G-Day picture Gallery #1

Chris Collins of Dawgpost.com was on the sidelines at G-Day to bring the day to you. Relive the images of G-Day, or feel like you were there if you missed it. We will have several dozen photos from the game over the next few days, starting with this set right here:

Marquis Elmore is ready to wreak havoc on the offense - Photo - Chris Collins


Dennis Roland towers above his teammates at G-Day - Photo - Chris Collins


Backup tailback Michael Cooper warms up at G-Day - Photo - Chris Collins


David Greene loosens up before taking the field - Photo - Chris Collins


Tony Milton finds that he has a lot of room to run - Photo - Chris Collins


D.J. Shockley waits his turn at QB in the second half - Photo - Chris Collins


Joe Tereshinski finds a lot of time to throw in the first half - Photo - Chris Collins


D.J. Shockley and David Greene keep an eye on the defense in the first half - Photo - Chris Collins


Greene stands tall in the pocket to deliver a perfectly thrown long pass to a streaking Reggie Brown for a big gainer - Photo - Chris Collins


Cedric Haywood, who has been one of the surprise players of the spring, goes up high to haul in this pass - Photo - Chris Collins


Odell Thurman provides the only scoring of the game for the black team when he returns this David Greene interception for a touchdown. Ever the competitor, the most violent collision of the day was when Greene met Thurman at the goal line, a collision that Thurman got the better of - Photo - Chris Collins

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