Dawg Post Mail Bag: Part I

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page intercepting questions to provide news, notes and rambling.

Well, another week into the calendar and another hit for the Georgia offense. Caleb King's arrest, and subsequent two-game suspension, was disappointing.

I feel bad for King—not so much for what happened: As the Rock Lord Kingpin Legge says, "You've got to handle your business." That's true.

But I feel like two games was a little harsh. Put yourself in Caleb's shoes. He's seen far worse crimes (Washaun Ealey's hit-and-run comes to mind) go for less punishment. It seems King is paying for the previous 10 guys arrested for him. I understand Mark Richt's side of this. He's tired of it. But if I'm Caleb, I feel slighted.

Unless of course there is more to the story. If there is, I'm sure the Red & Black will bring those details to light. But this adds to a long list of casulties the offense has had to deal with.

A.J. Green missed four games.

Tavarres King and Washaun Ealey missed the opener.

King missed two games due to injury. Add another two.

Ben Jones was held out of the first half of the Colorado game.

Kris Durham missed the Colorado game with injury.

The offense can't get in the flow because of the ins-and-outs-and-back-agains. I guess we'll see how they deal with this latest out the next two games.

As for the mailbag, let's get it poppin'.

BlackDeathD asks: Is or could Dave van Halenger and Coach Mike Bobo be in hot water with Coach Mark Richt at the end of the season? Is the writing on the wall about improvements to the S&C program?

I think both could be in hot water. I give Bobo a much greater chance to stick around—because like I said in the intro, we have yet to see what this offense can do when it's completely intact—than Van Halenger. Let's not forget who is responsible for Aaron Murray's progression—Bobo. I think Bobo has done a fine job coaching the first-year quarterback, something I don't think anybody is giving him credit for. Maybe Murray is getting better in spite of Bobo. I doubt that. I think everybody already knows my stance on the strength and conditioning. It's got to change, or Richt won't be here very long.

ThreeDawg asks: If, as you say Fletch, our S&C is an "open joke" amongst media members and other SEC institutions, I would imagine it would have been thought of as a joke by McGarity as the Assistant AD at Florida.

Yes, go on.

If so, do you believe there is any way possible that the current S&C program returns anywhere remotely close to its current form for the 2011 season?

If it is, then I think Rich is in trouble. A change in strength and conditioning would do wonders for so many other aspects. Hamstring and shoulder injuries, anyone? Cramping in games, mental toughness and finishing games. It better change. That's all I can repeatedly say.

ThreeDawg asks: Do you ever foresee a time when punishments for student athletes in violation of the law are mandated by the conference as opposed to the schools. The disparity with which we are doling out suspensions for our football program relative to other member institutions has become staggering, as evidenced by: http://articles.orlandosentine...affic-citations.

You raise a good question and point. There are so many different ways each institution handles matters. But I'm not sure the SEC really wants to bother itself with these kind of things. I believe they don't want to be called a dictatorship and feel comfortable leaving these matters in the hands of each school.

But, I liked what my roundtable colleague Josh Kendall proposed the other day: Richt should lay out each and every possible violation to his players. And he should list the punishment for each and every potential problem. I think he needs to be more consistent. I don't believe he should increase penalties because there have an x-amount of arrests. I think he should say, ‘If you do this, you will be suspended two games. If you do that, you will be kicked off the team.' He should be very clear and very consistent.

tdperk asks: Can you please tell me why the caged bird sings?


ThreeDawg answers: If my high school literature teach had it right, the caged bird sang of freedom.

I believe the caged bird is Kanye West. I don't really care what he's singing about or for, I just know that I'm listening.

Southerngent10 asks: Fletch this is a few weeks over due but was the Demetre Baker dismissal based solely on the new edict from Adams/McGarity? Or did it have anything, even remotely, to do with him not exactly fitting into Granthams stereotypical linebacker mold, being a recruit from the previous regime, and the only reason they honored their offer is because CMR's word is gold and thus he was an easy "example" of the newer firmer Richt?

I don't know if that's the case. From what I was told, Baker was impressive. He's quite an athlete, evidenced by the fact he is playing running back at his new digs. He was physically, the biggest looking incoming they had, outside of linemen and Alec Ogletree.

I just think the DUI was too much to overcome. While I don't agree with King's two-game suspension, I feel Richt made the only choice with Baker.

willbeezy asks: Fletch: Do you think that Ken Malcome can make an impact this year??

He may have to make an impact. Ready or not, the running back position is hurting for able bodies. If Carlton Thomas can't go Saturday, they'll be left with a depth chart that goes like this: Ealey, Fred Munzenmaier, Zander Ogletree.

That's if they don't pull the shirt off Malcome. I know the coaches wanted to redshirt Malcome, especially after the concussion. But they've also prepared for this moment by getting him ready in practice. He hasn't been on the scout team at all, so he's been getting quality reps.

He may play, but I don't see him have an impact like Ealey did last season.

Part two of the Mail Bag will be released Friday.

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