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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's somewhat relavant rambling.

I kept repeating the word "we" and urging "us" to victory. We needed our starters in. They're fixing to score a touchdown to move ahead of us. We can't lose this. How can this happen to us. We…us…were about to lose. Damn it.

This is how I spent the waning moments of G-Day—thankfully and unfortunately. I relished the competition. But I had to watch as my Red team fell in defeat to Dean's Black team.

Tavarres King begged for the ball to be thrown his way. Aron White pleaded with the coaches to let him back in the game. Christian Robinson offered to pay a member of the opposing team to blow his assignment. Todd Grantham said something that went like this: "What the %$&&%$##^ are we ^$#%^%^$# out here. $...&^%^%...&%&%.

All the while, Dean gloated about cooking methods, prime cuts and dessert selections.

Yes, sadly it's true. I now owe Dean a steak dinner.

Look, it wasn't supposed to be like this. I'm the underpaid Minion who is supposed to be able to use keen trickeration to pull one over on my boss. I'm not supposed to be buying steaks. I live on peanut butter and ramon noodles for crying out loud!

I'm fine with all this…it's well documented Dean tricked me into a Chili's steak when I won a similar bet last August. I will follow his methods. And I will be Red team ‘till I die.

I know many of you are probably having the same thought as chadtm77, who asks: If you and Dean we're to choose the Gday roster next year who would be on your team? And would you have the confidence to up the ante on the bet between you two?

Would I have the confidence? Why hell yes I will. Here's my plan: Sub in David Andrews for Ben Jones (who will be gone after this season. Think about that. No Ben Jones. Weird. Almost leaves me with an empty feeling. Actually, it does leave me with an empty feeling) and I'm ready to go.

I'll still have Robinson, Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree. Yeah, I'll take that bet. I mean we will take that bet. All of us will take that bet.

What say you Dean? Double Waffle House ribeye or nothing?

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin'.

BlackDeathD stops in to ask a series of questions: First all does the Phil sub at subway count as a steak? I mean the steak is going to swim in A-1 if you take him somewhere nice.

Exactly. I heard Dean discussing bringing A-1 and a propane grill to cook the steak. I said, ‘Wait just a minute here. There will be no A-1 rubdown my friend (at this point I think we all know my feelings on condiments. ‘You can't taste nothin' as Snoop would say). And propane? Please. We're going Caveman style and raking one over the coals, son!'

2nd question Is it just me or do you see some serious ALL-SEC/ALL- American talent on this team?

Yes, I think there a few players with a legit shot to make some All-Your Awesome teams in 2011. Offensively, Aaron Murray, Cordy Glenn, Orson Charles and Ben Jones should be in the mix for some accolades. The SEC has some great backs (Trent Richardson, Marcus Lattimore, the Florida duo (one being a hardened criminal and the other super track fast. Lethal speed (get it!) as I call them), and that guy from Arkansas (Knile Davis) just to name a few. So Isaiah Crowell might not beat those guys out for serious recognition (he might, I don't know. I just wanted to use parenthesis again), but I bet he'll make an All-Freshman team.

Anyway, defensively, I could see Alec Ogletree, Jarvis Jones and Brandon Boykin as getting in the All-SEC mix. My sleepers will be DeAngelo Tyson, Sanders Commings (third team honorable mention) and Christian Robinson. I'm in wait-and-see mode with Kwame and Cornbread. Speaking of which…

IS Geathers for real? Will he play DE on a few plays?

He had one heck of a spring and G-Day game, that's for sure. The thing with Kwame has always been something or another about his body—his weight or injuries. All of that static seems to be behind him because he's gotten himself into really great shape in the past six months or so.

While I don't see him playing the quote-unquote defensive end spot (that's being rather ambitious of you), I could see he and Jenkins playing together on short yardage or goal line situations. And you can quote my quote-unquote on that. End quote.

Are our only concerns safeties picking learning the D better, and finding someone to play opposite of Jarvis Jones at the OLB position for this D to be special?

Here are my weakest links…in order of weakest to less weakest…

1) Safety opposite Bacarri Rambo. I don't think the coaches have much confidence in either Jakar Hamilton or Shawn Williams, which leaves only incoming freshmen or a permanent move by Sanders Commings (which will hurt the corner spot. Man, I've overextended these parenthesis today. They're sucking wind like they were trained all offseason by Dave Van Halenger. Too soon? Let's move on). I bet Commings will move to safety. I just have that feeling.

2) OLB opposite Jones/OLB depth. Somebody has to step up. Cornelius Washington may well start. Ray Drew might as a freshman. Or possibly Ramik Wilson or Kent Turene will get in the mix. Maybe T.J. Stripling or Dexter Morant will be healthy. What if Chase Vasser proves he's ready to contribute? See what I'm doing here…I'm throwing out a whole bunch of maybes, what-ifs and we'll sees to thoroughly freak your outside linebacker world out.

3) Depth at corner. I love Brandon Boykin and Sanders Commings. Here's to hoping Branden Smith has gotten meaner in the run game. But there isn't much behind those guys. Let's pretend Commings moves to safety (which is possible). Also, let's pretend Branden Smith gets a concussion (which is possible). Who plays? Jordan Love, Derek Owens…true freshmen. Yikes!

To sum it up has UGA closed the gap on D with UF and Bama? This team seems special on D.

I won't say they've closed the gap until they put up a statue of Herschel. And decorate the concrete around Sanford a little bit. I'm glad the walls are pressure washed…but how about a little color and camaraderie? How about some jerseys hanging or some prominent SEC swag…something more than just a couple of wind-beaten flags. I'm just sayin'…

TNLogDog drops in to ask a few pertinent questions: Can you give us an idea of what the players schedules will be like once school is out? I'm sure they will all go home for a few weeks but... Do most of the players attend summer classes?

Yeah the players can go home from mid-May to the first of June. So…that leaves them with about three solid weeks to "get away from the arena," so to speak. The players do take summer classes while they go through summer workouts…speaking of which…

What do you expect the summer workouts to be like and who do you think the leaders will be?

I would expect much of the same, as far as workouts go. Lifting weights, agilities and a whole bunch of pass skeleton, the bare bones (get it!) of football necessity…Leaders, in my opinion, will be: Offensively—Aaron Murray, Ben Jones, Orson Charles. Defensively—Christian Robinson, Jarvis Jones, Brandon Boykin, Bacarri Rambo.

Are the players "required" to stay on campus over the early summer months?

"Yes"…after that little sabbatical in May. "wink wink."

Is June the earliest the freshmen can get on campus? Any related information you might want to add would be much appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work!

Yeah, I think June 5 is the earliest freshmen can come in. I'm sure there will be some guys hanging around, but June is officially when they can all move in. Now, a JUCO guy like John Jenkins can enroll for May-mester if his duties at his previous school conclude in time.

One last you think you are being pushed out by Dean for something better looking?

Listen, now that I owe Dean a steak dinner, I may be too valuable for him to push me out. I understand there is a new face around the site. I understand most of you on the board have already applauded Dean's keen eye for talent. I will remember those of you who stay loyal to the Minion. I'm still over here kicking…just maybe not as high.

RenegadeDawg, a Mail Bag Hall of Fame question-poser, has returned: I'm back!

Just where have you been all my Mail Bag life?!?!?! Glad to have you back in the Sack…

1) If a man is walking in a forest and no woman is there to hear him, is he still wrong?

Inherently, yes—he is still wrong…but only because he is walking in the forest because Dean hired the woman. I'm so over this!!!!

2) Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?

If you found a book about necrophilia on a mortician's desk, would you tell anybody? Wouldn't it technically be too late to tell anybody that mattered?

3) Who closes the door when the bus driver gets off?

The Mail Bag occasionally touches on subjects with mature content. Strong parental guidance is advised…

Does Robert De Niro know that it's okay to turn down roles?

In pops our old pal Magic Man to state his case: Unfortunately, De Niro graduated from the Samuel L. Jackson School of being a move whore. So, no. I mean this guy went from one of the best roles in history on Pulp Fiction to Snakes on a Plane (which I am still trying to figure out what that movie is about).

I'm tired of all these mother $&#$*@! Questions in my mother &@#!$%* Mail Bag!...Seriously, what is Samuel L. Jackson so mad about? He's the Eminem of actors. So much talent…so many classic much anger…

Anyway, back to Roberto. I almost fear speaking negatively of DeNiro because I could see Joe Peschi trying to off me for even thinking of such…but here goes…The Godfather Part II was Jerry Rice in 1987. Casino was Emmitt Smith in 1995. Goodfellas was Brett Favre in 1996…on the flip side…Little Fockers was Jerry Rice in 2004 (when he tragically played for both Seattle and Oakland when we were all watching Jerry Rice's corpse trying to run routes). Machete was Emmitt Smith in 2003 (when he averaged a paltry 2.6 yards per carry with Arizona and had yet to employ Just For Men to stave off his graying career). And I'll give DeNiro this…Righteous Kill was Brett Favre in 2009 (a season in which Favre posted impressive numbers), but the acting was so terrible something just didn't feel right despite an above-average plot.

I think all that made sense. At least it all did to me.

The moral of my somewhat decent analogies? Get out while you're ahead. Don't pull a Cranberries and Linger.

blackbulldawg, a first ballot Mail Bag Hall of Famer, asks: 1. Since Sturdy is out who is going to be the back up at LT?

Hmmm…let's see…the tackle position is a sure-fire bet to be in my Top Three Offensive Concerns…there just isn't much depth. I would like to see Austin Long be able to get healthy and make a run at starting at right tackle. Or maybe even Brent Benedict. Or Kenarious Gates. That would leave Justin Anderson and A.J. Harmon free to play as backups, which is where I'm most comfortable with those two.

2. With the theft from the carver boys does this hurt our relationship further down the road with the school?

I don't think it has any effect at all. I think the PEOPLE that allegedly played Arabian Nights in the locker room will be held accountable. Not the institution.

When I was six years old, I stole a pack of Reese's from a gas station. Two things…1) Those Reese's were mighty tasty. 2) My dad found me out and made me go in and pay for them…I didn't technically mean to steal them…I understood you had to pay for things, but when I was six here's how my gas station perusing went: One, stalk the candy aisle…Two, carefully decide which item I would end up consuming. Three, make my final selection. Four, stand next to my dad as he took care of the payment. Walk out. Enjoy. Wait until tomorrow to Brian McKnight that baby and start back at one.

Except one time, my dad was unaware I held such a peanut butter and chocolate delight in my hands…so I technically stole them. But I had to go back and pay for them later that day. I still remember wondering if I had embarrassed my dad (Carver), but I don't think he cared about all that—as long as I learned my lesson.

3, Now that Geathers has come on and Cornbread will be playing to you see our line being the strongest part of our D?

I'll rank the spots, 1-4…1) Inside linebacker. I love the starting duo—Christian Robinson to direct the movie. Alec Ogletree to kill all the bad guys. And the depth here is potentially awesome. 2) Defensive line—Kwame's spring, coupled with Jenkins' arrival has me expecting great things. I love DeAngelo Tyson and Abry Jones as ends. And the depth, especially Garrison Smith, has me thinking this unit could potentially be No. 1 after fall camp. 3) Outside linebacker—only because this group has potentially the best player on the defense in Jones. Lack of anyone else as a proven commodity, obviously, hurts. 4) Corner—big fan of Bam Boykin, Commings and Smith. Staying healthy will be key. 5) Safety—somebody needs to assert himself opposite Rambo.

4. Watching coach friend what do you think are the major differences in style of coaching?

I can't tell you much about the technique because I've never seen the line really working under Friend's guidance. I can tell you there are some differences in approach. There isn't as much gruff and grump going on—not as much yelling. I won't call Friend laid back. No, that's not the right connotation. But, he isn't as in your face all the time like Searels. Some guys have said it's refreshing. Others say they have no preference. All of them said they feel more like men—like they are more accountable for taking care of business because there isn't somebody there constantly reminding them of what to do.

It's kind of like a Kindergarden boy who has a tendency to wet his pants (by the way, this boy is not, or was not, me). One teacher might constantly say, ‘Do you need to use the bathroom? Are you doing OK?' That's one method for avoiding disaster. But another teacher may take the approach of having a serious sitdown in the morning before class starts—laying out what needs to happen and waiting to see if the little kid can handle his business. There may be a few more mishaps with the latter tactic early on, but I would think this is the most gratifying approach—if long term success is had, it won't be because the teacher constantly told him when/where to go, but because he learned for himself after proper instruction…

Damn…I just woke up from a words coma. What in the world am I talking about? I think I was trying to convey why true freshmen had such success with Searels, but as they got older they started wetting their pants. I think. Let's move on…

5. Since I guess you lost the bet where will you be taking Dean the Mean to go eat lol

Doesn't McDonald's release the McRib for at least one month every year? That's the speed I'm looking for in this repayment.

6. Who do you think will improve the most in the offseason?

Offensive starter: Bruce Figgins. New position with high upside. Offensive non-starter: Chris Conley. Newcomer with nowhere to go but up. Safe bet for the Minion. Defensive starter: Alec Ogletree. New positon with the intent to kill. Defensive non-starter: Richard Samuel. Release the Krakken!!!!

Always thanks for all you do

Your Hall of Fame membership bumper sticker and lapel pin will be in the mail shortly.

begger asks: Where does Georgia stand with the 3 big men offered this spring; Cannon, Guest and Peters?

Allow begger, if you will, for me to take the Mark Fox escape route here. Since he had so much difficulty recruiting his first two years in Athens "because he hadn't had proper time to establish the necessary relations within AAU and high school circles, his efforts were rendered useless." Same with those guys you mentioned and me. I've never talked to them. I know I probably should, but Fox can scrape the bottom of the barrel and miss out if he wants…I don't feel like chasing down kids that probably aren't coming to Georgia and aren't necessarily SEC players to begin with…is that harsh of me to say? Let's see…

thedogfather doesn't think it's harsh, asking: What DEFCON Level are we on in regard to basketball recruiting? You can probably tell I am more than a little concerned about our ability to field a respectable team in the fall of 2012.

Leave all valuable items behind…get out of the building. I repeat—GET OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!

And how about SuwaneeDawg03's thoughts: I love Coach Fox and believe he can build a consistently winning program, however, I am becoming concerned with his lack of recruiting results. It would really bode well for a recruit to commit (2011 and 2012) to assure the fan base he can pull in the big dawgs.

Ah, it burns; it stings. And now, that's not antibacterial spray for cuts and scrapes causing the tenderness. It's the cold hard truth—cutting to the core!

Begger returns to ask: And who will be the first 2012 commit?

The end of summer could potentially be damn fun times for the Georgia faithful…if not, I'll be on the lookout for disastrous message board wildfires. One way or the other, most of the names on Georgia's board will start committing after the summer circuit. I could see either Shaq Goodwin or Jordan Adams being the first to commit, but I'm not saying it will be to Georgia.

SuwaneeDawg03, also a Mail Bag Hall of Famer, returns to talk a little football: asks: What/Who were you most impressed with at G-Day?

The theme of this Sack has been lists…so I'll keep with that method: 1) No injuries. 2) Kwame Geathers. Looked great. Caused havoc. Scared the dickens out of a few little kids. 3) No injuries. 4) Branden Smith. He's fast. Real fast. 5) No injuries. 6) Jarvis Jones. Cleared to play. I saw him tackle a guy. And he got up. 6) Again—say it with me—no injuries.

I realize the coaches (other than the trainers) can only have limited contact with the players until fall practice, but can they be required to workout? Is it simply the leaders on the team do the best they can to make sure everyone works out, runs, eats well, and runs plays with teammates?

The strength and conditioning staff oversees the workouts (and I assume the nutrition stuff since that was just implemented this offseason). So they will be monitoring the conditioning and training. Now, the players will be responsible for football-related drills.

If anyone were to walk into your humble abode, what would be the biggest tipoff that you are a post college bachelor?

Monopoly board game on the floor…Webster's dictionary on the coffee table…a dozen cans of V8 splash tossed all around—I'm telling you dude…it's always a party at my spot.

I'm kidding. Except about Monopoly. I love collecting $200 while I pass Go! And your lame ass wheelbarrow sits and mopes in jail. That's about as thug as I could make Monopoly.

While I'm not married, I do refer to the Minionette in the Mail Bag from time to time. She makes sure my apartment does not resemble a bachelor pad, but I am prone to leaving cans of "drank" and empty bags of pork skins laying around when she's been gone for a while.

That, my friends, is truly living the Minion status lifestyle.

godawgs123456 asks: 1) I assume you have seen the "Most Interesting Man in the World" Commercials for XX beer. What current UGA football player would hold this title?

I smell another list coming on…Actually, I'll give you a few options…A) Ty Frix (my choice) – He's extremely smart. I think his major is Saving the Planet or something like that. He has his pilot's license. He's a legacy—his father played at UGA in the 80s. And he's a great guy. B) Aron White—actively engaged in on-campus groups and activities. Proved his mental acumen with his speech at graduation. Can grow an awesome beard. C) Isaiah Crowell. Gold teeth and dreadlocks. Need I say more?

2) How does Kevin Ware commit to UCF before even visiting Louisville and UGA? I guess I'm just disappointed, but I guess the allure of being The Guy was too much??

aname butts in to say: godawg, just a wild not fletcher guess but my guess is he's scared of KCP. Also, I doubt KW is the first guard off the bench if he plays for us. It would be brantley/ thornton.

That could be it…Of all the choices, I found UCF to be the least likely. But what do I know? After typing my answer to begger, I realized I don't even call most of these recruits in the spring. I thought Ware would eventually sign with Tennessee (again), with Georgia just missing out. Oops!

3) If Geathers and Jenkins come to Rodney Garner's house for a steak dinner, how much steak does it take to satisfy their hunger?


4) Which incoming recruit, other than Crowell, makes the biggest impact this fall?

John Jenkins would be a good choice…so would Ray Drew…but I like to live dangerously—mix it up a bit here. I'll say Malcolm Mitchell. The Bulldogs need another playmaker on the perimeter…I think Tampa will make some plays.

5) What's up with the Braves? Talk about frustrating to watch . . . .

Tell me about it…Say, am I the only one here who doesn't like Freddie Freeman's face…he looks like Buzz from Home Alone and Biff from Back To The Future had a baby. I'm blaming the early woes on that nonsense.

aname returns for more: Now for my questions: what are the chances Garcia isn't starting against us?

I hesitate to give a percentage on this. As most of you know, I'm a 50/50 guy. Either he will or he won't. It's 50/50. But I think he'll be there.

do you think Houston will end up with the falcons?

I predict the Falcons will probably pass on Houston to draft another defensive end or outside linebacker. In Hines Ward fashion, Houston will fall to a powerhouse—the New England Patriots, who have two picks in the first round. He'll go on to a stellar career, win a Super Bowl MVP and then Dancing With The Stars. Meanwhile the Falcons' pick will flame out after two seasons, amid injuries and drug rumors.

That's just my gut feeling right now.

how early is too early to request a trade (thinking AJ Green in the embarrassment that is Cincy)

If I'm A.J's PR team, I'm talking up Carolina's Jimmy Clausen all over the place. I'd spin it so it seems the Panthers have no need to draft a QB and need to surround the much-improved Clausen with a go-to caliber receiver.

Cause it looks like A.J. is headed for Cinci. The positive? Awesome helmets and jerseys (Tops in the NFL, no doubt). The negative? Playing for the worst run franchise in the sport, which boasts the slimmest scouting personnel and coaching staff and consistently…sucks terribly and whose former quarterback has repeatedly said he'd rather retire and quit altogether than to come back and lounge in the stinkfest for one more second.

Have to take the good with the bad, I suppose.

trooperdawg980 asks: With spring practice over, give us your starting line-up for Boise St.

Hmmm…there are a few locks, a few toss-ups…and a few guesses. Let's start with the locks:


QB – Aaron Murray. C – Ben Jones. LT – Cordy Glenn. TE – Orson Charles. WR – Tavarres King. FB – Bruce Figgins.

Toss-ups: On the line, a lot will be determined by who exactly plays where. Friend is going to mix-and-match the best five players, so it's hard to say for sure…but…I'll say: LG – Kenarious Gates. RG – Chris Burnette. RT – Justin Anderson. I really want to put Long or Benedict here somewhere. But at the moment, I can't. TE – Aron White. WR – Marlon Brown. RB – Isaiah Crowell.

Guesses: WR – Rantavious Wooten. In a three-wide set, somebody has to start here. Pull a name out of a hat. You'd have as good of a shot as the Minion.


Locks: ILB: Christian Robinson. Alec Ogletree. OLB: Jarvis Jones. Corner: Brandon Boykin. Safety: Bacarri Rambo. DE: DeAngelo Tyson. Abry Jones.

Toss-ups: Again, much will depend on where the coaches decided to play a player—in this case Commings. I'll say Safety: Sanders Commings. Corner: Branden Smith. NT: John Jenkins. Sticking up my gut (get it!) here.

Guess: Nickel: Jordan Love.

There you have it ladies and your gents, your 2011 season-opening lineup.

Who will be the next all-american at UGA? How about your pre-season all-sec players at GA. for 2011?

I'll take Orson Charles in the short term…Alec Ogletree as my long term investment. Charles in 2011. Tree in 2012.

How about any favorites you have for the up-coming season for the SEC All- Freshman team?

Crowell should get there. From there, I'll say the best chances are Malcolm Mitchell, Ray Drew and potentially Michael Bennett…you know, in that, ‘Wait, he redshirted, but is still technically a freshman and had a decent year' kind of way.

MagicMan31 pops his head back in the Sack to ask: With our love of running the football, the I-Formation being the dominant formation, our line having a size advantage most of the time, and our OLs getting bigger and bigger in the new S&C program, why do we insist on a zone blocking based running scheme? Look at most of the dominant running games - Bama comes to mind - they are usually hat-on-hat, mano-y-mano, beat the man in front of you and demoralize him. We have the potential to do that. Why don't we?

Ooh, for a second I thought you said Mayo-y-Mayo…gave me a cold chill.

I'm not sure I have an answer to your question. It's a great topic to bring up though…slowly backing toward the door…I mean, I guess Georgia could man up…reaching for the door knob…but zone has proven to be effective in the NFL and some college programs in the past…opening the door…I'm not entirely sure what the thinking on that is…and I make a break for freedom.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over. We outta here baby. Thank y'all for coming.

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