Who's Good To Go?

ATHENS - Injuries have dominated the spring practice conversation the past two weeks.

As Georgia wrapped up it's final practice in preparation for G-Day Saturday, some players were back full strength, while others remain questionable.

"There's probably about at least 10 (questionable players)," coach Mark Richt said.

Notably absent from nearly all spring, junior tailback Washaun Ealey is most likely out for Saturday, according to Richt.

"I don't think Washaun will go," Richt said. "...He's never had a hamstring injury before. What happens a lot of times, you feel good enough to walk at your normal gate, and you're thinking you're feeling pretty good. You might even be able to jog relatively early in the process, but when you truly go full speed or compete or go through a practice where you begin to fatigue, then you're getting close to pulling again. Guys don't realize it. Once they feel like they're ready, it's usually another week to 10 days before you can really go."

Others Richt listed as doubtful: Cornerback Jordan Love (hamstring), Garrison Smith (strained neck), Brandon Boykin (concussion).

Boykin's absence will be missed, since he's the co-captain of the Black team.

"That one is kind of iffy," Richt said. "I'm not sure on that one. I think we're leaning towards him not going right now."

There was good news for some. Linebacker Christian Robinson (concussion) will plays, Richt said. As will tight end Aron Robinson (cartilage) and running back Ken Malcome (groin).

And sophomore Alec Ogletree (groin) practiced full speed Thursday.

Still, Richt wasn't sure as to who will play and who won't.

"If (trainer) Ron (Courson) says they can go, they're going...I just go by what he tells me. If he says they're able to go, then they'll go."

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