The Dawg Post Mail Bag

ATHENS - A holiday edition of Fletcher Page's thoughts, views and somewhat relevant rambling.

So I decided to treat the Minionette this week by taking her to the 9:55 p.m. showing of, "The Fighter," at the movie theatre. Admittedly, I am on a tight budget being on Legge's payroll, but I even paid for her ticket.

The movie depicts boxer Mickey Ward's struggle to overcome his family on the way to the top of the fighting world. You probably remember Ward best for his epic fights with Arturo Gatti.

Marky Mark Wahlberg played Ward well. But I was completely taken with the way Christian Bale played Ward's brother Dickie, a former boxer turned crack junkie.

I legitimately believed Bale was on crack during that movie. And that got me to thinking—Bale is one of my favorite actors and I didn't even realize it. He has made me believe he actually was each character I've seen him portray.

He was great in Reign of Fire, playing a bulked up dragon slayer. He toned down for the Machinist. He played a rough and tumble cowboy in 3:10 to Yuma. He helped bring on an anxiety attack in The Prestige.

But above all else, I think he was the best version of Batman. And that got me to thinking—if Christian Bale's version of the Caped Crusader could be compared to a Georgia quarterback, who it would be and why?

The answer, for me at least, is David Greene. Greene played the role perfectly. He wasn't an over-the-top Mel Kiper Jr. recognized talent. But his teams were the best at Georgia since the early 1980s. And he often took a backseat when fans give out the credit for the run of 2002-04. Continuing this example, David Pollack takes on the role of Heath Ledger's "Joker." Many people raved about Ledger's performance and for good reason. But it was the consistency of Bale that made The Dark Knight the best Batman movie of all time.

I also find it amusing that David Pollack no longer exists, since he changed his name to Davey. Ledger is dead and so is David.

So this got me to thinking even more (scary, I know). There are quite a few actors who portrayed the character, "Batman." And there have been quite a few athletes who have portrayed the position of "Georgia quarterback."

Hmmmmmmmmmm…….(evil genius smile)……

George Clooney took on the role of Batman in 1997's, "Batman and Robin." This one makes for the easiest quarterback comparison. Matthew Stafford is clearly the Clooney version.

Kiper predicted Stafford to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft four years before the Detroit Lions actually took him first. He was the prototypical pro quarterback, a gunslinger who could make all the throws and had all the measurables. Clooney, on the other hand, is probably the biggest acting star currently in Hollywood, with undeniable skills on the screen. He is the prototypical actor, with a grizzled beard, perfect face and an interesting rotating depth chart of girls at his disposal.

Matthew Stafford...the George Clooney of the Batman saga?

Clooney had Chris O'Donnell as his sidekick, playing as the often-rebellious Robin. That sounds exactly like Knowshon Moreno, although his parents were definitely not part of a high-wire act in a circus.

Despite all the talent, Clooney's Batman film was viewed as a flop. Sure, it was watchable, but the movie was a commercial disappointment and is regarded as one of the worst superhero films of all time.

Stafford and Moreno had their moments, but were unable to even reach the SEC title game. The Clooney-Stafford comparison is unmistakable.

Which leads me to Michael Keaton. Look, I freaking love Michael Keaton. (Tangent in parenthesis: My favorite Keaton film is Night Shift. He and Henry Winkler rocked my world when I saw that film for the first time in eighth grade). So of course I have Keaton rated as my second-favorite Batman. But he wasn't crucial to the two films he starred in.

That's why Buck Belue is clearly the Keaton version of Batman. ANYBODY could have played the role Keaton did in those two films. Why? Because those movies were all about Tim Burton's crazy vision of what the mood, direction and atmosphere should be.

Clearly Tim Burton is Herschel Walker. Or vice versa. Both are supremely talented. Both have been supremely successful. Both are just a little out of their mind crazy.

All Keaton had to do was manage the role and listen to Burton. All Belue had to do was manage the position and hand the ball to Walker. Questions? Let's move on.

That brings me to Val Kilmer's attempt in ‘95's, "Batman Forever." Sure this film put up the stats, earning over $350 million and three Academy Award nominations.

But there was something missing from Kilmer's character. It was almost like watching the Ice Man from, "Top Gun," decked out in a black leather outfit. I hated the Ice Man. And I hated the Ice Man masquerading as Batman, too. Maybe I hold a grudge because Tom Kazanski's name is on that Top Gun plaque instead of Pete Mitchell's. Whatever.

With that said, Joe Cox is obviously Val Kilmer. Cox threw for 24 touchdowns and over 2,500 yards in 2009. But you could tell there was something missing. He just wasn't right for the role.

I think that pretty much covers it…except there is still Adam West floating around in my head. West played Batman in the original television series and first Batman movie in the 1960s.

I'm tempted to go with Fran Tarkenton here, just because of the time frame.

But West struggled after playing Batman. Tarkenton went on to have a prolific career in the NFL, appearing in four Super Bowls and setting numerous records (which Brett Favre's private-picture taking self would supersede years later).

I think Eric Zeier is the best comparison for Adam West. West was severely typecast in subsequent ventures after playing as the Caped Crusader. He couldn't overcome his success, as people only saw him as Batman. After numerous attempts and flops, West actually returned to his Bruce Wayne roots, voicing the character in a few cartoon series.

Zeier enjoyed immense success during his time in Athens. He appeared on the Heisman list twice and still holds school and conference records. But he struggled once he left his comfortable college quarterback role. He threw for 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in the NFL. He had a passer rating of 56.1.

So what did Zeier do? He returned to the place where he had been so successful, just like West did. He is now the color commentator for radio broadcasts of Georgia's games.

And that, my friends, is how I can make Batman relevant to a Georgia discussion. I know, I know, I'm impressive. I'll be signing autographs later. Come back for the 10 o'clock show, it's different than the early act. Don't forget to tip your waitress. Remember, two drink minimum. Goodnight, everybody.

With that said, let's get it poppin'.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 1. I'm in Vegas and plan on scouting Boise State against Utah while I'm here. What should I look for Senior Page?

Well, I can't predict the future. But since this game happened before I wrote this Mail Bag, I can pretend that I am Nostradamus.

By the way, all those freaks on the History Channel who lose their cookies over Nostradamus really do suck.

Here's an example of one of Nostradamus' predictions:

"The young lion the old will surmount, On field of battle by single combat: In a cage of gold his eyes he will gouge out: Two fleets one, then to die, cruel death"

My interpretation: I think this has something to do with Will Muschamp taking over for Urban Meyer at Florida. Obviously, Muschamp is the young lion, and I think Nostradamus is telling us Mark Richt (the old) is going to overcome him in Jacksonville (field of battle) next season. There is also a reference to Brandon Spikes (eyes he will gouge out). And actually, both Georgia and Florida will lose the SEC to South Carolina (two fleets one, then to die).

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2011 SEC East Champion South Carolina Gamecocks. Stand and applaud.

Hey, I didn't say it—Nostradamus did.

Anyway, Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore is going to be back next year. And this dude is unflappable. He has 37 touchdowns this season, with only seven picks. He's Aaron Murray with 11 more touchdowns and six more victories—just less scrambling ability. Also, the Broncos return 15 players who started a game this season.

As for how Georgia will play against the Broncos next year?

Let's ask Nostradamus.

"The wand in the hand is placed in the middle of the tripod's legs. With water he sprinkles both the hem of his garment and his foot. A voice, fear: he trembles in his robes. Divine splendor; the God sits nearby."

Ah, forget this.

2. Do the coaches have any recruiting visits this week (are they even allowed to do that this week)?

No this is a quiet period. If this week was a 80s rock band, it would be Quiet Riot. There is still a lot going on (kids weighing their options equals the song "Cum on Feel the Noise"), but there isn't actually any substance as far as coaches meeting and talking it up (any of QR's song attempts thereafter. And don't even give me talk of "Metal Health." It was OK. The chorus is catchy. The rest of that song is terrible).

3. Any possibility that CMF will add Noel Johnson from Clemmins as a transfer?

I think Mark Fox would like to add Noel Johnson. He is a good shooter, which you can never have enough of. And Johnson would be eligible to start playing just in time for conference play next season.

By the way, Johnson was at the Georgia game Tuesday night. So there has to be interest from both sides of the fence.

4. What did Dean get your for Christmas?

I woke this morning and raced down my steps, visions of tender, slow-cooked steak danced in my head. In my stocking, to my surprise, a bottle of Montreal Steak Seasoning, left as guise. There was no steak or edible meat. In it's place, a wayward Chili's receipt.

By the way SuwaneeDawg03, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for all the questions this season. To many more years of good health and somewhat relevant rambling!

TripleB asks: 1. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

So a woodchuck is a groundhog…or is it vice versa? Actually, neither do any wood chucking. It's a farce.

Which, the rhyme blatantly states, "IF A WOODCHUCK COULD CHUCK WOOD." People who wear smart pants think they are shocking and awing us when they mention that woodchucks don't actually chuck wood. Well, actually, I already knew that, because I just said it in my initial question. Take that one-upper.

So, the question is clearly stated. How much if it could? I don't freaking know.

Hey, let's ask Nostradamus. Kidding. I'm done with that conjuring idiot.

2. Is there any special reason why Dean got you a two-person Snuggie for Xmas?

I already told you, what happened in Nashville at the SEC Basketball Championship was a one-time deal. Those days are behind me. I no longer need money that bad.

3. Do you feel that CMF will pull a couple top 100 kids for 2012 from the prominent ATL schools (Southwest Dekalb, Columbia, Miller Grove, Milton, etc.)? If so, who would be most likely of the top prospects on our list?

Hmmmm…he better. I think the top of wish list has Tony Parker (Miller Grove) and Evan Nolte (Milton) jotted down. If Duke offers Nolte, he's gone. I hear he likes Virginia, too. And the Cavaliers have offered. But Fox is showing the love and Evan's brother Conner is on the roster. I hear their parents are big fans of Fox, which is always a boost.

Parker has offers from all over the place. He likes Mark Fox. He told me so. But when Duke and North Carolina are showing interest, that's hard to overcome.

Miller Grove's Tony Parker is at the top of the 2012 wish list

Here are a few other kids I like in the 2012 class: Jordan Adams (Oak Hill). Jarmal Reid (Columbia). William Goodwin (Southwest Dekalb). Jordan Price (Southwest Dekalb). Charles Mitchell (Wheeler). And anybody else at Miller Grove. They are loaded.

By the way TripleB, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holdiday season. Thanks for all the questions this season. To a future full of good health and somewhat relevant rambling!

apple dawg asks: 1) Following on the lessons of this year, will CMR hold more physical practices next year?

Well, I don't believe in cause and effect in this case. Why did Mark Richt slack on the physical practices to begin with? Because in the past so many players got injured that he thought he needed to make a change. Now, since toughness and tackling have been questioned, he should just automatically make another change?

I say no. I say Richt needs to be himself and do what he thinks he needs to do. Don't do one thing because something else happened. Be yourself.

This is like high school hallway drama. If you wear a funny looking shirt to school one day and get made fun of, what are you going to do? You're going to change what you wear. What happens when that doesn't work? You change again.

Forget all that half-stepping. Just wear what you want to wear and be yourself. If other kids don't like you, forget them. If you end up with no friends (this is an allusion to Richt losing and ultimately being fired), at least you were being yourself.

Richt needs to do what he wants to do. Forget if people got hurt one fall camp. Forget if players couldn't tackle this season. Just do what you think will work and ride or die with it.

2) Will MAT drills either be changed or eliminated? In general, what do you expect JT2 and others will do to ensure we have the strongest and best-conditioned football team in the SEC next year?

It doesn't look like mat drills will be back this winter. I don't think it matters that much. I don't care if Georgia does mat drills or aquatic dancing, as long as the team is in shape.

As for what the strength and conditioning staff is going to do, I believe there are going to be some experts brought in to give a fresh perspective. It's not that difficult if you think about it.

It's a multi-component process, but when you break it down it's quite simple. You've got to train right. You've got to eat right. You've got to supplement right. And you've got to rest properly. That's all this is. You can skin a cat several ways, but the end result should always be a dead cat. Unfortunately, Georgia has just injured the cat the past two or three years.

I've compared the strength and conditioning to a relationship with your girlfriend (or boyfriend, whatever your preference is) in the past. You have to be firing on every level for ultimate success to be achieved. There are many components to a healthy relationship, but it's still fairly simple. You have to love (training). You have to be consistent (eat right). You have to be able to support (supplements). And you have to be willing to give in or submit at times (rest). You can have one, two or three and be working well. But until you bring it to all four areas, you won't be completely happy (strong, conditioned and killing fools on the football field). Winning at the line of scrimmage in the fourth quarter is marriage in this analogy. Losing close ballgames is indicative that you're dating the wrong person. You're not going to be happy if you get married to that person. Don't think giving her a ring is going to flip a magic switch. That feeling will wear off. You're not going to change. Neither is she. DON'T DO IT. Oh, now you think having kids will change things? DON'T DO IT!!!! Wait…am I still talking about strength and conditioning. Somehow, I think I was.

3) Do you think we'll still have to watch the Dr Pepper "Little Kiss" commercials next season and is there anything we as citizens can do to avoid that?

That commercial is a "little" bizarre. One would think Kiss would have a "tiny" bit of self-respect left. Apparently there is no dollar amount too "small." Paul Stanley must be "short" on cash. Maybe my opinion is in the "minority." It is a rather "minuscule" complaint. I just have a "teeny" amount of Kiss songs on my IPOD anyway. I don't mean this as a "slight" towards Dr. Pepper though. I just have a "diminutive" amount of room for it on my list of favorite beverages list. I will drink it in "miniature" doses.

I think my work here is done.

By the way apple dawg, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for all the questions this season. To good health and somewhat relevant rambling!

begger asks: Fletch, could you get McGarity's reaction to the recently reported drug suspension info from fanhouse. http://ncaafootball.fanhouse.c...icies-revealed/ Particularly the vast difference between his current employer (Georgia) and his former (Florida).

SuwaneeDawg03 adds: That is BS on Florida's policy. We all know Percy Harvey got busted at least twice.

Well…due to the time of the year, I did not drop McGarity a note on this one. It is an interesting topic though, and I'd like to write a story on this once the New Year rolls around.

I applaud Georgia for taking a strict stance on street and recreational drugs. The Bulldogs are one of only six universities that automatically suspend players for a first-time positive test.

Do I think schools that don't suspend on the first positive pop are terrible? Not necessarily. As long as the NCAA lets schools set their own policy on these matters, this is what happens. There will continue to be a discrepancy in all kinds of areas. It's really annoying, actually.

By the way begger, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for all the questions this season. To good health and somewhat relevant rambling!

GearDawg asks: 1. Do you see any surprises in this signing class? Anyone below the radar for Georgia we should keep an eye on?

Of the current commits, Chris Mayes is really the only player who fits the bill here. He is already over 290 pounds. He is pretty tall (6-foot-4), but not so much as to hinder his pad level. And he isn't highly rated. So maybe he comes in, redshirts a year, gains 30 pounds and becomes the nose tackle Georgia needs. This is not a proclamation, though. Remember, I'm not Nostradamus. And if I were him, I'd foresee myself swallowing a handful of aspirin and jumping off a bridge.

As far as potential late offer candidates, I've been talking about Whitewater running back Josh Clemons for a while now. He has a good highlight tape, and people who see him in person say great things. If Crowell sips Saban's snake oil, maybe Clemons gets an offer.

2. If we do get Crowell, how likely do you think it is that he plays against Boise State? Do you see him as the starter at any point next year?

If Georgia gets Mr. Crowell, I forecast a 100 percent chance he plays against Boise State. And for your next question, let's continue to play the percentages.

Let's just say Washaun Ealey retains his starting role. And we can even pretend Caleb King will still be around next year. He may be. He may not be.

Ealey has missed five of the potential 25 games in his career. King has missed 10 of the 39 games he could have played in. So even if Crowell comes in and is buried behind those two (highly unlikely), there is a good chance he'd HAVE to start a game because of a hit-and-run incident or an injury or any other random thing that could happen to the other two. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but I'm just sayin'.

By the way GearDawg, thanks for the questions. I believe this is your first time appearing in the Mail Bag. It's much appreciated. We'll do it again. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

willbeezy asks: If you could get any fully refurbished classic mustang for Christmas and you could get any female actress past or present to ride with you in it on the beach, what car would it be and who would be the actress? I know what i'm thinking!

As much as I'd like to answer by saying I'd take the Minionette in a 1968 Shelby GT500, there is another I crave. I'd take Katy Perry in a pinto, man. Actually, I'd take Katy Perry in a little red wagon. I'd scale Everest in shorts for Katy Perry. I'd go to Georgia Tech for a semester for Katy Perry. I'd wear jorts to a Florida-Georgia game for Katy Perry.

I think you get the point.

Fletch I just want some good news, whatcha got bruh?

Since my mom is an educator, I go back on her insurance Jan 1. Isn't that awesome? I can go to doctor again. That's what I have going on right now.

By the way willbeezy, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for all the questions this season. To good health and somewhat relevant rambling!

hpdog asks: Several of the current receivers (Durham and T. King) were singing the praises of Michael Bennett in the Athens Paper recently, and saying he is going to be a real factor at UGA. What is your opinion of what you have seen of Mr. Bennett?

This is kind of like when Jamie Kennedy decided to start doing movies. Disclaimer: I'm not comparing Kennedy, who has made some atrocious movies (Son of Mask, Kickin' it Old Skool), to Michael Bennett. Just stay with me for a minute here.

All of Kennedy's "co-stars" (and I use that term rather loosely) had to say all the right things in post-filming interviews and red carpet movie premier one-on-ones. They had to say he was great to work with. They had to say he was funny as all get out. They had to carry out that lie because they had a vested interest in your opinion of Kennedy.

The same thing applies to (insert any and every up and coming player at insert any college team in America). Why would Kris Durham and Tavaress King say anything negative about Bennett? They wouldn't. The same thing applies to Ken Malcome and Michael Thornton.

I'm not saying any of those guys won't be stars. They may be. They may not be. But you have to consider the source.

My thoughts on Bennett: He's physically impressive. He's already hovering around 200-pounds and he's 6-foot-3. I think he's worked hard this season. I think he has a good drive. So, he's got a chance to be something. But until I see him produce, I won't be buying a ticket to the movie theatre. I'd rather wait until it comes out on DVD and is a proven hit.

suwaneegeorgia says: It's the season of giving…so give me another piece of that pie.

The Mail Bag is a free-flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects.

wellesw asks: why haven't we offered Kelvin Benjamin? seems like we might could have a shot with him.

Good question, because Benjamin has offers from Alabama, Florida, Miami and Tennessee. That's the way I grade a prospects worth. No offense to the analysts, but when a kid has an offer sheet like that, it means serious football know-hows think he's going to be good. That's why I think Amarlo Herrera is going to be a beast. Check out his offer sheet.

Think of it like this: If an exec at Realtree, wearing a business suit, tells me about a good spot to go hunting, I'll respect his opinion. But if seven or eight great hunters in an area tell me about another spot that should produce, who's word am I going to value more? I don't know where I am right now. I swear I don't know how I end up in these out of the way places. Let's get back.

So, I think Georgia may be getting to the party late here with Benjamin. All the women are already sizing up who they want to go home with. It may be too late to get into the hunt. Any advances may come off as desperate or forced. I swear I don't know how I end up in these out of the way places. Let's get back.

Patches33 asks: 1. Are you expecting any changes in the bowl game as far as playing time for younger kids or seniors?

Nope. Mark Richt has been clear on this since the day he arrived at Georgia. The bowl game is a way to honor senior players who have given every ounce of blood, sweat, tears, passion, emotion, fight, etc they had to give for four or five years. And I agree. This isn't the pros. These kids shouldn't be used up and then pushed out the door for greener pastures.

And you know what: If a player like Garrison Smith or Derek Owens has to rely on some extended run in a bowl game to improve for next season, then I'd say Georgia is in trouble, anyway. It's not like there are eight full months before the next game. Wait, there is.

2. How is Strippling recovering? How do you see him factoring in next year if at all?

Yeah, I think T.J. Stripling will play next season. The recovery time for his injury was right at six months, which should put him back to full strength somewhere in April. While I don't think he'll be able to go full tilt in spring practice, he'll have all summer to try to get in shape and get ready for fall camp. I am concerned, because he needs to add weight, and this is an obvious setback. He should have been redshirting this year to begin with, in my opinion.

I think he'll be a good player, though. Just needs some time to recover and bulk up.

3. On that note, who do you see as the best OLB pass rusher assuming we lose Houston?

I think the starting OLBs project to be Cornelius Washington and Jarvis Jones. But there is some mix and match in play here. Jones can slide inside. Marcus Dowtin can play outside. Playing the always enjoyable "what-if" game, can Ray Drew or Xzavier Dickson play right way? Will they even be at Georgia?

I know Washington was a disappointment this year. But I think a lot of that had to do with his inability to fully grasp coverage schemes and not knowing what was going on. Maybe if he can pin his ears back on most plays he'd spring to life.

4. It seems to me UGA is doing a fine job recruiting Jenkins so far but where do you feel Georgia stands with him? Who is UGA's biggest competition for him?

Since he's committed to Oklahoma State, I'd say that is Georgia's biggest competition. In this scenario, the Cowboys are Jennifer Aniston, which isn't a bad place to be. John Jenkins, taking on the role of Brad Pitt, knows what he has in State. They're attractive, a safe play and will always be there. But Georgia is Angelina Jolie. It's edgy, mysterious and new.

We all know who won the battle for Brad Pitt. That battle actually has nothing to do with John Jenkins. But I would think playing for a team desperate for a nose tackle in the best conference in the nation would be attractive.

My gut tells me Jenkins, a 340-pound monster, is open-minded at this time. Talking to him on the phone, he didn't openly gush about the Bulldogs. But he didn't gush about any team, for that matter. He's seems fine with playing things out, weighing (get it!) his options and making a sound choice. Was that a lame answer or what? I was hoping to divert your attention away from my poor answer with the Brad Pitt battle. Hope that worked.

Thank you very much.

Well, thank you very much, Patches33. I hope you have you and yours have a very Merry Christmas. See you in Memphis?

RedRaider78 asks: fletch i have been to numerous dawg games thru out the years all over the country but never been to a nfl and a pal of my plan on going to the m.n.f. game this coming up week in the atl.....for 2 ol boys from south ga. what will be a round about price for a couple of tickets? scalping of course. {the american way]

A quick glossing over at StubHub! (unnecessary exclamation point) tells me this ticket is expensive. Currently the cheapest seat is going for $180. Hot damn! (unnecessary exclamation).

The key word here is patience. This reminds me of the old joke about two steers standing on top of a hill looking down at a pasture full of cows. We don't need to run down and grab the first one. I'd rather walk down and have my pick. (OK, so I modified that to fit what I needed. Whatever).

The first question to answer is: Do you want to get to your seats for the pre-game fun or not? Because if you do, you're going to pay a lot of money.

If you can live without the player intros, pyrotechnics and Phil Collins, wait until after kickoff and watch as scalpers dump tickets for next to nothing. This is a risky play, because you might not get the seats you were expecting and you're going to be the jerks that show up midway through the first quarter. But, you're going to get tickets for next to nothing. If you're drunk, you should be OK with this.

Another recommendation: Go near the gates and look for people who don't have the appearance that their whole life is predicated on selling tickets. Find somebody who may have a few extra tickets on the table because a couple of people flaked on them at the last minute. That's your best bet to find somebody who is willing to sell you tickets for what they paid for them, or somebody who isn't trying to turn a mega-profit. They just don't want to go in the gate with two extra tickets going to waste in their pocket. That's a good play.

So in summary…if you buy tickets in time to take in pre-game, you need at least a triple digit sum to make sure you're covered. If you can wait it out or find the right seller at the right time, you'll get tickets well shy of $100 bucks.

You only get one choice here…so pick one and live with it.

I hope you get cheap tickets, which should cap a great Christmas for you. Good luck and thanks for reading.

godawgs123456 asks: 1. Multiple choice--The emergence of Dustin Ware as a 40% plus 3 point sharpshooter is: (a) a temporary fit of excellence that will not continue, (b) here to stay, (c) a key to the team securing a top 5 seed in the NCAA tournament, or (d) both (b) & (c).

Excellent question. I'll go ahead and give you "Question of the Week" status. Your trusty Scantron grading machine will be in the mail after the holiday rush is over.

I'm going to say both A and C. Call me crazy (and you'd be right), but I think Ware can shoot 40 percent for the season. And this isn't predicated on my gut. I actually have stats that indicate as much.

Can Dustin Ware continue his torrid shooting clip?

Check this out: Dustin shot 36 percent from 3 his freshman year. He improved that to 37 percent last season. So is 40 percent such an outlandish outlier? No, it's not. It's only a few more makes away from his career average.

He's getting better looks because he's able to play off the ball more often thanks to Gerald Robinson and also because most defensive attention is still focused on Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie.

If Dustin can continue on his marvelous shooting pace, his play will be an integral factor in Georgia's outcome.

And I'll throw this one out there too: With every 3 Ware makes, he throws a dagger in the face of all the haters. Ware was probably the most doubted player on the roster coming into this season on our message boards. I, too, had my doubts. But hate, anger and proving people wrong are excellent motivators. Just ask Pac-Man Jones. Wait…scratch that. So far, Ware is proving a lot of us wrong. And Georgia is reaping the benefits. I say keep flaming away haters. Ware hears you. And he dispels your pessimistic notions.

Have a great Christmas, and thanks for reading. 2. What is the gift you want most from Santa Claus this year? Best gift you ever received on Christmas?

Hmmmm….what do I want for Christmas? Is Katy Perry available? No? OK, well….I'd settle for a few beers in Memphis. And a set of tires for my ride. I'm overdue there. Driving in the rain is quite the adventure. But I like living on the edge.

Best gift ever: I got a Super Nintendo when I was six. My parents included a copy of NBA Live '95. I took Shaq and Penny and the Magic to new heights on that rig. And Mookie Blaylock was unstoppable on there. I was already in love with basketball before I got that game, but playing countless hours on that 16-bit system laced with milk and honey helped cement my feelings.

3. Sanford Seay (sp?): Does he get an offer? Is he SEC material? If he gets an offer and commits, what kind of receiver are we getting?

I kind of outlined my thought on players earlier. I look at the offer sheet to develop my opinion. Currently he doesn't have any SEC offers. He is a very good high school player though. And wide receiver is a position of need for next season. But you can't offer somebody just to be doing it. That's not a good way to go about business.

But, it's come to my attention that most of the hesitation schools had dealt with Seay's grades. He has received a qualifying test score, so maybe interest and offers will pick up.

He could be a late offer candidate if Georgia's other options go elsewhere.

4. Regarding Caleb King: I feel bad for him, but I also don't quite know what to make of him. It seems that he continues to sabotage his career. I realize you are probably privy to information that cannot be shared in a public forum, but to the extent you can comment on the Caleb King situation, I would be interested to hear your take on him.

I do have some info I don't care to share (how's that for a teaser?). Aside from my off-the-record info, here's my take on King: He does seem to get in his own way. He also has let his past creep closely behind him; just close enough to bite him in the ass occasionally. I hate to use the old excuse, saying, ‘You don't know what he's come from. He's had a tough life. Give him a break.' But there is some of that in play here.

I think Caleb is a little bit selfish and shortsighted. I don't think he fully weighs the implication of his actions ahead of time.

But, when I speak to Caleb one-on-one, he gives off that, ‘Give me a chance. I'm misunderstood. You'll like me if you get to know me,' vibe.

Every time he gets rolling again on the good side of the tracks, something derails him. At what point do you call an apple an apple, instead of an orange? I don't know the answer to that. At what point do you give up hope? I don't know the answer to that either.

But King is running out of both time and chances at Georgia.

5. Building on the question above about each school's drug use policy, what is your take on the different conduct policies at each school? I just wrote a paper on this for a sports law class in law school, and it seems that, similar to the advantage some universities have by leniently punishing drug users, some universities gain an unfair advantage by levying little or no punishment on players who commit crimes. Additionally, the penalties for star players, as compared to those for bench warmers, are often much more lenient. What is your solution for this problem? In your opinion, which school takes most advantage of their autonomy/discretion to determine the appropriate sanction for criminal conduct by student-athletes by imposing little or no punishment? Based on my research it would have to be UF, but Dooley appears determined to live up to Fulmer's reputation for taking a soft stance on crime (see DaRick Rodgers, Jacques Smith, etc.).

You seem to be extremely educated on this topic. Much respect. If there's one thing my dad thought me, you should never bring a knife to a gunfight. OK, so my dad never told me that. But still, I'm not as well versed as you here. I can give it the old college try though.

I would agree, Florida seems to have taken advantage of lenient rules in the past. Percy Harvin and Jarvis Moss took advantage of that leniency. Remember, if Moss doesn't block those two kicks in the fourth quarter of the South Carolina game back in 2006, the Gators would not have won the National Title.

Chris Rainey's messy ordeal applies here, too. Would Florida have beaten Georgia this season without Rainey's 230-plus total yards? Maybe not. Rainey had informed his girlfriend of her impending death less than a month prior to that game. Whatever, I'm over it. No, I'm not over it.

In my opinion, the only answer is a rigid, NCAA-wide set of rules that all schools must apply for these issues. That's the only answer, because until that happens, select schools are going to pick and choose how they deal out punishment. Until everybody answers to the same judge, the criminals will be dealt with differently. And in that case, one side will always be annoyed.

DickVanDawg asks: Any way we could ever flip flop Kentucky for South Carolina on our schedule? Would make the schedule easier and we wouldn't have to go to hades in September.

I don't want to be adversial so close to Christmas…but I don't like this idea. If you switch South Carolina and Kentucky, then you're talking about playing Florida, South Carolina, Auburn and Georgia Tech in one solid string of schedule strength. I don't like that.

I like the way the schedule plays out for Georgia most seasons. They got an out-of-conference game first to tool up for Carolina. Then a Western foe to prepare for Tennessee. Then some respite from Vandy or Kentucky before losing in Jacksonville. I mean…playing Florida. Backloading (I don't think is an actual word) the Gamecocks would be tough.

Despite our little disagrement, I hope you get what you want for Christmas. Thanks for the questions this season and thanks for reading.

BigBandMan asks: Fletch --- 1) When do you expect the AD and CMR to meet about Richt's contract --- 2) Do you expect any changes in it such as a raise and or extension --- 3) Do you agree/disagree that CMR will have to go at least 10-3 AND beat the Gators next year to coach the 2012 season --- 4) Are you going to Memphis and have a Happy New Year --- I hope so.

I usually answer questions separately…but let's approach this one differently. I think I was just encouraging myself there.

I think all these issues will take care of themselves—one way or the other—by how Georgia fares in 2011.

I do believe Richt needs to win a minimum of nine games to avoid losing his job. An eight-win season with a loss to Florida will spell disaster, in my opinion. How about this: A seven-win season with a win over Florida. That will make for some mixed feelings, but a loss of job, too.

Regardless of all the above rambling, if Richt wins 10 games and goes back to the Dome to play for the SEC, then I think the raise/extension talk will take care of itself. He'll be around for a long time if he can win the conference next season. He'd probably stick around long enough to finish his career in that scenario.

But what if he has another eight-win year? I think it will be time to shoot a scene similar to when Zach and Kelly broke up outside of the school dance on Saved By The Bell. Sure it was a difficult decision. But it had to be made. The only difference would be Georgia and Richt couldn't get back together and live happily ever after like Zach and Kelly did.

Have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for reading.

aname asks: I really want this to happen and I will likely make a topic about this later, but is there any chance McGarity looks into switching around the seating arrangement in Sanford and at Stegeman. Like in Sanford of moving the band to the West endzone so the opposing team's band isn't louder than the one I am sitting 15 feet away from.

You're on to something here. I'm completely bored with the atmosphere effort at Sanford. In my opinion, it sucks inside Sanford on Saturday. I'm saying this because I've toured the SEC, and I've seen what a great atmosphere is. When it comes to these things, you have either "it" or you don't.

Auburn has it. Mississippi State has it. South Carolina has it. Vandy doesn't. And neither does Georgia.

I get it. It's not cool to be an over-the-top fan for most people at Georgia. There is a certain, "Look at me," factor in play for most fans who attend games in Athens, which is lame. That aspect isn't going to change.

But Georgia doesn't help itself either. The use of the jumbotron is pathetic. Either play good, loud music or don't. Don't half-ass this. Either play inspirational videos or don't. And I wasn't impressed with the band this year. (Ducking).

Why are there so many periods of dead silence inside Sanford during games? Why does it seem like the only thing breaking up television timeouts is the voice of Jeff Dantzler telling us about a great deal on women's basketball tickets? Why does it take so long for music to start blaring? Why is the playing of music so inconsistent?

Actually, it doesn't matter why. The only thing that matters is Sanford's lack of "it."

Remember the way it sounded at the Blackout game in Auburn? That's the way it should sound all the time. I know it's hard to bring that emotional energy all the time…but think about it, for only six or seven days out of the 365-day calendar year, Georgia fans should bring that effort. You only get seven a year. Make them count, or stay at home and be mum on the couch. That's the cheaper route anyway.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I'll see you in Stegeman soon.

Jtugadawgs asks: How far away our my DAWGS from going to the sec championship?

Let's see…this season Georgia was two Washaun Ealey fumbles, one Aaron Murray interception, one failed last minute drive and one loss at the hands of the best team in college football away from playing for the conference crown. I think.

Georgia lost a ton of close games. But a loss is ultimately loss. You can't play the, "But if only," game. It will eat you alive. And sadly, that's what Georgia fans have become accustomed to doing. What if Billy Bennett and Terrance Edwards hadn't crapped the bed? What if D.J. had played? What if Tennessee loses to either Kentucky or Vandy? What if? What if? What if?

Here's how close Georgia really is: What took South Carolina and Auburn to the Dome this year? One or two elite players joining their teams and a couple favorable breaks. That's the plain-dirt truth.

So, what if Georgia lands Crowell and he is all that? What if Georgia wins a couple of close games next season? What if Georgia wins a game it shouldn't? What if? What if? What if? Sounds like a Creed song. Which sucks.

But it's possible.

Gut feeling today on if we LAND Crowell, Drew, Rome, Mitchell, Jenkins?

I think Georgia lands Crowell, Rome and Drew. I'm on the fence with Mitchell. And I don't have a read on Jenkins, although Georgia seems to have a good chance.

Do we have any shot at Tim Jernigan?

No. Sorry.

Last one Is Auburn the Pony Excess? Or IS Cam Guilty?

I'm still reeling from setting my hair on fire about all this Cam Newton mess a couple weeks ago. And this is what you do to me? I've already got the gas and matches out again. I can't go down this road. I won't do this to myself again.

I still think Auburn is either as guilty as R. Kelly in a Chucky Cheese…or Cam Newton is the most ignorant person in the world. Outside of those who followed Jim Jones, he just may be the dumbest person ever. How can someone be so stupid? How can you not ask why? How can you just do what your father says in such a circumstance?

I'm going to run into oncoming traffic, I swear to God. I'll do it. Don't make me do this.

Thanks again and GO DAWGS!

Thank you. And I hope you have an extremely awesome holiday season. I wish you and yours only the best.

rexs5413 asks: Are any of you guys planning on being at the All Star games next month do give us the inside scoop from the practice field?

Of course Chad Simmons will attend at a few. I'm not sure of his schedule, but he'll be all over that. I doubt I'll be out and about at any of them, as I'll most likely be keeping it held down in Athens.

But we'll have those games covered one way or another.

How do you see Ken Malcome fitting in next season?

There are a lot of variables in play here. Does Caleb King return? Does Isaiah Crowell commit to Georgia? Is Malcome that good? Will Washaun Ealey get arrested? We don't know the answers. I could ask Nostradamus. Have I overused this play yet? It's my version of Mike Bobo's, "Run off tackle."

Anyway, I'm projecting King to be gone, Ealey to be on the straight and narrow and Crowell to be in wearing red and black. And Carlton Thomas is somewhere in the deck of cards. I see Boo being the third fiddle at best.

mcoxdawg asks: Dear mean Fletcher, As I sit here in my "fashionable" Georgia snuggie and sip my coffee I ponder the questions that have rattled around in my noggin. These are questions that may just change the way we view College football!(Well...not really, but I AM a legend in my own mind!). However, is my question:

I'm intrigued. Go on….

I like to listen to the ESPN radio shows as much as the next guy. Sometimes agreeing with them. Others times, I try to punch a hole through the dashboard just to shut them up. And this is one of the topics that guys like Dan Pattrick/Scott Van Pelt seem to harp on the most...."College Football Annoucers." And their beef with the industry is the so-called "homers" and or "hand-picked" fanatics chosen to call the game for the Home or away team. It gripes my wind-chapped fanny to no end when Patrick makes fun of Munson speaking of "Sugar falling from the sky." They seem to think that a broadcaster (in any forum) should be un-attached from either team. In other words, "Give me the game and toss out the up and down rollercaster rides we get from the Munson's in the Industry." Why? Would a monotone, stat-loving broadcaster be what a fan would want to listen to? I believe Patrick has what is called the "Homer call of the week" on his show. They absolutely blast any guy who raises his voice above the fart of a mouse!(excuse the flatulence joke please.) Anyway...would like to get your side on this issue. In what way should we really listen to the Dawgs? I couldn't imagine listening to a Georgia game in any other fashion than on Saturday's in my "hob-nailed" boots? "

Well, I believe Dan's ploy has worked on you. This is most likely what he wants to accomplish. And in his defense, it is kind of a funny and engaging way to knock other people and a whole fan base at the same time.

Here's the skinny: Who pays people like Larry Munsen's salary? That's right, the Bulldog Radio Network was his chief employer. Well, I guess it's now Scott Howard's and Eric Zeier's. Who are Scott and Eric speaking to when they call a game? That's right, you and your Georgia Bulldog loving friends. They get paid to talk about Georgia to Georgia fans. So why wouldn't they be homerish?

Here's my real complaint: ESPN is piggybacking these broadcasts. They are paying schools to use their commentary. What do these sports jocks expect? Of course it's going to be homerish. Of course the sideline reporter is going to say "We caught a break there," or "Our offensive line isn't getting any push."

These broadcasts aren't intended for a national audience. Heck, they're not even intended for a regional audience. They're on the radio so Georgia fans can listen. That's the only reason. So if Georgia fans like the call, then who cares? Patrick tuning in doesn't help pay Scott's and Eric's salary.

So while it's fun to poke fun at these homers for Patrick, it's really a misguided criticism.

He ends his radio show each day by plugging a random commercial item, such as Brut aftershave. Why does he do that? Because he gets paid to do so. It's the same method in play. The money dictates your tone and path of conversation.

Anyway, enjoy your Snuggie and coffee. I hope Christmas is wonderful for you and yours. We'll resume our chat next week, I'm sure.

BlackDeathD asks: Is the Boise St game a must win for CMR? Losing to a WAC team is unacceptable?

Losing to a WAC team is unacceptable. But Boise State transcends that league. The Bronco's aren't really whack (get it!).

Now, I could go the politically correct route and say this game is not a must win because there are no conference implications. Georgia could lose this game and still win the East and play for the SEC Championship. After all, isn't that the overall goal? Won't that be enough to have Georgia in the discussion for the national championship game? Isn't that what you want? That's the company line.

But I say forget that noise.

This game is a must-win because every game is a must-win game. But this is more important. This stage is a place to display one's self on. Georgia needs to make a statement. Georgia needs to let everybody know it's back. Georgia needs to beat a highly regarded opponent. I don't care if losing the game won't cost anything in the conference. It will cost in the realm of perception. And in sports, and life, perception is reality. In my view, you're not as good as what you just did. You're as good as what you're about to do. And if Georgia gets beat by Boise State, nobody will think the Bulldogs are about to win the SEC. And until people start perceiving Georgia as a threat to win the East again, the reality is they can't.

Have a very Merry Christmas BlackDeathD. Thanks for everything.

Turn the Christmas lights out and pour the eggnog down the drain boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming. And Merry Christmas.

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