The Dawg Post Mail Bag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's thoughts, views and somewhat relevant rambling.

Allow me, if you will, to start with a revealing intro.

I've had an emotional week, to say the least. I found out one of my best friend's wife is expecting their first child. And I thought his marriage had ended all of our fun. I'm just kidding. I'm happy for them.

I also found out one of my other closest friends has a 2 inch mass in his colon. He goes into surgery Friday to remove the mass and to find out if it's cancerous. We've been best friends since the third grade and we still speak nearly every single day.

So, it's been a week of shocking discoveries to say the least. I'm 23 years old. I'm not ready to have conversations about babies and cancer. I'm perfectly fine with discussing steak dinner bets, A.J. Green and recruiting. That's my comfort zone at the moment.

Thank God I have this Mail Bag to run to in trying times.

With that said, let's get it poppin'.

TripleB asks: 1. With the looming NBA lockout next summer, do you see a better chance of both Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins staying, both going, or Trey going and Leslie staying with his stock dropping?

OK, so I wrote out a rather lengthy answer to this question…and after running it by the powers that be, I think my answer was a little harsh. So, I'm not going to run into that wind.

Here's a quick (and nicer) version.

I think everyone has kind of gotten carried away about the NBA future of both Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie. Both will probably go pro after this year. But both have some serious improving to do if they want to be "serious professional playmakers." I think they both realize and understand that.

Now…Travis could be back next season. He is currently shooting 17 percent from 3. That's…not very good. He still has out-of-this-world potential. But a very good basketball coach once told me this: "Potential doesn't really mean shit until it's fulfilled." That's true…unless we're talking about the NBA draft. Travis could still potentially be an elite defender. His fulfilling that potential would go a long way to icing his professional cake.

Trey, on the other hand, has the look of a player who could play many years at the next level. But don't get too carried away just yet. He's got to work on being more consistent. He's also been injury prone. I think he's definitely a top half of the first round kind of pick. But I could do without all the emails I get asking if Trey will be a cornerstone player in the NBA.

And I'll leave it at that.

2. Who do you expect to be the starting NT next season, with/without John Jenkins?

I can't answer this question assuming Jenkins is on the roster. I'm going to say Justin Anderson as it stands right now. If he can get healthy I think Bean has the size and athleticism to pull it off. For some reason, Kwame Geathers couldn't get there this season. I'll take a healthy Anderson right now when comparing those two.

3. Is Branden Smith capable of being an NFL-caliber WR, or should we leave him at CB where he previously had NFL-caliber ability?

Ummmmm….no. Actually, if Devin Hester can become a viable target in the NFL, then I guess Smith could do it. But I haven't seen him run any kind of route. All of his catches have been at the line-of-scrimmage. I haven't seen him block. He basically does one of two things. He either catches a quick pass and runs. Or he stands there acting as a decoy, pretending to catch a pass and run.

Not to be a bitch here, but when has Smith shown NFL-caliber play at corner? I missed that game.

apple dawg asks: How much can we expect next year from AJ Harmon?

Well, I once got Alge Crumpler to sign a dollar bill for me. What's it worth now, you ask? Probably about one dollar.

On a side note: My friend Burch and I each got dollar bills signed by Alge while watching Caleb King and GAC play Buford. We were still fresh in the game, both in our first years of college. We just knew Caleb was going to be the next big thing. At least we got Alge's autograph. I guess.

So…that' about how much I expect.

Boy do I come off as a total negative Nancy so far in this edition of the Mail Bag…quick, somebody ask me a question where I can be positive.

caben asks: Other than Gates and the Ogletrees.... who are some guys to watch that were freshmen this year? I know Owens got quite a bit of pub in the early part of the season...

Damn. Maybe I can be positive with my next answer. I think last year's class produced two big time players in Alec Ogletree and Kenarious Gates. And I think T.J. Stripling and Garrison Smith can get to a high level, too. And I think Derrick Owens and Zander Ogletree are pretty good.

But it's pretty much slim pickings after that, caben. I think Michael Bennett and Michael Thornton are the only other viable picks here.

By the way, do I sound cynical yet? I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

theburnem says: The longer the Mail bag the better.....the less Nascar the better. That being said.... Let's get poppin with some questions.

I love that you guys have started doing your own intros for questions. Keep it up. I'd like to see less hate on NASCAR. Actually, I may answer your question using only NASCAR references. Let's get it poppin'.

1. Will UGA pursue Ambles? I know he has had issues but maybe being released will knock him down a level and CMR can get this kid on the straight and narrow. Everyone should get a second chance.

I so want to make a NASCAR reference here. I've envisioned an instance where a young and upcoming driver has shown a lot of potential in the past (Ambles). But he has run into trouble (kicked out of USC). And now there are many car owners thinking about signing him, all willing to take a chance on the baggage not weighing down the talent.

Unfortunately I can't think of any real life NASCAR scenario where this happened. But I also don't think Mark Richt will contact Ambles, so I'm OK with this.

2. If UGA did go after Ambles what would he have left to play? He would need to sit a year and have 3 to play?

I think you're right. And since I don't think Georgia will contact the guy, I'm not even going to look this up.

3. Is UGA pushing for Story or any other Fla commits?

Chad Simmons has reported that Georgia has gotten back into the mix with Story as of late. I've seen the film on the kid. He looks to be a pretty good one. I'm not sure how well the Bulldogs stand to pull him away though.

As for the other Florida commits, it doesn't look like Georgia has a shot with any of them at this time.

This is kind of like when Kasey Kahne was driving for Richard Petty earlier this season. He was commited. But he was unsure of the organization's future moving forward. So he began looking around while still driving for Petty. And then he wound up signing with Rick Hendrick, creating a messy divorce from Petty in the process.

What did we learn today? Don't ever tell the Minion not to make NASCAR references. It will bite you every time.

willbeezy asks: OK so you had to stay in Athens for the gala and you missed our class A championship game. Clinch and Savannah Christian played a dandy with our Panthers coming out on top. This week my question is, "where is the best bbq in the Athens area?"

Congratulations to you and your fellow Clinch faithful. Savannah Christian is a powerhouse, so I'd be extremely pleased with that championship.

As for my BBQ choice, I go with Jot ‘Em Down. It's real close to my apartment. They have great BBQ. And they have a full bar. Enough said.

trooperdawg980 asks: Lemay obviously has the tools to be a star at QB. With his talents does he see the field next year for special packages or is he content with the fact of a RS year and start the process as a RS freshman in 2012?

I'm not sure what he's content with. But I think he should redshirt. I think Aaron Murray was a better quarterback coming out of high school than Christian LeMay…and Murray still had to sit a year behind Joe Cox. I don't think LeMay will push Murray for playing time. So I think he should sit a year and learn and study and get better. It did wonders for Murray. And don't take my word for it—Aaron has said so himself on many occasions.

Think about it this way—for every time you get LeMay on the field next season, it's costing Murray a chance to be out there. Think about that for a minute.

With the possibility of signing Marshall,Swann, and Mitchell is there going to be enough of special teams touches to go around? Of the three who has the best chance to see the field on offense, one, two or all three?

I think Damian Swann is going to be a cornerback. And a good one. He could play offense, but I like Malcolm Mitchell more on that side of the ball. I've seen both play in person, and that's just my gut feeling on the situation. If both of those guys come in and wind up at corner, Georgia's secondary should be on that Allstate level—and in DAMN good hands at that.

So to answer your question: I think there is a better chance of seeing Nick Marshall and Mitchell on offense. I would like to see Marshall on offense more than on defense. And at quarterback. But that's just me.

melo1515 asks: if Smart does go to Ufag, do you think UGA can get some of Alabama's defensive commits to come to us or some that are on the bubble could that lock them to be all UGA?

It looks like Smart isn't going to leave Alabama after all. But if that had happened, I think that would have helped Georgia with the rest of the remaining uncommitted prospects in the 2011 class. Nobody likes to see coaching turmoil this close to signing day. Just ask Nickel Robey.

RedRaider78 asks: for Marlon Brown to be the #2 W.R. coming out of high school and with his size....................................... Was his #2 W.R. in the country a lil overboard or is the best yet to come? i hope the latter

I'm pretty sure Marlon Brown has been the most asked about topic for my Mail Bag. And I get that.

I think he was overrated coming out of high school. He played in a smaller division and just dominated fools because of his sheer size and abilities.

Now, do I think he can't reach a high level? No. Not at all. I just think it's taken him more time to adjust to playing the game at such a high level. I think he came in as the big fish, and he quickly realized he was in a pond full of boiling water. He's even told the media he lost his confidence.

Actually, I think it's way overdue. Let's just invite Marlon in to the Mail Bag and let him settle this once and for all. Marlon, how goes it? Let's clear this up.

"I've got to step up. Just point blank. I've just got to step up"

What do you mean by step up? How so?

"Just if the ball is in the air, it's mine. Just make a play. If it's a bad ball or a good ball you just got to make a play."

What have you improved the most this season?

"Knowing, like, my job and the rest of the receiver's job and reading defenses better. Just being comfortable in my postion instead of being like a robot like I was my freshman year. My freshman year I didn't know much. I was second guessing myself a lot. So, now I'm just playing football now."

Say Marlon, while I've got you here….since you're a proud Memphis native, do you have any suggestions for places to eat while we're in town?

"Probably just Biel Street in general. There's a lot of restaurants on Biel Street. Rendezvous is real good. Corky's is really good. And Ching's Hot Wings. There's a Ching's Hot Wings on Get Well road. They've got the best wings in Memphis."

Thanks for your time Marlon. There you have it, folks. Marlon's going to step up and don't miss Ching's Hot Wings on Get Well Road.

By the way, those were real quotes from Marlon Brown. And I love my job.

will the Braves have to respond with another BIG pickup besides Ugla to stay with the Phills being they just loaded up with Lee? or do we have enough to win the east

I think the Phillies are going to be favorites to run away with the East. In my lifetime, I would have bet we'd never see a rotation rival what the Braves had in 1993. Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz and Avery all won over 15 games that season. I was six years old running around my living room in my underwear after my nightly bath celebrating a Braves win on the regular back in those days. And man, those were the days.

Actually, I still run around in my underwear after my bath quite often.

But I think this Philadelphia rotation is right up there on paper. Halladay, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels. Just friggin' great. Wake me up next November.

by no means knocking our program{love it to death} but can you in your oppinion name the top 5 dawgs that have come back there senior year besides going to the NFL since 1991 to present date? {skill players} just curious....

Let's see…Reshad Jones…no, wait. Rennie, wait. Asher Allen…no, wait. Matthew Stafford…no, wait. Knowshon Moreno…no, wait. Danny Ware…no, wait. Charles Johnson…no, wait. Leonard Pope….no wait. Thomas Davis…no wait. Odell Thurman…no, wait. Musa Smith…no, wait. Quincy Carter…no, wait. Champ Bailey…no, wait.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Let's move on. My answer—Bryan Evans.

will BoBo be our O.C. next year? Q.B. coach? or kicking nasty light cans down the road?

Yes. And yes. And no.

I'm on the record as saying Bobo has done a good job this season. Actually, he's done one hell of a job with Murray. Actually, he's done one hell of a job with just about every quarterback he's coached at Georgia.

Can we set up a slush fund or A.J.? hehehhehehehehehehehehehheheheheheehehh. I'M IN...HEHHEHEHEHHE

You're going to need to raise at least $30 million. Just make all checks payable to Fletcher A. Page. Don't worry, I'll take care of the rest.

I'll give this "Question of the Week" status. Your Fletcher Page autographed postcards from Bora Bora, Maui, Santa Monica, Santorini, Cancun, Vegas, Puerto Rico, Miami, Venice and Fiji will arrive sporadically over the next 11 years.

what happened to Carlton Thomas and why didnt he get more touchs later in the season when i thought we needed a lil boost at R.B.?

I have to hand it to you RedRaider, you sure do like this Mail Bag concept. You're quickly adding to your question count. And I'm OK with that, because I'm a, "If some is good, more is better," kind of guy. So keep on keeping on.

And no, Carlton Thomas just isn't that good. Georgia does need a boost at running back. They just need it from Isaiah Crowell.

Moving on….wait. One more? Go for it.

how many and who were the last Dawgs that made it to New York for the Heisman presentation ? seems like i want to think it was Zier but i'm second guessing myself

Well, Frank SInkwich was there. And so was Herschel Walker in 1982, obviously. Walker finished third behind Pitt's Hugh Green and South Carolina's George Rogers in '80. He finished second to Marcus Allen in '81.

Terry Hoage finished fifth in 1983. Nebraska's Mike Rozier won.

Garrison Hearst finished third in the voting back in 1992. Miami's Gino Torretta won, with Marshall Faulk taking home the honor of first loser.

Eric Zeier finished 10th in 1993. Charlie Ward, coached by Bobby Bowden and Mark Richt at Florida State, beat out Tennessee's Heath Shuler. Zeier finished seventh in '94. Colorado's Rashaan Salaam won. Interestingly, Miami defensive tackle Warren Sapp finished sixth.

Champ Bailey finished seventh in 1998.

This brief and captivating history lesson has been brought to you by Rand McNally (for some reason, I always associate this map-making company with history, no matter the subject at hand. I think it has something to do with the maps in my fifth grade history class).

BernieDawg asks: What's your honest assessment of the offensive line's problems this season? More importantly, what's the answer heading into 2011?

I'm still going to revert back to my time-tested strength and conditioning scapegoat. It's worked in the past, so why not now?

Also, there were many games where I watched Trinton Sturdivant get absolutely whipped. I feel so bad for the guy. He had future NFL first round pick written all over him back in 2007. Two serious knee injuries have hurt him both physically and mentally.

Also, I thought there was times when the line did a decent job pass blocking. But it just never got into a consistent flow with the run blocking. The line's play this season is by far my biggest disappointment of 2010. Well, besides that whole Damon Evans thing. Hey, whatever happened to him? (I heard he was in Boston). I think I just answered my own question. I don't feel crazy because I put my answer in parenthesis.

Let's move on.

GeorgiaDawg04 asks: How do you feel you compare to other recruiting reporters? Such as: Kristen Kenney

Magic Man adds: and Laura McKeeman (who is from Atlanta, GA by the way)?

Oh yes, Magic, let's not forget Laura.

I have a degree in journalism. I have good enthusiasm. I like to think I have a good sense of humor. But apparently, I'm missing a few "attributes," that could get me to the top.

Well, not to get too technical here…but I don't consider myself a recruiting reporter. Chad, Kristen and all those people do a wonderful job with all that. I'm more of a writer, though, and I predominately cover people actually at Georgia. But I love to write about recruits, too. I dabble in a little bit of everything, I take pictures and video and appear on the Roundtable. I think you would be safe to say I'm just good enough at a lot of things to draw a paycheck from Kingpin.

But…I see where you're going with this. Unfortunately, we don't have many female subscribers. If that was our market, then I bet my presence at the Dawg Post would be paying off on the daily. Or at least I'm going to keep telling myself as much.

In our current situation, I'm getting my doors blown off by the blonde recruiting reporters who sometimes frequent Dawg Post with tidbits. I love how so many of you subscribers thank the ladies repeatedly when they drop in.

By the way, did I mention I hate my job?

GeorgiaDawg04 asks: I really thought that Cornelius Washington would be a force this year, but he didn't seem to make the impact I thought he would. What do you think happened and will he rebound next year?

Well, let's be honest…I still can't believe the staff released Washington's 40 time to the public as a 4.29. I think that's ridiculous. I think all of us knew those numbers were more far-fetched than Santa Claus himself.

But that set the bar high. The expectations began to build. And damn it, I was one of those who predicted great things to come from Washington (I'm planning a, "Can I Get a Mulligan?" column).

People figured: I bet those numbers are stretched…but it still means he's one of the fastest players on the team. He's so athletic. He's gained so much weight. He's so fast. He's playing opposite of Justin Houston. He's going to kill people.

What people, including me, forgot to account for was the new defensive scheme. We forgot to account for Washington's progression in adjusting to his new role as an outside linebacker. We thought Todd Grantham was going to snap his fingers and Washington was going to immediately pick the defense up. But that's not the way football, or life for that matter, works.

I still think Washington is going to grow into a playmaker. But that 4.29 set the bar too high for him this season. Once again, I've found a way to blame the strength and conditioning staff, because DVH was the one who released those numbers.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: The bigger the male sack the better, uh ummm. Some times I can't spell and I get my words mixed up.As burnem said, the less nascar the better.

Suwanee, I love the intro. And I agree, big sacks are a must. But don't tempt on this NASCAR gig. I'll blow the roof off this Mail Bag with good ole boy references. Don't make me do that.

1. Are any of our assistant coaches candidates for some of the newly open coaching positions?

Haven't you heard? Mike Bobo is going to join his buddy Will Muschamp at Florida. Kidding. Bobo said last night he hadn't even spoken to Muschamp since he had taken the Gators' head coaching position.

By the way, I never use the word "buddy" in conversation. I just don't like the term. I say friend. I don't hate on people who say buddy. But I don't like being called buddy either. I'm not sure if something in my past caused this…

But no, I don't think anybody is a candidate for a different job.

2. Does Chan Gailey still lie and cheat even though he is no longer at Tech?

Considering Chan is currently with the Buffalo Bills…And considering the Bills are now a paltry 3-10…I'm going to say Chan has given up his cheating ways. Or maybe everyone else in the NFL is cheating better…except the Falcons. They're clean.

3. How is the second half of basketball recruiting going? Do we lead for anyone at this time?

I'm concerned about this year's class. I thought the commitment of Kentavious Caldwell would build momentum. I don't know much about Tim Dixon or John Florveous, but I figured Fox would pull at least one more big name from the state of Georgia.


Truth be told, I don't know who Georgia is targeting. Looking around, it's looking like the bottom of the barrel, if you catch my drift. I really don't think Georiga should waste a scholarship unless Fox finds a player he TRULY think can help down low next season.

Nick Marshall will help provide depth on the wing. Don't forget about him. But I'm concerned about forward and center for next season. Are you? You should be.

bjdogg asks: In a hypothetical world, you have the power to permanently retire 1 player or coach in college football. Who is it and why? Two weeks ago the correct answer was Urban Meyer because of a prolific combination of dominance and douchebaggery. This has now changed (or has it). Discuss...

You're right, Urban would have been my immediate answer. But he's off the board. Urban gets a perfect 100 score on my douche bag rating system. He's probably close to 100 as a college coach, too. And since he coached at Florida and Utah (schools I don't care for) and has ties to Notre Dame (another school I don't care for) he would have made for the perfect choice.

But since Urban quit to, "spend more time with his family," I'll go with Lane Kiffin.

First off all, he's a jackass. Secondly, he was 5-15 as an NFL head coach with the Raiders. Third: He's a jackass. Fourth: He's 14-9 as a college coach, leading both Tennessee and Southern Cal to it's worst seasons in recent memory. Fifth: He's a jackass.

His wife is hot though. So he gets a few points for that.

As far as players go, I'd have to say Florida's Chris Rainey. I would go with Cam Newton, but my head is all confused about that situation. Rainey, for obvious reasons, seems like a punk to me.

Yatzi asks: Whats the latest with "Boo" Malcome?? Is he a tailback that we can ride next year?

Boo is still practicing as the fourth string tailback. He has recovered from the concussion he suffered earlier this season.

Is he a running back Georgia can ride next season? Well….ummmmm….I would think Washaun Ealey will be ahead of him on the depth chart. If Caleb King is around next season, I'll bet he is, too. And I think Isaiah Crowell will be, too. I guess my answer is no, but only because I don't think Georgia needs to ride just one tailback (I was tempted to type "guy" there. I refrained). I'm not sure of Boo's talent or ability. But he isn't going to carry the offense next season.

shay11 asks: you know a little something about hiphop so,did you buy the new kanye,nikki manaje,and T.I.yet and what you think about the albums.I have T.I.above all.

I did buy Kanye West's album. I was one of 496,000 people to buy the album during it's first week on shelves.

And it didn't disappoint me.

The song "Runaway" has already been placed in my top five Kanye songs of all time. The beat is like a masterpiece, and the song's lyrical content is West pouring out his personality flaws in dealing with relationships with women for all to hear. I commend him for being so personal on songs.

As for the rest of the album, there is so much attention to detail when it comes to the music. His beats have always transcended rap. That started with some of his first samples he gave Jay-Z back in the late 90s. He's still doing great things for my ears.

There are also political and social messages laced throughout, which is refreshing given today's rap content of girls, cars and bling. But there are a couple of verses about all that, too.

Overall, I think this is a great step in West's career. I still like his first album and Graduation better. But the song "Runaway" is epic.

Also: I like T.I. I think I pretty much have to, since he's from Atlanta. Here's my list of favorite rappers of all time: Tupac, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre, Biggie. That's my personal top five. It has nothing to do with influence or perspective. That's just who I like to listen to the most. Jay-Z, Eminem and T.I. are on the cusp for sure, as are a few others.

Patches33 asks: Many people blamed the lack of typical 3-4 players so with that in mind.... How much of an impact could/would these incoming freshman have on the defense? Jenkins, Drew, Dickson, Mitchell, Swann, Moore, Wright, Bailey, and anyone else you feel could have an impact.

Well, cornerback is cornerback in my opinion, regardless of the scheme. So throw out Mitchell and Swann, because they will or won't make an impact. Either way, it won't be because of the 3-4. I still think Mitchell could play receiver, too. But if they both end up at corner, they may be on the field because of Boykin's impending decision.

And throw out Gabe Wright, too. Unless he's just pulling the longest running prank of all time, he's not coming to Georgia.

And safety is loaded, so I don't think Corey Moore is going to play unless it's on special teams. By the way, I think Corey Moore is going to be really good. I just get that feeling about him when I watch him play.

Other than that, I think Drew and Dickson hold the best chance to get on the field early, because there isn't all that much depth at outside linebacker or defensive end. Wherever they end up, I think they'll get a look.

Obviously, nose tackle is the biggest weakness this defense has. So, basing my answer of that, John Jenkins would probably have the most legtimate shot to make an impact.

Are any of the recruits looking like they will not meet the requirements to enroll and end up going the JUCO rout?

I haven't heard any talk like that yet. Keep your fingers crossed.

On that same though how are J. Fields and L. Outlaw doing? I read that Outlaw lead the team in receptions and yards.

Yeah, I read somewhere (potentially in this Mail Bag later) that Outlaw gained some weight and has looked strong this year. He's a good kid.

I haven't heard much on Jalen Fields. He's got a big frame, which is good for a defensive end in Georgia's scheme. Other than that, I'm not much help here.

hpdog asks: As much as I love Travis Leslie, I'm having a hard time believing he's an NBA player? Certainly not a shooting guard. Where else would he possibly play? I would hope he would stay all 4 years, unless he is certain to be drafted, which i think may be doubtful. Thoughts?

I touched on this earlier, and I think you're right. Leslie's stock is slipping. He is no longer listed on the 2011 mock draft at That goes for the first or second round. That takes Leslie out of the, "Am I on the bubble of being taken in the first round?" kind of conversation.

Leslie is a good college player. He is athletic and can do great things in transition. But as is often the case, most people want to point out what he's not. I understand that. It's how sports are today. Look, Travis is just not a good shooter. He's just not.

But he can be an elite defender. I still believe that. He's got to work at it and want it and get after it. And he can improve his ballhandling, too. If he could improve his ballhandling to at least average and become the elite defender I think he can be, he'll play in the NBA.

As of right now, he's not there yet. And if you're a Georgia fan, that's probably a good thing for next season. He may be back.

Jtugadawgs asks: Do you think Cornellius Carradine commits to UGA tomorrow since we were last to see him, and he pushed decision up?

Yeah….about that….you see…..well….yeah, he went to FSU. I know this is hard for you. There will be somebody here to talk to you about handling the remains. I'm sorry. We did all we could do.

Do you think we end up with a top 5 class?

If Georgia closes with Crowell, Drew, Rome and Swann then I think that make for a wonderful class. Add Dickson, Mitchell and Bray? Yeah, that's right up there with the class of 2006.

freshcopedawg asks: will sturdivant be back next year?

My opinion is that Trinton Sturdivant should be back next year. Hell, I say he better be back next year. And I'm not the only person that feels that way, I'm sure of that.

But we've seen in the past, that what a college player should do and what he ultimately does can be two entirely different things.

He better come back. He's not ready. He needs another year to get back in top shape, physically and mentally.

This isn't a hate-fest. It's the truth.

DROCK9350 asks: is dean legge the ladys man

Well DROCK I think you've hit on perhaps the easiest question to answer yet. And my response is a resounding, "NO!"

DickVanDawg asks: What's happened to BendandBreak? Does he only come out when Perno is coaching?

You know, I had forgotten all about him. I wonder if he got banned…or if he gave up his crusade for another battle on another board in a far distant place on the intergoogles. Who knows.

But baseball season is approaching. If bendandbreak is still alive there will be blood. As long as Perno is coaching, THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

aname asks: Whats going on with bball recruiting. Thats my main question recruiting wise right now. I am certain everything will be fine with fb.

I answered this question above. But I'm worried. The depth looks razor thin down low in the post for next season. I don't know if there is anybody left in the 2010-11 class to help out.

But looking ahead to next year, the 2012 class is deep in the state of Georgia. Miller Grove has a couple of kids, including elite forward Tony Parker. Columbia has a wealth of talent. Milton has Evan Nolte. Southwest Dekalb has some kids. Norcross has some kids. Fox has now been recruiting these schools for years, so it's time to cash in.

apple dawg asks: At which positions will we see Stripling, Burrows, and Garrison Smith line up this spring?

And you're back for some more action, too? I like it.

T.J. Stripling will be at outside linebacker. He was made for that position, but he needs to continue to put on weight.

Brandon Burrows is currently at defensive end. I haven't heard much about Burrows, but he did a lot of work with the scout team playing all over the place. It seems end is his home, but he could potentially play OLB, too.

Garrison Smith will continue to play all along the defensive line. He'll play end and tackle and his versatility to good for both the base and sub packages of this 3-4 scheme.

How much playing time is Chris Burnette likely to get next year?

Hmmmm…since he is listed at center, and Ben Jones should be back, the quick and easy answer is not very much. But Kenarious Gates can play either guard or tackle. And I think Chris can play either center or guard. So it really depends on if one of the younger guys can step in and take over at right tackle. If they do, chances are slim for Burnette. If they don't Searels may have to mix and match again.

What are you hearing on Jordan Love's development?

He's coming along, but he's still got a ways to go before he'll be a starter. He got some playing time this year though. I think a full, healthy offseason will do wonders for Love.

Is Zander the next great UGA fullback?

I'm not sure if he is the next "great" fullback at Georgia. But I think he'll be the next fullback, for what that's worth. I'll have more on Zander coming up in the Mail Bag very soon.

Sounds like Todd Grantham may turn out to be a better and more committed recruiter than some thought. Is that how you see it?

Yes. I really like the fact that Grantham has 11 years of NFL experience to lay on the table when he goes in for visits to recruits homes. I think that's what most kids want to hear. They want to hear an authoritative source speak about football. Nothing gives you credibility like 11 years in the league.

Hell, who's knocking at the Mail Bag door now? Oh, it's Todd Grantham, just in from another recruiting trip. What's up with recruiting Todd?

"A lot of miles…to parts unknown. It's been going good. It's been positive. I think the players I've talked to have been very positive and upbeat. I'm excited about where our recruiting class is going. Obviously once we can talk about them we can talk about their fits and things. I'm convinced more than ever if we just keep the guys in the state of Georgia home, we're going to be pretty good."

What exactly are you looking for?

"My whole thing is from the recruiting aspect of it is: the first thing I want to say is, ‘Can the guy help us beat Florida?' I mean truthfully, because that's who we have to beat to win the SEC. Of the guys that I feel we're recruiting and the guys committed to us, I can say yes off of that."

Well, there you have it. Georgia is going to beat Florida now, apparently.

theburnem asks: 1. What is the latest on Jakar? and how is he progressing as a corner?

Back for some more Mail Bag fun, eh? Ladies and gentlemen, back for his second appearance in the Mail Bag, theburnem.

Anyway, I dread putting forth this answer about Jakar.

You see, the Mail Bag isn't all about my various rambling and bullshitting. At times I put forth some valuable talk. Funny you should ask this question about Jakar, because I just talked to him about this.

Hamilton had a meeting with Scott Lakatoes Thursday, and it looks like the plan is to move him back to safety. I know, I know…what the hell? Back and forth, back and forth. Poor Hamilton and Nick Williams have moved more than a military family. It's not really fair.

But it looks like Hamilton will still continue to learn both corner and safety. And after all his excitement about the switch to corner, he was just as amped about moving back to safety. He doesn't seem to really care which spot it is, as long as he can get on the field. And with Bacarri Rambo and Alec Olgetree firmly entrenched at safety, I don't really know how much playing time there is available there. Perhaps this is a good sign about Brandon Boykin's decision to stay or go pro? Hey, I'm just sayin'.

2. Why is everyone obsessed with Branden Smith making a permanent switch to WR? I understand you want that speed with the ball in their hands but a shutdown corner is way more valuable plus we have a certified track star in J. Scott-Wesley coming in.

When was this shut down corner ability on display? Did I miss something? Am I wrong here?

Branden Smith had a tough season. He had to deal with two concussions. I get all that. But I still haven't seen him play like this stud corner you guys refer to him as.

Either way, I think Smith will stay at corner and still receive work with the offense. I think he CAN be a good corner. But I haven't seen that yet. Am I wrong? Tell me if I am.

3. Did you get a good laugh that ESPN aired the "Pony Expre$$" right after scam newton wins the Heisman?

That is pretty funny. I didn't get a chance to watch the 30 for 30 on the SMU football death penalty. How good is that series though? Every single one I've seen has touched me in some way. I'll believe I'm going to buy them on DVD. Say, someone text my mom and tell her that's what I want for Christmas. Wait, why do you have my mom's digits?

PIGGSKIN asks: 1. What would it take for Searels to have more of a say in the play calling (since he is the running game coordinator)? Would more of a commitment to the run improve our running game?

I don't think Georgia needs to make this play-calling system a three-way affair. Bobo and Richt already go back and forth, adding a third voice only complicates the matter. Besides, threesomes never work out in the long run. At least that's what a good friend of mine tells me. I wouldn't know.

I think Richt and Bobo always want to be committed to the run. But they play with the pieces they think gives them the best chance to win. This season, those pieces were clearly A.J. Green and Aaron Murray.

The line struggled to run block, and Caleb King and Washaun Ealey struggled to stay in a consistent flow. Passing the ball was the way to go, and it worked like a charm. I don't think people realize this, but Georgia's offense set school records this season. A lot of them actually.

2. Would CK and WE be better playing a little lighter, like 09, more so than how they were this year?

Looking back (I always say that phrase in a Garth Brooks sing-song kind of way), I remember getting questions about Ealey's weight at the start of the year. I didn't think it would be a problem. I still don't, either. He never has had burner-type speed.

And I don't think Caleb gained a lot of weight. He just doesn't have the high end speed most of thought he had back in high school.

I'll tell you who does though: Isaiah Crowell.

Sometimes I forget: These are still growing men. I've gained 30 pounds (most of it muscle, ha) since high school. They do, too.

3. Do you think we will have to get more Lakatos picked db's to play more bump and run, or is he just more of a fan of softer coverage? What was his style more like at UCONN?

I've never studied any tape on his defensive backs when Lakatos was at UConn. It's hard to say, but I don't think Brandon Boykin would have much trouble with bump and run coverage. Neither should Sanders Commings. Both of those guys are really strong.

This is a really good question, though. And who knows what we may see next season after the defense has a full offseason to fully implement what Grantham and Lakatos want.

4. Much has been said about running more 2TE sets. Do you hear the coaches talk about who may step up more at FB next year, or do you think that may be less prevelant in our scheme?

Mark Richt is extremely high on Zander Ogletree. He's mentioned him many times this season, always calling him, "just a football player." The staff played Zander on special teams this year for a reason, in my opinion. They were getting him ready to play fullback in 2011. They didn't want to guy out there who had no playing experience at all. I'm sure we'll see some two tight end sets, but I don't think there is any hesitation to play Zander at fullback.

rexs5413 asks: John Jenkins, is he gonna be a Dawg?

Well…there is the part about him already being committed to Oklahoma State that kind of rattles me on this one. I hear the key to Jenkins pledge runs through his mother's heart. And Mark Richt is known as a good closer when it comes to mothers. I have a good friend who I can the say the same thing about, but it has nothing to do with football commits.

All cougar hunting aside, if Georgia can get Jenkins on campus and then let Richt does his patented mother-clinching act when he does an in-home visit, then Georgia has a chance.

As it stands right now, I'm told Jenkins is pretty much wide open. So, it's an up in the air kind of thing at the moment.

14dawgs47 asks: Where is lonnie outlaw at now.

He's still at Georgia Military College. Here's a quick note on him I swiped from SuwanneeDawg off the message board: "I heard some really good things about how well he's doing over there," Ledford said of Outlaw, who is Marshall's cousin. "The coaches tell me he's gotten stronger and put on some weight. I think he's up to 210 now. They say he's improving every week."

Where do you think Michael Bennett will be on the depth chart.

I'm not sure where he'll be on the depth chart after spring practice concludes. He'll certainly be at the bottom of the pile when spring opens up. But Bennett is pretty impressive from a physical standpoint. You can tell he's worked out hard over at C.E.S. or something. (wink, wink).

And Kris Durham is pretty high on the kid. He's mentioned him a few times this season as a guy who could get on the field next season.

At this point, I don't think Georgia fans care which receiver steps up. They just want somebody to help fill the void that will be left by Durham and A.J. Green. Bennett will be in the mix to help do that.

How many total do you think we can take in this years class.

I think Georgia will finish with as many as 24 or 25 if they can get who they want. The numbers are pretty tight (as always), but there is some flexibility due to multiple kickers on scholarship and a few other walk-ons with a ship. Richt can work the numbers if he needs to.

38243824 asks: is garner on the hot seat and/or looking elsewhere?

I'll believe that when I see it. Every offseason this kind of noise starts cropping up. Garner is going to get fired, or Garner and so-and-so don't see eye-to-eye. Well, I've heard it before. And I've even believed it before. I won't get fooled again. And just to be clear, I like talking to Garner. He's given me some great quotes this season, so don't think that I want him gone or anything like that.

I raised a few eyebrows when I called him the cockroach of the program in a previous Mail Bag. I meant that in the most endearing way possible. Dude seems to be able to shake off anything—coaching changes, coordinator changes—you name it, he's survived it.

And until he's gone for sure, I won't believe any of the rumors.

sandersvilledawg asks: Do we have any young offensive linemen who have redshirted, been injured, or both that we can expect a significant contribution out of this coming fall?

Georgia better if they want to be successful. I'm looking a big glaring hole at right tackle right now. Say, what is it that you're really asking?

I guess i am really asking how are guys like Benedict, Long, Burnette, Harmon, Lee, Houston, etc progressing? Most of those guys were very highly touted, but have been very quiet thus far.

Benedict and Long have been hurt almost all of their careers at Georgia. Both are expected to be full speed for spring practice.

Burnette has been hurt almost all year, and has finally gotten back into drills this week. He's still not all the way back to full contact just yet. But he'll be in the mix at center and probably guard.

It's getting about that time for A.J. Harmon. I've already touched on him earlier in this Mail Bag, but he better start producing soon. He's running out of time.

I've been calling Kolten Houston the sleeper. I think he'll be in the mix for some time at right tackle. He's a hard worker from all accounts, and he used this redshirt season to get bigger and work on his technique.

What do I know about Dallas Lee? He has a big city for his first name. He went to Buford. He plays at Georgia. He has a brother currently at Buford who looks to be another college athlete. That's about all I have. Is he ready? I dunno. I've never seen him play in a game.

bigbuckhunter asks: Flecther, looks like you got a lot of writing to do! What is the best holiday drank

People misspell my name like that all the time, so don't worry about it. And yes, that was a lot of writing, but I'm down with that. All that writing made me thirsty. I'd really like a tall, crisp Budweiser right now. I'd settle for a Fat Tire, too. Meet me downtown in 45 minutes? See you there.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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