A Dawg Post Mail Bag Extravaganza

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's thoughts, views and somewhat relevant rambling.

Dean is going to see this soon. He's going to hate this.

This Mail Bag is over 6,000 words. They said 4,000 was ambitious. They deemed 5,000 to be way too much. Who are "they" anyway? But I'm taking this thing to another level. We've reached the G-6 plateau, and I don't plan on resting from here.

The winner? You. I got more questions for this Mail Bag than ever before. So I threw down the gauntlet. I threw out an extravaganza of words. If I could, I would incorporate a walk-by carnival complete with a snow cone machine and petting zoo to aid your reading atmosphere.

With that said, let's get it poppin'.

BlackDeathD asks: Why isn't UGA attracting a 5 star WR to the 2011 class? AJ is gone, so you would think Murray being young in the system and Lemay coming behind him we could at least sign a top 15 WR in 2011.

Well…we've traveled over this bridge before. There aren't any elite receivers in the state of Georgia. This is an issue because 90 percent of the time, location is a critical factor when it comes to a recruit choosing his final destination. Georgia has done a good job in this class grabbing the top receivers in the state. The issue, for those who are concerned with star power, is that the receivers, Chris Conley, Zach Witchett and Justin Scott-Wesley, are not considered "elite" on the national level.

Georgia's got everything a wide receiver should covet. The Bulldogs have a pro-style offense. They prepare guys for the NFL (well, A.J. Green was going to the NFL no matter what, but it still counts). And they've got stud hoss Aaron Murray throwing the pigskin for another three years. What's not to like?

The problem is location for all these elite receivers.

Conley is the highest receiver from Georgia. He's considered the 34th best prospect at his position in this class, for what that's worth. Glossing over the top receiver prospects, Charone Peake was Georgia's only realistic shot at pulling in a top-rated guy. Peake, just like Green three years ago, is from South Carolina. But he apparently didn't grow up a Georgia fan.

Most of the receivers are from Texas, Florida and California. And luring kids out of those states is harder than getting a steak from Dean Legge. (I'm not letting it go).

Marlon Brown...Will he live up to the hype?

I've seen nothing from Marlon to think he will. That's my honest answer. But, we'll see what he's made of when Green is gone next season. Right now, Green commands so many targets in this offense (for damn good reasons) that other receivers have been completely eclipsed. Are they playing that poorly in practice? Or is it that Green is just so much better and gets all the catches? Maybe once Marlon gets a chance to see passes his way more often he'll break out. Quite frankly, I don't see how he doesn't break big next season. If he doesn't Georgia could be in trouble. Somebody other than Orson Charles has to catch passes. Why not Marlon Brown? But as far as living up to A.J. Green-like hype coming out of high school, I don't think he'll ever do that.

I wish Marlon would step up, so I'd quit getting these questions. Wait….

hpdog asks: Do You think Marlon and Wooten can be difference-makers next year ? If not, why not ? Over-rated ?, under-coached ? I think Ball is on the bubble. Can't recruit, and hasn't really developed anyone other than Durham. (Anyone can develop A.J.)

Well, I kind of addressed this….but I think a lot of these other receivers haven't stepped up because of A.J. Green. They don't get on the field as much. They don't get passes thrown their way as much and rightfully so, I'll add. I don't think they're under coached. Why? Because I just don't. They just don't get looks.

Now, let's look at this scenario: Next season when they're forced to get all the looks and they still don't perform…yeah, then we can start talking about coaching and the kids being overrated and all that noise. Right now, there hasn't been enough catches to go around thanks to No. 8. We'll see what happens when he's gone.

Patches33 asks: Who is UGA looking at for the 4th WR in this class? Who would they offer next? Is it possible that if UGA gets Mitchell and/or Swann that one of them ends up playing WR? Could Bray or Marshall play WR?

I'm not exactly sure who Georgia is pursing at this moment. But I can be of some help here. Maybe.

In my opinion, Quan Bray can play receiver. I haven't seen him live, but I've heard many people I trust talk about his ability to play either receiver or running back on the next level. I think he and Isaiah Crowell would be a wonderful combo to have in this class. But when I go to the grocery store, I want to buy the whole deli, too. That's my mentality.

I have seen Malcolm Mitchell play once. I think he could play receiver. He needs to add weight to do that though. He needs to add weight no matter where he plays, for that matter.

I've also seen Damian Swann play, too. I think he is a corner all the way, in my somewhat professional opinion. He may play safety, but I think defense is his home.

(Pause)….Why all the questions about receivers? WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY???????? You guys are nervous, aren't you? You guys think without A.J. Green the receiver position is going to be a 4,000-pound question mark next season, don't you?

I don't blame you. A.J. is the best receiver to ever play at Georgia. I'm scared, too. Be afraid. Be very afraid. STAY VERY AFRAID.

Alright, let's get on with some other topics other than filling A.J. Green's offense-carrying role next season….Wait….

DROCK9350 asks: do u think we can see branden smith more on offense next year?

That's very possible.

One thing I noticed in the Georgia Tech game: Branden Smith got abused out there at corner. He couldn't get off blocks. He didn't look ready for contact. He didn't look ready to tackle. Actually, it wouldn't have mattered if he was ready to tackle, because he was getting pushed so far away from the play.

I don't want to slam the kid, because concussions will make a player a little gun shy. And he's not that big to begin with. But there is more to being a corner than intercepting passes and running fast. You have to be able to tackle and provide run support at times. It's the not-so-much-fun part of being a corner. Unless you're Champ Bailey or Ronde Barber.

Obviously the coaching staff agreed with me. They inserted Jakar Hamilton at corner midway through the game. He's a lot bigger, and he use to play safety, so you know he likes contact.

I think all these offensive and wide receiver concerns are justified. Therefore, I think Branden Smith seeing more time on offense is justified.

is this the falcons year

Are you kidding me? I want to say yes so badly. But since I've been a lifelong Falcons fan, I know better. I don't want to put myself out there again, DROCK. I've been hurt way too many times. I've been standing on this ledge before. I've been at this very place in my fandom, absolutely knowing the Falcons weren't going to rip my heart out. Where did that get me? Regretting my $88 dollar purchase of a Michael Vick jersey.

Honestly, the Falcons appear ready to make a great run. The key is home field advantage. Both of Atlanta's losses came on the road. Matt Ryan is 19-1 at the Georgia Dome. That's absurd. So, if the Falcons can get home field throughout the NFC playoffs, I see no reason why they can't get to the Super Bowl…unless they play the Eagles in the championship game. For whatever reason, the Eagles have had the Falcons number for a long time. And we all know Vick can pull crazy plays out of his ass just when you've written him off. That scares me.

By the way, let me know if anybody wants a Michael Vick Falcons jersey. I've got mine on the market.

So…I'm putting myself back out there. But if I get burned again, I may have to put my fan heart on an NFL version of eHarmony to find a new interest.

godawgs123456 asks: Assuming Green and Justin Houston leave early, Brandon Boykin and all other juniors/redshirt sophomores stay, and we get Crowell, but no big time WRs (phew! enough with the assumptions), what kind of season can fans reasonably expect for the 2011 dawgs?

Thanks for taking a shot at all the scaredy pants about the receivers. Wait…I'm scared, too. Ah, forget it.

Well, Aaron Murray is something to behold, isn't he? Also remember: Alabama went 7-6 back in 2007. Sound familiar?

I know, that was the first year under an entirely new coaching staff. But the defensive leap in 2008 was monumental. That team won it's first 12 games and looked dominating. The next year (begrudgingly) the Crimson Tide won the national title.

So…if you follow trends, and one could argue why you should or should not, Georgia could follow suit. Now, the Bulldogs really need to find a nose tackle. Is that going to be somebody already in house (Justin Anderson, Kwame Geathers)? Or is that going to be a recruit, of either the high school or JUCO variety? I don't know. I just don't know.

But I think as long as Aaron Murray doesn't get hurt, there is no reason to believe this team will win less than nine or 10 games, especially if Isaiah Crowell is in red and black colors next fall.

bhayesii asks: The bigger question for me at this point is how many DL guys do you think we are we prepared to sign, how many do you think we likely to sign, and in order of probability (high to low) can you list them...Thanks

I completely agree. This is a bigger question than wide receiver.

And to be honest with you, I really couldn't tell you the answer on this one. Chad Simmons is the go to man for these kinds of topics. I can tell you this: I think most would sleep easier if Georgia could pull a JUCO kid late to fill this void you speak of. John Jenkins comes to mind, even though he is committed to Oklahoma State. He is listed at 6-foot-4, 340 pounds. Yeah, I'd say that would do it.

The best thing that could happen to Georgia is either Anderson or Geathers becomes that guy.

GeorgiaDawg04 asks: Will Brett Favre ever retire?

Tell me Brett Favre doesn't remind you of Matthew McConaughey's character, Wooderson, in Dazed and Confused.

Two of the more famous quotes from that movie comes from Wooderson's role, a 20-something-year-old who still chills with high school friends.

Wooderson: "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

Favre: "That's what I love about NFL defenses, man. I get older, the cornerbacks stay the same age."

Wooderson: "The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow. You just gotta keep on livin', man. L-I-V-I-N."

Favre: "The older you get, the more rules Brad Childress is going to try and get you to follow. You just gotta keep on throwin', man. T-H-R-O-W-I-N."

And if you haven't googled the Brett Favre voicemail messages left for Jenn Sterger, I highly recommend you do so. Parental guidance is strongly advised. Carry on.

hairofdog asks: Of the recruits we expect to sign and the ones we really hope (50/50 chance) to sign, which ones do you think could make a difference next year?

Tough question…of the current commits (basing this off who I expect back and who I expect to leave) there's not really a player on the list at a glaring position of need. I've been most impressed by Amarlo Herrera, Nick Marshall and David Andrews. I like Chris Conley and Corey Moore, too. I've seen them the most, and I think they can be really good players. Once again, there is no real need for any of those guys to come in and make a difference though.

So of the current commits, I'm leaning toward Nick Marshall doing the most damage next season, just because of his versatility to get on the field at numerous positions. And if Isaiah Crowell comes in, I think he'll do work, too.

DirtyDawgs asks: Obvious areas of need: DL, WR. We aren't "in it" with any top national guys at any of these positions. What gives? Hasn't the staff been following Dean's Recruiting Manifesto?

Oh, Dean's got pull. I'm sure they read it. I doubt they fear Legge's famed "Shut your mouth," swagger though.

I think I've beaten the wide receiver belief to death. Location, location, location.

As far as defensive line, the staff is currently whiffing. I've never seen Chris Mayes play, so I can't say much about him. But I had hoped the staff would be able to pull a big nose guard by this point. But those kind of kids don't just grow on trees, either. That would make for some mighty strong branches if they did.

What about Gabe Wright? Oh, that's funny.

I guess my only comment here is Georgia hasn't recruited well this year when it comes to the d-line. But there is still time to pluck a JUCO kid or find a diamond in the rough. That answer didn't settle your nerves about this did it? I'm sorry. I really am.

mcoxdawg asks: O.K......Wow! It's like Christmas three times a week! All this "giving" you do under the assumption of "malbagging" is the greatest thing since Santa bought me that "Snuggie"!

I'm honored. I've arrived. I'm the greatest thing since a Snuggie. VICTORY! Anyway, go on.

Anyhoo....do tell dear Santa Fletch. Why does the idea of more Bowl games each year seem to put a negative charge in the Big-wigs (Mark May, Granny Holtz, Herby,etc...) on the College Gameday shows? As a fan I think it's wonderful to be able to watch ONE MORE UGA game! They love to argue over the fact of extending the post season by adding games, but Bowl games seem to cause gaskets to blow. Explain to me the problem of UGA playing in the Aquanet 2000 Bowl? Fans are happy. Players are happy! Extravagant gifts are passed out! Butt loads of money is made. But Joe Namath calls it a joke. What gives Fletcher? Who's right and who's wrong

I see both sides to this argument. I firmly believe all the extra bowls have watered down the validity of the whole process. There isn't as much mystique and honor involved, because quite frankly, everybody is getting to a bowl these days. There is money to made, and so the NCAA keeps expanding.

Remember, in 1940 there were only five bowl games. By 1980 there were still just 11 bowl games. Now, there is at least 237. Back in the day, if you qualified for a bowl game, that meant you had a special season. Now, some teams (like Georgia) limp in with little to play for and little reason to remember the season. It's seems to prolong the mediocrity at times.

Now, with that said, I don't mind the extra games because…it's more football for me to watch. Like you said, I love being able to turn the television on at any given time over the holidays and having the chance to watch a game. Also, it opens the door for endless "They're playing in the Toilet Bowl" jokes, which I'm a sucker for.

And to those who say lesser teams aren't fun to watch…then how about not watching them? That's my stance.

And, if you're player or coach, you have to love the extra opportunities to play and practice, regardless of which bowl you're going to.

And yes, the free swag is a wonderful perk.

In summary, I wish there were fewer bowls so when teams reached that level it meant more both at the time and in retrospect. But selfishly, I'll watch the Pep Boys Nabisco Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Dewayne Bowe) Bowl any day.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: We got pushed all around on the OL and DL against the puney nerds. I believe Searels is the man for the job but what needs to happen for us to 'man up' and dominate the lines? Am I wrong about Searels or is it the S & C or what? I need an answer!!!

You know my answer. I'm not getting off that train now. It's all on the S&C, in my opinion. If only some changes were made....Hey, wait a minute....there were. Can I thump my chest about this. I've been saying this needed to happen and l"ll be damned if it just went down.

Also, our hardwood Dawgs have to learn to score against the Zone D. Why don't we post up and drive to the hoop more when teams defend us this way?

Sadly, employing a zone is what teams are going to do in defending Georgia until the Bulldogs prove they can score against it. Right now, Georgia is missing Ricky McPhee. It appears there is no consistent 3-point threat, as Georgia shot themselves out of the Notre Dame game, and for the most part, looked lost against Temple.

Right now, the only offense Georgia could muster was from Gerald Robinson driving to the basket repeatedly. I'm fine with that, as long as there is something else to look to when that well runs dry. Those two losses I mentioned were frustrating to watch.

But, there is still hope.

I think getting Trey Thompkins back so early was huge for Trey to get back into shape and ease back into his leading role heading into the winter. But also, I don't discredit the fact that bringing Trey back may have hurt this team's chemistry. It will probably take some time for everybody to get use to playing with one another. There are a number of new pieces on this team trying to get in the flow. That takes time.

But I don't see what's so hard about putting Thompkins at the free throw line against zone. Let Robinson create from the perimeter if he needs to. And have Travis Leslie stalk the baseline. This is pretty simple stuff. But what do I know? I'm just the Dawg Post Minion.

MrBigDAWG asks: Fletch, Who was your first real love and what was her favorite college team and why? Tell us something about her.

This question doesn't creep me out at all. Nope, not even a little, tiny bit.

My first schoolyard love went down in flames at recess in first grade. I can't really remember much about the exchange, other than I left the conversation slightly upbeat and headed for a game of kickball. I don't think she was into college football; so looking back it probably wouldn't have worked out. But I did get my first kiss out of it.

My first middle school girlfriend liked both Georgia and Georgia Tech. She confused me much of the time. I was confused anyway. Sadly, we ended tragically, at a dance in sixth grade. And yes, at this point I was still carrying my V-card for those wondering.

My first high school fling ended up going to Georgia, so I was headed in the right direction by that point. She is still a big Bulldogs fan, but she never liked Stafford personally. She said he was too cocky. Whatever. Get over it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look into my love life. I left out a ton of details and a few other key moments. Perhaps if Dean keeps me around, I'll reveal more. But every night before I go to sleep, I end my prayers with, ‘And oh yeah, Big Guns (because that's what I call JC), please don't let Dean read my Mail Bag this week. I'd really like to keep writing it, and I know he wouldn't approve of some of things I've been typing.'

Anyway, like sand through an hourglass, those were the days of my life. Until next week…….(I think this is the part where I leave you with a cliffhanger). So there I was, out of gas and walking in the rain…and then SHE pulled up…(dramatic music; cut to commercial break).

gogadogs asks: Are we chasing any elite JUCO players for DL or elsewhere that can make an immediate impact?

I've kind of touched on this. And I'd like for you to recall my, "Hitman Holdup," theory. I don't trust JUCOs signings to make an impact any more than I do high school signees. That's just me. But if Georgia could land a 340-pound mauler, surely he could do work. Surely?

At this time, I don't think Georgia is pursuing a JUCO player at any other position (other than perhaps wide receiver).

dunkaroos8 asks: Strait up, Is Kentavious Caldwell the real deal? Is he a one and done kind of player talent wise? We sure need someone who can hit the 3 consistently.

I think Caldwell-Pope (get used to the hyphenated name. Justin Scott-Wesley provides the football version) is the real deal. I've seen him play twice. At first, I thought he was strictly a 3-point shooter. That's all he did for most of the first game I watched him play in. And he was damn good at that. But then I saw him take off and attempt to dunk over Brian Vogler, who is now a tight end at Alabama. I was impressed.

A lot of teams play zone against Kentavious, so it's hard to see him really do work. But I think he'll be a good one for coach Mark Fox. The problem I have is down low in the post. If Trey Thompkins goes pro, there isn't much left down there because of Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes will be gone, too. Following the theme of this Mail Bag: That's downright scary.

Football wise, have we seen the most of Carlton Thomas? If we land Crowell, Its just going to even tougher for him to get carries when the only time he got carries this year was when either Ealey or King was suspended. I always thought he could bring something different to the offense but I guess it just never worked out.

Yeah, unfortunately Thomas is just too small. I thought about making an Alan Jackson song reference here, but I'll refrain. If you're going to be undersized in the SEC you must have elite speed or quickness or explosion or all of the above. That's the only way it will work out. I don't think Thomas has elite speed.

tdperk asks: Fletcher, I love the mail bag. Do these pants make my arse look big?

That's funny you mention this…Initially, I thought about naming this whole operation, "The Male Bag." I thought it would be cute and ironic. It was my friend Burch's idea, actually.

And if you have to ask about a pair of pants, the answer is always yes. I'll be honest, even if your true friends won't be.

hammerdawg1 asks: How many rounds would a boxing match between Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan go?

By the looks of what happened last weekend, I think Finnegan would look like a big bag of mashed up assholes by the end of the first round.

Johnson has the advantage in height, weight, reach and overall awesomeness. I think Johnson wins handily. They'd have to stop that fight before Finnegan gained permanent vegetable status. You can quote me on that.

SanibelDog asks: Who will be the fullback next year or will they play the two best backs at the same time each blocking for the other during run plays?

I'm not a fan of a two-tailback system employing two running backs on the field at the same time. I never have been. I don't mind seeing it from time-to-time just to change the look up, but I don't want to see Georgia overusing such a method.

I firmly stand behind current freshman Zander Olgetree taking the reigns at fullback next season. Coach Mark Richt loves the kid. His teammates love him. And everybody asked calls him a pure football player. I think he'll slide in there nicely.

gavindawg asks: on Josh Clemons RB what is the evaluation of him and is there a chance we pick him up? Seen video of this kid and he looks unlike a 2 star and more like a 4 star.

I think Josh Clemons is a pretty good back. Obviously, he's not as good as Isaiah Crowell and Quan Bray. But Clemons seems to be a pretty solid plan B type of player.

How closely does recruiting resemble going out and trying to find a lady? Follow me here. So it's a random Saturday night. (You can argue if it's Friday or Saturday. I prefer Saturday nights). From about 11 p.m. to midnight the early period is on. You're evaluating. From 12 to 1 a.m. you're strictly going after the Isaiah Crowell of the bar. But you know in the back of your mind Quan Bray would be great, too.

But if Isaiah likes another guy more (Alabama), you start weighing your options. And if Bray doesn't give you the right signs the game plan must change. You don't panic. You adapt. That's when you have to lower your standards just a bit. By 2 a.m. you take what you can get.

Am I comparing lesser backs to slightly ugly girls? I won't comment. Well, yeah, I did just compare recruiting to seeking women in downtown Athens. I'm fine with it, actually.

By the way, I wasn't referring to my downtown tendencies. I swear, a friend told me all about this.

Are we planning on using FB's in the future or is there just a lack of FB in this class?

Don't forget about Zander Ogletree. Like I said above, I think he'll take over this spot. As of right now, I don't know if Georgia is going to take a fullback in this class. But, many times a fullback is offered at the last minute. But I don't have any nervous ticks about Zander playing the spot next season.

willbeezy asks: The season is almost over, I'm tired of deer hunting. Where are the BASS biting?

I've had my stints with hunting and fishing. They didn't last long. When it comes to hunting, I just don't have the patience to get down with it, nor do I enjoy waking up to a cold morning filled with nature. To each his own. My dad has killed quite a few deer. So that means I've practically killed a few too, right?

I do enjoy fishing when I actually follow through with it. I prefer to take the lazy, yet fun approach of catfishin' from the bank of a lake. With a case of beer, good friends and a radio—there's not much better than those times. Burch says that's the salsa. Whatever that means.

Whyso asks: Will UGA have to eliminate its football program if Rodney Garner retires or leaves for another school, say a Louisville for example?

I was led to believe the G on the helmets stood for Garner. That's just what I heard, though. Could be a rumor.

Southerngent10 asks: Did we really only use 16 guys on defense last week? If true isn't there some sort of quality control GA or something in the coaches ears telling them this?

I guess you're right about this. I can't believe they don't have more depth than that. And when I say depth I mean trusted depth. I was wondering how in the world three players could have accounted for over 15 tackles each. Now I get it.

I'm not sure if it really matters if somebody were in Grantham's ear about something like that. Obviously, there were only 16 players that were trusted to get in the game, which is disheartening at best.

dbragg7 asks: Since nobody seems to be concerned about the bowl, I guess I'll ask a question. I will always be supportive and watching when the Dawgs play, no matter where or against who.

That's the way it should be. I got nothing but respect for your viewpoint. Stay strong.

That being said, give me some thing(s) to look forward to during bowl preparation and the bowl itself (not including recruiting as I think you'll have that covered by the time you get to this question). Thank you sir!

Does this have to be related to just the football team? If so, I'm a big fan of the extra practices. But, I don't put as much stock in them as some people do. They help, but will they really pay off that much a year from now? Probably not. OK, maybe they are a big help for guys like Alec Ogletree and the younger guys.

Anyway, and most importantly, those practices will give me a chance to interview players and coaches. This is a big deal, because without those I couldn't bring you any more live features about awesome stuff like I do. Do you read the magazine? Sometimes it pains me that some of my best work goes in there. I worry you guys will miss those stories. Check them out if you can.

Other than Georgia football, the basketball team plays at Georgia Tech on December 7. That's always a biggie.

Also: I'll be watching the Falcons and (sadly) the Hawks. And, if you any of guys are in town, I'll probably be in Athens most of December. Hit me up.

That reminds me, I deleted my Facebook. Thoughts?

At this point I'm just throwing random thoughts at the wall. Let's move on.

cdawgie asks: What are your thoughts are the CAM Gate ruling today? Do you think something is fishy with such a quick ruling and right before the SECCG. Do you think it is over or do you think we will hear something during the offseason?

I'm just confused about the whole ordeal. So….is Cecil Newton ineligible? Is it OK for parents to shop their kids as long as the kids claim ignorance when the axe is about to swing? In that case ignorance is bliss.

What a precedent to set.

And here is the underlying thought I can't get out of my head. OK, so Cam wanted to play for Dan Mullen at Mississippi State. OK, so a State booster pretty much agreed to pay Cecil $180,000. In the least, we know Cecil asked for this. It's a fact.

And after all nonsense Cam (Cecil) chooses to go to Auburn free of charge? Wake up. I call bs on that, homie. It's obvious what happened. Puff Daddy put it best…it's all about the Benjamin's…baby…uh-huh, yeah.

I don't care if Cam didn't know (which I don't believe anyway). You can't let him play. He was shopped around by his father. This wasn't a crazy druncle spouting off trying to catch a few crisp bills. This was a kid's father, who is a preacher by the way, asking for serious cash. What an example to set, Cecil. That's pitiful. I'm not going to throw too many stones, but I'm the Dawg Post Minion. I'm not a preacher. And I hold people who are preachers to a higher standard than I hold for myself.

(full ranting mode engaged)

If I'm Southern Cal, I'm probably outraged. If I'm Cam Newton's Auburn teammates, I'm probably going to be outraged when this season is deemed to have never happened down the road. Unless they're getting cash, too.

Whatever. I'm over it. Alright, I'm not over it. But still. Let's move on, before my hair catches on fire.

trooperdawg980 asks: What do you think the move to cornerback means for Jakar and do you believe that move correlates in any way with Smith's move to offense. Jakar's family has a pro lineage, however his time to impress is quickly evaporating. To me the Smith move is a little bit puzzling, our pass defense is poor at best and although Smith hasn't exactly performed brilliantly the cupboard seems quite bare at corner. I realize you can color Green gone at wr, but are we that desperate for a playmaker? Scoring points wouldn't top my list of concerns. What are your thoughts?

I like moving Jakar to corner, and here's why: Jakar likes moving Jakar to corner. I sat down with him for some time after the Tech game while everyone else flocked Green and Houston. I talked fairly candid with him.

He admitted to me he wasn't the right size to play safety in the SEC. While 6-foot-something and 206 pounds is nothing to complain about, Hamilton is no Alec Ogletree.

And the NFL is on all these kid's minds. So, Hamilton wanted to make the move to corner, in part, because he thinks the move is necessary if he is going to play at the next level. Also, he said he felt like inserting ‘Tree was the best move for the safety position.

Jakar likes to tackle, and I feel that's something that Branden Smith lacks. Boykin and Sanders Commings are pretty good at it, but Vance Cuff and Smith had trouble this season getting off blocks to help out.

Jakar actually likes to tackle, so this only helps.

cdc99 asks: Have you written the Mailbag yet? And if not, What was your favorite Christmas gift in 2005?

What is the significance of 2005? Are you trying to tell me something? ANSWER ME. I'm freaking out now.

Nah, my dad got me a kickass Sirius satellite radio setup for my truck. I was down to ride once I got that installed. I was too cool with that for a while. That gift beat the hell out of the clothes my mom got me. Thanks dad.

Those were the days. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Also, how good is the men's basketball team? Is it possible for them to have a top 5 seed in the NCAA's type team by the end of the year, or is it too soon for that kind of legitimacy?

Judging by the way this past weekend went, I think a top five seed my be a little wishful thinking. There is plenty of time to get back on track though. The injury to Trey has really screwed things up though, because I was hoping to use this past tournament to gauge what this team is really about.

In all fairness, Trey was not completely back.

So, we'll see what happens moving forward. I would like to see Georgia finish in the top two in the SEC East. I think this is very possible. If that happens, and they have a strong SEC Tournament, then what you're proposing is highly likely.

If they don't do it this year, when will they?

dawgs3535 asks: Do you think we could get Samuel Jackson to become our recruiting coordinator or at least coach S&C? He's a BAD @$$.

"Enough is enough! I have had it with these (13 letter word I can't print) snakes on this (13 letter word I can't print) plane!"

"Normally, both your asses would be dead as (seven letter word I can't print) fried chicken, but you happen to pull this shit while I'm in a transitional period so I don't wanna kill you, I wanna help you. But I can't give you this case, it don't belong to me. Besides, I've already been through too much shit this morning over this case to hand it over to your dumb ass."

"Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!"

These are all quotes from Samuel L. Jackson's illustrious acting career. I could keep going, but you get the point. Dude is intense. And I love it.

Dave Chappelle pretty much sums Jackson up with his skit from a couple years back.

"No, I can't stop yelling, 'cause that's how I talk! Haven't you seen my movies? "Juice" That was a good one! "Deep Blue Sea" They ate me! A (13 letter word I can't print) shark ate me! Drink up, bitch!"

Anyway, yeah I'm down for whatever. I think this approach would work extremely well in the weight room. Maybe not as much in the living room with a recruit and his parents. Depends though.

karegister tweets: is it true that if you don't use it, you lose it?

You Twitter people are always trying to confuse me.

Let's see…this applies to muscles. For sure. And your heart. And bananas. And all fruit for that matter. And quotes when a Georgia sports team is doing successful. But do all gift cards expire? Maybe Auburn should have paid Cam in gift cards. That idea is brilliant!

ChrisTheFlyest tweets: Who's Crowell gonna sign with?

I still think Georgia is in a good spot with Isaiah Crowell. There was a time I thought Alabama was going to land him, but as it stands right now, I feel Georgia leads.

SWells84 tweets: If u were at a presser and asked Derek Anderson the same question, would you have kept at it like that guy or just let it go?

Well, I don't ask many questions in the group setting. I'm all about the one-on-one interview. That's why I like Bacarri Rambo so much. He's a great interview away from all the hoopla.

But I think that reporter did nothing wrong. Anderson WAS smiling on the bench. And the reporter even says, "I don't mean to be sarcastic or even pointed," before he asked the question.

And if you notice, Anderson never really addresses the real question. What was so funny? Why was he smiling? We'll never know. I give the reporter credit for sticking with it and trying to find out. I wanted to know, too.

Another thing: I don't think all athletes have to be so super serious all the damn time. But it's never a good thing when two of your supposed offensive leaders are laughing on the sideline during a brutal loss. That's just me.

And in Derek Anderson fashion…."I'm done."

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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