Boling Wants to Play Tackle

INDIANAPOLIS - Clint Boling talks about his hopes for the NFL just before the NFL Combine.

Q. Tackle or guard?
A. Tackle. I really just feel comfortable at both I played both guard and tackle all through school.

Q. Starter all 4 years?
A. That was a pretty big honor. It was definitely a huge accomplishment. I got lucky too; it's not all skill, I was lucky to be injury-free so it was something I'm proud of.

Q. You started at 3 different positions in college??
A. I started at right guard, right tackle and left tackle. I think it helped a lot because NFL teams they're dressing 7 or 8 guys (on offensive line), you have to be able to play multiple positions.

Q. Do you have preference?
A. Not really, I'd like to start out at tackle then if for whatever reason that doesn't work out I could play guard. I definitely feel like I could play both and be successful.

Q. More on why prefer to start at tackle?
A. That's probably where I got the most reps at school was at tackle. I enjoyed playing tackle, but like I said whether it's tackle or guard I think I could play both.?

Q. You didn't redshirt?
A. It was tough. You had to learn what to do; you had to go against tough competition in the SEC. I weighed 280 pounds my freshman year so it was definitely difficult. I try to get out there, play as hard as I can and help the team win.

Q. You started every game after missing first two starts as a freshman?
A. I started the third game of my first year, one of the senior tackles got suspended for one of the games, and I stepped in and played tackle that game and played well. Then I started the next game at guard.

Q. What was weight as high school senior?
A. My senior year I was about 265, then my freshman year (at Georgia) was 280, then gained about ten pounds a year.

Q. Plan for Combine?
A. I've been working out at Nashville at D-1 the last two months. I feel that's really helped me develop in to a better football player as far as preparing for the Combine and the Combine-specific drills. Going to the Senior Bowl helped as far as meeting with a lot of staff and coaches down there so that you kind of prepare for the interview process. There's a lot of things my agent (Pat Dye Jr.) and D-1 helped me accomplish to be a better football player to prepare for the combine.

Q. Is it beneficial playing in SEC?
A. Every year there's top 10 guys, top 5 guys coming out of the SEC. I've played against a lot of those guys it's definitely helped to develop my game to play at the next level.

Q. Who have you faced in SEC?
A. I've played against a lot of different guys. My junior year against Von Miller, this past year against Nick Fairley - a lot of guys who are really good players.

Q. Georgia has 8 players at Combine, but 6-7 record last year. What's up with that??
A. I don't know if there's one thing. We obviously had a lot of talent out on the field. I think it's a combination of different things. I'm not really sure what they all are. We didn't play up to our potential, and A.J. (Green) being suspended those first couple games definitely hurt. After that we got off to a slow start, but we kind of turned things around after that.

Q. At Senior Bowl where did you play?
A. I got most of my reps at guard, I played one day at tackle. I played left guard, right guard and right tackle there. We moved around a good bit there, there wasn't one particular position there.

Q. Memories of matching up against Nick Fairley?
A. He was just a really good player. He played hard. He did a good job of getting after the quarterback.

Q. How did you grade out?
A. I don't remember the particular grade, it was probably about average.

Q. Happy with it?
A. Probably not, obviously we lost the game, it was disappointing we lost the game that was probably the thing I was most upset about it.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish at Combine?
A. I really just want to prove myself to the coaches. You get an opportunity to meet offensive line coaches, offensive coordinators - really try to make an impression on them in the interview process and then go out there on Saturday when we run and show them I can compete.

Q. Good about Senior Bowl?
A. The biggest thing with the Senior Bowl is you met with a ton of people - scouts and coaches. It was almost like a warm-up for what kind of questions they're asking here. I feel that's helped prepare me.

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