzler: You're next.

I know the next question…is a freshman jumping into the starting lineup a bad sign for where the line currently is? Probably so. But don't take away from Gates' work to prepare for this moment.

3.)Finally, do you think our best chances of winning our next SEC games is if a meteor hits the opposing team?!

Tennessee is pretty brutal. I don't think it will take an event of cosmic proportions to get a win this weekend. I'd start with not fumbling and not getting personal foul penalties.

albdawg asks: Why did we only run Caleb 12 times? He only got 100 yds!

I'm with you albdawg. I don't understand it either. The kid is plowing for over nine yards a carry, and yet, he only gets the ball 12 times. Does this make any sense.

Now, here's the only scenario where I could see this being explained with me still being able to maintain a straight face: His ankle wasn't 100 percent. But damn…even if it wasn't, dude was looking sharp.

That's the biggest shame in that final play fumble: It erased a wonderfully played game by Caleb and kept the, "Why do our running backs suck," talk alive.

Isn't it time to let some younger players get some time on OL?

Kenarious Gates, much? Way to be out in front of the reports. You asked this question before the talk of Gates sprang up. I commend you.

sicemdawgs77 asks: 1. Do you think McGarity will almost force CMR to change the S & C program? I know the new AD mentioned that in one of the interviews.

I think there will be discussion. But I think Richt already knows what needs to be done. Hey, there was talk back before spring practice about these, "new" workout programs the Bulldogs were doing. I kind of compare that to Willie's 2009 year. They tried it out, in a slightly different way, one last time…and it tanked again. At the expense of another season, another change will be made a few years two late.

2. Do you think that Bobo will be let go after the season?

My honest thought here: I don't know. I know Bobo has come under fire, and he should. It's HIS offense. It's HIS playcalling. It's HIS direction. But Bobo did well when he had the big guns. Hell, they put up points last season, but the defense let them down. Is Bobo that bad? Probably not. Is he that good? Doubt it.

I'd like to see what an experienced OC could do at Georgia, but I think the setup is the way Richt wants it. I'd like to see what a serious strength and conditioning program would do. I think it would make everyone involved look better.

3. Do you think if those two changes were made, would it make any difference?

Just the change in strength and condition would make a big difference. And let me add: I'm not saying these guys don't work out hard. I think they don't work out efficiently. I don't think they're eating the way they should. It's little details that make a huge difference in this department. It's always in details, as Robert De Niro taught me.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 1. Why did Cuff remain in the game with 3, count them, 3 personal foul penalties?

I'm not sure. The foul called when he ran into the kicker looked cheap to me. But that's what I said about my speeding ticket I recently picked up. I still had to pay the price. Cuff, not so much. But there's really not that many corner on the roster to replace him.

"Get somebody in there for him."

"Coach, there's nobody over here."

"Scratch that."

2. Is there not a better safety to take over for 'Get Hitman' Hamilton?

Apparently not. I still think Jakar is going to be a good player. The Williams kids have yet to take over, so I think Georgia has anybody better. Alec Ogletree isn't quite ready, either.

3. We may have asked this before but it needs to be asked again. Why is Thomas running up the middle multiple times for no gain?

Because that's the play the "Lottery Ping Pong Ball" machine spit out to Bobo. You know how it goes. You win some, you lose some.

4. If Russ takes Smokey out, do we at least win a consolation prize?

What's the line on that fight? Actually, don't tell me. I don't want any part of the betting action with this program.

TripleB asks: 1. Could you see CMR, and UGA, implementing some of the Pistol formation offensive set that has been so successful for programs like Nevada and UCLA the last several years? Could be a new coordinator or just a change in philosophy. Maybe not this year, but we will have more mobility than in years past next season, with Murray and Lemay. The pro-style offense every single play is too repetitive for the bright defensive minds in the SEC.

This is the second week in a row I've picked up a question concerning the pistol. I don't see it happening this season. Maybe it will in the scenario you gave, but Georgia stays true to what they do for the most part. I think it wouldn't be surprising if the Bulldogs ran the pistol. That wouldn't surprise me at all. But I doubt it would be something they use all that often. They'd probably only have a few looks out of the package, too.

2. How does Bruce Pearl still have a job? I mean he lied to the NCAA blatanty to cover up for breaking the rules, which was even worse than Dez Bryant, who didn't break any rules but told a fib cause he thought he might have broken a rule. That got poor Dez a year suspension.

I don't get it either. The pay-cut defense is a joke, too. It's not like he's hurting for cash. I mean, the guy kind of looks like he could pick up a sidejob as a private stripper or something at a shady joint anyway. He's still going to eat.

If he doesn't go, which I think he should, I think Tennessee may be in trouble—as far as winning goes. Dude can coach, no doubt about it. And he can recruit. But the more that comes out, the worse it's going to get. This program may hardly have a leg to stand, unless Pearl cuts that out from under them, too.

3. Does Dean still fist pump and hang out with "grenades"?

One of these days we're going to get Dean on the right path. But I'll defend him here: Dean does not hang with grenades. Landmines—maybe—but no grenades in his posse. I have seen him fist pump, though. Depends on if Tucker and Coker both win that weekend. It's rare, but does happen.

TNLogDog asks: Are we Ever going to see Nick Williams on the field for multiple snaps?

He got more playing time than usual against Colorado. But it doesn't look like he's going to beat out Hamilton or Bacarri Rambo. So…probably not. I think you guys already know my thoughts on Williams. He's in "Fletch's Interview Hall of Fame." He's on the Rennie Curran platinum penthouse level. That should count for something, right?

PIGGSKIN asks: 1. Is there any culpability by Stacy Searels on this years poor OL play? Why do we think we are getting no push, and bad run blocking?

Searels doesn't waste words.

"One-and-four, you tell me," he answered. "I don't think anybody's pleased with the way we've played on the team."

I think we all know what my answer is here…S&C…S&C…they're just not playing physical. And they've had a couple of really bad mental errors (see: Josh Davis, Colorado).

2. It seemed that there was more of an effort to get the ball to the TE's this last game. We ran the ball more effectively. Which one of those successes, if any do you think we are going to take and run with?

I think the key for the running game was Caleb King and Colorado being so terrible. I think the key for the tight ends was A.J. Green being so damn awesome.

Can A.J. stay healthy? Can Caleb stay healthy? That could be the biggest two questions in dealing with this.

3. Does Kwame Geathers have no stamina whatsoever, or are we blind in seeing that the run D is much more effective with him in there? What adjustments are coming in the front 7?

I can't say much about the adjustments. I think Dowtin will play more and more as the season goes on. But other than that, they've got what they got.

As for Kwame…it seems like he is fine. His stamina looks OK to me. I know he was bad out of shape when he came in over a year ago, but he worked hard to get where he needed to be.

Remember, we only see 60 plays a week. Coach Rodney Garner was quick to remind me of that on Tuesday. We don't see the thousand other snaps during the week the coaches use to base playing time off. Now, if Kwame keeps doing well in games, then he'll play more. If he keeps playing productive in practice, then he'll play more. But he's got to earn those things. We don't get to see everything that goes on…but we do get to see the most important parts. I think the kid will only see more time as the season goes on.

4. Do we see any adjustments with Lakatos coming in the secondary, as we are seeing who is blowing assignments, and who is not?

Yeah…no. There is no depth here. With Branden Smith out for who knows how long with his second concussion, there isn't much wiggle room. Sanders Commings will get most of the time in nickel situations and Jordan Love's status has been upgraded. But they don't have much of a choice now.

Whyso asks: Quienes mas macho, Big Bird and Snufalufagos, or Georgia's Strength and Conditioning program?

Allow me, if you will, to dust off my Spanish vocabulary.

Los jugadores de Georgia son débiles. Usted pasa encendido El Pájaro Grande grande sobre centro. El Pájaro Grande pondrá ese asno hacia fuera. El Pájaro Grande hace enrollamientos del predicador. Él picoteará pasos apagado. Snufalufagus es fuerte. Él puede llevar su peso. Él puede ser emocional. Él es trastos de nariz. Y buen. Digo tan Snufalufagus y El Pájaro Grande. Fácilmente.

Y, tengo un gato en mi pantalones.

moose1517 asks: If you were in Mark Richt's position, what would you do about your hair?

Ah, I ‘ve been waiting on someone to touch on this. If I'm not mistaken, Moose had the question of the week in the last episode of the Mail Bag. Here's to consistency.

Your prize this week: An exclusive nipple-slip shot of Dolly Parton. Also, she'll sing you her rendition of God gave me a mountain. And she'll sing it twice.

I've referred to Mark as the, "sprig" a couple of times. But I don't want any bad karma coming back to me here. I'm not touching this one.

MagicMan31 asks: If our blocking and tackling improve due to the more physical practices in-season, do you think Richt will continue them?

Yes. I say if it ain't broke don't break it.

My good friend Magic Man…el Diablo…Now you see me, know you don't. By the way, I'm not a fan of Talladega Nights, because I generally don't care for Will Ferrell movies. But I'm all about John C. Reilly. I know, such a lame double standard. I have no clue if this has anything to do with why you named yourself Magic Man. But if it didn't, I apologize.

I know everyone worries about injuries and therefore scales back in-season practices, but don't you think being fundamentally sound, tough, physical, good blockers and tacklers is more important than having healthy, underperforming players. The good news if an injury does occur is that their replacement will be more prepared due to the practices.

I agree. This is an astute observation. I think Richt had to make the move here.

One more...In your opinion, do you think Bobo is really the problem with the offense? That's Bobo, the same guy who engineered 2007, 2008, and 2009's explosive offenses. And, in 2009 he did it with a mediocre QB.

I kind of addressed this already, but everything comes back to Bobo. What you're really saying is: When Georgia has elite playmakers, the ball moves. When Green is in there, the ball moves. When Staff and Knowshon were here, the ball moved. That's what Alabama has going now. That's what Florida had with Tebow forever. The fumbles and lack of players stepping up has hurt. But, ultimately, who does that fall on? Bobo and then Richt. But you make an excellent point.

But you did add...Georgia was able to score with Joe in there last season. You're right. That is the exception to the rule. They scored a lot of points last season with less talent on offense. Just another baffling bullet point to this season.

In my opinion, no it's not all on Bobo. But he'll take the credit just like he does the blame. Or vice versa.

Well, that was the best I could do. Thanks for all the great questions. Once again, I'll urge you guys to strive to reach, "Question of the Week" status. Moose has been walking around the apartment gloating for going on two weeks now. He even had a trophy made to put on the mantle.

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