The Dawg Post Mail Bag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's notes, observations and somewhat relavant rambling.

After a week off, the Mail Bag is back. And here, I find myself picking up on similar topics from the past year. Apparently many of you don't like where the Georgia program is right now. The fan base doesn't seem as divided as it did even a couple of weeks ago. Judging from my Ivory Tower, it appears most want Mark Richt gone. Given the circumstances, that's an understandable sentiment.

As most of you know, I tend to compare football situations to relationships. I'm not sure why I do, but I think everyone can relate because almost everybody has been in a relationship in some form or another.

Have you ever been in bad relationship? You know, the kind where things use to be so awesome and fun and full of all those giddy feelings movies are about (four 10-win seasons, two SEC Championships).

And then something happens. It doesn't have to be drastic at first. Maybe you gained 10 or 20 pounds (Alabama, 2008), quit showering her with complements (Florida, 2008) and stopped shutting the door when you went to the bathroom (Georgia Tech, 2008).

And then it got worse. You didn't call a few times when you were out drinking with your boys (the entire 2009 season).

By now, nothing feels the same. It's just not like it used to be. You're both just going through the motions.

Then maybe you started having eyes for other women (the entire 2010 season) and finally did sleep with a total grenade from work (loss to UCF in the Liberty Bowl).

Relationships that don't work out go through a progressive slide like this—give or take a few of these details. So does the term of coach who is ultimately fired.

But the entire time, both parties think the love and magic from those first months or years will return. No matter what has happened, both sides don't want to let go. You always think you can get back to the premium level you once enjoyed.

Can a return to love happen? Sure. Does it truly happen with consistency? I doubt it. In fact, those that make it out of the downward trend to regain love and happiness are extremely lucky.

Am I saying Georgia and Mark Richt should part ways? I don't know. Some relationships can get back to that optimal level. Vince Dooley did at Georgia in the early 80s. Joe Paterno has weathered a few storms at Penn State.

But coaching in college football is different now. Fans want the "engagement ring" a lot sooner, it seems. There is more passion and burn out (Urban Meyer) emitting from both sides. If winning doesn't come soon enough, there is always a better name on the horizon (insert any successful coach from a perceived lesser storied program). And for some coaches winning means quickly moving on to better jobs (Jim Harbough).

Will Mark Richt and the Georgia program get back? The next month is the first battle that must be won. I know last night (missing on Xzavier Dickson and Quan Bray, who committed to other schools at the Under Armour All America game) was a terrible start. It wasn't like meeting your ex-girlfriend at the park-and-ride to try to talk things out and ending up in a fight. Last night should have been two steps up for Richt and the Georgia fan base. Instead, it made the relationship worse.

But, there are still premium components to this 2011 signing class on the table. We all know this. And I don't think the Georgia fan base and Mark Richt should sign the divorce papers until National Signing Day arrives.

(So you're saying there's a chance) … (Nodding).

But by all means, have the lawyers ready. This thing could get ugly.

With that said, let's get it poppin'.

MagicMan31 asks: When you are too busy covering the Dawgs in Memphis to produce a legitimate satchel, why do you find time to tweet about the UCONN-Stanford women's basketball game?

The tweets about that game were just a byproduct of a master plan to act like a jackass around Tennessee fans.

There were about four of us in a seedy bar in Memphis watching the Tennessee-North Carolina game. Of course I was watching intently. It was a great game. But since I was surrounded by Tennessee fans, I began to crack jokes like, ‘Hey, can we get the t.v. channel changed to a game that actually means something?' I was talking about the UConn-Stanford women's game.

Those poor Tennessee fans…they were too ignorant to even get my jokes. They thought I was serious, too. They thought I really wanted to watch a women's college basketball game when all I was doing was making fun of their current program dip.

Let me just say this: I didn't want to watch that game because I don't watch women's basketball. Who does? For the three people I offended with my take on women's basketball, I apologize.

Say, what's the difference between women's basketball and soccer? At least I'll watch soccer during the World Cup.

Thanks, I'll be here all night.

By the way, the only way I'd really watch women's basketball with any interest is if Katy Perry was playing. Sign her up!

SuwaneeDawg03 proclaims: The sac is back!

That's what she said…. Anyway, go on.

1. I believe I have asked this before but after our doomsday loss to the...what were they again...oh yeah the Knights, I think I shall ask again. WHY doesn't Richt go for a TD on 4th down inside the 5-yard line?

Dean and I argued about this though texts during the game. We then followed that up with another argument after the game. And for good measure we disagreed again on Wednesday.

I say you go for it 10 times out of 10 in that situation. Now, I'm not bashing Mark Richt when I say that. But I am bashing that call. Remember, I defended Richt for, ‘playing it safe,' after kneeling to end the first half against Auburn.

But I will not defend this one.

I couldn't believe it was happening WHEN IT WAS ACTUALLY happening. So, I didn't even need hindsight to be pissed about that call. But the stats speak for themselves. Aaron Murray was a perfect 6-of-6 on that first drive. The team had driven 95 yards, had gained positive yardage on every play and looked sharp as…well, something really sharp.

Richt and Mike Bobo call a run play on third-and-two. Washaun Ealey comes up short, but still gained at least one-and-a-half yards. OK. HE STILL GAINED YARDAGE. Now on fourth-and-my checking account (really, really short), Richt sends the field goal team out. Remember, EALEY GAINED YARDAGE on third down.

Richt said the offensive players were mad at him as they came back to the sideline. Hell, they should have refused to come off the field. I would have just stood there shaking my head no emphatically.

Now, I understand the conservative viewpoint: You take the points. It's early. You didn't think it would be the last time inside the 5. OK.

But the argument I will not even give any credibility to: "That play didn't affect the rest of the game. They still had 3-plus quarters to play."

Yeah, right. That's the spin cycle on overload, son.

If one play doesn't affect another, then why did Richt say, ‘Don't get mad when we don't go for it on fourth down. Get the conversion on third down'…? Because every play affects another, that's why. Football isn't a game of box scores and cut and dried plays. It's more than a four-yard run here and a 20-yard pass there. It's about momentum, emotion and sheer will.

I say that call deflated the offense. It was an SEC team settling for three points instead of TAKING seven from a Conference-USA team. And that matters.

2. When McGarrity arrived, he said that he would set up our schedule like Florida's with a fairly easy non-conference schedule because the SEC was tough enough. I understood the reason to drop Louisville and schedule Boise for the CFA Kickoff. However, now we have scheduled tOSU and are working towards other Big 10 opponents. Please do not say it is a money issue because if we have better seasons and go to BCS bowl game or even a BCSCG.

Um…well….yeah….It's about money. I can't give you any other reason to explain this one.

But rest easy, none of the games scheduled after 2012 matter anyway. The Mayans tell us as much.

3. How many recruits do you think we pull in this week and which ones?

Um…well…..yeah…about that…see, Quan Bray and Xzavier Dickson didn't work out. Something about Alabama paying somebody…kidding. But seriously, I think Georgia is supposed to get Damian Swann on Saturday. But to be honest with you, I don't trust anything or anybody. It's time to go the lone wolf route when it comes to recruiting.

4. When will we hear of any more S&C hires besides Thomas Brown?

Um…well…..yeah….about that…see, Mark Richt announced the hiring of a nutritionist this week. By the way, I'm pretty sure schools started using nutritionist in the 80s or 90s. Possible even the 1890s.

Richt also announced this new addition: "We're going to start employing the forward pass in our offense. It seems like a swell idea." I made that quote up.

There are more hires to come. Trust me.

nayah asks: I'm not one of the many who are calling for someone's head to roll, but I'm not opposed to changes being made either. Just like a lot of people around here, I'm just tired of the tragedy that has become our football team. I think everyone's convinced that CMR is back for at least another year. Can the same be said for Bobo or Searles? The O-line has not lived up to it's billing the last 2 seasons and CMB has got to score more than 6 points against Central Florida.

I don't think there was a question for me to answer in there. And I'm fine with that. I don't mind lending the space for statements. I'll even put them in bold for heightened emphasis.

How do you think CMB stacks up against some of the better offensive minds in the SEC like Petrino, Malzahn, Mullen, and now Weis?

I think Mike Bobo is a great developer at the quarterback position. You can't argue that one.

Georgia was fourth in the SEC this season in scoring offense. I know the numbers can hide the outliers (South Carolina, Mississippi State and Central Florida). But this offense did come only 30 points short of setting a single season scoring record. I'm just saying.

And I hear the knock on Searels. But have you stopped and considered what's been missing the past two seasons? Or rather who has been missing? That's right, Knowshon Moreno. He had some of the best three-yard runs of all time.

I don't think the line played well this season. But I also know that Washaun Ealey hardly made anybody miss. And Caleb King didn't play in enough games to hardly matter. Give the running backs some of the credit for that mess.

BigBandMan asks: OK, Fletch --- Hate to be redundant on this CMR situation --- But here goes anyway --- 1.) Keep hearing rumors that CMR is posturing for an extension for recruiting purposes: True or not true

I haven't heard that one. So, I'm going to say not true.

--- 2.) Not trying to be negative, but what is the buyout figure for CMR after next season

Well, if Richt were fired today, he'd be owed $7 million. So, that's a tough sell, given his history and the money owed. I'm not exactly sure what his buyout would be after next season, but if he fails to perform I don't think it matters. The Georgia athletic program isn't exactly hurting.

--- 3.) Your best guess as to the current Disney-Doomsday Dawg population in percentile figures now that 2010 season is complete ---

After Wednesday night, I think most of the Disney Dawgs joined the Doomsday crew. The regular season was a lame party. The bowl game was a stomach punch after enduring a lame party. The UA All-America decisions felt like getting your lunch money taken on a Friday morning—just plain wrong.

So, I'd say we're getting closer to full unity—but it's not the positive unity I think everybody hoped for.

4.) Do you think the departure of Van Gorder started the decline/decay of the CMR program ---

This is a very common thought. Van Gorder brought the fire. He was intense. And his defenses at Georgia performed at a crazy-good level. They were mean. They created turnovers. They punched in the mouth. Repeatedly.

And he's coached the Falcons defense well, too, proving he's more than a "right players at the right time," kind of coach.

While he was at Georgia, four years mind you, the Bulldogs had three 10-win seasons. Since then? Two. So, yeah, there is some statistical backing for this thought.

On a personal level, a former coach of mine told me back in '04 that Van Gorder leaving would kill Georgia.

After the success of 2005, I laughed in his face about the comment. He persisted. He told me it wouldn't take long. He was right, whether it was because of Van Gorder or not.

5.) Does CMR's recent defense of his record at UGA sound eerily similar to those arguments used by Goff and Donnan just prior to the end of their coaching tenures.

I assume you're talking about the press conference before the Liberty Bowl?

Yeah, that was odd. I've never heard Richt talk like that. I've never heard him talk about his past success that way. It was arrogant or anything like that. It just wasn't him. So there may be some desperation there.

I was still wetting the bed when Goff was coach. And I was just making the transition from underwear to boxers when Donnan was fired. You know, those last two sentences were weird. But they were the truth. I can't really remember much from their press conferences.

Patches33 asks: 1. If Stanford has no coach in a few weeks do you see Ty Montgomery opening back up to UGA or is he all Stanford regardless.

Maybe. But that's a long shot. A real long shot. Chad Simmons said to be on the lookout for movement out of the Stanford commits though. But it's a long shot.

2.I have been reading that a lot of these recruits say the biggest factor in recruiting is playing time, doesn't that look good for us? Lord knows we look as if we need help on both sides of the ball and with the best offensive and the best defensive player we have leaving shouldn't we sell this point hard? Are we?

Yeah, I think Georgia is selling early opportunity. And I think you're right, recruits talk about playing time and depth charts quite frequently. I'd put playing time in as the second most important factor, on average, to a recruit. Getting to the NFL is usually the first priority.

I think Isaiah Crowell knows somebody has to be the game breaker at Georgia next season if A.J. goes pro.

The same goes for Ray Drew. They all know. We'll see if it works out.

3. AJ Johnson is a highly thought of LB but UGA never offered, why? The same for Walls the DB?

I'm with you on Johnson. This kid looked like a beast last night. He has tremendous size (6-foot-3, 227-pounds). He received offers from Tennessee, Alabama, USC and many others.

And despite playing football less than an hour drive down 129 in Gainesville, Georgia did not offer. I don't know if there was some behind-the-scenes reason he didn't get an offer. But a sports writer I know from Gainesville said Johnson was the best player he's ever seen in person. And he's going to Tennessee. (Sigh…deep breath….sigh).

I don't know much about Avery Walls. I never saw him at a combine or in a game. But…he used to play hockey. He likes to play physical. And he's not going to Georgia. Again, I don't know why he never got an offer. (Sigh….deep breath…..sigh)

4. Does Nick Marshal want to play corner and not QB because he wishes to play basketball and feels he cant do so and play QB? Or is it just a coaches decision we have been able to sell to him. On that note, how much of an impact will he have on the basketball court/football field?

Good question. I think on the record, he wants to play corner so he can split time between two sports. But I think we'll see him playing some quarterback, too. Or at the least, he'll get a look when he first arrives just to see what he can do.

I like Marshall. I thought he could have played on Georgia's basketball team last season. He's just stuck between the two sports. He needs to choose one and football is probably the way he'll go. But I think he could have an impact on either one. He's that athletic. I just hope he doesn't get lost in that ‘We can't find his true position' realm. Or worse, the, ‘he can't make up his mind over which sport' realm. Both are very deadly realms.

Thank you.

You're welcome. (Curtains close).

hpdog asks: Happy New Year, Fletch ! My question again is; is Kwame Geathers ever gonna see the field. I'm not sure he even played in the Bowl Game. I know Jenkins is vital to this recruiting class, but don't understand why with another month of practice, he doesn't improve enough to play last week. There was supposed to be a tight bond between Garner and the Geathers family ? What the heck is goin on with this guy?

Well, why don't we welcome defensive lineman Abry Jones into the Mail Bag to help us clear this up. If anybody can answer this question, it's him. Remember, he had 15 tackles against Georgia Tech. Abry, take it away.

"It would be tremendous to have a big, dominant force right there in middle to take up double teams all day to give me single coverage. It would be great."

What held Kwame back from being that force this season?

"I think at first Kwame had a little trouble with the plays. Then he caught on with the plays and in camp he was doing a good job. But we started facing teams where we had to line up in a nickel front. He had to catch up on the nickel plays. I would have to say he was not in great situations in games where not even base plays were being called. Then, he had that bad ankle sprain that just set him back even more."

Well there you have it, words straight from the mouth of Abry just for your reading delight. Thanks Abry. Good luck with the new offseason workout regimen.

BlackDeathD asks: What do you think is going though CMR mind as he goes into this offseason knowing what he does in the offseason maybe his last chance to make it right?

First of all, when you talk about adversity, you know, in terms of college football, when you're 1-4 at Georgia that's adversity. But is that true adversity compared to a family member being sick? Or going to St. Jude's seeing some young kids that are going through true adversity, OK? So, when I talk about adversity in a season, it's nothing like some of the other issues that people are dealing with. But when you're 1-4, um, you try to hold things together. I think it reveals the unity of your team. I think it reveals the strength of your coaches and your players. I really do not believe that if you hit adversity in a season and everything is falling apart and then all of a sudden you have a team meeting and everything is set straight that you survive that kind of a start. I just don't think that happens. You're either unified or you're not. You're either strong in that way or you're not. Guys either believe in each other or they don't.

What? I didn't say all that. Richt did.

Oh and what has the world come to when recruits flip a coin to choice a school?

It wasn't that he was flipping "a" coin. It was that he was paid "a lot" of coins. Right? No? OK.

No, that story was garbage from the beginning. It was just all in fun, but I think some people on the losing end of the deal (Georgia fans) took way too serious.

DickVanDawg asks: How much money did you end up losing at the Horseshoe?

Well, I dropped $100 the first day we went. I was playing alongside Dean and he made me nervous.

But I redeemed myself the second night we went to Tunica, winning my $100 back at Goldstrike.

By the way, I'm a huge fan of blackjack. I love it, actually. I'm going up to Philadelphia next weekend to visit our old pal David Hale. We're going to go to Atlantic City. I plan on killing some blackjack up there, while also trying to create an East Coast version of "The Hangover."

tdperk asks: Happy New Year Fletcher.

Thanks. Happy New Year to you.

I am sure you were privy to the prebowl game preparations, if so, what the hell happened? I would just like to find some excuse for the way we played. That was a miserable showing.

Just blame it all on that damn field goal. That's all you can do. Well, you could blame Knowshon Moreno for going pro. He technically could still be at Georgia enjoying his redshirt senior season. Blame him for leaving two years early.

willbeezy asks: Fletch......Where does our Cheerleaders stand as far as appearance in the SEC? Do you think Crowell would start next year?

In the past few years, I was down on Georgia's cheerleaders. Now the Dance Dawgs—yeah, they've got it going on. I was highly disappointed when I learned the press seats in Stegeman were moved back from the floor. For shame.

But this season, the cheerleaders made a remarkable turnaround. As the team plays worse, the cheerleaders get hotter. While I'm still young, I'm all for one more down season. (Kidding, Minionette).

aname asks: You never answered my question on the bball forum. What's the standard for getting the height of bball recruits. Do they measure them with bball shoes on or barefoot?

Truth is, there is no real standard. I've seen players measured without shoes on at football combines. I've also seen them get by with keeping their shoes on. Everybody wants to be two inches taller.

In high school, I use to stand on my tiptoes in team photos so I'd look taller than some of my friends. When everybody caught on to my sneaky ways, they started doing it, too. So we all ended up looking taller and freakishly uncomfortable in those shots.

caben asks: Only because I don't want to do any research whatsoever... and you get paid to do it... what are the chances the baseball team greatly improves this year?

They can't be much worse. Last season the Bulldogs finished 16-37. They went 5-23 in the SEC. 5 AAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD 23?!?!?!?!?!

So yeah, it can't be much worse. The pitching was terrible last season. As a staff, Georgia had an ERA of 8.51. A.J. Green can run the 40 twice in under 8.51. Not sure how that applies.

But as for what to expect for this season? I don't know. I looked up a few names and faces, but to be honest, I don't know how they'll play. But I'm willing to bet they win more than five games in the conference. Surely? Right? Let's move on before bendandbreak posts about Dave Perno somehwhere in the Mail Bag.

xxxirishmanxxx states: Fletcher I don't have a question as much as I do a statement.You heard it here first.CMR is gonna take this class and show out next year. CMR will be our HC in 2020.Thats right .... all you haters!!!!! You gonna have to put up with CMR for another decade now that he has McG giving him what he needs to succeed!!!! **nods**

Very well. Like I said, I'm fine with this kind of expression in my Mail Bag. I'll start posting one thread for question and another for comments. That should do it.

albdawg asks: Are the younger players on OL that far behind the starters? Is this another episode of loyalty to the upperclassmen (ala Joe Cox)?

I think two of the more talented underclassmen having been trying to get healthy. I expect big things from Austin Long and Brent Benedict. A.J. Harmon is…well, yeah, what you said. Dallas Lee is…well, yeah, what you said. Kenarious Gates was inserted into the lineup, so he did play this season.

I don't think this had anything to do with loyalty.

Do we have a chance to bring the Big Blue down this weekend?

Kentucky is a terrific team...those are the words of Mark Fox. And he's not kidding. But I think Georgia can win any long as it's at home.

I'm glad the Bulldogs are kicking off the SEC schedule with the best team in the conference. After the first 13 games of the season, I'm not sure what to make of Georgia. Sure, there were 11 wins. But Georgia still hasn't played a full game, still hasn't played "great," and still hasn't shown it's full hand of cards.

We'll know where they stand after Saturday. This is a big test. I think Georgia can win. I just want to KNOW they can.

cdawgie asks: Happy new year.

Thanks. Same to you.

4 questions.1. What players besides williams do you think are looking to transfer?

Here are my potentials to transfer: Rantavious Wooten and Mike Gilliard.

2. What players do you think we will lose to the NFL draft? (Sturdy, King, Houston, etc...)

I think Justin Houston will go for sure. I think Brandon Boykin is a maybe. I think everybody else is coming back.

3. What do you think our record will be next year?

Hell, just put me on the spot why don't you. I have no clue what Georgia's record will be. I'm afraid to answer this one, really. I need to see what recruits they end up with, who goes pro and how summer and fall camp go. After that, I'll go on the record.

4. Regarding the S&C, Do you think we will see results from 1 offseason of workouts to turn this mess around or is this a "process" where it takes 2-3 years to develop the right players?

I think one offseason can make a huge difference. There are seven full months to prepare for fall camp. When it comes it your body, that's an eternity.

I watched a girl lose 90 pounds in 90 days on an MTV show last night. So, giving SEC caliber athletes over 180 days? Could be pure murder. Should be pure murder.

apple dawg asks: 1) Which player that hasn't been on the field much yet has the best chance for a strong season in 2011?

This is an easy answer: Jarvis Jones. Everybody raves about him. And he didn't play a down last season.

Other candidates: Austin Long/Brent Benedict, Alec Ogletree, Ken Malcome (if IC doesn't come).

2) When "DawgPost: The Movie" finally gets the green light, who will play –D-e-a-n-? Who will play you?

OK. Remember the time I tried to turn all of my Mail Bag readers against –D-e-a-n- in a plot to create utter steak chaos on the message board? Well, I think I know how he caught me. He doesn't read my entire Mail Bags. He skims. But I think he searches for his name in the text to see if I'm scheming against him. So, I've devised a new way to talk about him and employ my tactics. I will now refer to him as –D-e-a-n-. If he tries to search his name, nothing will come up if he doesn't include the dashes. This could work.

With that said: You must not be aware of the work –D-e-a-n- and I currently do in the show, "The Office."

He plays Dwight. I'm Jim. Stay with me, this really does apply.

I'm Jim because Chip Towers of the AJC still calls me that to this day. He said my hair and my tendency to say funny things and pull pranks gave off a similarity.

If you don't watch, "The Office," which at this point I wouldn't blame you if you didn't because it is heading downhill, Dwight is a top salesman, but lacks social skills and common sense.

Jim spends most of his day trying to make fun of, scheme against and ruin Dwight's whole existence.

Given what I'm doing right now with this very answer, the comparison is uncanny and undeniable.

Anyway, I think if Kevin Bacon from the 80s and Paul Rudd had a baby…then I would be that baby.

By the way, you guys should start "accidentally" calling -D-e-a-n- Dwight from time-to-time on the board. Would make my life if you did. Don't be obvious though. I can't get caught a second time pulling subterfuge like this.

bjdogg asks: 1. Any New Year's resolutions to tell us about? You seem like the resolution type.

In keeping with my ideas to bring down –D-e-a-n-, my New Year's resolution was to answer all of –D-e-a-n-‘s text messages as if I'm Yoda.

Example: –D-e-a-n-: Have you gotten in touch with (insert recruit's name here) yet?

Me: Answered the phone he has not.

That's my resolution. He still hasn't said anything about it though. I think he's trying to wait me out. Happen that will not.

2. What is the over/under for total swear words in the 2011 mailbags? We can probably get some action going on this.

Funny you mention this. I've considered cutting back on my use of the words damn, hell, douche bag and whatever else may be considered offensive. But I haven't been asked by anybody to do so. That's just the way my brain thinks. Continue to cuss I will.

I think those Yoda texts are influencing my whole being. Ah, the life of a Jedi….

jtanner7 asks: First off Happy New Year Fletch! A big Thanks to you and Dean for all your work you put into last year!

Thanks jt, that means a lot.

1.) Do you honestly think (especially after watching the Liberty Bowl) that Bobo is a good OC and a right fit for our program?! Personally I say Hellz-to-the-NO (as do many others)! 6 points Fletch! 6 Freaken points. Not even a TD. And I know not all of it is Bobo's fault, BUT kinda is. I'm just not drinking his kool aid at all, never have. Predictable & Careless his play calling is

You're right, six points is not acceptable against a Conference-USA opponent. Especially when you consider the amount of time the team had to prepare. But I don't think Bobo is as terrible as some of you guys make him out to be.

I get the frustration over some of the games this season. I understand the complaints over playcalling at times.

But I think you have to look at it like this: Three of Georgia's seven losses came without A.J. Green. In the fourth loss, Green missed most of the second half with cramps because he had missed the previous games.

The Florida game was close. And by the time the Liberty Bowl rolled around, nobody cared anymore.

That's an optimistic view, anyway.

Mind you, Bobo did all that with a redshirt freshman playing quarterback. Coming into the season, I thought Georgia would win nine games in the regular season and win the East. I think they would have done that if A.J. hadn't missed those four games. I really do.

Think about this, too: Take away two Washaun Ealey fumbles and a holding penalty on Marlon Brown. Even without A.J. in those games Georgia was that close. Taking away those three plays might have given Georgia two conference wins. Georgia didn't play terrible this season. There just wasn't enough winning.

But, at the end of the day, you are what your record says you are. So, now I get these questions.

2.) Out of the wide receivers we have recruited this year, do you see any of them playing and not red-shirting? My guess, Chris Conley. JSW could have a say too. But we just need more wide receivers. It's just King, Wooten, & Brown really. Although that's all the receivers Bobo needs for his lack-there-of System. Gray is there, Bennett-RS, but that's it. Where's Israel Troupe been?

I'm with you on Conley. He's good. He has good stride, good size and good hands. I'll take that all day.

I think Troupe rode off into the sunset after that touchdown catch against Auburn last season. Hasn't been heard from since.

3.) Who do you want to win the National Championship? I hope you are quacking for the Ducks and not War-Eagling for the Tigers??!!(Is that what one would say?)I don't know what the hell Auburn does, besides accept bribes and money and play dirty.

I am pulling for Oregon for two reasons.

One: Cam Newton's wallet says "Sketchy Mother F*****" on it. Two: The recruiting bump the Tigers get by winning a title directly affects Georgia. How many kids does Georgia go head-to-head with Oregon for? That's right. Like once in a blue moon, maybe. If that.

I don't get into the "SEC is boss" discussions. I don't care. Sure it helps to be a part of the best conference in the land…but unless you take care of your own business and win your games, who cares what the rest of the conference is doing. It doesn't matter.

4.) Your prediction: Will UGA actually be a contender next year for the SEC championship? I mean, it's got to get better right?!

Well…Florida will still be beatable (to every other team in conference). South Carolina will still be South Carolina (a box of chocolates). Think about this: Georgia had it's worst season in 14 years and still came close to winning the East. Well, sort of. A win in overtime over the Gators would have made things a little more interesting. By the way, I'm sorry for playing the what-if card so much in this Mail Bag. The New Year has my glass half full, I guess.

So, yeah, I think Georgia can compete in the East next year. But it has to beat Florida. It has to beat Florida. Florida. Florida. Florida. You get the picture…Florida.

dunkaroos8 asks: What position do the falcons go after harder in the draft?? I personally think we need a solid number 2 receiver since I've never been a big Michael Jenkins fan. It's important we get a quick scat back too opposite turner but I feel like we don't necessarilly have to grab one in the first round. Dimitroff is a smart guy what do you think he will do?

Yeah, I'm a fan of the Falcons entire management. They've made some good sound choices the past few years.

I like your ideas of enhancing practically the only two missing links on offense. Plus, Tony Gonzalaz recently said he's 50/50 on retiring this offseason. So there are three options on offense.

Still, I think the Falcons, given that they'll have a late first round pick, may go for a defensive player. I'd take help on the defensive line or the secondary. John Abraham isn't getting any younger.

I had a UGA question about nick Marshall but it was already asked earlier and I'm sure you get tired of answering the same question over and over. I know I would.


One more. How is Richard Samuel progressing at linebacker? With a solid spring what are he chances he steps up and becomes a starter? I get excited everytime I think of him and jarvis Jones holding down the middle. I hope the coaches give Marcus dowtin a real chance thought he is a monSTAR

Richard has the physical tools. He always has had that side of it down. He just needs to fully understand the defense. He needs to play without hesitation. What it boils down to is: his brain needs to be comfortable with what his body is doing. I'm beginning to get worried. We've now reached the fourth year of the Richard Samuel Experience. He better pick things up. He's running out of time.

Speaking of running out of time….

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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