Jim Harrick resigns as Georgia Basketball Coach

It seemed almost inevitable that <b>Jim Harrick</b> was going to be out as Georgia's basketball coach. The only question that remained was, how much was it going to cost the University? Dawgpost.com discovered the answer this afternoon.

Jim Harrick has resigned as the University of Georgia Head Basketball coach effective immediately. If there is a bright side to this saga for the University is that Harrick's resignation will cost Georgia no money in a buyout of Harrick's contract. 

Harrick will be paid up until today, which includes his base salary, television and radio revenue, as well as sponsorship money. The sum of what he is owed in compensation comes to $254,166; that is a far cry from the three years at $600,000 that would have been owed to Harrick had he been fired outright with no direct links to NCAA violations. 

"This entire situation has been and is regrettable for the Athletic Department and the University," said Athletic Director Vince Dooley. "Coach Harrick is an accomplished coach of the game of basketball, however, I believe his resignation and retirement at this time to be in the best interest of the Athletic Association and the University. Coach Harrick obviously believes it is in his best interest as well. Our focus now is to complete with continued commitment the investigation. We will also begin the search for a new coach." 

While Harrick resigning may show that there was a direct link to NCAA violations, the swift and seemingly harsh measure to pull the highly ranked Georgia basketball team out of post season tournaments looks to be a pre-emptive strike against any further NCAA sanctions.

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