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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's thoughts, hopes and somewhat relevant rambling.

As far as intros go, there isn't much in the way of headlines for me to work with this week. All seems quiet at Auburn. Georgia is working business as usual. I dunno, slow week I suppose.

With that said, let's get it poppin'.

willbeezy asks: Fletch, is moving Ken Malcome from RB to FB for next year coming up in the coaches mind?

This one is new to me. I think Zander Ogletree is all set to take over this position next season, but there will be a shortage of depth at the spot. I still can't believe the staff recruited Blake Southerland as a tight end instead of a fullback. Just another home state product that got away, I guess. He wanted to go to UGA, but his dad said the academics were just too much at Vanderbilt. I'm kidding, by the way.

Do you want me to go the rest of the Mail Bag without another shameless reference to the Cam Newton saga? I can go on either way.

Anyway, maybe Malcome takes some reps at both spots, ala Fred Munzenmaier. He's big enough to play fullback, and I hadn't given this idea much thought. Thanks for the suggestion, beezy.

dynamicbigboy asks: How about asking Bobo why we can't ever do anything outside of the ordinary. You see teams all over the SEC that are thinking outside the box, except for UGA. With Logan Gray at wide receiver it seems like a no brainer to have him on an end around to stop and throw the ball. We never do anything like this ,so it would take the opposing team (AUBURN) completely by surprise. I am betting it would lead to an easy TD. What are your thoughts?

Frustrated much? Be careful what you wish for. When Logan Gray takes an end around and is taken down 12 yards behind the line-of-scrimmage, I'm blaming you. Or, if he throws a touchdown, I'll credit you. We'll rejoice then.

Logan has been involved in a few gimmicks, but he has also been hurt quite a bit this year. It's not that he's not out there for trick plays…he hasn't been out there much for regular plays, either. He's had a nagging ankle injury and now is dealing with a hurt jaw. The same goes for Branden Smith, who missed a ton of time with concussions. You can't run trick plays if your personnel is hurt and out of games. You can't run trick plays if your personnel is hurt and out of practice.

You're forgetting the Wildcat formation both King and Ealey have seen time in. We've seen Smith and Rantavious Wooten take end arounds and direct snaps and handoffs. We've seen A.J. Green carry the football. Did we forget those? I'm just asking. Those are out of the ordinary. Some of those ideas have worked better than others, too.

I'll agree, at times Bobo has shown a bland look on offense. But this offense is not that different than anything we see when Alabama plays. Outside of Florida and Auburn, there isn't much going on around the conference that could be labeled outside of the box. Except for Satan and Les Miles completely successful plots of lunacy. Say, did you hear about Satan's email to Les? It read, "Just stop it."

TripleB asks: 1. With Charles White, Ben Harden, and Brandon Bogatay never seeing any quality time, do you think they may graduate, if that's possible, and give up their scholarship for next season, freeing more spots for this class?

You're not suggesting a Nick Saban-esque move here are you? I kid. But these are good candidates for moves that can be made if needed. It happens every year. Saban takes a lot of heat for this very practice around these parts, but every school has one way or another of doing the very same thing. Kevin Perez, anyone? Ricardo Crawford, anyone?

2. Realistically, do you think Trey Thompkins will be out until the St. Louis trip, Old Spice Classic, or sometime thereafter?

I wish Trey could come back in time for some of these important out-of-conference tests. I want to see how this team stacks up against Colorado and Notre Dame and others. But Trey needs to stay away from any and all activity until he's fully healthy. The selection committee will take into account what happens while Trey is out of the lineup. And who knows, maybe the rest of the team finds a positive in his absence. Maybe Marcus Thornton or Donte Williams will benefit from the extra time. In the big picture, I don't care what happens in late November, as long as this team competes in January and thereafter. That's all that matters.

3. Herschel Walker vs. Dana White: Who do you have, in what round, and by what?

Oooh, you provide a little Strikeforce versus UFC matchup here for the digesting. I say Herschel would handle Dana fairly easily in terms of physicality. But if the match goes down in a UFC environment, all bets are off. White isn't losing in his own octagon.

But he is now a promoter. I know White probably still works out, but there's no way he's on Herschel's training level. He may be more technical than Walker, but I say Herschel would find a way to hang around and win. I don't see a knockout though. Maybe White could work a submission victory, but he's not KO'ing Walker.

MagicMan31 asks: If you were Todd Grantham, would you employ a spy to try to contain Cam Newton? I understand Richt doesn't want to do anything outside of the scheme of our defense because that is not what we specialize at, but wouldn't we have to alter everything we do due to his unique talents even if it is within the scheme (i.e. more of a contain pass rush instead of a pin your ears back and go)?

I'm sure there will be plays where there is a "spy" on Cam. I'm sure there were plays where there was a "spy" on Stephen Garcia. But I doubt one player will shadow Newton the whole game. I know what most people are thinking. You want Alec Ogletree to spy Newton the whole game. Maybe he will on a couple of plays. Maybe he won't. But it's still going to take 11 guys to stop Cam and this Auburn offense. You can spy Cam if you want, but this offense does a lot of things to burn that ass. And also, think about all the guys who have had a chance to tackle Cam one-on-one and missed. Just "spying" Cam really makes no sense to me. That's essentially saying, "OK, true freshman Alec Ogletree, go tackle the best player in college football. Or you can at least slow him down until others get there.' You can insert Marcus Dowtin in that line if you want. But either way, it doesn't make sense to me. Taking down Newton takes 11 spies, in my opinion, regardless if that sounds cliché or not.

Man, have I been adversarial in this Mail Bag so far, or what? Must be the colder weather setting in. Forgive me. Let's lighten the mood a bit.

We heard about Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, Clint Black, and Goerge Strait last week. Lets hear about Outkast, Goodie Mob, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Biggie and Nas this week. And, surprise there was no mention of Waylon or Hank.

I'm glad you brought this up.

Where do I start? First thing's first, I didn't mention Waylon or Hank or Haggard last week because I was trying to keep the conversation strictly to in the early 90s. But one day we will tackle their era together, too.

As far as rap goes, there are a couple of lists that are important in the rap game. There is the famed, "Best Rapper Alive," list. That one changes frequently. There is the "Best Rapper of All Time." That can change, but is more concrete. There is, "Most Influential Rapper," which is even more predicated on personal opinion. Then there is "Your Favorite Rapper," which is completely predicated on personal opinion.

With that said, just get over the fact that I am a diehard Kanye West believer. I love his music. I love his beats. I love his lyrics. You may not like West because of his outspoken attitude. I get that. But that's why I like him so much. He doesn't just rap about material things, but he can. He has a lot to say, and he always says it. Sometimes that's what gets him in trouble (i.e., the "George Bush doesn't like black people," quote, and the whole Taylor Swift episode). It's one of those, ‘what makes him great is also his downfall," cases, kind of like Chris Farley and cocaine, or Kurt Cobain and heroin.

But, right now here's how I see the, "Greatest Rapper Alive," shaking out. Lil Wayne is currently on top of the world. He has produced so much music the past five years it's simply unbelievable. He's put out over 2,000 songs or cameos since 2005. That's unheard of. And most of it is quality. He's taken over after Jay-Z's 10 year reign. Jigga admits as much. I have Kanye, 50 Cent and T.i. rounding out the top five. Eminem is right there. Ludacris would be top 10.

Now, as far as all time rankings go, I've got Tupac on top. Of course Biggie is in the discussion, but I'd put Jay-Z at No. 2 (Kanye has mixed many of Jay's best beats. Just saying). I do buy into the argument that Tupac gets a bump in popularity and critical acclaim because he died when he was at the top of his game, in a James Dean type career-making move. But Tupac changed the game, and I don't think he's been rivaled since. Biggie had a better flow and has some smooth verses, but Tupac rapped from the pit of his stomach. He had some serious stuff spewing, and you can't debate that. "Picture Me Rolling," is probably my favorite rap song of all time. Of course I have some old school guys knocking on the top five, Snoop, Eminem, Cool J., N.W.A. and the guys from Run D.M.C., just to name a few.

As far as most influential rapper, I'm going with Dr. Dre. His production and beat-making skills were the driving force behind N.W.A. And he's brought forth the talents of Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 or Fiddy, The Game and more. The Chronic is easily a top five album. Also in my influential category: Run D.M.C., Beastie Boys and everyone from the late 80s, even including Flava Flav and Too Short.

Anyway, this has kind of rambled on, but here are a couple of my favorite songs, along with a few of my favorite versus.

Tupac – Picture Me Rolling - Just picture me rollin

Flossin a Benz on rims that isn't stolen My dreams is censored, my hopes are gone I'm like a fiend that finally sees when all the dope is gone My nerves is wrecked, heart beatin and my hands is swollen thinkin of the G's I'll be holdin, picture me rollin

Kanye West – Can't Tell Me Nothin'

To whom much is given much is tested. Get arrested, guess until they get the message. I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny, and what I do? Act more stupidly.

Snoop Dogg – Murder Was the Case

Dr. Dre – Forgot About Dre (new school, I know).

Jay-Z – Can I Get A…(Even though Ja Rule's appearance almost ruins the song). Because of Ja, H to the Izzo may take this spot.

Nas – Hate Me Now(Even though P. Diddy's appearance almost ruins this one for me).

Lil Wayne – Lollipop Remix feat. Kanye West…Also, see: pretty much everything he's ever recorded.

Outcast – ATLiens or B.O.B.

Anyway, I could keep going, but I may have lost about 96 percent of my readers at this point. I'm not really excited about rap at the moment. I like a few newcomers, like Drake, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi and Waka Flaka Flame, but for the most part, outside of the big hitters, there aren't many artists to get behind. There isn't much staying power with most of those out there right now. A few names that should be getting more love are Wiz Khalifa and Wale.

That's probably enough rap for now…

Whyso says: Match the left hand colum with the Tupac song that it most closely represents:

Well if you insist…and since you made so easy, I'll play along.

Justin Houston and AJ Green – Two of America's Most Wanted. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both say so.

Failure to practice physically in fall camp – Changes. Self-explanatory.

Coaching staff, including S and C – Wonder Why They Call You…no other choice here. A little harsh, but again, you gave me no choice.

All the arrests on Georgia's roster - All Eyez On Me…Those Athens cops sure do take pride in making arrests, don't they?

Cam Newton – Troublesome…he's just that good. And he's all about his ends, apparently. "Call the police (NCAA), they can't stop us."

Chris Rainey – Out On Bail…"Want to label me a criminal…everybody want to talk…I'm trying to use the phone but they making noise…turn violence into a…murder"….That was one easy.

Tennessee threesome at Gas Station – Shorty Wanna B a Thug…Those Tennessee players were wanna-be criminals, anyway.

Well, I made some changes here. First of all, nobody on your list deserves the "Hit ‘Em Up" tag. As Bill Simmons says, that's the greatest Eff-you song of all time. Nobody you listed is worthy of that or is in the position to say Eff you, so I put in "Shorty Wanna B a Thug." I put in All Eyez On Me in place of "Skandalouz." too.

TripleB says: Match the following question with these Johnny Cash songs: I Walk the Line, Hurt, Folsom Prison Blues, Ring of Fire, The Man Comes Around, Dirty Old Egg-Suckin Dog, Unchained

OK, OK, I'll keep playing along. And man, you're into some "older years" of Cash, aren't you? I'm into that though.

Justin Houston and AJ Green – Folsom Prison Blues….With the NFL on the near-horizon, these two have been stuck on a 5-5 team this season after a 8-5 effort last year. Akin to prison? Possibly. But then again, A.J. is projected to go to the Cleveland Browns. Aside from his reunion with Mohamed Massaquoi, good luck with that. I think this makes A.J.'s 2008 season the "Shot a man in Reno," moment.

Coaching staff, including S and C – Unchained. Key lyric: "It's so hard to see the rainbow through glasses so dark as these."

Failure to practice physically in fall camp – The Man Comes Around (this would be after the change to more physicality was made).

All the arrests on Georgia's roster – Hurt

Cam Newton – Walk the Line (Actually, this would play more into the hands of the Auburn boosters).

Chris Rainey – Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog. Really, there was no other option here.

Tennessee threesome at Gas Station – Ring of Fire

This deserves "Question of the Week" status. Your officially licensed Grand Ole Opry stage light bulbs will be in the mail. Once again, no insurance included, so if they arrive shattered or stomped, tough luck.

UGAGirl98 asks: Any chance Auburn is already thinking about Bama and looking past this 5-5 Georgia team?

You know, Auburn does seem to have many things to get distracted by at the moment. Alabama is on the horizon. Cam is in hot water. But I think that 2006 game taught Auburn never to take Georgia for granted. I think having lost four in row to the Bulldogs will keep them motivated. Remember, nobody has ever won five straight in this rivalry. That means something to both sides. Georgia may win this game, but it won't be because they were sleeping on the Bulldogs.

1Watkins asks: Fletch, seeing how Auburns DT Nick Fairley is such a dominant force to deal with, why hasn't UGA not recruited more big men like this (except Kwame Geathers) to play DT for us? Seems to me a (3) 6'5" 300 lb. DT would just eat up the line and allow our LB to run all over the opposition.

I think Georgia has recruited some big men like Fairley. But you can't win them all, as Dean "The Rock Lord Kingpin" always reminds me. And also, guys of that stature (get it) are hard to find on the high school level. And digging even further, it's hard to find guys that big that are for sure going to produce. It's hard to evaluate a player that can get by on sheer size alone all of his life. The "Mount" Cody's of the world are few and far between. And yes, a 6-foot-5, 300-pound defensive tackle would eat any line and allow inside linebackers to run the show. But that's a luxury nearly everyone in America wishes they had.

stephenm1 asks: Is it in the Florida Football Head Coach job description that one must be a first class A-hole?

The decision to play Chris Rainey kind of sealed that one up for me. I still can't believe that whole mess went down. What a joke. So yes, yes he is a first class A-hole.

oilslyck asks: We have a WR that was a back-up QB for 3 years. Will Gray ever throw a pass from WR or slot position? End around - stop and throw.Double pass. QB-WR- downfield. QB-WR-QB-downfield. Wild Dawg. Can he pass? How could you never use that asset???????????? Or are we saving it for an important game?

Yeah, about that…did you catch my thoughts above answering the question earlier? Let's go from there.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 1. How many players will Coach Fox try to sign in the Spring, what positions, and who are the top targets?

I would think Mark Fox would like to sign another big and another guard. But at this point, the remaining pool looks like the comedic relief in a Mel Brooks' film: Slim Pickens.

I'm sure there will be some names cropping up over the next few months. And truthfully, I bet Fox and his staff wishes a few more kids in Georgia waited until the spring period, because the Bulldogs are set to have a good season. I bet that could have changed a few of these kid's thinking.

2. Is there a BIG NT out there that we are recruiting? If not, is there one that Chad can send some info to CMR?

I'm not the guy to answer this one. I hope you admire my honesty. PM Chad, and he'll answer this question, and you'll get an answer pretty quickly. He's the man when it comes to dealing with these kind of questions.

3. Will Murray have 300 yards on Saturday against Auburn's weak secondary?


Sorry Suwanee, that could have been the worst set of answers ever produced for a combo platter of questions in my Mail Bag. Forgive me?

Turn the lights off boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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