THE Dawg Post Mail Bag

ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's notes, observations and somewhat relavant rambling.

RyanJordan states: I Think Dean was dead on about a mailbag not working if it was just team/recruiting related stuff. The humor and Fletch's personality is what makes it work. I'll be honest, I didn't read the first several of them because I figured it was just generic info that's already been discussed on the Porch.

First of all, I'm honored my personality makes this sucker worth the lick.

Second of all, Dean was NOT dead on about a Mail Bag not working if it was just team/recruiting related stuff. In fact, Dean thinks this whole getup is an incredible waste of time. I'm glad you framed this statement up, because it's further proof that a "generic" grab bag of info wouldn't work (which is what Dean wanted/still wants).

"I just think it's stupid, man," Legge said on a recent Dawg Post road trip. "But you do your thing. Apparently people like it...somehow."

I don't know what Dean is afraid of. I'm not trying to sneak up from behind to get my shots in. I'm standing front and center.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure why there is animosity fuming from Dean's side of the fence.

scottugafan suggests: Dean just doesn't understand his subscribers as well as you do

I think you're on to something. In all fairness, let's welcome Mr. Dean Legge into the Mail Bag to defend himself. Welcome abroad, Legge.

"He doesn't relate." No question. I don't give the people what they want... Here's another question for the Male Sack sponsored by Grandpa John's Chicharróns (Product placement): What's it like in Connecticut in February...? Just wondering, b/c I don't know what people want. (I win... but don't I ALWAYS win?)

Whoa, Legge is pulling the trump card early here. Yeah, yeah, you win again. The trip to Connecticut was a phenomenal success. We had a preview story, live stream, commitment story, photos, Twitter domination and all around chest thumping brilliance spewing from our site because of my presence in Connecticut. So here's to you Mr. Dean Legge…you took the funds hit…I took the travel lumps…and everybody won. I was even honored over at Bernie's Dawg Blawg. That trip was like a Dawg Post Little League baseball banquet. Everybody gets a trophy.

With all that said, let's get it poppin'.

RenegadeDawg asks: 1) Does anybody ever use the word 'sans' in a conversation?

You know, I used the word ‘sans' for the first time in the Mail Bag two weeks ago. Then, I followed with another ‘sans' in asking for questions for this Mail Bag.

What is wrong with me? Right after you posed this question, I heard Colin Cowherd say ‘sans' on Sports Nation. Gasp! Let's get this clear: I wasn't intentionally watching Sports Nation. I swear. It was just on the television in the background. Don't judge me.

But now that I know Cowherd uses the word, I must discontinue my recent leaning on it. It's pretentious. It's jaded. It's awkward. It's French! It's a kiss sans tongue.

2) If pro and con are opposites, wouldn't the opposite of progress be congress?

Wait…I used sans again, didn't I?

Now, for your second question: If the English language made any sense, then yes, you would be right. But…"pro" and "con" are root words, meaning "for" and "against."

The word progress actually means "forward." So, the opposite would be "regress," which means "backward."

Sans the explanation, this joke almost works.

3) Why do people say "heads up" when you should duck?

Wait…I used sans again, didn't I?

Funny story: A baseball hit me at practice one day when I was sophomore in high school. We were hitting in the cages, with soft toss and tee stations set up around the two cages.

Our first baseman pulled a curveball, lasering the ball through the netting around the cage. It hit me directly on the shin, practically blowing my leg off. I never saw it coming, either. As I was hitting the ground, I heard about 10 people scream, "heads up." That's how hard that ball was hit and how fast it reached it's tender destination. At first I thought it cracked me leg. Read that last sentence again. Apparently, the ball was hit so hard, I morphed into a pirate. Once I realized that my leg wasn't broken and that I wasn't Blackbeard or Bootstrap Bill, I kind of chuckled because by the time everyone yelled, "heads up," I was already a casualty of baseball war. Arrrrrr!

Regardless of timing, I tend to use, "look out." It accomplishes the same warning, sans the confusion.

Wait…ah, never mind.

EmotionalFescue asks: 1. A lot of Dawg fans seem to be barking about the refs lately. Are we too invested in the Good Guys or are we getting odd treatment from the zebras?

The blaming of the referees is a makeshift pet peeve of mine. I can't recall a time I complained about the officials after a game ad nauseum. Sure, I'll moan over a particular call here or there, but I tend to look at the game as a whole.

It never fails…after every single game one side of the battle is upset about calls. And the other side doesn't care. It's usually determined by who wins and who loses.

I think there are terrible calls made in every single sporting event. That includes Little League or pee wee football or anything else where judgment calls are made on the regular.

Here's why I don't blame officials: I use to call ball games for my local recreation department. Baseball and softball mainly, but I also have called basketball, too.

Let me tell you, I dreaded every single afternoon of that business. Were there teams or coaches or players I didn't care for? Sure. Of course there were. Was I friends with other coaches or parents? Definitely. But I never let that create a conflict of interest. No, I'm not kidding.

Just to be truthful, I wasn't a very good umpire. I could call the field like a champ. But my strike zone was always inconsistent behind the plate. Calling games featuring 10-year-old pitchers will do that to a man. So, I wasn't biased. I just made sketchy calls from time-to-time. Yeah, I'm admitting it.

Here's what I learned from my two summers of umpiring: You can't please everybody. In fact, you're lucky if you please 50 percent of the people in attendance. I made it through without ever having a major confrontation. But I missed some calls. I pissed some people off. I looked back on a few pitches and said, "Yeah, that was probably the wrong call."

But I never injected myself into the game. I feel like I never ultimately decided the outcome. Well…except this one time. But that's a story for another day.

Anyway…I think in all of Georgia's losses, you can look at the stats or watch the game and see why the Bulldogs didn't win. Sure, they didn't get some calls in the Xavier game. But Georgia shot 15 percent from 3 and didn't force any turnovers. That's the real issue. Don't get hung up on an easy scapegoat.

2. We've updated Stegasaurus. We've turned Butts Mehre into the Taj Mahal. Any plans on updating Foley Field? As Ryan Jordan and others have pointed out Foley kinda sucks compared to other SEC parks.

Yeah, you're right: Foley Field is due for some updating. Dean recently spoke with Greg McGarity about the program in general. During the interview, McGarity actually said he took note of Foley's condition last spring. So he noticed the issues while still at Florida. Of what I know so far: there are plans to improve the seating. I'm not exactly sure what else is in the works, but McGarity has stated he wants to treat every sport like it's football. The baseball team should be catching some attention from McGarity soon, if it hasn't already.

3. Any news on the new defensive coaching search?

I have no names at this point. I expect Todd Grantham will play a heavy influence in securing a coach. But at this time, I'm of no use in this search. I feel like a toothbrush on the shelf of an Alabama Walmart. Speaking of dental care…

4. Recently my Starburst Hierarchy was flipped like a Gym Dog on the floor exercise. It used to be Strawberry, Orange, Cherry, Lemon. Now its Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry. What's your Starburst Hierarchy?

Oh, great question. My Starburst Hierarchy has been locked in since I was probably five or six. I roll Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon and Orange. You really can't go wrong, but when you hit the lottery with a Cherry/Strawberry combo in the Halloween two-pack sized Starbust, life is looking up.

5. Are you a fan of the show Justified? Season Two premiers tomorrow night at 10:00 on FX.

I am not. The Minionette just finished Season One and tells me it's great. I'll probably follow this trend: I'll say I'm going to watch it. I'll think about watching it. I'll never actually watch it. Sad, I know. But I never follow through with my television watching. I'm still trying to get through the last season of Mad Men.

6. Is it true that The Roadhouse closed down? I'm 99.99% sure but I'm in heavy denial. Car bombs!

Say it ain't so…Say it ain't so…I'll be honest, I didn't frequent Roadhouse as often as some. But it was a good place to finish a night. Located right next to Little Italy, Roadhouse was the perfect place to catch the night's last drinks because you could make a quick dash to get pizza right after. If this is true, I'll be in denial right with you. Pour out a little for your fallen homies next time you go out.

blackbulldawg asks: 1. What is going on with the players are they going against Richt?

No, that's not the case at all. The show of support for Washaun Ealey on Twitter and Facebook should be expected. He has friends on the team. He's gone to war with those guys. They're going to openly show their support for him in a tough time.

On the other hand, I've heard from a few sources that Ealey can be a frustrating teammate. Obviously.

I don't think the players "are going against Richt." I think they're just trying to help Ealey through a rough spot in his life.

2. Who are the names of possible hires for open position?

I'm like a shower at a Grateful Dead concert here…of no use. Should I have gone with…I'm like a shower in the infield at Talladega? Either way, I'm not helping…or I'm really dirty. At this time, I'm unsure of where the search is going. Sorry, holmes.

3. What is the deal with Ealey do you think he makes it back on the team we are already thin at the rb position

My gut tells me Ealey won't be on the team this fall. That's just the feeling I have at this time. It's up to him at this point. No question about it, his back is on the mat. He's in trouble. He's facing a competition with Caleb King, Ken Malcome and Isaiah Crowell.

How will he respond? Will he shape up his act? Will he work to get better as a football player? Or will he run away from all of this? The choice is his. And his alone.

4. If you had a choice between Mt. Cody and Jenkins in all out brawl who do you pick and why?

Here's the Tale of the Tape:

Terrence Cody: Height: 6-foot-3. Weight: 349. Squat Max at Gulf Coast CC: 660. Most double chocolate chunk cookies consumed in one sitting: 27 ½.

Terrence Cody in the Mail Bag...the whole Mail Bag.

John Jenkins: Height: 6-foot-4. Weight: 353. 40 time at Gulf Coast CC: 4.9.

Mount Cody versus Cornbread…LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe Jenkins has the speed and quickness over Cody. I'd say he has the edge in agility and stamina.

But Cody is stronger. He's in the NFL and he's a grown man—a full two years older than Jenkins.

I think Jenkins needs this fight to last longer than a few minutes. He can duck in and out, land calculated shots and wear Cody down. I give the belt to Jenkins if the fight goes four minutes or longer. If it lasts less than four minutes, it's because Cody employed a lethal bear hug, potentially breaking Jenkins' ribs and spirit.

Thanks becoming a big fan of yours "IN FLETCH I TRUST" lol

Ha…I'm honored to have such sentences popping up in the Mail Bag. Thanks for reading and taking part in the spectacle.

TNLogDog asks: Big J. Jenkins needs a good nickname. You have spent time talking with the big fella let's hear your top three...

OK, I'll play along…1) Cornbread. 2) Cornbread. 3) Cornbread.

If John Jenkins wants your cornbread, he's eating your cornbread.

I would post the video clip from the movie, "Life," where Martin Lawrence is asked for his cornbread. But I'm afraid the language will send some to PM Mr. Dean Legge to report me...

Sanfordman asks: I second that with the nicknames. And don't be scared to try a few on Isaiah aka "The Prophet". Or maybe Malcolm X-Man Mitchell.

I don't know that I can top those. How about Malcolm "X" Mitchell…"By Any Means Necessary." That phrase certainly works in football.

In all seriousness, I'm a little hesitant to use religious nicknames for football players. While these guys are responsible for the morale of the state of Georgia next fall, a ton of revenue and other various awesome things, I'm not sure it's worth it to deal in the religious realm here. I'm up for it, but it's a touchy subject for some.

Malcolm Mitchell's nickname is "Tampa," because he lived down there for a few years as a kid. He has "Tampa" tatted on his arm. And I've seen Isaiah Crowell called, "The Chosen One," for obvious reasons (I know, the original "Chosen One" was Jesus. But I think this applies here, too. Technically, I'm the "Chosen One" here at Dawg Post). Did I just contradict myself? Possibly. Let's move on.

RyanJordan asks: Fletch,1) Could you pretend your Dean and write his application for a different job of your choosing?

Oh, you didn't know? Dean already has another job. Since he hired me, he's had more time on the weekends to squeeze in a part-time gig.

Also, as a teenage boy still figuring it all out, Dean worked tirelessly to achieve a spot on Peter Cetera's road crew.

Once Cetera released "Glory of Love" (the theme to The Karate Kid, Part II), Dean was hooked. And when the duet "Next Time I Fall" hit his ears, he knew he had to be involved with Cetera's act in some way.

So in 1987 Dean sent this letter to Cetera.

Dear Peter,

Peter…you are the man! The ladies love you. If you love the ladies, by default you love Cetera…So I love Peter Cetera.

Signed, Mr. Dean Legge

Dean's cry fell on deaf ears, as he creeped Cetera out with his repeated efforts. I guess you win some and lose some, Dean…

2) More importantly though, get us a Diamond Dawgs preview. Got about 2 weeks until the opener and it would nice to know how Perno feels about his squad. Curious who is going to be in the weekend rotation and who are going to fill what roles in the bullpen. Also any standout freshmen, etc..

This is a needed topic…there isn't much talk about baseball around here, especially not after last season. I'm not sure when Perno is available to the media, but I will email and ask. It's about time to get the ball rolling on some sort of preview.

As for my limited current knowledge, I expect outfielder Zach Cone and pitchers Michael Palazzone and Cecil Tanner to headline the team. All three were recently named among the top 100 college prospects for the 2011 draft by Baseball America.

Cone hit .363 last season, and I expect his power numbers (10 home runs and 53 RBI) to increase.

I know both Palazzone and Tanner—as well as the pitching staff in general—didn't have the year they'd hope to have in 2010. If Georgia wants to be successful, these two need to live up to the hype. Palazzone will be the No. 1 starter and Tanner should anchor the bullpen.

Here's a few players to watch out for: Pitchers Ben Cornwell (who had elbow surgery last season) and Eric Swegman (based solely on the fact that he first went to Young Harris College).

3) Can we get McGarity's thoughts on the baseball facilities and future improvements? They have to be way up on his priority list. Also wondering about his expectations for the baseball program as he was heavily involved with UF's turnaround in Gainesville over the past few years.

Right…well, McGarity spent nearly two decades under Florida AD Jeremy Foley. One of Foley's main goals is, "to treat every sport like it's football." Trust me when I say: People think McGarity is going to be great for Mark Richt and football—the same can be said for every coach and every sport at Georgia.

Richt isn't the only coach that McGarity goes to and asks: "How can I help you?" on a daily basis.

As for the changes around Foley Field…so far new seatbacks have been put in and new turf has been installed in the bullpens and dugouts. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's a start.

CaDawgFan asks: If Crowell had picked Bama would he have pulled out a baby elephant

Well, Gabe Wright was up there on the stage with him. So, the opportunity was there.

Dean Legge asks: If you are picking a fan/coach/famous player from the past to do a "big head" with in the student section... who would it be? Me, I got former Georgia great Joey Waldrop's giant skull...

Easy answer…

Easy answer

scottugafan asks: Did you pay Dean off so he'd quit giving you a hard time and pick on Low instead? That's the 2nd dig Dean's taken at Low today

I'm not sure what that's about, to be honest with you. I assume when Legge's feeling insecure, he lashes out at those closest to him. The last time I was with Low and Legge together, Low had to give him a lecture about respect of elders. Maybe that needs to be reinforced.

Dean Legge says: trust me: Low and Fletcher get their fair share in on me; just trying to hang.

(Yawn). Just so you guys know, this is how a typical convo goes between Dean and I:

My phone rings...I answer...Dean says: "Call Geno Smith. Let me know."

I'm thinking: No hello. No how are you? So I've started responding: "IT RUBS THE LOTION ON IT'S SKIN!

Dean says: "I don't know what that means. Just call him."

He's never seen "Silence of the Lambs." I'm just down here at the bottom of the well, waiting on my next set of instructions.

scottugafan says: Fletch, why not put up a poll to get everyone on the Porch to help give an official name to the Male Sack, I mean Mail Bag. You've never come across as being one who would want to settle for the ordinary, often used title Mail Bag.

I think this is a great idea. In fact, suggestions are already starting to pour in.

Petep211 says: why not call it a "Dawg (ie) Bag"

The possibilities are endless. I'll take any and all suggestions. After we get enough sound options, we'll hold a Dawg Post Tribal Council, take a vote and have Jeff Probst read us the results. The Post has spoken (exotic/creepy music takes up to commercial break).

GearDawg asks: Why the hell isn't spring practice here yet?!?!

I hear you…counting down the days.

Speaking of spring practice....Which starter from 2010 is going to have to fight the hardest to keep his starting spot

Washaun Ealey would get suspended indefinitely just days before you ask this question. I thought I had an easy answer here.

Outside of Ealey, there is no definitive answer. Of the returning starters—Boykin, Rambo, Ogletree, Commings, Robinson, Tyson, Murray, Jones, Glenn, Sturdivant, Charles, King, Gates—most seem poised to hold their spot.

There are some interesting battles: OLB, ILB, WR, FB, RT. Those are the spots to keep an eye on.

What's your best guess at our O-line depth chart coming out of the spring?

Hmmm…as of right now (and I reserve the right to change these once spring hits) I like this lineup: Sturdivant, Glenn, Jones, Gates and Benedict. I really like Long and Houston, too. I think Chris Burnette could provide depth at guard. David Andrews will be the backup at center.

Why is it that we park on a driveway and drive on the parkway?

And….AND…there's an interstate in Hawaii. How is that even possible? I blame Eisenhower for this whole mess. Am I taking crazy pills? Am I going to wake up at the end of this Mail Bag, only to find out I never typed any of this? Worse, will you wake up at the end of this Mail Bag, only to find you never read any of this?

And last, but not least: T.J. Stripling looked like one of the most promising players out of our 2010 signing class. Any word on how his recovery is coming, and if we'll see him practice this spring?

I don't think we'll see much of Strip during the spring. The general recovery time for his type of injury is six months, but I've been told it can take over a year to fully heal. That includes regaining strength, movement, comfort, etc. I saw him at a basketball game recently, and he seems to be coming along well. He just needs time. He doesn't need to rush back.

BernieDawg asks: What do you make of Gerald Robinson's struggles in SEC play? And do you anticipate Marcus Thorton being used more off the bench? Keep thinking we're gonna see his break out game.

First off, I don't see Thornton's minutes picking up from here on out. It's too late to get experimental. I think Thornton will have his day in the sun next season (remember the leap(get it!) Leslie made from his frosh to sophomore year?). I wish Fox would have played Thornton more in the out-of-conference portion of the schedule.

As for Robinson, you're correct in saying he's struggled in SEC play.

In wins over Kentucky and Mississippi State, Robinson had two total turnovers. In losses to Florida, Tennessee and Xavier (out of conference use here in my proving my theory), he had six, four and four turnovers.

So when he plays bad, the team usually loses.

I credit poor decision-making and trying to do too much as the chief reasons for his struggles. He is so good at making things happen, and when it goes the way it's supposed to I really marvel at the kid's abilities. He can dribble and drive and create with the best of them.

But at times, he plays out of control. He tries to make unnecessary passes. He gets ahead of himself.

He's had a tough stretch. And so has the team as a whole. Hmmm…coincidence?

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: It seems like it has been 4 scores and 7 years since the last mail knapsack. Your knowledge bank should be overflowing.

I'm like a Michael Vick pitbull stuck on a short leash, my man. Set me free. Please, set me free…

1. The report of only 80% of players showing up for conditioning really bothers me. I have always been a supporter of Richt/Disney Dawg, but that stat has no excuse from the leadership. I understand that the players could probably walk all over the GA's but that's when higher powers should come in and run the puke out of them. (Litterally not figuratively) I hope Joe T. will make it a point to find each one who does not show up and make everyone else on the team watch that moron or morons do his punishment.

Yup. (nodding head vigorously).

2. What can you tell us about Will Friend? Anything and everything that isn't on his bio from UAB.

Well…he kind of talks with a little country twang (He's originally from Mississippi). His first kid was born here in Athens. I'm told he prefers cashews over walnuts. I made that last one up. So…that's about all I've got for now. He's only been made available to the media once, so there hasn't been much time for accumulating general knowledge on the guy. But don't you worry…I'm lurking. I will find out something interesting outside of football. Somehow…some way…

3. I realize CMR doesn't want to oversign for obvious reasons, however, when you look at the history of the program we always lose 3-5 players in the offseason or have some recruits not qualify. We would be better suited to have a couple other 3 or 4 star kids than fill those spots with walk-ons who may only see the field in the fourth quarter against Louisiana Monroe.

Yup. (Nodding head vigorously). Hey, Georgia tried to sign all of Quan Bray, Antonio Richardson, Xzavier Dickson and Jeff Pagan. They wanted a few more down the stretch.

4. Dr. Page, do you have a remedy for our ailing Dawgs on the hardcourt? It is frustrating to watch a talented team (although not deep) struggle game after game.

Something is amiss. The team is not playing well. Georgia plays sloppy at times…inconsistent at times…dumbfounding, even…I don't know what to say.

There is no depth, apparently. Fox just doesn't trust his bench. And if a player in the starting lineup skids with foul trouble, things get sketchy. I don't get to watch practice, so I don't know if Fox is right or wrong in dealing out minutes. It's not like you need world-beating depth in basketball. I mean, Duke primarily plays seven or eight players in big games. North Carolina plays with seven. Kentucky plays with seven. On and on and on…

Trey Thompkins hasn't looked quite right in some time. Travis Leslie has been hit or miss since the Kentucky win. And Jeremy Price…well, need I say more? Gerald Robinson has been shaky for a bit. It's been a tough stretch.

I still think they can get it together and finish strong. A 9-7 or 8-8 record in the SEC would put them squarely on the bubble. They'll need a few wins in the conference tourney to make the Big Dance in that case.

14dawgs47 asks: Does Figgens get any carries out of the back field and catches? Do you think we will line up bruce and jj in the back field at the same time and what do you call that formation.

Good question. I think moving Figgins to fullback was a good idea, because he was buried over at tight end. Might as well get some use out of the guy.

I still like Zander Olgetree at fullback, but I think Figgins will get run. Will he get carries? I'm not sure. Will he be a target in the passing game? I feel a little more comfortable saying yes to this question. He'll be another option for Mike Bobo to keep in mind. Will he actually be employed in the offensive attack? I'm not sure. Maybe he won't be needed. Maybe he'll be the starter.

Spring practice will probably help answer these questions…although, wasn't it two springs ago that everyone felt Carlton Thomas was going to be the breakout player…of…the…century? Hey, it's not an exact science.

As for what to call any offensive formation featuring John Jenkins: I call that "Cornbread Casserole." Or, we could just call it whatever Jenkins tells us to call it. You know, I don't want any trouble here.

BlackDeathD asks: What is your take on OLB in 2011? Someone needs to step up, but who? Could Drew signing with the Dawgs be right up there with Crowell and Jenkins in importance?

The whole linebacker unit intrigues the hell out of me. Jarvis Jones is the key, because he gives Todd Grantham the flexibility to play the four best players.

So, let's go ahead and pencil in Christian Robinson in as one starter (he started 11 games in 2010). That's leaves three more spots. We know Jones will occupy one, so there are two other spots open. Here's where it gets tricky.

Jarvis Jones: The key at the linebacker position.
Is Cornelius Washington going to be the answer at OLB? Will he be ready? Will Richard Samuel or Mike Gilliard be the answer ILB? Will either be ready? Will Ray Drew be able to come in as a true freshman and start at OLB? In turn, will Amarlo Herrera or Kent Turene be able to start as freshmen at ILB? (Turene is flexibile, too).

There are many options—although all are untested.

I think the best case scenario is this lineup: Robinson and Jones at ILB…Drew and Washington at OLB. That means Drew is all he's cracked up to be and Washington is ready to carry the load.

I'm skeptical that will actually happen.

We could see many combinations, but heading into spring I'm feeling: Robinson and Mike Gilliard at ILB…Jones and Washington at OLB. I think. I'm not sure. Just give me a minute. OK, yeah, I'm not exactly sure where I stand on this.

I really like Herrera though. I think he could start. I mean that. It's not out of the equation.

Be thankful Jones is on the scene though…he's the key.

ELDawgy asks: could u give us a breakdown of the redshirts from last year.....and what you anticipate their role to be in 2011?

Man, that 2010 recruiting class was brutal. That could come back to bite them in the backside in the next two or three seasons. Here is the list of redshirted players from last season:

Michael Thornton – I think he'll be in the mix for playing time along the line. He's easily the best defensive player that redshirted last year.

Dexter Morant – I'm a little worried about Morant. He's had two shoulder surgeries... and his commitment to the team was flaky last fall.

Brandon Burrows – Burrows is versatile. He can play outside linebacker or defensive end. He still may be a year or two away from seeing time though. It's hard to tell because of the injuries he suffered in high school. I've always had a hard time gauging the guy. He's a good quote though, which I'm always grateful for.

Ken Malcome – If he can stay healthy, he'll play in 2011.

Michael Bennett – I think he'll be in the mix for playing time, too. He is physically impressive and is a strong dude (Goldin guy).

Brent Benedict – I see Benedict in the fight for the starting job at right tackle.

Kolton Houston – I like Houston a lot. People are kind of glossing over him, but he should be in mix as well (Goldin guy).

Marc Deas – I'm not holding my breath.

hpdog asks: What is the real story on the Nutrition process ? I have read conflicting reports, but the latest I saw was we have not hired a dedicated Nutritionest as of yet. Is that true, and if not who is the hire ? Where do the players eat meals, and how many are they required to eat at a "training table" ? Do we have a Training Table" program in place today ? Any info is appreciated.

Here's what I've been able to gather:

The players are eating at the dining hall and are no longer allowed to eat anything fried. There is a nutritionist, or somebody with a background in nutrition, who speaks to the team on a regular basis about what they need, why they need it, etc. She speaks to the players one-on-one, too.

The players are also required to drink a shake after each workout. The shake must be finished before they can leave the building.

While I'm unaware of all the details (obviously access to this kind of info is lacking), I have spoken to a few players about the new eating habits. Forcing the players to eat every meal in the dining hall has been a major change.

"The consistency has made the difference," one player told me earlier this week.

I'll update this inquiry as I gather the facts.

TNLogDog asks: Fletch I know that J. Jones has been cleared by team doctors but do you think health issues (previous neck injury) could come into play when CTG makes the decision to play J. Jones at either ILB or OLB?

I don't think there is any problem here. Jones was cleared to practice. He's been cleared for full contact. In fact, Jones got in a lick during last fall before the coaches shut him down just for precautionary reasons.

He's cleared to play…I don't see the past having any bearing on where/if he plays…Unless something crops up after spring practice or fall camp begins.

As of now, Jones is ready for whatever.

Jtugadawgs asks: First off I want to thank everyone on the Dawg Post Staff for all the information regarding this year's recruiting class.

I can honestly tell you that providing all that I can here at Dawg Post will always be my pleasure. Even if it is 27 degrees and windy in Connecticut.

Now, tell me your gut feeling today on wether Ealey is in silver britches at all next season? And, do you think King gets his grades up?

My, how the tables have turned. I really thought King would be the running back on his way out by this point. But Ealey couldn't be outdone in the race to be named "Most Notorious Georgia Running Back on the Current Roster." The gold medal is firmly in Washaun's hands at this point…as long as he doesn't fumble it. Thanks, I'll be here all night. My second act is different than the first. Two drink minimum. Don't forget to tip your waitress.

As of right now, I don't think Ealey will be around. And I think King will make it. Wait, am I taking crazy pills? I just woke up and read that last sentence. Why is Bruce Willis walking around with me?

ARE we overlooking Ken Malcome because of all the hype surrounding Crowell?

I think Malcome is sliding under the radar at the present moment. Here's my take on him (as told to me by a few in the know): Ken is a hard worker who does things the right way. He practices hard. He works hard. He wants to be a playmaker. The knock on him, dating back to high school, is his inability to stay healthy.

While I think Crowell is know the expected starter, I think a long period of good health could bring Malcome into the discussion for legitimate playing time and carries in short yardage situations…speaking of playing time and the starting job…

Do you really think Mark Richt throws Crowell to the wolves (aka BRONCOS) and starts him on opening night?

I do. He may not "start" the game…but I could see Crowell getting the bulk of the carries. So yeah, I could see Crowell thrown to the wolves. And I can see Crowell coming out of the other side having bested those wolves. He's that good.

Do you think we make it to the big dance now?

As of right now, I think Georgia has between a 55 and 65 percent chance of getting in. The Bulldogs need to get to 8-8 or 9-7 and win two games in the SEC Tournament to make it.

Beating South Carolina twice, Vanderbilt at home and getting at least one win between games at Tennessee and Florida would increase the chances dramatically.

Last one, give me your opinion on who will be better next year "THE BARN?" or the "GAYTORS?" ? W-L?

I'm rolling in the hay over at, "The Barn," right now. I think they got some young pieces and Florida will be down again next season. Plus, take a look at Auburn's schedule next season…yeah…that's chump change right there. I'm not going to give a prediction on records just yet, but Dean, Josh Kendall and I usually put those out there in the summer.

Thanks AGAIN,

No, thank you for reading and taking part in all this.

jawjudawg asks: What was Jarvis Jones injury at USC and why does our medical staff say that he can play when Kittens staff said that he couldn't? Is their more to this story that we don't know about?

Here's an excerpt from a magazine article I recently wrote on Jones:

Jones had nerve damage to his fifth cervical vertebrae. That was never in question.

But independent doctors said Jones was healthy enough to play again after time away, while doctors at USC were seeing different results. They said Jones could never play football again.

"It was difficult for me because I thought I was healthy," Jones said. "When this first started happening, I got cleared by the doctor. He told me I was healthy. He told me I just needed to sit out the rest of the season so I won't damage my nerve even worse. So I thought I was healthy and coming back for the spring."

Soon, the truth became apparent. USC was amid a change in coaches. And it looked like the new coaching staff, led by Lane Kiffin, was forcing Jones out.

"When the new coaches came in I got a different result, which was hard for me," Jones said. "I never really went back to the doctor for it. They just told me I had a career-ending injury and they don't think I should play any more. I went back to the doctor that cleared me and he gave me some information and stuff. I sent it back home and my Mom sent it out to different doctors. They all cleared me, so I thought, ‘I do have a chance.'"

Jones, who played in only eight games as a true freshman at USC before the injury, was released from the school in spring of 2010.

He quickly began looking for a new home—and he quickly settled on Georgia.


So, that's the story in an abbreviated version.

theburnem says: lets make this a large sack

The Mail Bag is a free flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects…

1)What are some names you are hearing for the new defensive coach?

I've already likened myself to a toothbrush in Alabama and a shower stall at Talladega (also in Alabama) when it comes to this issue. I'm out of useless shots at Alabama at this point.

This is Grantham's hire, so your guess is as good as mine.

2) first play against Boise? Toss sweep to IC or between the tackles?

I see a play action pass, faking the run to IC as Murray drops back and places a perfectly thrown deep ball to A.J. Green…wait…yeah, I'm sorry. That would have been sweet though, wouldn't it?

Since Green is gone, I'm going to say the run will go between the tackles. Doesn't it always?

3) it appears that Ealey just made it easier for IC to take the starting role right off the bat...your blights?

(Nodding head vigorously). I think Isaiah will get the bulk of the carries in the season opener, whether he starts or not. Some things just take care of themselves.

4) Can jarvis be a force at OLB like Houston or is he better suited for an inside role?

I've heard people describe Jarvis Jones as a, "killer," "beast," "animal" and a "Mayan God." OK, so I made that last one up.

But I think he can play both spots quite well. Can he be as lethal as Houston was out there? I'm not sure. I personally think he's probably a better fit as an inside guy, but Grantham needs to do what's best for the linebacker unit as a whole. A lot of Jones' placement will be determined by which of his teammates step up.

5) What do you think our 2 deep LB rotation will look like?

I think I listed this earlier…at inside linebacker Robinson will be one of the starters. I'm not entirely sure on Richard Samuel. He could be awesome. He could flop. I need to see him in action at linebacker to know what he can do. I like Mike Gilliard and Amarlo Herrera, as well.

At outside, it looks like Cornelius Washington and Ray Drew will be in the fight. Depending on how all these guys shake out, Jarvis Jones will file into a starting spot accordingly.

1) Joe T looks to be a breath if fresh air so far. When can we expect more hires on the S&C staff?

Why did you start your questions count over? We were going for a record here. This is question six, for those of you keeping track at home.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure about hires, but I know quite a few people have come through to give their take on the program. That includes guys in the strength and conditioning side of things and people in the nutrition side.

I wish I had more for you…but that's all I have for now.

2) who's your money on in a fist fight... CTG or Joe T?

Grantham certainly brings a fierce intensity on game days. He gets wild in practice, too, I'm sure. But Joe T is responsible for motivating each player every single day during workouts.

"He's absolutely crazy," a player recently told me through text (That's right haters, I text with sources).

I get the feeling you could knock Joe T down 99 times and you'd still have to get ready for him to get back up. He'd be like Undertaker in that regard.

Here's the kicker…Grantham might get the upper hand due to his younger age. But while the ref isn't looking, coach John Kasey would enter the ring and hit Grantham with a steel chair.

"Kasey is as mean as a snake," the same player said.

Hey, nobody said it had to be a fair fight. And in my book, there is no such thing as a fair fight. There are winners and there are losers. Joe T pins Grantham as he tries to regain consciousness from Kasey's cheap blow.

Next week, on Dawg Post Wrestling Live!, Joe Cox returns to fight the Dawgvent message board posters in the undercard. Stay tuned for the main event…basketball season ticket holders over the past decade versus Dennis Felton!

3) which freshman O-line would you expect not to redshirt and work into the rotation?

One word: David Andrews.

The rest really need a redshirt. But I think this class could be something down the road.

4) Do you think its time to branch the uga bloodline just a tad?

For the fear of crossing the Seiler family, I'm not going to stick my perfectly bred nose into this fight.

I feel like the Uga line is in the same position Ken Malcome is currently in. They've both gone through a rough stretch of bad health. People are clamoring to bring in new blood (Isaiah Crowell), yet they still have tremendous upside. All they both need is a good, long run of great health to get back going. Just a little momentum and they both could turn it around.

By the way, let's hear it for the unsung hero in this Georgia program…ladies and gentlemen, Russ, the fill-in Uga dog. Always a bridesmaid, Russ has filled in admirable 477 times now. And he's fine with filling that role. Most would clamor for more. Most would demand the official status. Not Russ. He's just kickin' it and eating the food that's placed in front of his face.

Here's to knowing your role, Russ!

5) If we do in fact hire a DE coach like the posting is do you think the defensive duties will be split up?

I'm not sure about this. I don't see how that will work. I'm going to let the hiring process play out before I make any public comments about this (like I have some standard now all of a sudden).

6) Do all Dawgs go to heaven?

Most certainly not…By the way, that was one of my favorite cartoon movies growing up. Burt Reynolds voiced the lead dog—Charlie. And it just so happens, Burt turns 75 Friday (thanks to the Minionette for the heads up).

Reynolds is in my "Moustache Triumvirate" along with Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott.

Well, I'm tapped out fellas. We've covered 8,000 words of awesomeness here.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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