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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's somewhat relavant rambling.

Petep211 asks: Fletch, You, Chad and Dean go on a trip where overnight stay is required. Dean choses a cut rate motel where you are told the room will be a total of $30.00. So all three of you pull out $10.00 a piece and hand to the night clerk and go on to the room.

The night manager comes in and discovers that there are three of you staying in a room with only 2 beds and tells the clerk that this just isn't right, decides to give the group a $5.00 discount and hands the clerk 5 $1.00 bills. On the way to give the refund, the clerk decides to keep $2.00, and gives each of you $1.00 apiece. Since each of you now has $9.00 in the room and the clerk kept $2.00, where did the other $1.00 go?

Wow. I've got my socks and shoes off here, and I still can't figure this out. (removing my socks and shoes was for counting purposes, just in case you were wondering). Math was never my strong suit. And I'm fine with that.

There are, however, a couple of things that need to be discussed (hashed out) with this one.

1) Dean choosing a "cut-rate" motel is probably accurate. You get a golden star for that call.

2) Unquestionably, I'd either be sleeping on the floor or a blowup mattress in this arrangement. Again, I'll say—unquestionably.

3) While I can't solve where the last dollar ended up, I can provide a list of likely scenarios for where the wayward bill went. (It starts to thunderstorm outside as I begin to speak increasingly dramatic).

Scenario A: It was Chad Simmons…with a payphone…outside of the hotel!

Most likely, Mr. Simmons ran across another prospect he needed to get in touch with…but since the cell phone service was poor, he sprinted down to the lobby, got four quarters and made a quick call.

While he found a new kid to evaluate, Mr. Simmons committed the theft of the dollar! (lightning strikes outside as everyone in the room gasps).

Scenario B: It was Dean Legge…with a can of Diet Coke and bag of pork rinds…in the hotel lobby vending machine area!

Dean had been on the road, driving for hours to get to the far reaches of the football recruiting world. He was vanquished. He was exhausted. He was…in need of wasted calories.

While he fulfilled his cravings and guilty pleasures, Mr. Dean Legge was responsible for what happened to the missing dollar! (lightning strikes outside as everyone in the room gasps).

Scenario C: It was Fletcher Page (obviously I've assumed the role of narrator, therefore enabling myself to refer to myself as no longer myself…Get all that?)…for services rendered…at the Clermont Lounge!

OK, I'm kidding…I've still never been to the CL…and I don't plan on it (not that I'm condemning those who do go to the CL).

Seriously, my money is on Scenario B. LEGGE GET WHAT LEGGE WANT!

And just so you know, I was trying to replicate a game of Clue. I hope that wasn't lost in Mail Bag translation there. Otherwise, the lightning and gasping would have made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin'.

blackbulldawg asks: 1. With Malcome always injured do you think he will have a major impact this season?

It's hard to tell. There will be so many backs on the roster, that playing time for a redshirt freshman like Ken may be tough to come by.

I'll reiterate: Ken has a great attitude. He's one of those guys that always has a positive spin on things, no matter what the question is or how much he's banged up.

He said earlier this week that he knows there are plenty of backs competing for only so many carries—and he said he has a niche that maybe the others don't quite have.

Actually, don't take my word for it. Ladies and gents, welcome Ken Malcome to the Mail Bag...Hello Ken, and please, tell us your thoughts on your role…

"Yeah, I know how to fill a role to get on the field. I feel I have four more years here. After my four years, I'll develop into an every down back. I think I can do that now, but since we have a crowded backfield I think Coach (whichever offensive coach he's talking about) wants to use us in every aspect of the game—as me downhill and running inside and other people as running sideways and shaking and stuff like that. But I think in the next couple of years I'll be an every down back. I'll be ready to take that on."

Thanks Ken…well, there you have it folks. Ken will most likely be the "tough yards" runner this season. Which I think suits the young man just fine.

2. I know you have ducked and dodged this question better then bin laden and us troops but what will our record look like this year?

OK, OK, I've ducked this question for long enough…

Let's take a rational look at this: Georgia returns at least 20 players who figure to be prominent players (or playas) with at least some starting experience (Murray, King, King, EaleyCharles, White, Glenn, Jones, Gates, Tyson, Jones, Sturdivant, Boykin, Commings, Rambo, Robinson, Ogletree, Washington, Williams, Hamilton).

That's…quite a bit…

Plus, Georgia figures to have at least two more big time players (or playas) incoming (Crowell, Jenkins).

Guess what…that's 23!...which is one more than the 22 I needed to make this a rounded starting unit. More is best, though.

Anyway, there are a lot of experienced players in the mix. And there are a lot of exciting players to be added to the mix.

And Florida figures to be down. Tennessee is still fighting back. Vanderbilt and Kentucky will fight it out for the "Who Sucks The Worst" Crown. Georgia shouldn't lose to State at home. It should beat Ole Miss on the road. Tech is…well Tech. Auburn won't be nearly as good (but there is still time to make "arrangements").

So, there aren't many losses glaring out off the schedule. Boise State, South Carolina, Florida--I mean, other than those games, I'm not seeing much on the schedule that would cause for a psychobilly freakout.

I'm gonna say this is a 9-win minimum off the bat…and that's even if Georgia loses the first two games of the year.

If not, there will be blood (more on this later).

3. I have heard a lot out about bennett but we normally find the feel good story every pre-season will the buzz be lived up to?

Michael Bennett will most likely come through to finally end the "Spring Practice Buzz Jinx." If nothing else, there are only five or six scholarship receivers currently on campus. Just playing the numbers, Bennett will have to play—even if a few freshmen come in ready to compete.

I think Bennett has the chance to have a solid career at Georgia.

4. Now that Rambo is out for the spring who steps up and locks down 2nd string?

Man, do I feel sorry for those safeties at practice. Having to go through each and every drill with only three guys for two positions. Currently, there aren't enough players to even compose a second string. Seriously. It's Jakar Hamilton, Shawn Williams, Marc Deas…and Jakar Hamilton…wait, I already said him. Um…yeah, that's it.

Predictedly (and said here in the Mail Bag a few times before), Sanders Commings was moved to safety this week because Hamilton now has a concussion...and Deas is nursing a sore hamstring.

I'm not kidding...since I think the Commings move is only temporary, that means Shawn Williams is the only "real" safety currently practicing. Yikes!

I change my mind every day about who will eventually start opposite Rambo—I'm currently riding the Williams train--since it's the only one currently in service. And I think Corey Moore will play early…

5. The undertaker just went 19-0 is there anyway we can have him assist with mental toughness and building a winning record again? Lmao

Quite impressive streak for Undertaker…at this point, if Vince McMahon ended the ‘Taker's streak, way too many people would snap, go crazy and start a riot.

I don't watch wrestling anymore. Haven't in about 10 years. Vince is one reason why. Shawn Michaels' slow decline is the other. But that's another story for another Mail Bag.

Vince ruined everything with his monopoly on the game and shoddy storylines. But Undertaker is a remarkable force—for both his Wrestlemania streak and his unquestionable connection to the Underworld.

6. With all the switches going around on the O-line what do you think our starting line will look like come BSU?

Here's how I'm leaning at the present moment: LT – Glenn, LG- Gates, C – Jones, RG – Benedict, RT – Sturdivant.

I feel pretty confident about that lineup, except for right guard. Benedict, Anderson, Burnette and Houston (my dark horse candidate for months. Hell yeah!) have all been mentioned as having a good shot. We'll see…I wouldn't be surprised if any of those guys ended up #winning out.

Again thanks for all you do because when i'm dying of boredom at work I can always depend on the Mail Bag or Stack

You're still No. 1 on the Mail Bag Reader Power Rankings…I'm just sayin'.

BlackDeathD asks: I am about to lay a tough one on you. If UGA has another 6-7 season in 2011 what or who will be blamed? Coaches? lack of talent? S&C again? The AD? player's attitudes? I ask this not to stir up trouble but to get the picture very little else could have been changed to prepare for this season. I hope we have only one more change to make this 2011. That is have one hell of a successful season. That is a change we can all agree on. GO DAWGS!!!

If Georgia has another losing season, the blame will fall directly on the head coach. No way around it. That's just the way this business works.

And it probably won't matter what the exact reasons are for the poor season—offense, defense, S&C, malaria, attitude—because there would be a change made at head coach and none of the particulars will mean anything to anyone…anymore.

I don't think talent could be a conceivable argument this year. I am a firm believer in the ‘You've got to have the kids," angle. That is always the case. In 2009, there was a lack of talent (stemming from a poor run of recruiting. Bad classes in '05, '07 and a top heavy haul in '06. And don't give me the ‘But they were rated top 10 and had this many stars' garbage. I'm talking about ‘after the fact' grades for each of those classes. Let's move on—I think there is a word limit within parenthesis anyway. But I could keep going. You better believe that, homie).

2010 was bizarre because of the A.J. suspension, first year in a new defensive system (lack of the right personal, still learning) and the lack of a consistent rushing attack.

Those concerns are long gone—replaced by a host of perceived positives. Nothing left else to blame…(more parenthesis…let's keep it moving).

chadtm77 asks: What's the deal with Gday game? I have seen conflicting reports about whether or not it will be on ESPN. Is it or isn't it?????

It's kind of sort of both.

Here are the full details:

The game will be broadcast by CSS. Matt Stewart will have the call, joined by the always inciteful commentary of Buck Belue. Former UGA volleyball and basketball player Maria Taylor will cover all the sideline happenings.

For those who live outside of the CSS footprint, the game will be on ESPN3 (online). There will be a link available on

And for those who still prefer the traditional radio crackle and pop, Scott Howard, Eric Zeier and Chuck Dowdle will be doing work on 95.5 FM. Again, will offer a link for the radio broadcast, free of charge.

After typing this, I've come to realize that I'm slowly losing any form of a social life—since I wrote this all off the top of my head.

Let's move on…before I change back into the cargo shorts and Abercrombie shirt I wore frequently back in 11th grade to feel cool again.

korleone05 asks: What the latest on the Ware kid, do you think we have a good shot to sign him???

The latest report I saw said he had a list of schools that had either contacted him—or that he was looking at. Georgia was included on that list, so I think the Bulldogs have a legit shot.

My guts tells me Ware either ends up sticking with Tennessee, or he picks Georgia. There are a few schools on his list that I just don't see happening (UCLA, for one).

As long as Georgia sticks around with Ware, the upswing Fox is on and the convenience of location could become a magnet pulling him toward Athens.

MagicMan31 asks: Are you a wolf or a sheep?

I'm a wolf. I've always been a wolf. I'll always be a wolf. One time, I was pretending to be a sheep—but it was in wolf-like fashion because I was impersonating a sheep to eventually gain the upper hand over a lesser wolf.


EmotionalFescue asks: Our away schedule features the following towns: Atlanta 2xs (Boise & Tech), Oxford, Knoxville, Nashville, and Jacksonville. If you were a fan (not a reporter) and had to choose one away game to go to this year which one would you choose? I'm going with The Grove this year...mostly because I am actually going there in September.

I'm right there with you. I've been in almost every SEC stadium now, excluding at Florida, Alabama and LSU. And Ole Miss, too.

I'd really like to experience the Grove as a fan…and live that up in full force.

Of the opposing places I've been, I'd rank South Carolina the worst…and put Tennessee at the top. Which is weird for me to type, because I generally have no use for Tennessee. But they've got a great game day atmosphere…even though most of their fans can't read.

Also, which one are you most looking forward to in your role at Dawg Post?

If the Georgia Tech game is at night, I'll take that one. I'll give Tech credit—they have a pretty good thing going in Bobby Dodd for night games. Which is weird for me to type, because I generally have no use for Tech. But they've got a great night game atmosphere….even though most of their fans can't…wait, reading skills don't apply here…let's go with function socially. Yeah, that's the ticket.

MrBigDAWG asks: Fletch, After looking at the release of the Scout 300 list, it appears that the State of Georgia is down in the players being nationally ranked compared to last year. Is the talent down that much or were the guys doing the rankings drunk when they got together?

I'm going to say the guys were drunk…kidding, I don't know if they drink (heavily) or not…

No, I think Georgia has quite a bit of talent in state—but it may not be as overwhelming as last year.

There are a ton of defensive linemen in the state that will play at the next level (Taylor, Floyd, Ball, Watkins, Jenkins, Mann, Gamble, Dawson, Tomlinson, Williams, Atkins, Jones, etc…).

Now, linebacker (Clemons, Eligwe, Lee, Kriby) and the secondary (Smith, Bonner) aren't as deep.

And the offensive side isn't as deep either…but there are still plenty of great players out there. Georgia can't take as many kids in this class either, so it may prove to be a situation where needs and wants actually line up—which never happens.

begger asks: What happened with Nolte? Should we panic on 2012 kids yet with Fox, or can he bring in the impact PG, impact big, and quality wings we need?

I was told back in November that Nolte was going to go to either Duke or Virginia. He was holding out for an offer from Duke, and once it looked like that option was all but lost, he decided on the Cavs.

Academics have always been his thing. I'm not saying he won't be a professional basketball player, but both he and his brother Conner seem to cast an ambitious eye toward the future—which means securing the potential for life without basketball.

Now, does that mean Georgia should panic? I don't think so—not yet. But if Tony Parker pops to UNC (hypothetical), or Shaq Goodwin to Memphis (extremely hypothetical), or Robert Carter to FSU (maybe not as hypothetical), then I think the court of public opinion will change.

It's easy to stay upbeat for the moment because there are still so many worthy kids out there in the state. But it's time to get on it.

Speaking of which...

TripleB asks: 1. Who are the must-have top five 2012 basketball recruits to keep us competitive?

Well, Parker, Goodwin and Carter are the headliners down low. Pulling one or two would be great.

A point guard is needed, too. It seems Deondre Haynes is the name most mentioned here.

Jordan Adams, Jordan Price and Damian Wilson would all make great tweeners, playing the SF. I think Georgia has been recruiting Adams and Price the hardest, but I'm not exactly sure about that.

Brandon Morris and Jarmel Reid would be great additions to the class, as players who have yet to hit their peak—especially Morris. I think he's only going to get better.

So, your dream class could include (but is not confined to) something like this: Two of either Parker, Goodwin and Carter. Haynes. Either Adams, Price or Wilson (maybe two). And either Morris, Reid or another recruit (Tevin Glass or Charles Mitchell, perhaps?) Fox thinks he can mold into form a year or two in.

2. Which one (or three) current football players will have the best NFL career?

Ooohhh…great question. Can I say John Theus? No? Too early? OK, let me try again…

I'm initially wanting to say Cordy Glenn. There's just something about his size, strength, athleticism and versatility that makes me think he'll have a long, productive career in the league.

Yeah, I just talked myself into locking Glenn into this spot. Let's go with that.

I think Orson Charles may be second, currently. And then potentially Brandon Boykin, DeAngelo Tyson, Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree (though it's still waaaaaaaaay too early) may be there as well. My sleeper? Sanders Commings. Don't know why. Just have the feeling he may catch on somewhere and hang around for a half-dozen years.

3. Why does Steve Spurrier think visors are cool? And also, if he had to choose between his Heisman Trophy, UF national title, Augusta National membership, and keeping that scumbag Stephen Garcia on the USCe football team, what is he going with?

This answer—like Spurrier's probably would be—is all about practicality. Visors are not cool…in terms of hip standards. But they are, in fact, cool…in terms of actually trying to stay cool…like if you're out and about, let's say, on a golf course…which would lead me to believe, that Spurrier would pick the Augusta National Membership. Hey, what good are his Heisman Trophy and National Title going to do him in the future? No much. But playing at Augusta National whenever he feels like it? Yeah, I think he'd have that….I did think about Stephen Garcia's drinking abilities in all this…and how valuable that could prove to be out on the golf course.

Again, you can have an off day on the course due to variables pertaining to your swing or mental fortitude in so many different ways. But you can never lose that 12-ounce curling motion. It will never fail you. And it seems Garcia has mastered the art.

Remember, when you start losing your Pro V1's in the woods—take a few beers with you to drink while you search. I guarantee you'll start playing better. That, or you won't care anymore. That's for certain…

With that, I'm off to meet a few friends at Blind Pig for dinner and drinks…hopefully Garcia won't show up. He always hogs the pitcher…

Turn the lights off boys, the party's over. We outta here baby. Thank y'all for coming.

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