Dooley did right by Georgia's fans

By waiting and allowing Harrick to resign, Dooley has saved Georgia $1,545,834, enough said.

When the Monday came a few weeks ago and Georgia's basketball players were robbed of their postseason rights, I was confused as to the reason why Jim Harrick was not dismissed that same day or why Georgia did not play in the tournament with its un-suspended players and coaches.

But I, like many others, did not give Vince Dooley enough credit, which is odd for me because I am think very highly of Vince Dooley.

Only later in this nightmare scenario, after I had removed my anger, did it occur to me what Dooley was doing. He was saving money and staying out of trouble.

Not only did Dooley learn from his past mistakes in this sort of situation (firing coaches and then being forced to pay them a huge lump sum for dismissing them) but he has most likely dodged a bullet from the NCAA by isolating the blame with Harrick and Harrick alone and clearing his department of any wrongdoing by acting swiftly.

By waiting and allowing Harrick to resign, Dooley has saved Georgia $1,545,834, enough said.

In so far as Georgia and the NCAA are concerned, getting rid of Harrick will likely mean that sanctions, if any, from the NCAA will be light.

No, the way that the exiting of Harrick was carried out was not pretty. But I don't think that Dooley was the one that should be blamed for that. He can be criticized for saying that Harrick would likely be back as coach next season, but at the time what was he supposed to say? "We are in the process of firing him right now."


Dooley has to report to many important people, but the most important person that he is held accountable by is the Georgia fan or booster. In this scenario, Dooley did right by Georgia's fans and for that he should be praised.

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