G-Day picture Gallery #2

Chris Collins of Dawgpost.com was on the sidelines at G-Day to bring the day to you. Relive the images of G-Day, or feel like you were there if you missed it. We will have several dozen photos from the game over the next few days. This is the second set of photos.

Michael Turner jogs off the field after after a possession change - Photo - Chris Collins


Tony Milton fights for yardage as Tony Taylor comes in for the hit - Photo - Chris Collins


Musa Smith was on the sidelines signing autographs. He is projected as a 1st round pick in April 26ths NFL Draft - Photo - Chris Collins


Ben Watson was held out of G-Day to give some younger players a look, but he made his presence felt on the sidelines by signing several autographs - Photo - Chris Collins


Josh Brock and Bartley Miller will add much needed depth to the offensive line corp. that was depleted by injuries for G-Day - Photo - Chris Collins


Bryan McClendon stretches out for a slightly overthrown ball after a perfect play action fake by Joe Tereshinski. The 4th down play was a replay of the Greene to Edwards TD vs. Auburn in 2001 - Photo - Chris Collins


Odell Thurman and Thomas Davis present a fearsome pair of linebackers. The Dawgs are not expected to lose much at linebacker with these athletic playmakers filling in for graduates Boss Bailey and Tony Gilbert - Photo - Chris Collins


D.J. Shockley, Fred Gibson, and Reggie Brown march down the field for the only offensive score of the day - Photo - Chris Collins


Odell Thurman's helmet show the battle scars of a player that has earned the reputation as a fierce hitter - Photo - Chris Collins

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