Just Win Baby

ATHENS – I'm tired of all the RPI and strength of schedule talk.

Just win games. Period. That's how teams get in the NCAA Tournament.

That's what Georgia has to do now. With Georgia's 65-57 loss to Xavier Tuesday night the Bulldogs have dropped three of their last five home games – casting them in a precarious position in relation to an NCAA Tournament bid.

I don't care where Jeff Sagarin ranks Georgia. I don't really care who UAB and Colorado have beaten to help Georgia's "resume."

Those things will be in flux until Selection Sunday. So drop all the angst over where Georgia is now. Where they will be in March is all that matters.

And here's what lies ahead: at South Carolina, Vanderbilt, at Tennessee and at Florida.

"This (loss) doesn't end our season," said junior guard Gerald Robinson. "We have a lot of great conference games to come. We've got to put it behind us and go pick up some more great conference wins."

Already with seven total losses (four in the SEC), Georgia is quickly slipping from in the NCAAs; to "on the bubble" status; to the dreaded realm of "if only we had won those close games at home."

Those type of games come back to haunt you.

So, I'm sure I'll be subjected to all the mindless talk of SOS and RPI and whatever else ranks all these teams for the next couple of weeks.

Save it. Unless Georgia can finish 8-8 or 9-7 in the conference heading into the conference tournament none of those rankings matter. If Georgia can't take care of it's own business down the stretch then it doesn't matter what Notre Dame and Temple are doing elsewhere. So why waste the time and energy talking about figures that fidget daily?

Here's all that matters: A strong finish coupled with a few wins in the SEC Tourney should be enough to get the Bulldogs where they want to be.

But it won't be easy. And they must start playing better and more consistently.

"It's frustrating," junior guard Dustin Ware said. "But we have to get back in the gym and get better."

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