The Rundown: Football Is Back

ATHENS - A quick rundown of news, notes, quotes and more from Thursday's media session with Georgia football players and coaches.

Let's get to it...

-- On Aaron Murray's ankle: "It wasn't anything serious," Murray said, "just sprained…I'm running and everything right now. We're good to go. I've been dancing and everything."

Murray said there was never a moment when he thought the ankle was broken. "Not really," he said. "I never heard anything crack. It just twisted on me. In high school I broke my left one, so I kind of knew what the feeling was." Murray sprained the ankle after attempting a "header" in a pick-up game of soccer.

-- Alec Ogletree is moving from safety to inside linebacker. He'll be manning the "Moe" position.

"I've always had it in my mind," said defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. "That's one of the reasons I wanted to play him last year. We were a little bit of a revolving door at safety, and I felt just watching him—he's a young player. He gets better the more he plays. He's got some instincts to him. He's smart, and I felt like that by putting him in there last year it would make him better this year. Watching him on tape, when he was down as a safety—when you're down as a safety, you're basically a linebacker. Watching the way he runs, he closes on people, the way he can blitz—I think that he can be a unique player at that position. I'm really excited about the move for him and our team."

--Cordy Glenn is, "going to be a tackle," coach Mark Richt said. "I don't think Cordy is going to be anything other than a tackle."

--As for the rest of the offensive line, "the guard spots are up for grabs," Richt said. He did say the line has not been nailed down, but that Glenn and Trinton Sturdivant would be at tackle, and Ben Jones would be at center. "That's for sure," Richt said.

--As for strength and conditioning, almost everybody polled—players and coaches—said the nutrition changes were the biggest and most needed move. During the week the players must eat all three meals a day in the dining hall. In the past, players were able to eat off campus if they had the means to do so. That is no longer the case. The players have some freedom on the weekends, but through the week they must eat on campus.

--Here's the skinny on the whole "taking a picture" of each meal: The players don't actually take the pictures. There are members of the S&C staff at the dining hall taking the shots and sending the pictures directly to Joe T. "Coach T looks at all that stuff," said cornerback Brandon Boykin. "He sees it all, and then he might call you in to his office and say, ‘You might want to eat more of this to gain more weight,' or something like that."

--As for the workouts: "The workouts are high energy," said receiver Tavarres King. "We didn't do mat drills this year because workouts kind of eliminated that. Every day you're working hard, and every day you put your mind to the test."

--Here are some quotes on the S&C (because I know you guys are craving this):

Todd Grantham: "I'm excited. I'm a little bit of an old school guy. I think that you get better by working hard. I think the other thing is, any time you have to do something hard together, it makes you closer. So, I think that we have basically three different groups going, and to get through some of the lifting sessions you have to push your buddy, which I think helps create a bond. Really, defense and football in general is about trust—meaning that, ‘Hey, I have this gap. I'm going to trust that the other guy is going to be in his gaps. I'm not going to vacate my area. I'm going to trust that other people are where they are, and I'm going to take care of my responsibility.' I think anytime guys have to work hard and push themselves, I think there's a sense of accomplishment, but I also think it creates a bond that can carry over."

Coach Richt: "Well, we're doing a better job of making sure everybody is eating and eating all their meals…We've got people there at every meal seeing what they're eating, and making sure they're eating the right things. Most people know when you want to get strong you've got to put the work in in the weight room, but you've got to fuel your body, and you've got to rest your body, too. So, I think we're definitely doing a better job on the intake."

--On Washaun Ealey, Coach Richt said: "The only thing, really, he was allowed to do was handle all his academic responsibilities. We have mentors who help kind of organize these guy's week and month and semester, class by class. Then we have tutors that are specific to a certain class, and we have class attendants, of course. So, we have those three things and we're just expecting him to be there on time and be prepared and be engaged and have a good attitude, and just take a real serious attitude towards that, which he has. He's done an exceptional job in that area. Just wanted to grab his attention in all areas, though. I told him, and I'll tell all our guys this, especially our tailback position is a position of honor, a position of tradition, and it's a position that you need to respect, and you need to be the very best you can possibly be. We want him to be the very best he can be in football, in the classroom, off the field—everything. We just want him to be great. He can be if he really takes the right attitude towards it. He did a very good job. Everybody that I asked to keep an eye on him was keeping an eye and was reporting back, and they felt like he did a great job. I'm thrilled he's back. I hope he continues to do excellent work in all areas. Lesson learned, hopefully."

--Grantham said both Dexter Morant and T.J. Stripling will miss all of spring practice.

--Speaking of outside linebacker, Jarvis Jones is going to play strongside (Sam) and Cornelius Washington is going to play weakside (Will). Remember, Justin Houston played the Will last season. Many thought Jones would start out there. As of right now, Washington has that spot.

--Aaron Murray on true freshman quarterback Christian LeMay: "He's a horse. He can run now, and he's worked hard. You talk to anyone, the strength coach, other players, he's in there to work, which is a great thing. You know, I'm excited to see what he can do this spring. He's going to work. He's going to make sure he knows his footwork, his progressions and things like that. He's a talented kid."

--A few other notes: Coach Olivadotti will handle kickoff team duties. Justin Anderson is moving back to the offensive line for good. He'll be at guard, somewhere in the mix for playing time. Brandon Burrows is moving to inside linebacker.

That's all I've got for now. I'll update more soon.

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