Dawg Post Recruiting Chat Recap

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coop4hsman -  Dean/Flecther - are AJ, Houston, Glenn, and Boykin the only underclassmen who may bolt for the NFL?

Dean Legge: Coop - I think that's correct...

Fletcher Page: I still think AJ and Houston will be the only ones to go. MAYBE Glenn. But I don't think the other needs to go



Dean Legge: Holly Dog - If I had to guess the next commit will be Jay Rome - Could be Swann, but I say Rome

No Surprise: Crowell was the subject of much of the discussion…


urt08 -  two questions:  1) who are you hearing will be added to s/c staff?  how we looking with carradine and jenkins?

Dean Legge: On S&C - I know that Georgia is looking for multiple folks for multiple positions. They will be experts in the field. I am not sure I should start reeling off names b/c I am not comfortable with that right now

Chad Simmons: Yes, Georgia has a chance with John Jenkins... They will be in Connecticut to visit his family on Saturday


boot52 -  chances on pagan and juco olb?

Dean Legge: think the Pagan thing is going pretty well. I wouldn't be surprised if Georgia signed two JUCOs, but we shall see


CluelessDawg -  I'll toss the elephant in the room out...Will IC commit to us?

Dean Legge: Clueless - I am not sure if IC will commit, but it is my opinion that he will sign with Georgia

Chad Simmons: IC is likely not going to commit to anyone... Odds are nothing will happen until he signs his LOI on February 2. I like Georgia's chances right now.


HOLLYSDOG -  Who of this class will be the best WR if things go right

Chad Simmons: HOLLY - I think Scott-Wesley could have the most upside, but Conley has good size, hands, and can run routes better than a lot of guys


KLC_71 -  is that guy from ces a candidate?  he used to work in s & c at Georgia a few years back...

RyanJordan - chip smith

Dean Legge: No, I have been told Chip is not taking/interested in the Georgia job. It is going to be a slew of different guys with different areas of expertise


coop4hsman -  Dean, Fletcher - Do you expect any more big changes in the S&C department?  Are you satisfied with the changes that have been made thus far?

Dean Legge: I didn't know what to make of the changes at first... I didn't get it. But then I saw what they were doing, and I do think it will be better than it has been - just not sure it is as good as it could be - but the hires will determine that

Fletcher Page: Coop - yes I expect the S&C staff to expand quite a bit. Not sure who and what, but there will be multiple additions


fanofclassa -  Dean, could that not playing with hands down thing hurt us with Drew?

Dean Legge: Fan of Class - I don't think so. I think Georgia will sign Ray in the end


wayx1 -  Dean...one guy posted that Dickson looked bored and disinterested at the Gala...your thoughts?

Dean Legge: Wayx1 - I think that's Dickson's general look, so I wouldn't read too much into that one

Simmons: Dawgs still have a little work to do with Mitchell…


FedorDawg -  What is up with Malcolm Mitchell?

Chad Simmons: I still feel Alabama leads for Mitchell as of today... Georgia has come back into the picture though these last few weeks... They have been around Valdosta a lot and Richt, Lilly, and Bobo will meet with Malcolm and his mother tomorrow night.


oldboy71 -  Dean, how are we on the jenkins kid?

Dean Legge: oldboy - I think Georgia can get him... they really, really, really like him. So, I think he's a priority


AlltelDawg -  Chad I have heard several people that have watched Drew told me he could not end up being big time because of his hutsle? Do you think he could end up being overrated

Chad Simmons: Alltel – Don't worry about that


HOLLYSDOG -  Who will be the biggest impact in the dream team

Dean Legge: Holly - To me its Crowell - immediate with Drew probably having a huge impact down the road


AlltelDawg -  Dean do you think Drew will be Big time?

Dean Legge: Alltel - on Ray, I didn't know what to think to be sure until I saw him play, with Fletcher, and I was pretty impressed... probably better than anyone other than Crowell this year


BlackDeathD -  If Georgia signs Mitchell and Swann do you see one playing WR and the other playing CB or both CBs?

Fletcher Page: good question BlackDeathD


coop4hsman -  Dean/Fletcher - how worried should we be about WR next year assuming AJ isn't with us?  Orson gonna lead the team in receiving?

Dean Legge: Coop - Worried

Fletcher Page: Coop - there is cause for concern, certainly. Just looking at the numbers is scary.


CedarDawg87 -  What %'s do you see Georgia as a chance of signing these players: Rome, Mitchell, Bray, Crowell, Swann, Drew, Dickson, & Pagan.

Fletcher Page: I'll put that in the order that I feel they will sign with Georgia: Drew, Rome, Crowell, Swann, Dickson, Bray, Pagan. I feel Georgia leads for those first five.


KLC_71 -  who is the key defensive recruit this year?  Drew or Jenkins?

Dean Legge: KLC - To me you have to sign both. Got to have a NG now and need Ray for the future


coop4hsman -  Dean/Flecther - are AJ, Houston, Glenn, and Boykin the only underclassmen who may bolt for the NFL?

Fletcher Page: I still think AJ and Houston will be the only ones to go. MAYBE Glenn. But I don't think the other needs to go

Dean Legge: Coop - I think that's correct...


MagicMan31 -  Do we have any silents commits right now?

Dean Legge: Magic - That's a bit of a trick question I have found


fanofclassa -  Could Brandon Smith move to WR?

Dean Legge: Fan - I think he might/could


AlltelDawg -  Fletcher/Dean Why don't we use the 2TE set more. We could dominate the run and the pass out of that set

Dean Legge: Alltel - That's a Mike Bobo question, but my guess is that they like the FB in the offense. I really don't konw


Fletcher Page: The Boise game/his lack of hesitation to talk about the program to the media/bailing on the Oregon series. He just seems to understand what the program needs better than Damon. He and Richt appear to be on the same page

Dean Legge: Fletcher - "He understands the program better" - translation: He understands how to be an AD


UGARedandBlack -  Dean, Any chance CRG leaves this offseason? Maybe to Florida with Muschamp, or is there a connection there?

Dean Legge: UGARed & - There is always a chance Rodney could leave...


DawgsRulz73 - OK Dean..  do you know when the Boise State tickets will go on sale?

Dean Legge: Dawgs 73 - I saw where Georgia is going to offer them to ticket holders... so I am not certain


BernieDawg -  Dean, what's the mood of the coaching staff as compared to say back in January/February?

Dean Legge: Bernie - To me, they are in a better mood. Obviously not pleased with the 6-6 season. But I do think they like McGarity's support much more than what they've received in the past. Still, they know they have to start winning big games.


DieselDawg113 -  Have they contacted Ambles or Ambles contacted them?

Chad Simmons: Diesel, not to my knowledge, but I was told by someone in Griffin last week that Ambles' first choice would be Georgia. Take that FWIW


critdog -  chad - have we offered denham

Chad Simmons: crit - Yes, based on what I know, but he is not looking at Georgia.


HOLLYSDOG -  can we win the east without Crowell

Dean Legge: Hollys - No. I think they need Crowell to win the East and SEC


smburton -  How serious do you think Georgia will pursue the QB out of east Kiel.. By the way played against the kid when he was a soph he was a beast. Any thought on him

Chad Simmons: smburton - Georgia offered, but likely do not have a chance with Kiel IMO


CluelessDawg -  How does Matt Jones compare to Crowell?

Chad Simmons: Clueless - Matt Jones runs straight up, does not cut like IC, does not have that second gear like Crowell...etc


Brad1979 -  Chad, who do we close with? Im sure youve answered already

Chad Simmons: They have a shot at all their in-state targets Brad1979 along with others like Pagan and Ramik Wilson.


scottugafan -  Chad...is Bowman aggressive enough for CB or could he be a WR?

Chad Simmons: scott - Bowman is a corner at Georgia, there is no doubt about that imo... He has a lot of tools to like


Fletcher Page: Dean - IC the home run hitter they need?

Dean Legge: Fletcher - No doubt.


RyanJordan -  What QB recruit gets the most attention from UGA for 2012?

Chad Simmons: Ryan - the big names first, but Georgia will have a hard time pulling any of the 3 they have offered so far IMO


ReshadJones9 - I think we need AJ to stay to win the East/SEC. (Just being honest)

Dean Legge: Reshad - AJ would help - but they can do it without him, but he'd help a ton


ParkerMorgan - Dean - last night's Kendra? Best episode of the show? Of TV ever?

Dean Legge: Parker - No, and you know that the 4th season of the Wire's season finale was the best show on TV


Language Warning…

DawgFan1981 -  dean, scale of 1-10 how excited are you for jersey shore season 3?

Dean Legge: 1981 - I wish I'd seen more of season two, but yes, I am fist pumpin' for season three - Fight the beat back!


RayRayDawg -  i watched carver at calhoun and i was more impressed with wright than crowell. was that just a one time thing?

Dean Legge: RayRay - Yes

Page: Leslie may be putting too much pressure on himself…


hpdog -  Fletch;Do You Think T. Leslie has regressed so far this year ?

Dean Legge: hp - I am dissapoited in general, but I was thinking about it, and they are going to be 11-2 going into the SECs and have beaten Tech, Colorado, UAB, St. Louis - so they are fine. I just think they would be undefeated right now.

Fletcher Page: hp- I think Travis may be putting too much pressure on himself. Everyone wanted him to become this great outside shooter and better ballhandler. He is pressing and forcing that action. He just needs to be Travis. He will settle in


CluelessDawg -  Fletcher - can Andre Johnson beat up Ray Lewis?

Fletcher Page: CLueless - No


ReshadJones9 -  Where do you see the headcase Markeith Ambles going?

Chad Simmons: Reshad - Have heard Ambles would like to go to Georgia or somewhere close to home.


CluelessDawg -  How does Jarvis compare to past and present LB's at UGA?

Dean Legge: Clueless - He's pretty good


bigbuckhunter -  chad anyone from the dome make an impression on you, that makes you think they could get a future offer from georgia in next years class or the next

Chad Simmons: BigBuckHunter;: I liked Quinteze Williams, Will Adams, Josh Cardiello, and Jonathan Jones the most when talking underclassmen. Kurt Freitag and Vadal Alexander played well too.


Raddawg99 -  Dean/Fletch.  I know its early, but what is the Dogs record next year?

Dean Legge: Rad - I say they win Ten games.

Fletcher Page: Rad - They better be sniffing double digit wins.....or else....


KLC_71 -  do we have a plan b if we do not get jenkins?

Chad Simmons: KLC - Georgia is still looking for the NG types and there are not a lot out there to be honest...


SeminoleDog -  WR's?  Are we done with non-JUCO targets?  Do we take two JUCO WR's?

Chad Simmons: Seminole - Georgia does not want to be done at WR and likely are not

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