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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's notes, observations and somewhat relavant rambling.

If you've been following along with my Mail Bag rambling and near-distant commentary the past six months, then you undoubtedly would agree if I were a song by Styx, I'd be "Too Much Time On My Hands."

It's OK. You can say it. I agree—it's true. Hey, I'll even admit, "I've got no place to go, And all night to get there."

In keeping with this "idle, yet productive," trend, I think it's time to unveil my annual (starting now) coolest players on the team list. I'll tab 11 players for various reasons that I think are the coolest on the football team.

We'll refer to this squad as the, "Knowshon Tardits All Stars."

11. Ty Frix – I can't even pronounce the major/degree he's pursuing…he can fly airplanes…like seriously; in the sky and everything…he probably does homework for half the team…he's a specialist legacy…I call him, "The Most Interesting Man In Athens."

10. Marlon Brown – Nobody knows music like Marlon Brown. He always has his ear to the ground, yearning for the latest and greatest. I'm sure most are hoping Duran Duran's ‘Hungry Like A Wolf," is currently playing on his IPod for motivation.

9. Derek Owens – I call him ‘Swag,' because of his hyped personality. Most of you are probably hoping he can get his grades up so he'll be eligible next season. I'm just wondering…can he teach me how to dougie? T-teach me how to dougie!

8. John Jenkins – Because he said so…and since he's 6-foot-4, 357-pounds; I wasn't inclined to leave his request unfulfilled.

7. Ben Jones – In the old offensive meeting room before all the renovations to Buttsmear, there was a picture of a baby lying on the belly of a massive pig. Somebody had written, ‘Ben Jones," with an arrow pointing to the baby. I thought it was a joke, getting at Ben's country accent and attitude. Nope. It REALLY was Ben Jones as a baby chillin' out with a pig. Can't make this stuff up. Well, I could—but didn't this time.

6. Jarvis Jones – Dreadlocks…repaired connections at Carver…boss linebacker…the Jarvis Jones Effect will soon hit the public's ever hopeful eye.

5. Aron White – Recent commencement speaker…actively involved in two frats and Student-Athlete Association…knows every word to the song ‘Black Betty.' I'm not kidding…would probably start getting on your nerves around hour 4 of a cross-country road trip…but still. Oh, and is currently rocking a killer beard.

4. Bacarri Rambo –…Also: Best.interview.ever.

3. Brandon Boykin – He can sing. He can play the piano. And he can do an impersonation of characters in the ‘Water Boy'. Sold.

2. Isaiah Crowell – A few things…dreadlocks…rocks fake gold teeth in Facebook photos …speed and vision…major hype…NASCAR fanatic. I only made one of those five things up.

1. Aaron Murray – He's the starting quarterback. He doesn't suck. And you would never, ever, under any circumstances utter this sentence to him in a bar: "Hey Aaron, meet my girlfriend. You guys talk amongst yourselves while I take this phone call."

Well…there you have it—the first ever "Knowshon Tardits All Stars." I'll update the list again when I'm desperate for material in the near future. And like the Styx song asks, "Is it any wonder I'm not crazy? Is it any wonder I'm sane at all?"

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin'.

willbeezy plainly states (or shouts): I'm predicting right here and now. Dawgs beat fla, win the east, Fletch gets a date with Katy Perry, my son gets his 73 mach I cobra jet running, and i catch my biggest bass ever this summer. It's gonna be a great year. I can't wait to get it all going.

I hope you're right about all this. Selfishly, I really wouldn't care if you were correct on only one of them…Hey, we were meant for each other. She just doesn't know it yet. But I do. I still claim she wrote ‘Firework' about me…subconsciously.

dunkaroos8 asks: So I turn 21 next week and I'll be celebrating with some friends in Athens. Unfortunately, I don't live in Athens right now and don't know the nightlife as well as I would like too. If you could turn 21 again in Athens, what would you do or where would you go??

Well, first of all…

begger interrupts: Really depends on what interests you. There are all sorts of bars for all sorts of types of people. Recommendations would depend on what you were looking for.

dunkaroos8 answers: Thanks for the advice. Honestly I'm just looking to get smashed and meet a loose woman.

begger says: Then bounce around. There are more than enough bars to look around until you find where you wanna go.

Let me delve into this situation here…Disclaimer: I don't condone drinking or random acts of debauchery. But I will encourage it.

Hopefully, you'll be getting the action off the ground in an apartment or at a friend's house by pregaming a little. I recommend a heavy pregame. It usually helps you forget what's about to happen. If that's the case, follow my style from back in the day if you wish.

Grab some beer and a Sparx or Four Locos for all involved. While some smirk off Sparx, I will shout from the 600 section in Sanford of its beautiful ways. That juice will get you loose!

And it will lay a solid foundation of hype, energy, boost, flavor and various other magnificent abilities. Plus, it will make the shots go down easier later on.

Grab a cab (I recommend George H. from United Taxi. PM me for his number)…or a sober driver…from here, you've got some options.

If you have no dignity and don't care of the who, what, where…head to the Loft. It will be packed. Drinks will be priced above average. There will be plenty of dancing.

That's not my thing…but when you're turning 21 and looking for the party crowd, you may be into that noise. 8e's and 9d's are similar…always packed and plenty of what you claim to be seeking.

Other bars that will be fun, but not quite as crazy: Budda Bar, Flannigans (which we call J.T. O'Sullivan's for some reason), Firehouse, Sideways, etc. All are fine choices. Get a ‘Kill Bill' at Budda…Car Bomb at Flannigans…

Here are a few good deals: $2 pitchers during power hour (10-11) at Bourbon Street. $1.50 tall boy PBR's at JR's…cheap PBR bottles at Magnolia's. $1 shots at Copper Creek.

If you're looking for a spot that's more of a "bar," check out Cutter's or Georgia Bar. Copper Creek would be a good option near closing time, because you can usually duck in and get drinks on the quick.

I hope this helps…and remember: Be safe…have fun…and don't get arrested. Especially by a bike cop. That is just embarrassing. A few rules that always kept me to the good: Don't pee where you're not supposed to pee. OK, so that's my only rule. Don't forget it.

Speaking of a party…

RyanJordan asks: Fletcher, Could you compare/contrast Toppers and the Clairmont Lounge in Atlanta?

So…I have this friend…who may be able to help us out here. Keep in my mind, this friend is not me. Don't get it twisted, even though he is also 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds.

He hates to admit that he has been to Toppers on a Monday night. I…er…he claims that was a bad decision. Definitely not classy. But there was no cover. That's a sign right there. If there is no cover, no good awaits inside.

My friend has also never been to the Clairmont Lounge, but has enjoyed what the Cheetah Club had to offer. He says the Cheetah Club is off the chain (He recommends Honey Mahogany. PM me…er, him for her number).

Just in case you're wondering…Chelsea's on Baxter Street in Athens has an ‘Open Tryout' night every Tuesday. Sources tell me that's how one Dean Legge paid his way through college. I believe his stage name was "Rocky Bluehood." Apparently, he followed these instructionsto come to such a calling.

lifedawg asks: I am trying to explain to my 100 yr old grandmother that when she calls my cell phone and I don't answer she isn't getting an operator but my voice mail. She keeps trying to ask the automated voice where she can call me at. I can't convince her it's not a live person and she just needs to leave a message. Any ideas?

This sounds like a tough set of circumstances here…

aname chimes in: My grandmother in her delusional state called 911 because she thought they were an operator. Police showed up. She lost phone privileges to say the least.

lifedawg adds: believe or not mine still lives by herself and cooks 3 meals a day. One day this past summer in the middle of the day I went over and she was raking the yard. She just amazes me.

First of all…your grandmother sounds like an amazing lady. Props and respect is much deserved.

For your predicament…do you have the ability to record your own voicemail message? If so…lay down this track: "Hello….Hello….Hey, grandma, I must be in a bad patch of service. I'll call you right back."

Admittedly, this will be strange and confusing for 99 percent of the people who call you. But I think it would be worth the sacrifice in regards to your grandmother. She'll think she talked to you, and she'll have an explanation for why she couldn't speak to you for a long period of time.

If nothing else, everbody else will be fooled into talking to "you" for a brief moment when your voicemail cranks up. I find this somewhat funny…and only slightly childish.

thedogfather inquires: Does your Mom read the mailbag, Fletcher?

Yeah…she does. Every.last.word. And here lately, she's been sending me text messages (I know, bizarre to text a parental, right?) to suggest stories from my past to bring up. It's probably best we keep the Minion's Mother as far away from the Mail Bag as possible.

Especially considering the last few questions I answered. There's too much to lose/reveal from both sides of the fence.

But I'll add this: Do you know how many of my other stories my mother reads on Dawg Post? Yeah, that's right…squadoosh! I'm uniting middle-aged women in the common interest of Georgia sports here people. Get with the movement. Through the rambling and ranting, my mother is picking up the subtle nuances of the 3-4 scheme. She's learning the two-deep. She's all over players to watch for next season…and she doesn't even realize it.

I like to envision my mother at the nail salon…bringing up whether Sanders Commings or Branden Smith will start at corner next season or if Marlon Brown will be a wolf or sheep this season…and everyone else in the spot wondering what in the hell she's talking about…that's my goal. I want Georgia sports discussions to spark and flourish over polish and filing in nail salons. And soon.

RenegadeDawg (Resident Mail Bag Question-Asking Champion) entertains with: Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours?

I shall echo an answer from last week's Mail Bag:

This may be a question for former NBA player Calvin Murphy. He has 14 illegitimate kids by nine women. Not a typo. Shawn Kemp is a close second, currently with 13 illegitimate children with nine women.

I'm all about some sexual healing…but how do these guys not get tired? What keeps them going, day in and day out, pushing through the rigors and hardships of such a stressful schedule? True athletes, I say. True athletes, indeed.

Here's a game we can add to our Mail Bag fun: Let's play, "Who Can Solicit The Calvin Murphy Response," each week. The winner will get a free bottle of baby powder and box of dysfunctional Magnum condoms.

Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?

This is permissible, but only if the hearse has a dope sound system and plays the song from Weekend At Bernie's II.

If a kid refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?

Clever…this guy, I tell you what. On the for real though, there are four different examples that could lead to a charge of resisting arrest (provided by, what else,

1. 1. Resisting arrest by attempting to elude or flee from a police officer on foot or by vehicle

2. Resisting arrest by threatening a police officer with physical violence as s/he attempts to arrest you

3. Resisting arrest by physically struggling as you're being restrained, handcuffed or put into the car

4. Resisting arrest by physically attacking a police officer trying to arrest you

I think deciding which of these four would most apply to you in the event of a resisting arrest charge goes a long way in describing who you are as a person. Well, that and what your favorite fast food joint is…you better not say Arby's. Don't you do it!

sicemdawgs77 wonders: Is RenegadeDawg actually comedian Stephen Wright?

Hey, "hermits have no peer pressure."

Say, on three, what's your favorite Creedence song…1…2…3…'Run Through The Jungle'…Damn it; you said ‘Fortunate Son' didn't you? Alas.

aname checks back in to ask: Fletcher, how is Tim Dixon doing down there this season?

I'm telling you, Dixon might as well play for Eric Robert Rudolph's AAU team, the "Wooded Hi-jinx." Dixon is making a run at Rudolph's record streak of seven consecutive Hide-and-Go Seek Championships. He's straight hanging banners down there.

I've never spoken to Dixon. I've never actually gotten Kentavious Caldwell-Pope or Nick Marshall on the phone either. It must be a Georgia Blazers thing—an act of no-contact collusion. At this point, I kind of don't want to know Dixon actually exists. I like to pretend he's a character in my own little "Inception" plot.

By the way, I watched "Inception" last week. What in the hell happened in that movie? Tell me…SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON….I demand to know this instant.

Since anklegate, have the players been restricted from playing pickup sports?

No, and I don't think that will ever happen. Or I at least hope it doesn't happen. I love hearing stories about epic battles on the intramural fields or courts (especially in basketball) that football players waged.

Most of these guys are extremely competitive…and playing intramurals is a good way to keep the juices flowing during the offseason.

The real question is…why did Aaron Murray have the energy to play in a soccer game? Shouldn't Joe T have all these players face down in bed, nursing sore muscles? Gentlemen, grab your torches and pitchforks…tonight we march to Buttsmear and demand answers!

This is a stretch but do you see Jeremy Price going to Europe or at least signing FA and going into the developmental leagues.


Which WR will have a bigger season next year out of these 3, Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, or Malcome Mitchell?

Great dilienma, I must say. I'm tempted to go with Mitchell right off the drop due to his speed and playmaking ability.

But since he's the obvious choice, I'm now second-guessing myself. Bennett has had a full year to develop and get ready. Conley will have a full semester head start on Mitchell and is intriguing because of his cognitive skills and polished receiver traits.

You may have stumped the Minion with this one.

I think Bennett will get the most snaps. Conley will catch the most passes. And Mitchell will snag the most touchdowns. Is that answer allowed? It's long for, "I don't know."

Erase all that…I'm going with my initial response: Mitchell, but only because you pressed me. Wait, what if Mitchell is too raw to get on the field early? Damn, the mind games you guys play. I change my answer to Bennett, but only due to experience in the system. Wait, that's a safe answer, isn't it? Fine. I'll split the difference and take Conley. I think. I'll update after spring practice concludes.

Read the fine print. I make the rules. I can hedge my answers.

Last, is Festus the worst first name ever?

I'm going to go with Adolf. Nobody's baby has sniffed that one in 65 years!

RyanJordan re-enters the game to ask: Since the trees on Toomer's Corner are dead, do you have any good suggestions for some temporary TP hanging structures they could use until new trees have time to grow?

I'd go with the Holy Zion Center of Deliverance, located in Newnan. You may have heard of it.

BlackDeathD asks: IS the OL the only missing piece to this Offense's puzzle? UGA got the homerun hitting RB in the backfield along with experience in King, Malcome, and if he still wants to play football Ealey, they have a great field manager at QB. Although we lose AJ we have athletic enough WRs/TEs to allow Murray to get the ball to them. However, is the OL going to be the lynch pin holding all this together? Should 8 months of the new S&C be enough to sure up the OL?

I believe you're correct. The offensive line does have a few holes that will need to be plugged during spring practice. I see Brent Benedict and Austin Long, along with Kolton Houston as a sleeper pick, fighting it out for run on the right flank.

I think eight months is plenty of time for big improvements in strength and conditioning to be made. Hell, I saw a girl drop 90 pounds in three months on some show on MTV the other night. WTF?

I think premier athletes can make wholesale changes in eight months. Everybody makes such a big deal about the 50 days exiting players have to get ready for the NFL Combine. Think about that…

Whyso emails or writes to ask: Will you be emailing McGarity and Adams, amongst others, providing them the will to keep moving forward on the march against oversigning?

No. I won't be.

Honestly, I understand the gripe with oversigning. It is shady. It is slimy. It's a horrible practice. But it's within the rules. Scholarships are offered on a year-to-year basis, and both coaches and players can-and often do-exploit that gray area.

I also love that most people criticize those who oversign, but then will ask questions like this: "Since Logan Gray is transferring, how does that affect our numbers?"

I guess it's a fair question to ask…but it's still a component of making the numbers work out in the end…Charles White, anybody? Kevin Perez? Ricardo Crawford? It happens everywhere.

At least Richt clears the docket ahead of time (usually in December). That's noble of him. Georgia seems to crunch the numbers in the day leading up to Signing Day. That's the most respectable way of doing it, so you don't have to count on a player not qualifying or getting arrested or leaving on his own will to get down to the 85 limit. I can't believe Alabama and South Carolina get up in the double digits on the plus minus after National Signing Day. Ridiculous.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: 1. How much of a role do you see Nick Marshall having on the hardwood next season? Will he still be able to get into the action after playing in the National Championship game somewhere around January 8th?

Well…since Georgia will be playing deep into January, be thankful the basketball team is set on the perimeter for next season. Gerald Robinson, Dustin Ware, KCP, Sherrard Brantley—even Travis Leslie could help here if he comes back—all will be around to lend a hand.

So Nick won't be needed. I think the kid could be a good college player on the court. I know he won't be able to commit himself fully, but he will contribute down the road if he actually sticks with playing both sports. Next season, I don't see Nick playing too much because of all that depth. But once those aforementioned players leave, the sky is limit.

2. I realize McGarrity is willing, however, Is there anything else that he needs to provide for the football team to be successful?

Perhaps a new video screen in Sanford…no, wait…ummm….well…yeah, I'm out of ideas. I think they're well covered at the moment. After this upcoming season, McGarity's job will either get exceptionally more difficult (hiring a new coach), or he'll be able to rest easy (extension for Richt).

2. So Scam Newton thinks he's an icon. Go.

Or 3. for those counting at home…

You just don't say things like that. I'm shaking my head over Cam Newton's "Icon" comment. The kid is just immature. And how could he not be? Apparently he's been sheltered all his life. What else am I to think? He's like the homeschooled kid who comes to public school for the first time in eighth grade…learning new dirty words each and every day.

His father makes all his decisions for him…or at least the most important ones, so this isn't surprising. I'm sure his dad has been in his ear about being an "icon" for quite some time.

You don't say you want to become an icon. You just become an icon. Herschel Walker wasn't an icon in 1981. He became an icon after many years of success and good will from his fans.

Newton is putting together the proper paperwork to become an icon. Legendary high school athlete. Junior college national champion. Heisman Trophy winner. BCS National Champion. NFL draft pick and potential starting quarterback.

Just shut up and let the icon status take care of itself. The only thing that will keep Cam from being an icon is himself…or his father. Which ever.

By the way, do you think I could become the ‘Dawg Post Icon'…? Just wondering.

nayah asks: There seems to be some concern about whether or not our coaches have taken their collective foot of the pedal with the 2012 class since they pulled in a great haul with the Dream Team. The fact that a handfull of GA kids have already committed to out of state schools only helps this perception. Can you address this?

I'm not overly concerned at this point for a few reasons:

1. The 2012 class of recruits in Georgia is not as deep as 2011. The ‘Dream Team' class was stacked with at least 30 instate players that could have ended up at Georgia. I don't see that as the case in 2012. At least not in the same manner as in 2011. That year was special/remarkable/blow your mind awesome.

2. At the moment, it doesn't look like Georgia will be able to sign a full boat. It appears the Bulldogs will take less than 25 players in this class.

So, what you're seeing is the Georgia coaching staff being more selective. Let's face it, the top 10 players in the 2011 class were pretty much knockouts from before their junior year. That made for an easy early offer sheet.

Since this class isn't as deep—and Georgia doesn't have as much room to take on projects—the Bulldogs must be selective.

Look, I know Georgia missed on Mike Davis and Kenyan Drake. Both are running backs, and I think we all know who Georgia is targeting there—Keith Marshall. I don't sweat missing on a few instate backs as long as the coaches take care of business like they did with IC.

Business will pick up here shortly. I don't think the coaching staff has taken the foot off the pedal. There are just not as many places to drive to, so to speak, in this year's class.

albdawg asks: Does UGA have a point guard or two they are targeting to help Ware?

It seems Georgia is only pursing post players for the late signing period. If a name crops up, I'll pursue it like Eliot Ness.

The 2012 class is full of good guards. Looks like Fox may be holding off until then.

I am really pumped about seeing UGA at least in the discussion for a spot in the big dance. It has been frustrating seeing what has been since Harrick.

Indeed (nodding head in agreement).

Can you update bball roster please.

Sure, I'd love to help in this endeavor. Email your formal complaint to I'll do the same. Seriously.

DickVanDawg asks: Isn't it time for the annual Rodney Garner merry go round to start? Any rumors he's leaving for school x, y, or z?

No…it can't be…we've nearly made it through February without a surefire Rodney scandal playing out. No plane to Tennessee. No buddies at Auburn. No nothing. Not even a single, tiny hint of a rumor. This may be a reach, but I think this could be a sign. I'd make sure your chaos shelter is fully stocked. Something is about to go down.

blackbulldawg asks: 1. I know our lbers are kind of shaky this year but minus robinson and jones who do you think has a great chance to shine?

I'm all about Amarlo Herrera. I've raved about him for some time here in the Mail Bag. I think he'll play next season. He may not start or be a heavy contributor, but I think he's a young man with a chance to grow into something special.

Also, the obvious answer is Cornelius Washington. He's in a comparable situation to Marlon Brown. It's time to go now or forever hold your…you know how that goes. If the light comes on, Cornwallis (as I call him) could be a big time football player. Up until this point, he's looked like a super athlete lost in Grand Central Station.

Here's the skinny on the other two inside backers: Gillard could be a starter if he gets the playbook down. He's not quite comfortable making calls and reads. Samuel is physically gifted (duh!), but he's reckless. He takes chances, which means he has the propensity to either make a play or give up a play.

I know I'm all over the place with this answer, but there are no sure bets outside of JJE and Crob. Drew has questions to answer coming in as a true freshman who has always played defensive end in the past. Stripling has to get over an injury. Like I said, no sure bet. But plenty of viable players to wager on.

Currently I have my money on Gilliard and Washington for this season…and Herrera as my long-term investment.

2. I know you have limited knowledge on the new hire but have you heard anything from the players off record to make you think he was a good snag?

All I've heard so far have been different versions of this statement: He definitely knows his stuff.

That's really all I've gotten from players off the record…and that was to be expected given all the time he spent in the NFL.

3. You got Dean Legge and Chad Simmons in a cage match to the death who's your pick to come out alive?

Wonderful question…I think Chad is adept at evaluating talent. So, I could see him eyeing Dean over and coming up with a sound plan for attacking the Kingpin's weaknesses.

Unfortunately for Mr. Simmons, Dean is quite a bit taller, giving him the crucial advantage in reach and leverage.

I'm not sure Dean has the killer instinct and wherewithal it takes to climb out of that cage alive…but I've made mention of this before: Dean doesn't fight fair. He'll rig the deck in his favor 11 times out of 10. So, you can bet he'll have weapons. He'll have a co-conspirator waiting outside the cage with hot coffee or chili powder to throw in Chad's face.

Quite frankly, there is no way Dean doesn't win. But Chad has the fight of a bulldog. He'll keep it close for a spell before Legge employs his tricks to ultimately gain the upper hand and take the win.

Thanks for all the hard work your mail bags got me by when I was deployed last year so keep it coming.

That's why I write this whole damn mess…for comments like that. Thank you for your service in the military.

I write these Mail Bags for people like you…and for those stuck at an office desk, having already mastered solitaire and looking for a way to kill time…and for those needing something to read while in the john…and for those counting the minutes down in a boring Economics lecture…and on and on and on. Thank you all.

Yatzi asks: What are the chances that Thompkins and Leslie return for one more year in Athens??

Hmmmm…both have a lot to prove. Both have chunks missing from their game (Thompkins: toughness, health, meeting expectations, leadership. Leslie: handle, shooting).

At this moment, I'll put this on the 80-20 scale. I have Leslie at an 80 percent chance of returning and Thompkins at 20 percent. Both still have tremendous upside and potential. Let's face it though; they're now three years removed from high school. That's a negative. At some point potential turns to reality. The clock is always ticking on the precarious balance of past, present and future. Fortunately for Thompkins, he has what Leslie does not: size and a certain projected position he could fill in the League tomorrow. That's why I think he leaves and Leslie will have little choice but to stay.

gadawgluver asks: Fletch, When again is the spring game? Who does Dean and yourself think will win?

The G-Day game (or…waste of time, as I call it)…is April 16 at 1 p.m. Be there! Since the "scrimmage" has been moved from the same weekend as the Masters, Dean and I both think everyone wins. And why did it take so long for this decision to be made? Attendance should go up this year. Bank on it.

By the way, I've never been to the Masters. I know, shoot me dead. I had the whole G-Day excuse to fall back on up until now. I'll come up with another viable excuse this year. But one day I'll go. One day…

Any further word on Ealey?

Not yet…and I didn't see him at the dedication for the new Buttsmear expansion Thursday. I looked. So he hasn't made his way back to the team…and he hasn't transferred either. He's in limbo, the speculative edge of his football life.

Any conversation yet with the new offensive line coach?

He spoke to the media a few days after he was hired. Unfortunately, I missed that interview session for some various reason or another. Dean suspended me from all Dawg Post activities after I failed to show up for my punishment run.

Rumors that I considered a transfer to TOS were unfounded. I began conducting myself in the "Dawg Post Way"—on the terms Dean gave me—and was reinstated in full. Crisis averted.

Any word from Grantham on the new LB coach or from the new coach?

As a matter of fact, the media will be meeting with him today (Friday at 2 p.m.) So there will be something out in the near future with Olivadotti's stamp on it .

Don't think for one second that I'm not obsessing over posting Pee Wee Herman videos centering on his his love interest Dottie.


"There's a lot of things about me you wouldn't understand Dottie…things you couldn't understand...things you shouldn't understand…you don't want to get mixed up with a guy like me, Dottie. I'm a loaner Dottie, a rebel."

Come to think of it, that may be Marcus Dowtin speaking right now instead of Pee Wee.

Any word from Grantham about his "excitement over next year" or whatever?

Nope…the last time I was around Grantham as he spoke to the media, he laid down the gauntlet to a reporter shortly after the Liberty Bowl…


Maybe ignore the above questions concerning the coaches as I guess anything like any of those would already be posted ....

Oh, now you tell me…

TNLogDog asks: If GT buys out Hewitt's contract at the end of this season do you see us back in the game to sign Royal?

I'll direct you to my weekly outro for my answer on the chances Royal ends up at Georgia…

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over. Thank ya'll for coming.

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