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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's notes, observations and somewhat relavant rambling.

So there I was—tickled to death to finally catch a break from all the reading and writing of a strenuous Kindergarten day. Hey, a man can read ‘Hop on Pop' only so many times before his mind begins to wonder.

My teacher—Mrs. McClean—was about to put arts and crafts in my little 5-year-old fingers.

And I was super pumped up. Construction paper, pipe cleaners, glitter, Muppet baby stickers—you name it. It was all there for my consumption.

Unfortunately, so was Elmer's glue.

A not-so-much-of-a-friend of mine, named James, took to the glue in a way none of the rest of us did. He started eating it. Discreetly as first, but like a thirsty man guzzling beer, he picked up the pace…or paste (get it!).

I would have told the guy: There are better products on the market. By the time we were rolling through, there were scented glue sticks on the mean streets of my elementary school. He didn't have to devour the plain white Elmer's. Whatever though.

Anyway, Mrs. McClean caught James in the act.

And guess who suffered? All of us. Arts and crafts were over. And arts and crafts didn't return for a solid month after that.

Why is this relevant to our current situation? It's been brought to my attention that readers using Internet Explorer can't view my Mail Bag if I include videos. You're the glue-eaters. You've cost the rest of the bunch a chance to see my videos (glitter), see enlarged pictures of Terrence Cody shirtless (construction paper) or anything else of the sort.


While I don't judge people for using Internet Explorer—and while I didn't judge James for attacking glue in an oral manner—I do see the error in your ways.

Admittedly, I wasn't framing the HTML up correctly. I'm not one in the ways of the matrix like Senor Leggster. For that, I am sorry. I was the enabler for you Explorer vagabonds to raise a complaining finger in my direction.

But, my method for including video did work on Firefox, Safari and Chrome, all of which are "modern day" browsers. Next I'll be asked to print the Mail Bag in cuneiform or on sand script tablets.

I haven't used Internet Explorer in over five years.

So…to get back in the mood, I'm wearing a trendy Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie as I writer this sucker. I'm back in a pair of briefs (in the place of boxers, which I came into believing in back in 2005). And I've called my little brother, demanding he put on an old pair of his Osh Kosh Overalls, with a Duckhead undershirt.

We're going back in time…to aid the cavemen glue-eaters using Internet Explorer.

Sadly folks, no video or pictures will be included for the rest of us in today's version of the Mail Bag. Just like arts and crafts in Kindergarten, the use of media props will return…but not before I go through the second portion of Legge's crash course in HTML…titled (Legge's HTML seminar -2.0: Adapting for those still using outdated browsers).

With all that said, let's get it poppin'.

dunkaroos8 PM'd the Minion to ask: I meant to ask you this in the mail bag last week but I just forgot to do it. Who do you think would win in a fight between Hersch daddy and Forrest Griffin? Forest is my favorite Fighter and Herschel is my favorite athlete of all time. Both could kick my ass in one punch. Forrest is one of the best fighters in the business, but Herschel is a monster himself and is much bigger. Who ya got? If you want to put this in next weeks' mailbag thats cool too whatever you want to do I just wanted to ask you before I forget again.

Starting the Mail Bag off proper…tough question right off the bat.

I'm leaning toward Griffin here. My dad always told me. You can't bull[expletive] a bull{expletive]er.

So, since Griffin has been pounding faces for over a decade, I tend to want to be in his camp. But I would never bet against Herschel. Not in MMA. Not in a game of backgammon. Not in…anything.

I give Griffin the edge, because Herschel has shown he's not the Jersey Shore, "One shot, Kid!" kind of fighter. I think Griffin would take him in a couple of rounds using his experience to find and exploit a weakness over an extended period of time.

Herschel could say, "The ball ain't heavy. But those fists are."

I think. I feel dirty saying all this though. Hopefully, Herschel will move on to something new by the time this has a chance to happen…I dunno…I'm thinking professional Halo player—like he's actually in the game as a Halo player.

gavindawg asks: Ok it is getting closer to practice everyday.. what is the word, gossip, rumor what ever you want to call it on the Defensive Coach? As always I will say I would like to see CTG pull someone from the pros that he has maybe worked with before! I want to see this defense be the #1 defense in the country! GO DAWGS!

Some times you rub the lamp and a genie (voiced by Robin Williams) pops out. I've never been so lucky…but you hit the jackpot with your wish.

Kirk Olivadotti is the hire, coming from the Washington Redskins. He's served in numerous capacities in the NFL, including defensive quality control, linebackers coach and defensive assistant.

Also, and most importantly, he bolts to the top of the "Coolest Last Name for an Assistant Coach," list. So, he's already got one win under his belt here at Georgia.

gawgaboy asks: Have you heard the rumors that Ryan Harrow is not happy at NC State and that after Big Sid gets the can come seasons end he'll be lookin for a new home. Really hope so because I really like this kids game.

Well, I emailed a writer on the N.C. State beat regarding your question (what, you didn't think I actually tried to pull all these answers out of my own ass all the time, did you?)

Here's what Austin Johnson of Pack Pride had to say about Harrow:

"Tough to say at this point. He came here almost entirely because of Lowe, so when Lowe goes he might look for something else. That said he has NBA dreams still and very few kids want to transfer and lose that year. I'd say he's about a 40/60 to transfer if/when Lowe is let go."

Well, there you have it. Many thanks to Mr. Johnson for appearing in the Mail Bag.

For those who don't know, Harrow is a 6-foot-1 freshman guard at State. He's averaging 10.4 points per game. He's originally from Marietta and given State's current struggles and tumultuous coaching rumors, the transfer winds are a blowing.

lifedawg asks: Do you think Figgins can give us a Chapas or Southerland type fullback performance or is this a band aid fix?

Well, I'm a writer (catching passes). At times, I try to load video (carrying the football) into my Mail Bag. For some, it screws up the page (fumbling).

Not sure how that really applies, but Figgins has been a tight end for four years now. He's never carried the football. But he has been blocking all these years, albeit from a different perspective and position.

I don't think Figgins will be as good as Southerland or Chapas. Those guys were naturals who honed their craft for a half-decade at Georgia.

I hate to call Figgins a band-aid. I think his size and agility will be valuable in blocking. But to expect something on the Southerland-Chapas level is rather lofty.

I'm still picketing for Zander to start…only so I can start a "ZanDarr the Barbarian" movement here at Dawg Post.

Damn—this would be the perfect time to include a photo of Thundarr the Barbarian—GLUE-EATERSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

gavindawg asks: any thoughts on who might be the break out star at WR this year?

It has to be Marlon Brown, right? I mean, if not now, then he never will.

A.J. is no longer around casting his incredible athletic shadow over the rest of the group.

Marlon is entering his third year on campus—so the jitters and the playbook and the nerves angle will no longer take.

If not now, then when will it happen?

One of my favorite movies is ‘Training Day.' And my favorite scene applies to Marlon.

Det. Alonzo Harris (Denzel, baby) tells trainee Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke): "You got to decide whether you're a wolf or a sheep."

Which is it going to be, Marlon?

Also who might be the OL break out?

I've been pushing the Brent Benedict cart for a couple of months now. And it's a heavy load. I could see either Benedict or Austin Long enjoying a breakout spring and catching all the momentum heading into the summer.

SuwaneeDawg03 says: Fletch, another week and another week of no hint of information on a defensive coach. Sigh.

Sigh no more, my friend. Your worries are over. Kirk Olivadotti is firmly entrenched. Yeah, the name is of Italian origin. I'm intrigued. I'll dig deeper.

1. We have discussed on the porch the size of Boise's center vs. Jenkins but how does their DL compare in size and speed to our OL? Should we be able to run IC up the gut at will?(this is all assuming our OL has improved their strength and tenacity from last season)


OMGWTFBBQZ interrupts: that didnt take long. Boise State is very good against the run. Va Tech this year, TCU and Oregon last year, etc - if we line up and try to overpower them then it'll be a long night.

SuwaneeDawg03 fires back: Iam simply asking the question OMG. I never stated that we would and want more info on BSU's def. Line.

We've got an all out back-and-forth free-for-all here in the Mail Bag! Yessir!

Anyway, looking at Boise State's projected depth chart, there will be three juniors and a senior along the defensive line. Last season, Boise ranked No. 7 in the nation in rushing defense, giving up only 103 yards per game—2.93 yards per carry.

I know some will argue Boise's schedule helped slide the stats in its favor. But the Broncos still faced good rushing teams in Nevada, Virginia Tech and TCU.

So, I doubt Georgia will be able to "run up the gut at will." But I think a solid ground effort, with the chance for a good pop here and there is reasonable to expect.

2. With AJ gone and a 'savior' at RB what will be our bread and butter on offense? The running game or passing game or a 'perfect' Bobo balance? Speaking of Bobo, I still can't believe he made the comment about just randomly selecting plays after a game last season. (I don't remember which game or the exact quote)

Hmmm…I was wondering why Bobo kept a ‘Wheel of Fortune' spinner card on his play chart on the sideline.

One time I heard him say in a confused manner: "Uh…Mark…Can I buy a vowel?"

Richt: "It's fourth down Mike. No time for an ‘a' or an ‘o.' We have to punt."

It's all coming together now.

Seriously, I don't remember that Bobo quote from last season. Not claiming he did not say that—I just wasn't around when/if he did.

I think Aaron Murray is the key to the offense (big surprise—the quarterback). I think he'll continue to progress, make more plays and take care of the football. I'll repeat that last one…take care of the football. That's the key to making a decent offense profitable…or costing an explosive offensive scoring chances.

I think Richt—and most offensive coaches in the SEC—would like a 54-46 split—run to pass.

Even with average running backs at times, Georgia has kept close to this kind of balance over the past 10 years.

I don't expect that to change this season.

3. Another item discussed this week was bring Robinson off the bench to spark the team against the opponent's weaker unit. The Spurs have done it with Ginobili and it worked wonders. (Yes another Spurs reference) Thoughts?

I've seen this tossed around…I don't think it's a good idea.

Who starts in Robinson's place?

There are two options: Ware, Brantley, Leslie, Price and Trey.

Or: Ware, Leslie, Thornton, Price and Trey.

I don't like either of those lineups out of the gate. With option A, I don't think Brantley is nearly as good as Robinson defensively. And his offensive game is one-dimensional (although Brantley is the master of his dimension).

With option B, Leslie can't handle the perimeter full time. And apparently Thornton isn't quite ready for the spotlight.

I guess people think bringing Gerald off the bench will "relieve some pressure" off him or something. I don't buy in to all that. Just play. Just play well.

Right now, I think Fox has no choice but to start him…run what you brung, so to speak. In honor of the upcoming Daytona 500, I just reeled off a racing cliché for you. I know…you're welcome.

4. Do you ride around campus on a scooter like all the players? Also have you ever ridden a scooter the wrong way down an alley?

In all honestly, I've never ridden a scooter around campus. But…I have always wanted to buy an authentic Foghorn Leghorn suit and ride around for a couple of hours just to see what people would do.

I say…I say…This would be a good spot for a video of Foghorn Leghorn…GLUE-EATERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

melo1515 asks: Who is our next commit??

If I could predict that, Dawg Post would be scooping all the commitment stories all the time. I guess we'll have to settle for a 90 percent success rate. I'm good with that. Wink wink.

I know it's been a quiet first couple of weeks…but at this time, I haven't heard any whispers of a guy ending things early.

Also who do you believe are our top 5 priorities in this class? Thanks

I'd say John Theus, Keith Marshall, Jordan Jenkins, Geno Smith, Jonathon Taylor and Deion Bonner.

That's a pretty good start. Just in general, I think Georgia will be placing a premium on offensive and defensive linemen in this class. They need to refill the stable on both sides of the trenches.

bpadgett09 asks: Do you think Orson is a guy who could possibly leave after this season, or do you see him staying around to finish out his degree? I remember his saying we he committed that he wanted a degree from UGA.

I think Orson will have a decision to make after next season. He's got the body and strength for the next level. He's still perfecting his blocking and full recognition at the line-of-scrimmage. Other than that, he's the perfect weapon at the tight end spot.

I know tight ends don't usually go early…but once you're solidified in the top two rounds, that's about as high as you can get.

I hear the "I'm going to get my degree," angle. But he'll only lack a handful of classes to graduate by this time next year. He can knock those out in a summer or two.

Did I just shoot your hopes down? I'm sorry. I'm playing the role of pessimist today. Ever notice that all pessimists claim they are a realist? I have, too.

RyanJordan In your opinion, what's the perfect vehicle for Dean?

And I thought we were going to slog through this Mail Bag without the continuation of Legge v. Page.

The Dawg Post's version of the Hatfields and McCoys persists…

The Leggster dreams of life in the fast lane in a smart car…I know, perfect time for a picture…GLUE-EATERSSSSSSSSS.

Every time Legge watches "Price is Right," with me, he winces when they have a smart car to give away. He craves them that bad. Unfortunately, there isn't enough room for his 6-foot-5 frame and bags full of computer equipment.

Instead, Legge has settled on a bright yellow British Mini 1000—you know, the same one Mr. Bean drives. Legge has tricked it out, so he can sit in the backseat and still drive. Thanks to the glue-eaters, you'll have to Google image that piece of work.

BlackDeathD asks: Ok got a good one Fletch. Lets say John Jenkins gets on campus, and is met by Coach Grantham and Joe T. Jenkins asks Grantham coach what is a role in your D? and what is the best advice you can give me on this D? Joe T what can you do to help me be the best in my role? and what area will you zero in on to fill my role for this team? Is raw strength all there is to it?

I was very tempted to take the easy route…Grantham said, "Raw strength, my boy…and you've got it." And then Joe T chimed in and said, "Yes…raw strength is all we need! And raw eggs!"

But it takes more than raw strength. Some kids are really, really strong…but body odor isn't everything.

I digress (as Dean recently said in a column)…Jenkins is a more versatile than most nose tackles.

I'm going to abbreviate this (a code for, I'm not entirely sure myself)…in the base 3-4 scheme, raw strength from the nose tackle position is about all you need. You've got to occupy blockers—as many of them as you can—to free up other players to make tackles. At this point, I think we all know that. You've got hold your ground, not get pushed back and when all else fails, disrupt as much as you can…just wreak havoc. Make like the Macho Man Randy Savage at a Slim Jim festival.

Most of that work is predicated on raw strength. That's why Kwame Geathers—when he was healthy—didn't have many problems in the base scheme.

Now, when the defense goes into a subpackage—nickel, etc—as Grantham anticipates the pass, matters change. Last year, we saw just about every linemen occupy the nose tackle position in the sub at one point or another. In the sub, the nose isn't just trying to occupy and NOT get pushed back. The nose is trying to get the damn quarterback. Or, the nose is trying to occupy the right blockers for a blitz to become successful. Jenkins may be athletic enough to hang around longer than first-and-long this coming season because he's big and strong, but also fast and fairly agile for a man his size.

And he's smart enough to hang in there during an audible, too. That's important.

You want your nose to disrupt the running game—or shut it down if possible. But a guy like Jenkins won't be a complete negative on passing downs if he can penetrate into the backfield.

While I didn't use "Grantham voice" to explain all that, I didn't think I could do him justice. He's a genius. He's the beach…I'm just playing in his sand.

As for what Jenkins' can expect in the weight room under Joe T? I'd assume much of the same as we've heard for the other guys—playing long and strong deep into the fourth quarter. Jenkins will get work in endurance and conditioning. And of course he'll continue to get bigger and stronger. We've all heard the phrase, "Bigger, faster, stronger." I've added one to that: "Bigger, faster, stronger, longer."

That's the dose of S&C medicine Jenkins, or Cornbread as I call him, should expect.

begger asks: Hoops: Any idea on spring targets?

I'm on the dark side of the moon…or potential targets are…either way, I'm not sure of any names.

Fox said on his radio show over a month ago that Georgia is still looking for a player down in the post with length and scoring ability. Will a player worthy of an offer present himself during the spring signing period? I'm not sure. If a player is taking, he won't be a "make a splash" kind a recruit. I'd start gazing upon 2012 if I were you.

Got progress reports on Florveus or Dixon (I'd include Caldwell, but he's a Burger Boy now so obviously he's progressing well)?

I talked to coach Bryon Samuels, from Hillsborough CC, on Thursday about Florveus. I'm planning a story soon, but let's welcome coach Samuels into the Mail Bag...take it away, Coach.

"He's getting better," Samuels said. "He's in a new spot for him in that he's gotten an awful lot of attention in every game that we play. He's a worker. Not a whiner or a complainer. He wants to continue to work and he wants to get better."

"He's averaging 12.5 points and seven or eight rebounds a game. He's also getting 2.5 blocks each game, too. He's struggled with fouls a little bit this year."

Well…there you have it.

Also: I'm pretty sure Tim Dixon plays on Eric Robert Rudolph's AAU team, the "Wooded Hi-jinx." Dixon is hard to get in touch with. Since I've never spoken to him...or ever seen a picture of him…I wouldn't be shocked if I found out he never really existed to begin with.

Also, what the heck has happened this last month to Gerald Robinson, Jr?

I think Gerald has played a bit out of control (shot selection, turnovers) and has forced the issue to some degree.

Plus, he's playing some good guards in the SEC.

People can say what they want about the SEC being a middle of the road conference, but the league has some great guards (Jenkins, Walker, Knight, Boynton, Ellington, to name a few just from the East).

Perhaps Robinson's performance against Vanderbilt will get him back on track.

nayah asks: If a man and a woman go half on a baby, how come only one of them is required to pay child support?

This may be a question for former NBA player Calvin Murphy. He has 14 illegitimate kids by nine women. Not a typo. Shawn Kemp is a close second, currently with 13 illegitimate children with nine women.

I'm all about some sexual healing…but how do these guys not get tired? What keeps them going, day in and day out, pushing through the rigors and hardships of such a stressful schedule? True athletes, I say. True athletes, indeed.

Why do you think the light hasn't come on for Marlon Brown yet, and will it?

Wolf or sheep? That's the question Marlon has to answer this season.

I think Marlon wasn't comfortable with the playbook the past two seasons. He should have redshirted in 2009. That was a complete waste of a season for him (also ended in the Minion here designating a season where a player should have redshirted as "Marlon Browning" one). I think he was afraid of messing up, nervous he'd make a mistake instead of playing loose and without hesitation. I've talked to him about it before. He wasn't 100 percent certain of what he was supposed to be doing on every play. He was OK with blocking on run plays…but when pass routes or an audible or checks at the line came into the equation, he lost his head.

It's time to become a wolf… AROOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (that's the best I could type the sound a wolf makes).

Give us an unheralded guy who you think will be a household name in Athens by the end of next season.

ZanDARRRRRR "The Barbarian" Ogletree.


hpdog asks: Colby May- does he play like the Freshman All-American of 2009, or the 2010 player, who rarely saw the field the 2nd Half of last year?

May's career has been up, up, up…and crashed down, down, down.

In his first season, he was one of five freshmen on the team to start on opening day—and he hit a home run in his first game.

He started all 62 games, hit .339, with 11 home runs and 42 RBI.

And then the dreaded sophomore slump hit…hard.

May played all over the infield, finishing with a .191 batting average with five home runs.

I think most of May's troubles were due to an injured hamstring. I bet we've all seen or heard about a baseball player having a down here because of some leg injury hampering them. Everything is based in your legs, and May never could get back to 100 percent last year.

I'm going to predict May gets back to hitting over .300 and reaches double-digit home runs again. But I'm saying that under the assumption that he'll stay healthy. It's not a bold prediction if May gets a fair crack at each and every game.

trooperdawg980 asks: Do you see the BB team as being overrated or underperforming? As far as the overrated part I guess what I'm getting at is did we have unrealistic expectations?

I don't think there were unrealistic expectations for this team. I thought Georgia would be competitive in every game and make the NCAA Tournament as a 5-seed.

Was that unrealistic? No way. Not with the talent and experience the team has.

I think the team has underperformed…and worse…it's underperformed at home. Of all the problems I forecasted for the Bulldogs, dropping four of six games at home never entered my mind. Being unable to close out games didn't factor into my expectations. I thought Georgia would be a strong closing team because of all the game experience each starter has been though.

I figured the team would drop a few on the road that might look bad (still hasn't happened) and mop up inside Stegeman. Think about it…Georgia beat Tennessee, Vandy, Florida and Georgia Tech at home last season in a 14-17 year.

Now sitting at 17-8, the team has lost to Florida, Tennessee, Vandy and Xavier at home.

Funny how this stuff plays out, isn't it?

What is the latest word on Ealey?

In this case, trooper, I think no news is good news. Ealey has yet to transfer, but he also hasn't been reinstated either.

I'm still not sold on Ealey making it back to being a part of the team just yet. But he's still around Athens. He may prove me wrong.

Do you sense a new attitude among the players in respect to what appears to be the more stringent discipline guidelines?

My contact with players has been limited since the bowl loss…I've talked to a few, and this may interest some:

Most of the players are happy about the new discipline stance. That's because most of the players were already doing things the right way.

Some players were pissed off that a few bad apples were getting away with terrible attitudes, half-ass effort in workouts/practice when the coaches weren't looking and for questionable behavior in the offseason.

Already we've seen transfers and ongoing suspensions. Everybody seems happy with the way things are being run now…because everybody wants to win. I think the players who didn't have winning at the top of their respective list of priorities have found their way out of Athens.

Over/under on the number of players we lose to the new s/c program? I'll put the number at 3.

I think I said two at the beginning of January. I assume we're counting Washaun Ealey in there, even though we don't know the full details. I'm going to stick with my original figure, because we're over a full month in with the new system. Players who were going to leave should already have done so.

Let's all hope it stays at one. I hate tracking down stories about players in trouble. And I know you guys all hate to read them.

godawgs123456 asks: 1. The trees on Toomer's Corner are about to vanish into history, so when does Auburn's national championship follow suit? We know the NCAA continues to poke around the scam newton affair, Tracy Rocker just jumped ship to take his seat on the Titanic (I live in Nashville and have season tickets, so I can criticize the horror that has become the Titans), and the NCAA seems to be increasingly interested in Trooper Taylor's recruiting practices (the whole Thibodaux, LA situation); thus, some penalty has to be in their future, right??

I think so…but I have no idea. The publicity isn't good. All the news is mounting. If I was betting, I would wager the MNC will come off the books. But who knows…

2. National Signing Day is barely behind us, but our rivals are making some noise. I am not panicking or calling this a "slow start," but it does seem, by comparison, UGA has been quiet so far.

Hey, Georgia already has C.J. Curry—who I think is the real deal. I saw him play once last season…I'm high on him. And getting another elite kicker was a big deal for Georgia, too.

At this point, I think Georgia is doing fine.

(A) The "dream team" idea worked pretty well this past year, but what will the coaches role out this year? Richt sang Keith Marshall happy birthday today (source: twitter), so is the new plan to serenade targets until they commit?

I've heard Richt wants the ‘Dream Team' concept to continue…creating a reoccurring theme for the recruits of Georgia to get behind. No joke.

I'm OK with that idea…but I don't think I'll be able to produce a masterpiece comparison column every single year. That would get old.

At some point, Richt will be forced to rely on wrestling clicks to conjure up ideas: The New World Order…Degeneration X…The Faction…and if there's ever an elite group of four players out of one school…the Four Horsemen.

(B) At what position does UGA most need a game-changing, 5 star recruit?

I'll say offensive and defensive line just about every time this question is asked—regardless of the year, class or true needs. You can never have enough of the big uglies.

Plus, on offense, Murray will around for another two seasons. LeMay will be here for five years. Crowell has three seasons. Receiver is restocked. Rome will be here for some time. That's fairly set.

On defense, I think the team could use some more talent along the line, at OLB and in the secondary, in that order.

(C) If UGA coaches do plan to use their vocal prowess to woo recruits to Athens, what song would best capture the hearts/commitments of these 17 and 18 year old kids? Which coach sings the song best?

The song has to be Corey Smith's "21" or "Every Dawg Has it's Day." Or at least, that's my opinion on the matter. I've spent many long days and fabulous nights in Athens…which I think qualifies me to speak on the subject.

As for which coach can sing the best…I bet Bryan McClendon can bet a soulful sound. Give Bobo a couple of drinks and I bet he could croon a few country tunes or Tesla's "Signs."…I can't even imagine Richt singing…that kind of cracks me up just thinking about it.

3. Jason Heyward vs. Travis Leslie--Which would be the better football player? Leslie may be more explosive, but Heyward seems to have "grown man" strength plus solid speed.

You're confusing the hell out of those of us still counting the numbered and lettered questions.

I'm going to say…neither…and take Joe Mauer. Is that legal? He was the No. 1 quarterback in high school for some time before anaylists realized he was going to play baseball instead. He had an offer from FSU.

Limiting this to just Heyward and Leslie…I'd take Jason in a heartbeat. He is explosive down the line…bigger than Travis…and gets the edge in "Best Badass Facial Hair Arrangement."

Thanks for the Male Sack. It's the best read on the net.

Awww…you guys flatter the hell out of me…

bhayesii 1) Was wondering what the thoughts around BM and the kids were concerning the maybe new hire of CKO.2) CKO has some ST background...has there been any talk about how the duties will be split? Will he just step in for Belin?

The players have not met with CKO yet. Man, I love that last name.

Anyway, in talking to a current defensive player (eat your heart out fellow beat writers stalking this for info!)…CKO is going to know his stuff. That's what Grantham told the players today. He's going to be a well organized kind of coach—efficiency is the word. Most think he's a good addition for Grantham's staff because he'll run things in a similar fashion.

But, the players have yet to meet their future coach. Here's one text discussing the anticipation: "As long as he's not like Jancek, I'm fine with it."

You want me to say I made that last sentence up, don't you? Sorry. That's legit.

As for how the special teams will be split up, I'm not sure yet. Like I said, CKO isn't even in Athens yet. So we media hounds are still in the dark on the finer details. In due time, my friend…in due time.


No problem.

14dawgs47 asks: Who are the top players in Ga. to watch this year on fridays.

Good question. I love travelling to see high school football players around the state of Georgia.

Here is the link to Chad's Top 20 Georgia Players in 2012. There are plenty of good prospects on that list to get started.

I haven't heard much about I. Troup and R. Wooten, seems to me that all the receivers should fired up about there opportunities, but I get a sense that these guys are just not ready.

Well…they've had plenty of time to get ready by now. I don't want to dog any of these guys. But I think Troupe's touchdown against Auburn in 2009 will be his lone highlight in a disappointing career.

I think Wooten can contribute if he's healthy. He spent all of last season nursing a couple random, nagging injuries. He should have redshirted...they Marlon Browned that one.

Speaking of wasting eligibility, I'm all out of time.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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