2010 Dawg Post Quotes of the Year

ATHENS - Dawg Post's look back at the quotes of the year surrounding Georgia athletics.

"I am not trying to bribe you, but I am the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia."

- Former athletics director Damon Evans to Georgia State Trooper Mark Cabe after being stopped on suspicion of DUI.

"Georgia is my home."

- Mark Richt in a press conference after the Auburn game. The response was to a question by the Athens Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer about reports Richt had been asked about the job opening at Colorado

"As a competitor, sometimes you get caught up in the heat of the moment. I wish the situation hadn't happened."

- Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham to a gaggle of reporters the Tuesday after Georgia's overtime loss to Florida where Grantham indicated that Florida kicker Chaz Henry would choke and miss a game-winning 37-yard field goal.

"We can't make any comments, but I've never been to Miami."

- Georgia receiver A.J. Green to Dean Legge and ESPN.com's Chris Low when asked about a TMZ report that placed Green at an agent-sponsered party in South Beach.

"Right now its speculation."

- Richt said in a post-practice media session when asked about a police report written about in the Red & Black in which Hutson Vann alleged that four "UGA football players" asked if his wife wanted "some black dick". But Vann was incorrect - while all four men who accosted him were black none of those accused was a Georgia football player, but one football player, Dontavius Jackson was a peacemaker during the incident.

"Late Wednesday afternoon, the University of Georgia received a call from the NCAA requesting permission to conduct an inquiry on the UGA campus."

- Georgia spokesman Claude Felton said in an email on July 21st to beat reporters.

"I think I have learned, too, you have to have good players. I think good players help you win football games."

- Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo to reporters during the summer.

"Right now we just look at it as if the train fell off the tracks."

- Senior linebacker Akeem Dent after the Bulldogs' 17-6 loss to South Carolina.

"My hands were all jittery, and I was just like 'YEAH!'

- Zach DeBell when asked by Dean Legge about the way in which he committed.

"The deal is you don't want to try to be too complex because you have a freshman quarterback, who I have a tremendous amount of confidence in, and I think our team does, too. But I hate to put it on his shoulders that he's going to have to do it."

- Mike Bobo said to Fletcher Page in an article during the summer.

"Win a game like this, but we didn't do it. We'll be back."

- Richt's response in a press conference to Dean Legge's question after the Florida game on what it will take to beat the Gators.

"I love it here. You've got players. You can recruit your state and do fine. Look at the facilities. I looked at the locker room here - incredible. This building (Stegeman) is just what we had at UMass. I drove around campus - it is incredible. What Mark is going to do is get kids, and you are going to see, what he's done is he's established how they are going to play. Also, the kids that you can get from (Georgia) can play. There is fake - going against some school where you are going to score 50. You play here in this state - you are playing against good players. This is one of those gem jobs that people don't realize. When Mark gets it going they are going to say 'Whoa!'"

- Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari in response to Dean Legge's question about the potential of the basketball program at Georgia.

"Nobody wanted him to make a decision like that and have it really affect the rest of his life in a negative way."

- Mark Richt said to reporters of Dexter Morant who left the program for a time before returning to it a few days later.

"When you talk about in-state kids - that's why I've been talking about this Georgia ‘Dream Team' - this team of guys that I think are the best players in the state of Georgia. And I believe if they will stay in the state and come together, we can prove to the United States of America that we have the best football in the country [in] the state of Georgia. We need those Georgia kids to stay at home and do that thing for the Bulldogs, and I think everybody is going to get excited about that."

- Richt in a press conference after a practice this fall.

"I mean, I would say everybody is frustrated because we're not where we're supposed to be at. Even the coaching staff is frustrated trying to find the right way to go about things. I would say I'm right in saying I'm frustrated."

- Junior linebacker Marcus Dowtin to Fletcher Page after after Georgia's four-game losing streak at the start of the year.

"I feel like, yeah, I caused a lot of people pain because I felt like if I was out there some of the time, we really would have had a chance coming out. I beat myself up pretty much over that but like I said, it's taught me a valuable lesson and I'm growing up and I gotta do the right thing because I'm under the spotlight. It just shows me how much people [are] looking at me now and it's taught me a valuable lesson."

- A.J. Green to a group of reporters before playing for the first time against Colorado.

"We don't have a whole lot of grit. We don't have a whole lot of toughness. We don't throw enough strikes and we sure have a tough time scoring runs. Yeah, there's talent, but what I'm saying is we're not a very good baseball team."

- Georgia baseball coach David Perno to Fletcher Page midway through Perno's worst season as the Bulldogs' skipper.

"From about 2 AM until about ten in the morning I was cleaning bars and scrubbing the floors and the bathrooms. And I decided: ‘Surely there has to be something besides this. Then I was offered to be a coach."

- Richt speaking to a group of youngsters in Marietta in Marietta about life and sports.

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