Whirlwind Ray

The whirlwind for Ray Drew has officially started – it will probably end on Signing Day.

The Thomas County Central star admits that his schedule after Christmas is going to be pretty crazy.

"I have thought about how January is going to be," Drew said thinking of a time earlier in the recruiting process when things were a little slower. "I took a break – about three months – no interviews; no nothing. I came back out and named some top schools, and I think it is not as bad as it would have been if I had not named those top schools,"

"But My mother is working on my January," he continued. "I am booked for the next… I don't have time to breath. It is hard."

Drew is in New York City promoting the Army All-American Bowl until Tuesday. He visited Trump Towers Sunday, and hobnobbed with Tony Dungy on the set of NBC's Football Night in America. He plans on traveling in the underground world that is the NYC Subway System before he leaves.

New York City is a long cry from his Saturday morning, which involved getting up early to fish with Georgia head coach Mark Richt.

"We'd been talking about it during the week," Drew said of his fishing excursion with Richt. "Coach Grantham and I were taking about it, and Coach Richt said that if I was willing to get up early we would go fishing."

So they did – and Drew said it was a good way for him to get to know the Georgia head coach a little better.

"It was cold when I went fishing with Coach Richt," Drew said. "It wasn't recruiting. We were just getting to know one another better. It wasn't about me coming to Georgia. It was just hanging out having a good time."

Drew took in Georgia's annual Senior Gala as well as other events scheduled for recruits. He did spend time pondering his future – which at Georgia would involve a switch to outside linebacker in Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense.

"They are looking at me as an outside linebacker, which is my biggest concerned with Georgia," Drew admitted. "I have not really been a stand-up guy before. Going from a defensive end to a stand-up is a transition."

Drew's reservations didn't stop Grantham for explaining why he'd be asked to switch from defensive end.

"Coach Grantham just talked with me about the transition," Drew said. "He told me about how much it will help me in if I played in the NFL. Coach Grantham said that the majority of the last few Super Bowls have been won by a team with the 3-4 defense, and that I If I played in a 3-4 (in college) it would help me (in the NFL). He also said that there are times in the nickel packages where I would play with my hand in the dirt."

The move to outside linebacker is a concern for Drew, but the relationships with current Georgia commits is not. He said he spent time with Chris Conley and got to visit with Sterling Bailey.

"I did have a good time," he said. "I had a chance to hang out with Christian LeMay, who is one of my good friends."

The four-star prospect said he is going to do his own research into what each of the remaining schools on his list offer – perhaps without them know it.

"I look into everything," Drew said. "A lot of coaches don't know it, but I will call the players and ask them about things: ‘If you had another chance to make the decision would you have made the same decision.' I will try to get the inside scoop on all of them."

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