The Dawg Post Mail Bag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's notes, observations and somewhat relavant rambling.

I was afraid this day would come...but I must now level with you. Dean Legge and I have put the steak dinner bet behind us.

Yes, it's true. I know, I can't believe it either.

For months I waited on a legitimate steak dinner. I was even duped once, tricked into eating a steak at Chili's, only to watch Dean pick up the tab and lay claim to paying his debt.

For those who haven't been following, Dean has owed me the steak since July.

I won the steak dinner in a bet with Dean Legge (a legend in his own mind) regarding Facebook.

I waited...patiently, as you guys made sure Dean never forgot the friendly wager.

All of your hard work paid off in Memphis. Dean made good on our little bet. We went to a swanky restaurant, rolling four deep in the Dawg Post posse.

I looked at the menu and quickly realized I was going to be forced to settle on an appetizer. We weren't dining at Chili's anymore.

But Dean told me to get what I wanted. And to drink whatever I wanted.

So, an hour and a half later, I sat looking at what had been a bowl of lobster bisque, a plate of lobster alfredo and four beers.

I saw the check when it hit the table. Let's just say my meal eclipsed what I have budgeted for groceries each week.

So lay off Dean this week. We're all even now. But I'll admit: The food was great. I'm thankful Dean paid for it. But without the bet to discuss from time-to-time, I feel slightly empty...I've lost my sense of direction...which means only one thing: I need to negotiate another bet with the Kingpin. And soon.

With that said, let's get it poppin'.

dbragg7 asks: What's the skinny on Vandy and what are your keys to a Dawg victory?

Yeah…about that…the Vandy game didn't work out. I hope you followed my in-game blog. I had a nice little preview included.

By the way, Georgia is more disastrous on the road than Lindsey Lohan after a night of clubbing and cocaine. The Bulldogs have not won a game in the SEC on the road since March 4, 2009 at Kentucky. I remember that night well—it was snowing. I was on deadline at the Red & Black. I had already written a partial story about another loss in the SEC….and then Pete Herrmann pulled off a win in Rupp Arena. Stunning.

So, it's been a while. A long while.

ELDawgy asks: Who wins the SECC first?............1-South Carolina, 2-Miss St., 3-UGA?

Good question…interesting players here. I'm going to throw Mississippi State out right off the bat.

I know they had a good year last season, and Dan Mullen has given fans plenty of reason to hope and believe. But I think 9-4 may be their ceiling. I think they can be quite good. But better than Alabama, LSU and Auburn? I don't think that will happen.

Now, it's down to the Gamecocks and Georgia. South Carolina just had it's best football season, like, ever. So things are getting interesting over there. Their fans think they're just getting started, too.

But remember, those jokers technically started the Civil War. How did that work out?

Until South Carolina proves me wrong and actually wins something (outside of that baseball title), I don't think I can pick them. I'm not really playing Georgia against South Carolina here. I'm playing history and the rest of the conference against the Gamecocks. As we saw in 2010, even if South Carolina gets to the Dome, beating the West is hard to do.

By default, I have to pick Georgia. Here's why: Even when times are bleak, the potential for extremely quick turnaround in Athens is always there. The recruiting abilities the state of Georgia provides and the resources the university has makes for an ideal rags to riches picture show narrated by Tom Rinaldi.

Proof: In 1979 Georgia was 6-5. In 1980: 12-0, National Title.

In 1990: 4-7. In 1992: 10-2.

In 1996: 5-6. In 1997: 10-2.

In 2000: 8-4. In 2002: 13-1.

You get the picture. Georgia can turn it around very quickly…or maybe Georgia can lose it very quickly. Either way, I think Georgia will catch an up year and win the conference again before Carolina manages to stumble into one.

DROCK9350 asks: anything new on s&c?

Other than Thomas Brown, Tony Gilbert and Kendrell Bell coming on board recently, it seems other details are still up in the air.

Here's what Richt said last week: "I think it's this week that we have a nutritionist coming in," Richt said. "You have to fuel your body right, and you have to rest your body properly, too."

Apparently, that nutritionist has not yet officially made his/her debut.

From what I'm told, there could be up to seven members of the staff. I don't have the full details on who/what/where/how…but I understand the why. The nutrition side and working out side will be taken care of with these additions. Supposedly.

Also: Coach T has talked to many "experts" in the weight lifting field. He's had phone calls with many people who know what they're doing--people who have trained NFL players. Coach T is open to advice and adjustment, from what I'm told.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 1. I'd love to hear more about the recruits thoughts that were at the UK game (football and basketball) if possible.

I would, too. Tell Tony Parker to answer his phone. I'll post updates when I can get the kids on the phone. I refuse to call more than so many times though. Do you remember the scene in Swingers where Mikey keeps calling and calling and calling and leaving messages on that chick's machine? That's a cinch for a place in my top five most awkward movie moments ever. Just quit calling Mikey!

2. Have you heard of any under the radar guys that UGA is recruiting late and may pull in on NSD?

I've heard a couple names tossed around by Chad…but to be honest with, not knowing these names is one of my favorite aspects of the whole signing process.

Quick story: Last February, on the eve of National Signing Day, Dean and I were visiting with Ray Drew. We were trying to get an early start on the 2011 kids. And by the way, this was my first trip on the road with Dean. We were just learning each other's way…and feeling each other out. Looking back, it was creepy. But he needed the help. And I needed the fame (read, money).

Anyway, Dean gets a phone call (from God knows who). He hangs up and says, "Georgia just took Kenarious Gates?"

"Who the hell is that?" I said.

"I don't know," he said.

Just like that, Dean and I were back in the car, adjusting the GPS, looking at maps and headed to Greenville High School.

I can still remember the feeling I had as we headed that way. Who is this kid? Is he any good? Is there tape on him? What are his measurables? Who else offered? Oh, he plays basketball? Maybe that means he has good footwork. Will he ever play at Georgia?

Sometimes I think it's better to not know everything. Maybe.

3. What are your thoughts on Frannie T's comments on 680 the other day? Do you think his comments have any effect on McGarrity or does he simply curse his name in his BM office?

Fran's comments weren't surprising at all. This has been his stance for quite some time. He doesn't think coach Richt should be the head coach. That's his opinion. He's entitled to it. He's argued on behalf of his opinion ad nauseam. At least he's consistent…just like his performances in the Super Bowl. He lost three of them.

4. When covering UGA games, do you visibly get excited like a fan some times or do you keep your professional composure? During a close game where it comes down to a final play, do you and Dean hold hands?

Very good question.

I no longer show much emotion, except to laugh when I see something I think I can blog about on the message boards.

My job has certainly transformed the way I watch games. Even when I'm not covering a game I'm watching (say, a Falcons game), I still think to myself, "I'd like to write a feature on this," Or, "If I was writing the gamer I would lead with that."

Getting to go to games for free is a huge perk. But losing that magical feeling in my stomach while I'm seeing the game is a drag.

Dean and I don't hold hands. I don't think he trusts where my hands have been. But we do this weird little eye contact thing down on the sideline at the end of games, where we both know what we would say if we were to actually speak. It's borderline creepy. Or magnificent. I'll say it's creepy.

noahcleveland asks: What do you think the possibility of the "secret plan" idea still might be that recruits have all been playing games and will switch to UGA on NSD. It seems many have been playing games and stirring stuff up on FB. I know CMR would not head something like this up, or at least not to lie. I did hear though that something similar happened each year at Florida State when he was there that created a "finishing drill" with recruiting.

I think you're right: Mark Richt would not head something quite like that. I don't think he would want players to commit elsewhere (Dickson, Bray), trash Georgia (Wright) or string things out on purpose (all remaining prospects). That's not Richt's style.

Now, could the kids have gotten together and crafted this plan? Sure. But I don't think that's likely, either.

Berlusconi asks: What's the mood in Butts Mehre?

The mood in the ‘Smear (as I call it) seems to be business as usual. In the two or three years I've been around this beat (through Felton to Fox, Damon to McC, Richt to Peterson…wait, no) nothing has ever seemed different over at the ‘Smear.

apple dawg asks: Can our basketball team win conference games on the road this year?

Apparently not…Georgia does less work on the road than the fourth member of a DOT crew.

Who are the 2011 recruits most likely to pick up a UGA offer between now and signing day?

I've kinda been here already in the Mail Bag…I really couldn't tell you who might get that offer. I don't think the Georgia coaches could tell you right now, either. It's such a numbers crunch.

I don't want to float any names either. I'm not going to play with a young man's emotions if he were to read this. Is that a hint of noble actions from Page? No. I just couldn't answer your question. Ask Chad on the board.

Why did the Coen brothers remake True Grit?

The real question is…why didn't they remake it sooner? I know all you John Wayne fans are cursing my "millennial" ass right now. And I know "The Duke" won an Academy Award for his role in the original back in 1970.

But I saw the new version. And I liked it. A lot. Great, great acting all around, and the script stuck closely to the book. Or so I'm told.

If you didn't like it apple, I think Jeff Bridges said it best in the film: "I can do nothing for ya, son."

In the spirit of Eddie "Meat Cleaver" Weaver and Herschel Walker the Goalline Stalker, what would be your football nickname? What would be Dean's?

A friend of mine use to chant, "Fletcher, Fletcher, put ‘em in a stretcher." So that would be my phrase I guess. Since my height would probably place me at receiver, we could mimic Walker's and go with Fletcher "the touchdown catcher"…? …No?…OK.

And for –D-e-a-n-…how about D-e-a-n- "Not quite as lean," L-e-g-g-e. He's hitting his 30s stride. I'm sure he's not where he use to be on the scales. I can hear Michael (or Bruce) Buffer saying this right now.

One of these days, I'm going to get a phone call…"Fletcher, this isn't working out any more. I've read your latest Mail Bag. I'm going to let you go."

And then I'll be back at home, living in my parents basement. Is that what you want? Is that what you want?

BlackDeathD asks: The NC was given to a team that UGA had beat 4 years in a row. How did this once successful program over the last decade come off the tracks? Did we become soft? Recruiting misses? Recruiting duds? The game passed the coach by? Would it take an ESPN 30 for 30 special to explain it all?

I don't think ESPN would touch this. Remember, ESPN hates Georgia. Don't ever forget that.

But, there is a chance we could pitch this idea to PBS. Maybe we could get Ken Burns to do one of famous documentaries. It could air before and after the high school football state playoffs next year.

How did this program come off the tracks? That's the million dollar baby. Or question, sorry. Did Georgia become soft? Depends on your definition of soft. They sure could bench a lot. That's not soft. But, there seemed to be issues with strength and conditioning. There is more to strength than benching a lot, as we all know.

Yes, there were recruiting misses (see, 2007 class). And sure there were duds.

Has the game passed the coach by? I don't think that's the case. I mean, I doubt very seriously Joe Paterno can find his car right now. But he's still getting credit for wins up there at Penn State.

I think what we've witnessed the past two seasons (at Georgia and elsewhere) is just how fine the line is between having a "great" program and having a "mediocre" program.

Georgia lost Knowshon and Stafford. Went through a transition on defense. Lost Green for a couple of games. And just like that it seems, here we are.

Meanwhile, Auburn "recruited" Cam Newton. South Carolina got Marcus Lattimore. Those two teams are suddenly the best teams in the league. Also: Florida loses Tebow and some defensive talent and they dip. Now they're back in transition with a new staff.

I guess what I'm saying is: It doesn't take long to come back down to earth. And it doesn't take long to lift back off.

What you should have asked is….Can Richt hit the ignition switch and blast the program off into space again? Or is he doomed to walk the earth forever? That's the question you really want answered.

huntindawg asks: How soon will we lock up Mark Fox? If we are committed to being good at basketball I think we need to lock him up. I love watching his teams play, even last year when they were losing you could tell that something was different and there would be improvement this year.

A quick search brought me these stats on Fox' current deal: Salary and Other Income ($1.2 million): • Annual base salary of a least $250,000 • Annual payments of $500,000 for radio/TV shows, etc. • $150,000 for sports camps • $300,000 for shoe and apparel endorsements Bonuses/Perks: • Longevity bonus of $600,000 at the expiration of the contract on June 30, 2015 ($100,000 per year; pro-rated if contract is terminated) • Eligible to receive up to $400,000 per year in bonuses based on team and academic performance • Will be provided 2 vehicles

Here's a big thanks to Tim Tucker, of the AJC, for providing us with such useful facts. So, Fox is under contract until 2015. I assume when you say, "locked up," you mean you want Georgia to offer him more money now, perhaps through an extension and re-up, before more traditional basketball schools come calling…

I don't think you need to worry here. I've been told Georgia will do whatever it takes to keep Fox around if other programs come calling. These things usually work out. Remember when Kentucky wanted Tubby Smith and he stayed at Georgia…wait…well….anyway, I think things will be different this time around.

hpdog asks: Assuming Glenn stays, do you think we can finally have a dominant OL next year ? 3 four year starters, Gates at one position- seems pretty favorable. Who do think might start between Long and Benedict? Are either Houston or Lee on the 2nd team next year ? Who else backs up the starters, IYO?

I've been hedging my bet by saying Benedict/Long or Long/Benedict for a while now. I don't plan on changing that now. Both are said to be healthy. Both are said to be ready to go for spring practice. But until they both get in there and truly mix it up, the truth is I don't have a clue who to pick between the two.

So Long/Benedict it is.

I like Burnette and Houston better than any other of the backups, as of right now. That's just a mix of my gut feeling and a few others (who I respect) talking.

Also, I'm not sure if Tanner Strickland will be back. He has not made a decision yet. Keep that in mind.

So, will that line be dominant? Nice try, but I'm not going to stick my neck out there again like last season. I was sure the line would plow all season…and I was wrong. Whether it was because the line wasn't blocking or because the running backs weren't making the right reads doesn't matter at this point. I was wrong. The running game wasn't what I thought it would be.

Can the line do well next season? It should. That's my answer. The line SHOULD be better.

jca239 asks: Who is the leader of each group (WR, RB, OL, DL, LB, DB) for the 2011 season? I am looking for the guy(s) that will turn things around from the inside and will this team to victory.

Good idea…let's see….I'm going to take the approach of production + attitude – distractions + example set =….sound good?

WR – Tavarres King. RB – Ken Malcome. OL – Ben Jones (hands down my easiest answer). DL – DeAngelo Tyson. LB – Jarvis Jones (second easiest). DB – Brandon Boykin.

I didn't include true freshmen (or potential true freshmen). And I would say most of these picks aren't surprising, sans the Malcome selection. From what I'm hearing, he has a great attitude and tremendous work ethic. The knock on him has been his tendency to find the trainer's room. If he can stay healthy, perhaps his production will match the example he sets.

And, with all the talk about re-vamping the S&C Program, do the players think that they have been underprepared in that area.

Yes. I think they were working hard. But I think this year made them realize and recognize.

But don't take my word for it. Let's welcome Jakar Hamilton into the Mail Bag. Hitman, take it from here. Did you notice anything wrong with the S&C?

"During the offseason we were all rocked up," Hamilton said. "When the season got going it kind of changed. We seemed smaller. I'd go over to the other team and they seemed super huge. I was like, ‘What's going on here?'"

Do you think coach Tereshinski will make the necessary changes?

"We might come out looking like the guys from (the film) "300" under coach T. I think coach T has a pretty good plan for how he wants us to be. Coach T is crazy.

Well, there you have it. Thanks Jakar. Take it easy.

hairofdog asks: Jenkins has narrowed his list to Miami, UF and UGA with Auburn a slight poss. Miami and UF have new head coaches, Auburn looking at possible sanctions - no one going to Miami with him, only his dad with him to UF and his mom, dad (other family members?) to UGA. Am I reading too much into this to feel about 95% certain he will sign with UGA?

Things look good. You've definitely laid out the reasons why he should sign with Georgia.

But let's not forget, Jenkins is a human being. Why do some people like vanilla ice cream instead of strawberry? I dunno, but they do.

Jenkins is going to take some visits, and he'll decide where he wants to go. He'll probably get that warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach about a school on one of those visits. Sure, all the signs point to Georgia. But he may like another place better for an unlimited amount of reasons, some of which have nothing to do with football or coaches or schemes.

MrBigDAWG asks: Do you think all of the negative talk on this board affects recruiting?

I don't think it matters on the large scale. It might matter if a particular kid is mentioned and happens to see it. Or maybe if Nick Saban has a log-in at Dawg Post and pulls it up when a recruit visits. But even if Saban does that, there are still quite a few positive posts right next to the negative ones.

Everybody…you know what? I don't think I'm doing a good job here. Let's welcome David Andrews in to the Mail Bag to settle this one. Take it away Boss.

"I mean, it's out there, obviously. You can't hide from it. You turn on radio shows in Atlanta or anything you're going to hear it. I don't believe everything I hear. You can't believe anything anyone says. Coach Richt is the man that can get it done. He got it done before with other coaches. We have one bad year and everyone starts to lose faith. You find out who are the true fans and who is just stirring the pot."

Thanks Boss.

Is it ever okay for an adult subscriber to call out a student athlete?

Depends on the website you're subscribing to…ahhh, that was the beginning to some sort of a porn joke. A terrible one at that.

Ummm…I think you have to be able to hold a discussion. If you don't like the way a player is playing (John Brantley) or the way a recruit is behaving (Gabe Wright), I think you have the right to say so. But you should do so with a sound argument, without unnecessary wordage and with a touch of taste and class.

What is the plan that Dean spoke of recently about paying off the steak dinner bet?

I answered this one in my intro…I'm sad to see the steak bet conversation smothered. I've been riding that wave of good momentum and subscriber feedback for quite some time.

I'm sure we can think of something to replace the steak…(that's what she said last night).

bhayesii asks: Speciffically along the lines of Berl's question...What is the current mood of each coach relative to the recruiting class and the pending prospects?

Ha, well this is almost impossible for me to answer. But I'll offer this as a way to meet you in the middle.

I hear the coaches are extremely high on Corey Moore and Amarlo Herrera. I'm not saying they're not as high on others. But I was around the coaching staff while they watched 7-on-7 camps this summer. I briefly heard them discussing players they liked.

They're extremely excited about Moore and Herrera. So, you should, too.

gavindawg asks: With Bray going to AU (supposedly), do we go after another RB like Clemons as well as Crowell (who we really have to get)?

I'm not sure, but I think the staff would take only Crowell in this class and be fine with it.

Remember, the 2012 class has Keith Marshall and Matt Jones at running back. Both are said to be high on Georgia. So there is a chance to put all the eggs in the Crowell basket and wait until next year. That would create great class seperation.

What other possible changes are we going to make in the FB program (other than winning) are we going to make in order to bring in more top notch recruits i.e. S&C, facilities.....?

Are you hinting at a coaching change? Or boosters paying kids money through Sam's Club gift cards? …No? OK. Well, I'm not sure what else the team can do. The facilities will be a big help. Like it or not, kids like fancy locker rooms with all the latest technology packed in there. Georgia's new locker room fits the bill. I think the facilities will be a boost.

I think changing the strength and conditioning helps, too. Kids want to know how they'll be prepared. There is more organization now, which creates a better presentation—which creates a better perception—which typically creates a better reality.

I think that's how it works.

Most of all, it seems Richt and McGarity are on the same page. All they want to do is win. I don't think making money is the No. 1 goal anymore. I think McGarity is trying to give Richt everything he needs to win. And winning is ultimately the best recruiting tool.

I have seen that Dowtin might be leaving. If so do we try to recruit that roster spot late before NSD? If so who do we go after?

Georgia will try to recruit for that open spot. I'm not sure who may get the offer. I've said it a few times, I'm leaving myself out of the loop so I can be surprised. Since I usually know which kids Georgia is going after and exactly which ones they're going to get, this is like recording the Super Bowl on Tivo and watching it a month later. Sort of. nayah asks: What is Gabe Wright's problem with Georgia? Seems like he's bashing our Dawgs every chance he gets...

I think the kid just likes attention. And I don't think he fully understands how much his words mean to a fan base following him so intently.

Honestly, I just typed about three different jokes about Gabe. And they were funny. But my gut tells me it's not the right way to go.

He'll do what's best for him. He'll go to another school (I'm predicting Auburn). And you'll have a great opportunity to hate on him for four years. This kind of hatred is what I love most about sports.

willbeezy asks: Fletch: Can you explain the relationship between Dowtin and the UGA coaching staff? Was it worse or better than what it seems?

I know you asked this question before I went into greater detail about this on the message board. If you haven't read it yet, go back and see what I said in the thread that linked to the original story I wrote about the whole mess.

Here's the gist of it: He wasn't going to be back next year. He was a talented player, but he just had too much baggage (attitude, loafing, divisive distraction).

blackize asks: Now that the coach from Stanford is going to the NFL, do you think Ty Montgomery will consider us since we were his second choice, now that he's thinking about opening up his recruitment?

I believe it's long shot, but just to play along…

Here's a quote from a report Steve Robertson, of, had recently from Montgomery: "I am still committed to Stanford right now, but I am not closing any doors right now," said Montgomery. "Mississippi State wants me to take a visit, but I am not sure what I am going to do about that yet. My mom and I are going to talk about that."

I think he'll stick with Stanford. If Andrew Luck can turn down $50 million, I think this kid will stay, too.

melo1515 asks: J Story-wr, whats are chances and are there any wr we may steal late??

It looks like Story is going to go to Florida.

And as to if there is another sleeper at the receiver position (like Sanford Seay), I'm not sure.

But here's how it went with Seay. I knew his name because I had read about him once on Chad's blog. But I got a text on Jan. 3 saying to call him. I did. He told me he loved Georgia and that he going to commit soon. And that's how I found out about Sanford Seay. He committed three days later. It happens that fast.

Can you give me a list of the positions for our entire s&c program.. who is in what position and who we still are missing at a position??

That's the thing…I'm not entirely sure how many positions there will be. Up until December, it was CDVH and only two others (which is crazy when you think about it).

Now, I'm hearing there will be upwards of seven people on staff (including former players like Thomas Brown, Tony Gilbert and Kendrell Bell). But there is supposed to be a new nutritionist coming in soon. And who knows what else.

I know you guys want to know everything about this right now. But let the hires play out, and we'll see where the S&C stands.

dunkaroos8 asks: What's the word on Caleb King? Is he even coming back next year or have we seen the last of him? Either way I think we have seen the last of him if we land Crowell. If Ealey can hold onto the ball, its going to be tough for Caleb to get touches behind Ealey and Crowell I'm guessing.

And don't sleep on Ken Malcome, like I said earlier.

Hey, I told you guys a long time ago Caleb might not be around. People wondered if I meant he'd leave early for the draft or if there were academic concerns that I was hinting at…King's absence from the bowl game answered that question.

I'm told Caleb is lucky to still be at school. He knows he's used up his last chance (or chances). As of right now, he'll be back next year. But he doesn't have any more lifelines. This is it.

sandersvilledawg asks: 1. Who do we close this recruiting class with?

I feel pretty good about Rome and Drew. I think Crowell will sign with Georgia, but I'm not quite as sold here as I am on the first two. I also like Georgia's chances with Jeoffrey Pagan. I have no clue about Mitchell and Jenkins. I wouldn't be surprised if they chose Georgia. But I could see them going elsewhere, too.

And as I've previously talked about, I always enjoy being surprised at the last minute. I hope there will be a couple of late additions.

2. Who is the first commit to the football class of 2012?

I'll say C.J. Curry. He's a wide receiver from North Hall…and he's already committed.

I saw him play once. He looked pretty damn good. He wasn't playing the best team in the world when I was there, but he made some great catches in traffic. And he looked impressive on defense, too. I liked his game a lot.

3. Have Houston, Boykin, and Glenn been participating in S&C this week with the team?

I think this question has been answered by Wednesday's news that Boykin and Glenn were returning. We're still waiting on Houston. I hear he has been at workouts, for what that's worth.

4. Do we have any defections from this recruiting class a la DaDick or D Allen?

I don't see any. Usually the scuttlebutt starts kicking up about this time with players like that. Allen and Rogers left Georgia hanging, but I think many in the know could see it was going to happen. I haven't heard anything like that…..yet.

trooperdawg980 asks: What is the percentage of the BB Dawgs road woes that has to be a result of it has gotten in their heads? Same question on the FB Dawgs and how much of our losing to the gators can be attributed to the same thing?

Well, I thought Georgia had gotten past the Florida mental block with the 2007 game. It wasn't so much the celebration that did it for me. It was just beating the Gators soundly. I thought that would change things, but 2008 reset the video game, so to speak.

I really don't feel like talking about Florida to be honest with you. It's too painful.

But this road hex is perplexing. Losses last year at Auburn, South Carolina and LSU surprised me, but I didn't think much of it because it was the first year under Mark Fox.

But, a follower of mine on Twitter pointed out last night that Vandy is hard to get by at home. Since 1953, the Commodores have won 79 percent of their games at home. So, it's tough to win in Nashville. Add in the travel complications and maybe the Bulldogs deserve a pass.

Now, if Georgia loses at Ole Miss, ask me this question again next week. I'll really get down to business. I know I've already used a couple of jokes involving the road woes, but my bag is still full. And please, don't bring up the Florida game right now. I can't do it.

Can you think of the last recruit that UGA has had as much riding on as the one and only Isaah Crowell? If he comes that kid will have a load to bare. Are the expectations set for him already over the top and enough to scare him away?

This is an interesting topic to think about. I even called Dean to pick his brain about this one. We both had a hard time coming up with a good comparison for Isaiah. Talent-wise, A.J. Green was a big deal. But the team was heading for a No. 1 ranking when he came on board.

A few names come to mind, but Sanks and Walker may be the best route to take.

Here's the thing: Crowell is facing the perfect storm of anticipation. Georgia is fresh off a bad season. Mark Richt is on the hot seat. The running game wasn't that good last year. Freshman Marcus Lattimore just showed how a young player could make a huge difference. And Isaiah is supposed to be able to reach beast mode as soon as he steps foot on campus.

That makes me uneasy.

It's not really fair, but if Crowell comes to Georgia there will be crazy expectations from him. In saying that, I don't think Crowell is scared. He's a competitor. I've seen him play football. I've seen him run track.

Quick story: When I went to my first Scout combine last February, my head was spinning. There were over 250 kids, a bunch of coaches and parents…and to top it all off, Dean was pulling me around like a rented mule (actually, I think a rented mule gets better wages than I do).

I was taking video, snapping photos, watching, helping…and I remember asking Dean: "Who is that kid over there? Why isn't he working out? He looks like he could be the best player in here if he was getting after it." It was Isaiah Crowell, and I didn't even know it. He just had that "it" factor, and he wasn't even working out. He was in sweat pants and a hoodie, just chillin' and talking. And I could tell. We all could tell.

CaDawgFan asks: Now that we know Trinton, Cordy and Ben will be back who do you think finishes out the starting OL for next season?

My guess is we'll see one of two scenarios: Sturdivant, Glenn, Jones, Gates and Long/Benedict. Or: S, G, J, Burnette and Gates. One of those two seem likely. I also like Kolton Houston to get a look, too.

Also, with Boykin returning who do you see starting at the other CB position?

I think Sanders Commings had a good year in 2010. He should be the starting corner opposite Boykin. I like Commings because he is big and physical, and he also makes plays on the ball like a receiver. Good player. Those two make for a fine starting duo.

And with that, I'm out. I'm heading to Philly for the weekend to see our old pal David Hale. Atlantic City, I'm bringing you some money, baby.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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