Dawg Post Mail Bag: Part II

ATHENS - Fletcher Page finishes what he started, concluding Thursday's Mail Bag just in time for Homecoming.

Hey, 12 hours late is better than never. Pour some coffee, have a glazed and let's round out this mail bag together.

DirtyDawgs asks: You guys wrote of the tremendous job that CLK and the GA (forget his name) were doing in the defensive backfield. After giving up big play after big play, 3rd down and long conversion after 3rd down and long conversion... has the drill changed at all here? I know youth is a factor - but you guys here @ the dawgpost staff really wrote highly of the job these guys were doing... yet, our DB's have been stanky. What gives?

I know everyone is down on the secondary. I can't argue that people shouldn't be. Here are a few stats to add to the discussion. Georgia is seventh in the SEC in passing defense, giving up 207 yards a game. By comparision, Kentucky is No. 1, allowing 153. South Carolina is last, giving up 255. So it's middle of the road there. But the Bulldogs are last in the conference in passing defense efficiency. I can't really argue that.

But, I think this is part of the growing pains process, Kirk Cameron, anyone?. I know people have pegged Jakar Hamilton and Bacarri Rambo as disappointments. But I still think those two will be very good players by the time they leave Georgia. There have been big plays given up through the air—frustrating wide-open guys who make catches for touchdowns and first downs. But I think as time in this defense increases, those will be fewer and farther in-between.

I don't place all the blame on the secondary, because I believe it all starts up front. Obviously when a guy is streaking wide open downfield, it's on the secondary. But some of the blame has to fall on the defensive line. They've struggled getting a consistent pass rush, and the secondary can't cover guys forever. Does it feel like I'm just making excuses now? Maybe I am.

I know this was a positive message. And hey, Sanders Commings has been a bright spot.

korleone05 Is it just me or do Darryl Gamble seems to fit better at ILB???

I like Darryl at outside linebacker, but that's influenced by how much I like Akeem Dent, Christian Robinson and Marcus Dowtin inside. The coaches agree with this sentiment. Does that make me right? Not necessarily.

scottugafan asks: Do you think that it would take a player actually attempting to kill someone at UF before Urban Lier would actually kick them off the team, or would they actually have to be successful in doing so (since it doesn't appear threatening to kill someone and stalking them is enough)?

Only if the person they attempted to kill was Tim Tebow. Rumor has it Steve Addazio is free game. I'm kidding. But seriously.

jtanner7 asks: 1.) Where has Bruce Figgins been? The guy is a beast. Maybe not as talented as Charles and White, but he has the NFL size. Will he be another Ben Watson who goes into the NFL and makes a name for himself, after we didn't use him that much?

I think he's just buried. And I don't see a Lazarus-esque return. Orson Charles and Aron White are just better. Sometimes that's just the way it is. Ask Jan Brady. You can be plenty good at certain things, but ultimately bested by others.

2.) Will we end up getting Isaiah Crowell?

I think Jarvis Jones is a big deal here. And Alabama proving it's human with the loss at South Carolina. But if he did go to Alabama could you really hold it against the kid? He lives close to the state line, and up until recently, Nick Saban was kicking it with Hercules and Zeus in the VIP Gods Lounge on Lake Burton. Still, this will be a dogfight. And no, I'm not typing dawgfight.

3.) Will the other half of our stadium and fans ever stop being country club members and actually stand up and scream for the team and yell at the opposing team?!!

No. And don't you understand, win, loss or overtime—the best way to get a seat at Chili's on Saturday is to leave during the third quarter. So what if you miss an instant classic, you didn't lose out on the first chance to dive into southwest eggrolls.

In all honesty, there are fans like what you're describing everywhere. People are going to root for "their" team the way they want. That includes those who leave early to beat traffic (lame). Also those who complain about every damn thing that happens during the game. Those who cheer for every damn thing that happens during the game. Those who won't get off their ass. Those who won't just sit down. I could keep going. The point is, it's just like a living, breathing community. I think. You complain about them. They complain about you. I imagine this is how things went down at the Coliseum. But you couldn't get southwest eggrolls in Rome.

4.) If you can't drink and drive, why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor, and why do bars have parking lots?

I wrote a long answer to this, mixed with Damon Evans and humor. Then I thought better of it. You baited me fairly well, though. Carry on.

dartslingindawg says: Lakatos proved he can coach DB's when he shut down Spurrier's Cocks with frickin UCONN last year.


The same guys they have this year were on that team - as far as tall athletic receivers are concerned.


I think they showed marked improvement against UT. the tip drill was awesome.


they are learning a new defense - and when d-backs make mistakes, there is a greater penalty to them. I think the blown assignments will cease as the guys learn the new system.


I really don't think the defense is all of our problem. a lot of scores were given up with short fields due to idiotic plays that defy gravity. We've been in every game we've played this year - and a lot of that is due to the defense playing well in key moments. The last few years, by this point in the season - we had had our butts destroyed in at least one game. There have been no dismantlings - and no complete defensive meltdowns (UT the last two years).


I guess I'm still enjoying the UT win - but I just think that the problems that have plagued our team aren't the fault of the defense.


Do you think that all of the instability we've had at running back will make the position more attractive to guys like Crowell and Bray?


It seems to me that these guys could feel pretty confident about early playing time.


Are there any other backs we might be taking a look at?

Wait…I may need Chad Simmons here. I can try though: Newton's Akeem Hunt. Whitewater's Josh Clemons. Neither have offers though. Maybe…I don't know for sure. I can be honest about this. Isaiah and Quan would be nice to have.

And finally, what running back from Georgia do you think is the most underrated now - but heavily recruited by season's end?

I'm liking Ralph Abernathy from Westminster. Dude is fast.

Patches33 asks: How much of an impact will UGA's poor season have on the commits and the targets? If we end strong? if we fall apart?

I think most of the commits are pretty solid. Obviously losing hurts. But the only way I see it truly affecting much is if a coaching change is made. I've gone into greater detail in past Mail Bags about this very topic, but I don't think finishing 8-5 or 9-4 will affect recruiting very much. Wait, or I predicting Georgia only loses one game the rest of the season? These are theoretical answers to hypothetical questions. So no.

I have heard UGA was looking at signing a second RB. Who are they looking at to be the other guy?

I sort of answered this above. But I think Quan Bray is who you're seeking.

I know we have been after quite a few LBs. Who are some LBs that UGA are recruiting and where do we stand with them?

How is recruiting going with the prospects from North Carolina? How serious of a shot does UGA have with them?

On the linebackers question, all I can says is there aren't many in-state kids left here. There are some talented kids, but they've already committed. For both of these, I'm going to point you to Chad on the message board. He should be able to more effectively answer these questions. And I'm OK with that. He's good at what he does. Plus, he was just in North Carolina not long ago.

Any Five stars that UGA has a shot at?

I don't think so.

TripleB asks: 1. Julian Royal - Dawg or Techie?

Yeah, about that…When do you think is an appropriate time to tell a highway it's adopted?

2. Has there been any talk of opening North Campus back up to the way it used to be? I know the discussion earlier this year was that students did not get have a voice in the decision at all and that changes might be made after this season. Plus, if you've walked through that area at all this year, there is nothing but hippies playing guitar on the lawn and an occasional cooler and chair tailgate. Ridiculous, considering our group got displaced because of the actions of a few idiots between the sidewalks...

I haven't heard this, yet. But maybe Michael Adams will reduce the sentence due to good behavior. I did walk North Campus last week and I thought to myself: "Hey, this is where I ran a table in beer pong.' And, ‘This is where I dropped my phone in a Jack and Coke.' And I was sad because there is nothing there now. No people. No tents. No chairs. No coolers. No fun. Sigh.

MagicMan31 says: Yes, I chose my handle due to Cal Naughton, Jr. in Talladega Nights. What can I say? I am an accountant and am not very creative, sometimes I have to borrow on other's creativity.

I respect this. I am a fan of John C. Reilly, dating back to Days of Thunder. And if you don't respect and appreciate Cole Trickle, I'm sorry, but we can't go fishing together.

If we played our best game of the year after having a Spring Practice, - full pads, 1's vs 1's, and 2's vs. 2's - then why are we not continuing the premise? Start a new routine, show improvement, then switch back to the old routine, hope we don't take a step back. Doesn't make sense.

I think there is a happy medium here. Dean and Josh got into a fairly heated debate about this on the Roundtable this week. Josh said the team should continue, "getting after it." Dean said that wouldn't work out because injuries would pile up and the team would be run into the ground. I say both arguments are right. I'd like to see the team continue to run ones versus ones on Tuesday, and maybe conduct a few intense drills for about 30 minutes or so. But I don't think it's possible to do that every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Since when does a steak from Chili's count as a steak dinner?

Since some of us around here (not calling names) are sneaky and cheap.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: Why do we have the worst time recruiting WR's? Especially when we have had so many elite QB's come here. Who wouldn't wanna catch balls from AM?

I've always been told it's because of the high school offenses here in the state of Georgia. Not many teams run a pass-heavy attack so receivers aren't developed. Georgia has gotten a few out-of-state kids—A.J. Green, Mohamed Massaquoi—to show up. But it's hard to rely on out-of-state hopes every year. And there have been some good players from Georgia during the Richt Era.

This is perplexing at best.

Will we play inspired ball again this week even though it is the Dores?


22 Days till basketball, how will the Dawgs finish the season?

I think they will be in the 18-22 win bracket. If they can just go .500 on the road, they should be in the tournament.

Did you ever get your steak? Don't let Dean get away with it just because he is your boss. Call him out and make him buy you one from Bone's or Ruth's Chris since he has taken so long.

Let's start a petition. We've got to frame up some sort of legal movement here. By the end of this fight, not only should Dean have to pay for the steak…he should have to cut it up for me, too.

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