Fox: I Think Georgia is a Tournament Team

Mark Fox made his case for his team on ESPN Sunday afternoon.

"We've, I think, tried to address every part of what the committee asks for with a good strength of schedule and a good RPI. I think we have more top 50 wins than North Carolina, and people are talking about them being a #1 seed today. We have avoided a bad loss and had a winning record in our league. I think, hopefully, hopefully created a resume the committee respects."

"I think Alabama is a tournament team. I think we are, too. This league is very strong with Kentucky, Florida, Vanderbilt and Tennessee, who finished one notch below us in the standings, are all locks for the tournament, and I don't think Alabama and Georgia should be any different."

"We've done all we can do, and hopefully done enough. All we can control now is our emotions."

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