Part One: Q&A with Damien Gary

Gary has been a return star for Georgia since his freshman season. He has also been the unsung hero of the receivers. He talks about how Terrence Edwards' graduation will affect him and how his injury is coming along.

Quick question and answer with Georgia's Damien Gary:

DL: How is your injury coming along?

DG: It's coming along pretty good in fact if I were to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10; I would say that it's an 8 right now. I was not too confident with it at the Sugar Bowl but now I have has time to rest and let everything heal properly. I think that its coming along real good.

DL: What are you goals for the upcoming season?

DG: In the spring you just kind of work to get back into your old form. I want to get back into game form. For the team the goal is to first win the SEC and then win the national championship. 

DL: You have suffered injuries from the time that you were at Clark Central through your time at Georgia. I know that sometimes there is nothing that a player can do about them, but how annoying are injuries?

DG: When I first got injured I questioned it a lot. But there are some things that are out of my control so I just take it as it comes and keep working hard. I have been through it before so I know what it takes to come back. If I get hurt I just feel like I can come back and perform even higher.

DL: Is it different this year without Terrence being out there?

DG: I think that it is. We came in together and had a great bond. We were pretty much inseparable. It is gong to be hard but at the same time he's going on to do greater things. And that leaves a lot of opportunity open for the wide receivers coming up.

DL: Do you think that this year's offensive line is going to develop enough in time so that the quarterback to get y'all the ball?

DG: They have been working really hard this spring and trying to get the calls right. I think that they have bonded together and that they are going to really lean on one another until people start giving them more credit.

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