In Dominating Fashion: Mark Fox Speaks

ATHENS - Georgia coach Mark Fox discusses his team's 85-38 win over High Point.

Opening statement…

"Well, that was a—it's good to win one with a big margin. You know, I think High Point played pretty hard; they're just a little bit outmanned. We have a big team, an experienced team. I know they have a lot of new players, so we feel fortunate to have a big win. Had a lot of guys that got significant minutes tonight, minutes that they needed. That's hopefully really going to help us as we build our team."

Was this the complete win you wanted to see?

"I said it was a big win." he said," I didn't say we necessarily played well. I don't think we played very well, to be honest with you, early. We still have some mental errors. I gave our group—I called a timeout, and we walked out and called something completely different. So I called timeout right away. We just weren't mentally dialed in early. In the second half we played pretty well. But, it was good to see those younger guys play as much as they did and play well."

On the defensive effort…

Our defense was pretty good; especially I thought our first shot defense was really good. We didn't rebound the ball well at all in the first half. We were minus-9 in the first half on the boards. I was very disappointed in that. And we fortunately won the rebounding battle tonight, but we had to outrebound them by 10 in the second half to do that. But we did force a lot of minutes and our defense was pretty solid.

On Gerald Robinson, who scored a game-high 21 points…

"Well his quickness really impacts the game. Tonight he was able to get right to the rim and lay the ball in. And there's been other nights when he's been able to penetrate, draw the help—for instance at Georgia Tech when he made a pass for the winning shot, or at Saint Louis when he made a pass for the winning shot. But tonight he was able to get to the basket and lay it in."

Do you like playing so many games in such a short span of time?

"Not really. I don't really like the fact that we've had to squeeze as many in here. But you know our exams go over a two-week period. And then we have graduation in there where we have to be out of the arena, so there's a long break in-between games and we have to squeeze them in here after the fact. I think our players probably like it. They'd rather play games than practice. I'd like to have a couple days between every game, where we have some practice time where we could work on things. For instance, we'll have a tough time really addressing anything that we want to work on (Wednesday) because we're getting ready for a game and we're travelling."

Are there challenges of going on the road against a lesser opponent? (Georgia plays at Mercer Dec 23).

"Oh, sure. I think that anytime you go on the road in our game, it's a challenge. You've read so many upsets already this year of smaller schools beating bigger schools. Some of those at home, some of those on the road. I think the one of Tennessee was on the road, I believe. We're going to have to play well. It will be a good game for our team. We're going to have to play very well."

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