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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's thoughts, views and somewhat relevant rambling.

Say, does anybody else think spiking the ball to stop the clock is technically intentional grounding? I'm just saying.

With that said, let's get it poppin'.

gcsdawg asks: First off you are a welcome addition to the porch.

You flatter me. You're too kind. Private message Dean and tell him I'm well worth the investment. Remember, Christmas is approaching.

Now, all Ass kissing aside, please explain the divide between........... Disney Dawg vs. Disappointed (pissed off) Dawg. Thanks very much and I'll hang up for your response.

Well, I'm hesitant to get into this discussion. Roger Goodell, excuse me, Dean Legge has cracked down on violent, verbal hits on the message boards. He's just trying to protect his "players." I understand that.

But there is something to this divide. I find it similar to American politics. There are two distinct sides within the Bulldog Nation. There is the, "ever the optimist." And then there's the, "What in the world are we doing?" And of course there are some moderates.

But it seems lately both sides have forgotten that everybody is in this together, hoping, seeking, needing the same outcome. Everybody wants to win. Everybody wants to beat Florida and Tech. Right now, things don't look so good. Georgia's record isn't very good. The team hasn't really played at the level we've seen Richt's teams play at in a good while.

What has that done? Divide the fan base. There should be a happy medium. The "ever the optimist," should be able to see Mississippi State pushing Georgia around. And the "What in the world are we doing?" should be able to admit Mike Bobo's offense has scored 30-plus points the past six games. But both sides seem set in stone.

Here's how the message board at Dawg Post should be run. Let's say I think Mark Richt has gotten complacent, hypothetically speaking.

I start a topic called, "I think Richt has lost the edge."

Now, I spend a good 200 or 300 words detailing why I think what I think. Richt's recruiting classes have dipped, he doesn't pay attention to detail, his players don't respect him, etc. Maybe I even offer a few stats to back my argument.

I don't just start a topic and say, "Mark Richt Sucks," and back that up by saying, "We need to hire Muschamp." There is nothing added to the conversation with that method. And quite frankly, that kind of talk is getting old. I love to debate and talk and bicker. But I need to see some talking points before I jot you down in my book as a credible speaker. And both sides of the divide engage in this behavior.

aspendawg asks: I will ask a continual repeat question over the past 5-6 months....Have we started actively working plan B "incase" IC chooses Bama? If so, do you see any plan B's that could come in and make an impact like IC?

Funny you mention this now…Chad Simmons has been talking about 2011 running back Josh Clemons, from Whitewater High School, for some time. He only has three offers, but his tape makes it hard to understand why he hasn't garnered more attention.

When he visited Georgia in October, Clemons sounded like he felt snubbed. Here's a quote Simmons got.

"It is probably my last time visiting Georgia," Clemons said. "They did not act like they were interested in me. They asked about my game last night and that was it. They did not say anything to me about recruiting."

Clemons is the son of former player Charlie Clemons, and Simmons reported this morning UGA has called to request film from last Friday's win over Warner Robins. Perhaps the Bulldogs are back in the mix.

Shout out to Chad Simmons, who made this answer entirely possible.

Whyso asks: In verbal warfare, who do you think has the most talent and why, the Disney Dawgs or the Doomsday Dawgs? Do you think the Doomsdayers have an unfair advantage in this battle due the very poor play from the team?

You're correct. You can only be as good as the point you're arguing. Sure, pile on now while the team has six losses. Get in a few low blows while Richt is currently 13-11 the past two seasons. I get that side of things.

We can break this down into a few categories:

I've called the Disney Dawgs "ever the optimist," already in this Mail Bag. I also mix it up by calling them, "Wait ‘till we slide Matt Stafford in there next season."

For you Doomsday Dawgs, I tend to go with, "What is Bobo doing?" Also, I say, "I bet we're going to run it here."

Truthfully, you're both talented. And you've both got one hell of a commitment to your allegiance. I prefer the Disney Dawgs from January till August. But this is college football. One loss pretty much tanks the ultimate goal. So it's easy to convert to the dark side as fall sets in. After all, 1980 was a long time ago.

I would venture to say being a Disney Dawg makes for an easier way to sleep at night. But, at times, I'm sure being a Doomsday Dawg has it's perks. It may be more fun to play the villain from time-to-time.

albdawg asks: I am scared to post anything. How bout that Mark Fox?

I hear Kansas will be looking for a new coach in 2015. I'm just saying. And I'm just kidding. I think Bill Self has done enough to stick around those parts for a good time. But with Fox, that is the big question—if he wins at Georgia, will he pull the Tubby Smith and bolt for greener basketball pastures? I say Georgia does it's blank check impersonation to stop such a farce. But then again, Fox is still under .500 at Georgia. That's right, he's 16-17. Obviously this season looks to be trending toward success. And Kentavious Caldwell is on the horizon. Speaking of which, Kentavious' last name is now listed as Caldwell-Pope, just so you know.

I think Fox and Georgia have a bright, long future ahead. The fan support is picking up, and the state of Georgia has deep recruiting pockets. But the winning and expectations and projections must be sustained.

By the way, "Can you teach me how to Tubby?" If you got that one, you're probably either in college or a huge fan of John Wall.

dunkaroos8 asks: Are Jarvis Jones and Richard Samuel the real deal at linebacker? I thought C Washington would have a breakout year this year but it hasn't happened. With Dent, Gamble, and most likely Houston gone next year, who are you expecting to step it up. Vasser or Gillard maybe? I thought we would have seen more of Gilliard this year. Is there any chance Tree will move to linebacker if we land Mitchell or Swann even though they are corners? I think Corey Moore is a more complete safety the kid can blast you and looks like he can cover well. I know that's alot of questions but I have been drinking so I've got a lot to say haa.

Take a breath young fella…I'll follow in your style.

I think Jarvis Jones could be a game-changer at both outside and inside linebacker. I'm not so sure about Richard Samuel just yet. I was on the Cornelius Washington train, too. I was sold out on that stock. I was all in. I'm now flat broke. He's been burned a few times on misdirection type plays. My good friend Wes Muilenburg first noticed the poor play against Colorado. By the way, Wes is fly like a G6. It was on display again at Auburn. He is athletic enough. I just don't think he's put it all together yet. Of the two you've listed, I like Mike Gilliard more. But that's just me. Gilliard has been battling random nagging injuries all year, so those may have held him back. Plus, Akeem Dent, Marcus Dowtin and Christian Robinson have dominated the playing time here. As of right now, "Tree" will not move to linebacker. I've asked everyone I can—off the record even—about any chance of Olgetree moving. They all say no shot. I think Corey Moore is going to be a good player, too. I know I answered a lot of questions, but I've been drinking. Ha.

(gasp for air).

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 1. Any updates to Trey's injury? We gotta have him against the Irish in 10 days.

I think it's reasonable to forecast Trey Thompkins playing in Orlando. I doubt we see him versus Saint Louis. I was extremely worried Trey's injury would cost this team some frustrating losses early. Now, I think his absence has been a big boost to players like Conner Nolte, Donte Williams and Marcus Thornton. I think it's been especially good for Williams.

Plus, we've seen what the backcourt can do to step up the scoring. Gerald Robinson is averaging 20 a game. He's all that and the bag of chips he was rumored to be.

When Trey gets back, this team should do work.

2. Does Murray win a fight between he and Fairley? I say he goes Rocky style and takes the hits, waits for tubby to get tired, and then pounds his face into the ground.

I don't see this playing out well for Murray. I see Nick Fairley coming out like Thunderlips (as played by Hulk Hogan) in Rocky III. See, Aaron is going to be all Rocky. You're right about that. But he's going to be all technical and punching and playing by the rules. Thunderlips Fairley is just going to pick him and body slam him. He's not going to fight fair. By the end of the match, Murray will be bloody, and fans will be throwing trash in the ring.

3. Will CMF have the Dawgs shooting 200 free throws a day for the rest of the season?

That's interesting, because following the Colorado game Fox said he hadn't been happy with his team's approach to free throw shooting in practice. Does that mean mental focus? Maybe. Still, I assume Fox will switch up whatever he's been doing, which probably means making them shoot 200 free throws.

With that said, I've always subscribed to the belief that free-throw shooters are made in the summer. It's almost too late now to be wasting time on shooting them in practice. Perhaps Fox extends workouts an extra 15 minutes to accommodate the extra time needed.

4. When you say 'Let's get it poppin', what actually pops?

What used to be referred to as my bright and promising career. With every Mail Bag answer, my bubble bursts a little more.

I'm kidding. I'm willing to bet the popping noise heard is Dean's nerves as he reads through my answers.

willbeezy asks: Fletch: Is our team physically weaker than most our opponents? If so, will that change anytime soon?

Let's bring Florida defensive lineman Carl Johnson into the Mail Bag Lounge. Carl, it's not so nice to have you here, but I'm glad you stopped in to share some info.

What do you think of Georgia's strength and conditioning?

"It's fun seeing 300-pound linemen wheezing for air and you're fine," Johnson said after Florida beat Georgia in overtime. "The D-line, they're wheezing and you're like, ‘He's tired. He's tired.'"

"When (Demarcus Dobbs) got hurt, I was pointing (and saying), ‘He's tired. He's not really hurt,'" Johnson said. "He was just tired and faked an injury to get out of there, stop the clock. If he didn't, we were on the ball, ready to go again, they were gassed."

Thanks Carl. Good luck against South Carolina…wait.

So….yeah….about that….yeah, the S&C should change.

MagicMan31 asks: If you were CMB and/or CMR, would you have taken a knee (given up) right before halftime when you are on the road, against the #2 team in the country, and have been moving the ball at will the whole half?

I'll be straight here. I don't always agree with Richt. And yes I understand Auburn's defense is weaker than Dean's defense of ratty New Balance shoes. But Georgia was tied with the No. 2 team in nation and getting the ball back in the second half. What I was more dumbfounded by was the onside kick. Dean turned to me right before it happened and said, "Do you go for the onside kick." So the thought was there, even if it was from the Kingpin. Georgia didn't have a prayer of recovering that kick.

Anyway, I get that Georgia, "didn't have anything to lose by going for another score there." I've heard people say that. But the plan was, if the drive started on the 30, to go into the one-minute drill. But as we saw most of the night, Brandon Boykin and the kick return team struggled to help with field position. I know Richt's decision to run the clock out was second-guessed. But if something had happened, i.e., an interception returned for a score, then we'd be hearing about that "dumb" call, too.

What this boils down to is, Richt has shown he doesn't let games and situations change his overall philosophy. If the ball isn't past the 30 to start the drive at the end of the first half, he's most likely going to sit on that 99 times out of 100.

Now, Aaron hasn't shown any dangerous flash of carelessness with the ball. And A.J. could catch a pass thrown by my grandmother if he needed to. So, I see why the fan base was in flames over the call.

On a side note, I am also a Kanye fan. Mostly due to his beats and his loquaciousness. However, dude needs to learn how to muzzle, or screen if you will. Just cause you have a lot to say, doesn't mean you should say everything you think. Think before you speak sometimes bro, that Taylor Swift moment made you look like a fool.

I'm with you. By the way, Kanye's new album drops November 22. That's next week. We should throw a listening party.

Did Dean "pay for you to play" in order to keep you away from the OS?

I look back on the days when the relationship between Dean and I was in it's infant stages and smile. There I was, a fledging young journalist fresh off graduation. There he was, a mother goose of sorts, willing to take a chance on a hyper kid with some crazy ideas (like this Mail Bag).

My options were varied, but none paid well. I still freelance for a few newspapers, but if I were still on that track, I'd be back in parent's basement in Young Harris, Ga. There was even a low moment in my life, where I copped to the man and applied for a position in alumni relations at a small college. I don't think my Mail Bag mentality would have worked when writing newsletters to the elderly asking for money.

But apparently Dean needed me as much as I needed steady flow (debatable). So here we are. Here we all are.

BlackDeathD asks: Yes another S&C question. IF you could rank UGA S&C program in the SEC Top 12, where would you rank them, and who has a worse program? Oh and can we hire this person as our new S&C cord?;feature=sub

I would say Georgia is middle of the road in the conference. I think Alabama and Florida are probably at the top of the heap, but Mississippi State opened my eyes this year. Those dudes are putting in work.

As for programs worse than Georgia, I'd bet Vanderbilt and Kentucky are worse. Those two are always a safe bet to make in these debates. How about Ole Miss? I can't really rank the whole conference because I don't see enough of this type of thing to make an educated list. I just know that Georgia is not nearly as good in this department as Alabama and Florida.

And no, she doesn't need to be involved with Georgia's S&C. There's enough distractions in Athens as it is.

jmandawg asks: If whyso added short to the end of his name wouldn't that describe him more?

This is a free-flowing Mail Bag that occasionally touches on mature subjects.

Yatzi asks: What kind of speed does "Boo" Malcome have? How does his acceleration rank against King and Ealey?

I don't think Ken Malcome is faster than either of those two. Now, there is speed and acceleration and quickness and all those other terms used to describe how a football player moves. I like explosion the best. The fact is, I haven't seen Ken enough to say if he "quicker," or, "more explosive." Just by going off his body type, I tend to doubt he is though.

But I know Isaiah Crowell is….speaking of which…

jca239 asks: Given the start time for the GT game - (A) How excited are the players to be playing a night game this year? (B) How many recruits will be in Athens for the game (name names based on what you are hearing)? (C) How much does this help recruiting (this year in particular)?

Let's go back to Chad Simmons for some help with the recruiting info…as Chad said in a post on the message board: "Isaiah Crowell, Deion Bonner, Marqui Hawkins, Keith Marshall, Xzavier Dickson, Keith Marshall, and John Theus. Jay Rome told me he hopes to be there as did Damian Swann. It is shaping up to be a big weekend."

I think a win over Georgia Tech is always a big deal—in every facet of the program. So, yes, next weekend should be a big deal.

As far as current players go, the fact the game is senior night is forcing the night atmosphere into a backseat role. I'm sure they're excited, but most players have been talking at length about sending those guys out on a good note. I know, I know, this idea didn't exactly work out last year against Kentucky.

Also, and I hate to point this out, this will probably be A.J. Green's and Justin Houston's last game in Sanford.

TripleB asks: 1. How many more years do you think CMR will be our coach if we can get back to frequent 10 win season?

Let's say Richt gets back to 10 wins next season. I think that will put his Georgia career back on track. Right now, he's 50 years old. He'll be 51 on February 18, in case you want to send a card.

I bet he could easily go another five or 10 years. Anything past 60 is a stretch in today's day and age (get it). Plus I bet Richt has a few things he'd like to do with his family as he gets older (mission trips, etc).

2. Chicken, tuna, combination of both, or other: You're Donte Williams nutritionist, what are you suggesting in order to gain mass?

I'd probably go with six good meals a day, packed with everything you mentioned. The chicken breasts and tuna are a great start, but I could see him going on a "dirty bulk," too.

The boy needs his vitamins, but he could use a good dose of carbs, too. I suspect he may never be that big, because basketball season will keep his weight down.

3. Cole Trickle vs. Jean Girard: similar backgrounds in open-wheel racing, different styles, who you got and why?

I almost feel disrespected you would offer this contest in my Mail Bag. The answer is simple: Cole Trickle. It's that simple. Jean Girard is poser, and I don't care for the guy.

Cole has this raw ability. There's nothing he can't do in a race car. He says so himself. Sure he took his lumps to get to the top. But he can take a bad race car and produce. That's rare. That's talent. That's beautiful.

"Speed. To be able to control it," Trickle said. "To know that I can control something that's out of control."

Girard doesn't know about that.

moose1517 asks: In your opinion, does Tech lie and cheat?


Georgia fan: Say, does anybody know where Joe Hamilton is these days?

Georgia Tech fan: Say, I know exactly where Quincy Carter is these days?

Georgia fan: Fair enough.

Moving on.

dbragg7 asks: Does Tech have any actual claim to The Varsity in ATL? If so, whose Varsity is better, theirs or ours? Also, does this come into play when covering the pros and cons of the two schools? Thanks. Ohh...and what is your favorite meal from The Varsity?

In actuality, lesser-known Reinhardt College in Waleska, Ga., truly has claim to the Varsity. Well, sort of. Varsity founder Frank Gordy dropped out of Tech and went to Reinhardt. That's where he met his wife. That's where the idea was probably hatched, and to this day the students there have a "Varsity" style lounge to eat at.

As for which is better, I prefer the one in Athens because it's less of a hassle. There isn't as much traffic, and there aren't as many people. So that settles that. Either way, you'll spend the next day after you eat there either happy or regretting the decision. But you'll know where you were.

I do have an issue, and you've provided the platform for me to speak some truth.

I hate all these damn "Junior Varsitys," that litter the metro area. What's worse, I hear there is one being built in Dawsonville. Dawsonville? The only thing I want to do in Dawsonville is check out the pool hall with Bill Elliott's awesome memorabilia all over the place. What business does the Varsity have being in Dawsonville?

Part of going to the Varsity is going to the Varsity. You go because you went to a Braves game. Or you go because you went to a Falcons game. Not because you went to the outlet malls in Dawson County. What in the world is going on here?

By the way, my favorite meal is: two chili dogs, no mustard, with onion rings.

dawgs3535 asks: Do we really know what time it is .... and does anyone really even care?

Does this mean that there is no such thing as tomorrow? Because what is tomorrow when tomorrow actually gets here? That's right, it's today.

And you are due, "Question of the Week," status. Your ancient Mayan calendar is in the mail. I'm not responsible if it's one second off.

Southerngent10 asks: 1. Any vibes about offseason transfers, medical dq's, early graduation? Or position changes?

Not that I've heard of, other than Jarvis Jones to inside linebacker. He's still playing outside, but he can do both. So that's not big news.

2. Is OLB to complex for Cornelius Washington? Against Auburn when he was on the field he made lots of mistakes and didn't make them full speed. Mistakes happen, not knowing where he's suppose to be or guessing is another issue. Remember QMoses a few years back always taking the wrong angle but going 100MPH?

Yeah, I kind of touched on this earlier. I had big expectations for Washington coming into this season. But he's still young. And next year, he'll probably have to be "the guy" at this position, so it better click.

By the way, I refer to Washington as Cornwallace (all one word) for reasons unknown.

3. Any thoughts on the mood of the team? Is there a sense of urgency or wanting to dominate Tech all over the field? Basically do you see us taking the end of the Auburn game and using it to take out some being pissed off on the gnats?

That's possible, but the mood has been kind of low-key around the practice facility this week. I think the bye week was good for the players and coaches. It's been a long stretch this season.

And after six losses, I kind of expected a down week. But the players seem motivated to beat Tech because…well…its Tech. It's another football game to be played. There isn't much more to read into it than that as of right now.

nayah asks: If we have a bad offensive showing and lose to Tech, does that spell doom for Bobo?

If that happens, considering that it will be Bobo's first bad showing in over six games, I don't think the Tech game will spell doom for him. But that's just me.

stephenm1 asks: Could you please give us your thoughts on the SEC's decision to pardon Fairley? From what I understand UGA did all that they could to get the conference to come down on him since Auburn doesn't care about his dirty play. I hear other schools have been complaining about him as well. It just doesn't seem right that Ben Jones gets taken out for a half of a game for one chop block that apparently the SEC made sure we knew about, and Fairley gets away with his season long shenanigans. I'm not saying I buy into the conspiracy that the SEC wants Auburn in the MNC, but it does seem fishy. Thanks

Maybe we should buy into the conspiracy. I think the SEC does want Auburn in the MNC, and it's not a conspiracy theory. They want the brand to continue doing well and to keep making money. Auburn winning is just good business.

Unfortunately, this is the protocol with the conference. The league notifies the school and then lets those school's officials make the final decision. Of course Mark Richt is going to suspend a player for a dirty play against an out-of-conference team.

But Auburn is already all in to win. With Cam Newton off-the-field extravaganza in full force, what do the Tigers have to lose by playing Fairley? That's right, nothing.

Just about every aspect of Auburn seems dirty at the moment, from how they got their players to how they play.

And yes, McGarity did everything he could to voice his thoughts on the issue. He made a complaint to the SEC and has even gone the media route.

apple dawg asks: 1) How are Chris Burnette, Dallas Lee, Kolton Houston, Austin Long, Brent Benedict progressing as football players?

The word on Brent Benedict and Austin Long has been getting them back to full health. They both will be ready to go full tilt in the spring.

Chris Burnette was having a good fall camp until he had a couple of injuries set him back. He had a banged up knee or ankle and a concussion. With Ben Jones coming back next season, Burnett still has plenty of time to get ready.

I like Houston, just based on seeing him workout. Physically, he should be able to contribute soon. I'm not sure how he is progressing under Stacey Searels' strict requirements, though.

Dallas Lee is another name Mark Richt kept referring to back in fall camp. But I haven't seen him on the field, yet. So….that's what I use as my gauge.

I've gotten this question a few times already this season. There must be something amiss with Georgia's current offensive line, if I'm to read into this question? Speaking of which…

2) Have there been OL injuries that help explain the lack of production in the running game?

I couldn't tell you. I'm fairly baffled about the running game, too. Sure Cordy Glenn had mono, Chris Davis just can't go anymore and Trinton Sturdivant is still working his way back to 100 percent. But I still thought the offensive line would be better this year. I don't get it.

3) Which juniors do you expect to leave early?

I think A.J. Green and Justin Houston will go for sure. I don't think Brandon Boykin will go. I'll list my percentages later in the Mail Bag.

Of course, if the NFL lockout does take place, then all bets are off. You hear me? ALL BETS ARE OFF.

mcoxdawg asks: O.K. Fletch! As you remember I was the one who posed the question about the possibility that my beloved Dawgs would ever be mentioned in the same breath as the "Big-boys"? And as the season is progressing I feel the games are giving me a different response than I got from you. Nothing personal.....But, how in the world can a hillbilly like me sit and watch the let downs week after week while at the same time seeing visions of "Sugar-plums" dance in my head? Let's toss off the Red and Black glasses and get your honest assessment! How much longer can Richt really last on the UGA sidelines? And also, please explain to me why a coach(such as he) who is looking for some type of spark, take a knee with :50 or so seconds left in the first half? Sorry Fletch,.....but as I still "sit" here on the Throne in my Castle of McDonalds Chicken Nuggets(mmmmmhh), how much longer can he last Fletch? And don't give me the Company line!! How much longer can we afford to waste full minutes of football at a pop?

Well, first off all, good call on the chicken nuggets. If I roll through McDonald's these days, I bet I order a No. 10 nine times out of 10.

With that said, you're right, the games are telling a different story. As Low once told Dean and I in person, at the end of the day, you are what you're record says you are. And over the past two seasons, Richt is 13-11. That's pretty bad, and I can't argue with you there.

So, there's two choices here. And with each choice, there are two separate outcomes.

The first choice is: Fire Richt.

There are two possible outcomes.

The first outcome: Lady Antebellum's, "I need you now."

This is kind of what's going on at Tennessee, where they fired a successful coach who had dipped just a bit. Now, the Volunteers are currently under their third coach in three years and have won one game in the conference this season.

This outcome's lyric:

"Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor, Reachin' for the phone 'cause I can't fight it anymore. And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me it happens all the time."

Or, the second outcome could come to fruition. Fall Out Boy's, "Thanks For The Memories."

This is kind of where Auburn is right now, except Cecil Newton is blowing my perfect analogy up. They fired a successful coach two years ago, hired Gene Chizik and have preceded to reach National Championship form in only two seasons.

This outcome's lyric:

"One night and one more time, Thanks for the memories, Even though they weren't so great, He tastes like you only sweeter."

So that's the fire Richt route. It will be one or the other.

The other choice is to keep Richt one more season. If the team doesn't win nine or 10 games Richt will probably be gone. I think it's worth one more season, especially considering what would happen to this year's recruiting class if Richt were fired. I still think bringing in a new philosophy in strength and conditioning would change the whole program. That's the move that must be made. It's like the moment in Pulp Fiction where the "Wolf" is called in. It had to be done and everything was taken care of when Harvey Kietel's character got on the scene.

DickVanDawg asks: Boxers or briefs?

I am a boxers guy. In my formative years, I rocked briefs all day every day. But fate intervened. I was in the mall in either eighth or ninth grade, and I bought a pair of blue jeans. When I got home, I found a new pair of boxers inside the jeans. They were a package deal. What a surprise! So I put them on…and I never looked back. Don Henley said it best (and I think he was talking about boxers), "Don't look back, you can never look back."

TNLogDog asks: Do you think that the possibility of Auburn getting hit with NCCA penalties could affect G Wright's decision assuming that he is indeed an AU lean and could this help UGA pick up another much needed D lineman?

I think you're right TNLD, the impending sanctions will weigh heavily on Auburn's commitments and current leans. I don't see how a kid could want to go there if they are facing a Southern Cal-esque sentencing. I'm sure a few will stick, but there will be some players open things back up.

As for Gabe Wright, I'm not sure. His recruiting story has been all over the place.

trooperdawg980 asks: Would you agree with the assessment that Auburn is very much aware that the hammer is coming down and that this led to the decision to continue playing Newton? In other words, with the amount of s--- that is headed their way they have already passed the point of no return and playing him just wasn't going to make a lot of difference. Is their thinking that it is better to win the title and have it taken away rather than to not win it at all?

Well, if the hammer is coming down, and if Auburn knew the hammer was coming down, the decision to continue to play Newton could prove to be a disastrous call. You don't knowingly play a player who is ineligible. That's terrible on Auburn's part if it is the case. But I'm sure Chizik will play the victim and blame wealthy boosters.

Sure, they have nothing to lose by playing him in terms of this year. What's forfeiting one or two more games after he's already played in eight or nine? But the implications could be monumental. The penalties for doing such a things will be harsh.

I get that Auburn was snubbed in 2004. I understand they feel slighted. They probably don't care about the "official recognition" as national champions. They just want to be able to say, "On the field, we were the best team in 2010."

Which is lame, in my opinion. And it sets a terrible example for the way things work in this country. The end shouldn't justify the means when it comes to cheating in college sports. And that was a Machiavelli reference. I'm got a few tricks in the bag from the 15th century.

Just for fun, at this point what are the percentages you think on the following going pro? 1. A.J. 2. Boykin 3. Houston. It also seems that every once in awhile someone surprises us by coming out early, ala Danny Ware. Who might be that surprise this year if any at all?

A.J. Green: 95 percent.

Justin Houston: 85 percent.

Brandon Boykin: 24 percent.

If I had to pick one player to come out unexpectedly, I'd take Caleb King. I'd put King's percentage higher than Boykin's.

Turn the lights off boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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