Green: The good Outweighed the Bad

MEMPHIS – Provided a bit of distance, A.J. Green is still happy with the way his junior season at Georgia is turning out - despite that four-game NCAA suspension.

Green, the star receiver who is widely expected to turn pro sometime after the Liberty Bowl, was asked Tuesday how he viewed his season.

"The good outweighed the bad, definitely," said Green, who missed the first four games of the season, then still ended up with nine receiving touchdowns, tied for the most in the SEC.

"It was an honest mistake," he said of selling his Independence Bowl jersey to someone the NCAA deemed to be an agent. "I got through it with my family and my teammates. I had a pretty good season after that."

As for his NFL future, Green - claiming he still hasn't decided - said he'd make an announcement around Jan. 10 or 11, before classes start. He said he'd sit down with head coach Mark Richt, who would be the first to know.

Georgia has a number of other underclassmen considering the jump. Richt said none of them have privately told him they've made a decision.

"Even if they knew in their heart what they're doing, I don't think they'll say anything until after the game," Richt said. "And from what I understand I don't think anybody's gonna be ready that moment, like the game's over and know what to do. I don't think there's really anybody that knows what they're doing.

"There may be a couple that know that they're staying. But I think the guys that are thinking about going, they're going to want, from what I sat down and talked to them about, they're going to want some time to sit down and reflect with their family after the bowl game."

G-Day on the move

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity confirmed that this year's spring game will likely take place on April 16, a week later than it is normally held. He said moving it away from Masters weekend (April 7-10) was one consideration, as was getting another week of offseason conditioning.

Georgia's spring semester starts on Jan. 10, a bit later than usual. So McGarity said he consulted with Richt and Joe Tereshinski II, the newly-named strength and conditioning coordinator.

"We didn't want to lose a week of offseason, and spring practice. It just so happened that it's off Masters weekend," McGarity said. "So there's really a lot of positives to moving it back a week from the traditional week."

Murray guns for Bobo

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray will carry a 162.7 pass efficiency rating into Friday's game. That's ahead of the school's all-time mark of 155.8 -- set in 1997 by Mike Bobo, now Murray's position coach and the Bulldogs' offensive coordinator.

But Bobo likes to point out that in 1997, the bowl didn't count towards official stats. So his performance in a 33-6 win over Wisconsin is discounted.

"We've gotta put my bowl stats in there," Bobo said, smiling. Then he turned serious: "I think it's awesome. I think we're just at the tip of the iceberg with what we can do, or what he can do, with throwing the ball. So I expect him to break more records."

He said it

"We thought he was gonna be just a passer, not the shooter. So I was like, I'll just pick Washaun."

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