Felt Like Home

Rancocas Valley Regional High School defensive lineman Dom Twitty was in attendance for the Syracuse spring game on Saturday with three of his teammates and not only was he overwhelmed with what he saw, it also felt like a second home for him.

Mount Holly, N.J., native Dominic Twitty is the second player from his team that told us on Sunday that Syracuse looks and feels much like home and that's definitely a good sign if the Orange want the 6-foot-2, 260-pound defensive tackle to commit this year.

"I liked it at Syracuse and we had fun up there," Twitty explained. "The thing I liked most about it was the coaching staff and how much they got into the spring game. They were just so energetic the entire time. I learned a lot from the game itself in terms of how the defensive linemen lined up, used their hands and a lot other technique work."

"Syracuse really reminded me of my hometown and I just felt like I was back at my house when I was there," Twitty added. "I felt great about that. The surroundings, the atmosphere, the people … everything just kept bringing me right back to where I live and that was cool for me."

"I talked to most of the coaches while I was up there, but I didn't talk to Coach Doug Marrone," Twitty said. "They just talked about how good of an academic school Syracuse is and how they could coach me to be a better player than I am now. I definitely listen to them and give them that respect and think I could learn from them."

We asked Twitty what was on the agenda going forward in recruiting.

"I'm just waiting around for more colleges to contact me. I feel really good about the offers I have now and feel like I deserve them for the hard work I put in during the season and offseason. I'd like to make a decision sometime during basketball season next year."

As a junior, Twitty had 45 tackles, seven sacks and two interceptions.

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