Mitchell: PLEASE vote for Boise

Please help us in welcoming Boise State to the end of college football as we know it

Ok, I'm ready to call it: Auburn will win the 2010 National Championship.

That is, unless for the second time this decade the Tigers fail to even get an invitation to play in it.

For if I had a vote in the Coaches or Harris Poll, I would rank Boise State first and foremost, above any and all teams, for the simple reason that our sport has become a joke. The butt of jokes.

And perhaps, just maybe, the shock of Boise State playing in our beloved sport's Championship game would be the final straw to force a playoff system.

You know, a playoff. Like what every other NCAA sport has. And for that matter, what every other division of the NCAA's College Football manages to execute – except for some reason ours.

Flashback to 2004. Auburn went undefeated yet was not invited to play in the National Championship game. A game which USC eventually won. (Don't start.)

The knock on Auburn in 2004 was its "weak" out of conference schedule, remember? Of course you do.

Ok, back to the present. Raise your hand if you've bothered to take the mere 15 seconds required to Google Boise State's IN CONFERENCE schedule? Don't get up – we'll do it for you:

New Mexico State, San Jose State, Louisiana Tech, Hawaii, Idaho, Fresno State, Nevada and Utah State.

Wait a minute! Don't just smile and blow that off. If you love CFB like you say you do, look at it again.

For the love of all that's holy, forget even that - Boise's out of conference schedule this year includes Wyoming and Toledo. WYOMING AND TOLEDO?! Are we on hidden camera?

When you have a conference schedule as weak as yours, Boise, you don't get the luxury of a couple cupcakes on top of it.

Your conference is a cupcake. With sprinkles.

But that's where we are. When the BCS poll drops, Boise is likely to slip somewhere in the top two. And with no teams left on the schedule to really challenge them – other than that lone road trip to Tuscaloosa and the… Wait. Sorry. Other than the trip to Whisky for a big game under the lights…

Strike two.

With no one left on the schedule other than Nevada, there's an excellent chance that Boise State is in Glendale come January.

Look, we're not suggesting Nevada's a bad program this year, far from it. But just stop for a minute and check your pulse.

If that's the only conference game you have to worry about – Nevada – that alone eliminates you from playing in our sport's National Championship game.

Again, we're not going to debate here the relative benefit of any one playoff system v. another. Nor whether our sport is being held hostage by the financial interests of a few limited private promoters. Private enterprises that run the Sugar, Fiesta and other large bowls.

Heaven's no.

But players, coaches and all those involved with college football give everything they have to it - and we owe it to them to at least have a just method of determining a winner. If winning matters.

I therefore implore everyone who loves our sport to vote for Boise State. Because it is only in that madness that we might eventually get what our sport so clearly deserves – a playoff.

CFN's Russ Mitchell covers college football, primarily the Southeastern conference. Please follow him on Twitter @russmitchellsec or email him at

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