UGA's in Fight with UA, AU for Dickson

ATHENS – Xzavier Dickson is ramping up for the final leg of recruiting, and he's got a few visits left to make.

But this weekend he made the drive up from Griffin to watch Georgia beat Georgia Tech.

"It a fun trip," Dickson said. "I really like the game. It was exciting. I like the fan base; it was great support; I knew it was going to be great support. I was looking for Georgia to get a win and they did. I wanted to see a big game and see the fans support the team. I also want to see how the team played against a big-time rival."

Dickson is close with his Griffin teammate Corey Moore, who is committed to Georgia. He said that Moore used to talk about the two playing at Georgia together all of the time, but that now Moore is letting Dickson take in the recruiting process.

"Corey is letting be do my own thing," Dickson said. "He doesn't say much. He used to say stuff when he committed (in the spring of 2010), but he doesn't really do that any more," Dickson said.

That doesn't mean Moore and Dickson don't still hang on the sideline before games.

"I hung with Corey, Sterling Bailey, Chris Conley and Amarlo Herrera – Marlo was trying to get me to go to Georgia."

But Dickson is taking it all in. The Griffin star said he's happy with the recruiting process, and that he's looking forward to the visits he has scheduled and will schedule soon.

"I am taking an official to Bama this weekend coming up," Dickson said. "I am going to try to take more officials, but I have to see how things work because of Christmas."

"I really like the process. I am enjoying everything that's coming to me," he said. "My father is helping me with all of the recruiting, but he wants me to do what I feel is best for me."

So that's just where things are for Dickson – he's trying to figure out which school is best for him.

"It all depends," Dickson admitted. "Bama, Auburn and Georgia are all pretty close."

When asked why or how Auburn and Georgia have pulled so close with once-leader Alabama, Dickson explained.

"I've visited more, and that's made me feel more at home at Georgia and Auburn," he said. "I am going to try to plan those two officials before I go on Christmas break, but (the trips will) probably will be after that."

When he arrives in Athens for that trip Dickson should expect the same treatment from Georgia's coaching staff.

"Coach Richt told me how I would be used in the defense – and how Georgia needs me," Dickson said. "They have a need for the Jack position – and I have been playing that. I think Mark Richt is a great down to earth guy; a great coach. His record speaks for itself with the consecutive winning seasons."

Dickson, who plays defensive end in Griffin's 4-3 scheme would also play that spot for the Tigers, but, he said, he'd lineup at the Jack spot for the Tide or Dawgs.

"I think I can play the Jack. I think I can do it," he said. "I have to develop more. I think I can work pretty well in the 3-4."

Only time will tell, but and as recruiting winds down only one of the SEC's traditional powers will sign Dickson – the other two will face him on a yearly basis.

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