Green Still Thinking over NFL

ATHENS – A.J. Green seemed to move closer on Saturday to confirming what most have assumed for a long time.

That he will be turning pro after this season.

Green said he was "close" to making a decision, and ruled out the one factor that he had said earlier could make him return. After an informational meeting with an NFL executive, and speaking to former Bulldog teammates now in the pros, Green said a potential NFL lockout would not have an impact.

"I did a lot of research on it, just thinking, looking at some of the stuff going (on)," Green said. "I don't think there's gonna be a lockout. I think it's gonna last a couple days. There's gonna be a lot of people losing a lot of money if there's a lockout."

Green also said he understood there would be a draft regardless of a lockout. That's the general assumption in the NFL as well, though it hasn't been confirmed.

Green was one of about a half-dozen Bulldogs who met last week with Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay. The others attending the meeting, according to Green, were linebacker Justin Houston, cornerback Brandon Boykin, guard Cordy Glenn, kicker Blair Walsh and offensive tackle Trinton Sturdivant.

Those players have or will submit their names to the NFL's draft advisory board, for an evaluation of where they might get picked. But Green said he would not, since head coach Mark Richt told him "there was no need."

Green is expected to be the first receiver taken in the draft, and could be a high first-round pick.

Still, Green wasn't willing to grant that he was even leaning towards leaving. He said he would sit down with his parents to make the decision, and said there was still reason to stay at Georgia.

"I came here to win. Just to get a championship," Green said. "That'd be some of the reason I could stay."

‘Change the culture'

The announced changes in the strength and conditioning program have already begun, at least one part of them.

Dave Van Halanger, who was moved off his duties running the program, has not been active around the weightroom, according to quarterback Aaron Murray. Van Halanger was assigned new duties as an administrative assistant to Richt.

Joe Tereshisnki II, who was put in charge of the strength program, is due to start the job on Jan. 1, the day after the Liberty Bowl.

"It caught us off guard a little bit," Murray said of the change, which was announced on Dec. 2. "Coach Van's a tremendous coach. We loved him greatly. He did a great job of getting us ready for each season.

"We definitely have a lot of faith in coach T that he's gonna get us going for this offseason. We're pretty excited for that. We're ready to work hard and change the culture around here a little bit."

Reaction to Meyer

Murray, a Tampa native, considered Florida before committing to Georgia. He was asked Saturday his reaction to the resignation of Urban Meyer as the Gators' head coach.

"It's definitely an honorable thing to do," Murray said. "If the man wants to spend time with his family, I mean family comes first in everything you do. He had a tremendous, what, six years at Florida."

Murray said he had spoken to some Gator fans back in Florida since the news broke. "Everyone's a little upset," he said. "But it's Florida, they'll be fine in the end."

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