What's Lost Because of the Non-Calls

Lost in what has to be considered two of the worst no-calls this season the SEC is what Georgia let Tennessee do to them Tuesday night.

Yes, the shot clock violation that was not called with two minutes to go gave the Vols a lead they didn't deserve. Oh, and that game-winner? Yes, that was over the back – no question.

Still, Georgia lost to Tennessee Tuesday night because they allowed one too many offense rebounds. Brian Williams' over-the-back, buzzer-beating offensive board was the Vols' 14th of the night… 14, which is just what Tennessee's average is this season. Georgia probably would have won the game if Tennessee had only 12 offensive rebounds, but that didn't happen.

Offensive rebounds are about hustle, a desire to be there and fight. Simply put Tennessee had more fight on the offensive glass tonight, and it won them the game. The offensive redounds scoreboard: Tennessee with 14; Georgia had 8.

Georgia has lost two of their last three games. They finally lost at home this season. If Vanderbilt beats Ole Miss (from the JV side of the SEC) Wednesday night Georgia will be in 5th place in the SEC East – ahead of only mighty Kentucky. They could have locked down first place in the SEC East with a win Tuesday night, but now they will have to claw their way back to the top of the standings – and the next few games are going to be a challenge.

The SEC West is so weak compared to the East this season that there is no reason to think Georgia will lose to Mississippi State this weekend. Still, there is no margin of error for these Bulldogs now.

Trips to Knoxville, Gainesville and Lexington are still on the horizon. The Gators visit Athens next week in what's starting to look like a pivotal game for the championship hopes of this squad. After that? The trip to bloodthirsty Lexington. No fun.

Georgia still has the most talented trio in the SEC; they had three of the best four players on the floor tonight. And Tennessee does match up well with Georgia. But its amazing to see the Vols, who were on life support at halftime on Saturday, push themselves back into this already nonsensical SEC East race.

I still think Georgia is the team to beat in the SEC, but they are starting to make me wonder. Leaving the door open to the Gators, Vols and Cats (who lost at Alabama tonight) is not ideal.

We will see just how good these Dawgs are over the next nine days. Georgia needs to win two of their next three games. This seems to be the most difficult stretch of the schedule, but Georgia needs to fight as much as they can now in order to be in position to make a run in February and March.

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