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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's somewhat relavant rambling.

The plan was to drink until the pain over…But what's worse, the pain or the hangover? -- Kanye West

Now I'm not one to beat my chest and say, ‘I told you so!' … Well, actually I am. But I won't do that in this case—for a few reasons. I have said on numerous occasions here in the Mail Bag that Washuan Ealey would not be on this football team come fall camp. News broke Monday afternoon proving me right. But I'm not going to beat the Mail Bag drum…

Ealey is a young man trying to "figure it all out," as they say. I won't pile on because a lot of college-aged people don't have it all together. Hell, a lot of people in general—regardless of age—don't have it together. I've obviously provided a fumble or two of my own (get it!) considering this Mail Bag is about three or four days late.

Anyway, there is no winner here—the Bulldogs lost a proven, decent tailback. Ealey lost the chance to earn a degree from the University of Georgia. And I've now got to talk about the negative consequences on the Bill Shanks show out of Macon (I'm on every Wednesday at 4 p.m. Shameless plug!)

I'm not going to give any details…but I saw this coming. I'd been told this was coming. And I think this needed to happen.

And I told you so…wait…

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin'.

38243824 asks: do you know which schools williams and dowtin are going to or are looking at?

I believe both will end up at North Alabama. I think the news on Williams has already been reported by another outlet. Dowtin should join him soon. And I'm told he wants to be play both running back and linebacker. Look out boys, we've got ourselves an ambitious one!

DickVanDawg asks: Speaking of Coan brothers, which do you like better-Fargo, The Big Lebowski, or Raising Arizona. I gotta go with BL who didn't know somebody like him. Steve Buscemi is great in Fargo though.q

I'm going to agree with you—Big Lebowski is tops on my list from those you mentioned.

A) I love Jeff Bridges. B) The back and forth banter between the Dude and Walter (John Goodman) is priceless because like you said—everybody knows a guy like the Dude (laid back, carefree spirit), and everybody knows a guy like Walter (hardass who is stuck on something from his past). C) Sam "My moustache may be better than Tom Selleck's" Elliott is the narrator/man at the bar.

Those three things alone guarantee a film will be golden—trust me, I just looked this up on the Interwebs.

Plus, whenever Dean calls after something goes wrong (like I don't release the Mail Bag for a couple of days), I'll say, "Nobody calls me Lebowski. You got the wrong guy. I'm the Dude, man."

Anyway, I just recently re-watched Raising Arizona (and this is just my opinion)—I don't think it has that second and third viewing appeal that BL does. I could watch BL again right now and laugh and find new subtle details and tell my friend Burch he reminds me of Walter.

Maybe I've soured on Nicolas Cage, but I'd stick Fargo in there at second. It's been a few years since I last saw it, but the more I see RA, the better I remember Fargo being.

Dean Legge asks: Its contract time in some sports… what do you know about that?...If anything?

Could there be a lockout between us?…You're the owner. I'm the player. That makes you Robert Craft, and I'm Tom Brady (uncanny comparison). You own the stage. I provide the acting.

Sadly, there's not about $9 billion that we're having trouble agreeing on.

(This may take the vote for most obscure question & answer ever recorded in the Mail Bag).

I am assuming the mail bag was up early to watch the royal wedding... comment/thoughts?

The Minion did not watch the royal wedding live…but I admit (I know, I know), I did check out a few re-runs and listened to probably about two or three shows too many providing commentary.

Two things…Princess Kate is the Jupiter of the looks universe. She's classy, elegant, supreme, and, or, all of the above. And secondly, Prince William clearly outdid himself.

That's what we all want to see in life…think about it this way: William is clearly a three-star recruit when it comes to looks. Harry is the sterling five-star in all this.

I know there is the money, power, fame, fortune, future King appeal to William…but dude is a three-star compared Harry.

William certainly exceeded his ranking—he's like Clint Boling or Ben Jones in this regard (both four-year starters after having only been three-star recruits).

Cause Kate is with it.

Also: Kate's sister Pippa—yeah! I use to wear a shirt in high school that said, "Got a sister?" on the front. I wore that shirt in hopes of someday meeting Kate. Deep down, I secretly wish/hope Harry made like Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers and got with Pippa…that would make for a great book.

Old school Chik-fil-a sando or the new spicy one?

One more thing on Pippa: She's kind of like Knowshon redshirting in 2006. I mean, there were some legitimate women at that wedding. Kate would be Thomas Brown. Some other blonde cousin in the royal family was Kregg Lumpkin. And another brunette was Danny Ware. All those women were talented…but I think everybody could see when Pippa (Knowshon) is unleashed—nothing but greatness will happen ensue.

Oh, where was I?…spicy chicken sandwich…and I pull the pickles off and eat them first.

Please name a player on the Oklahoma City Thunder besides Kevin Durant...Note that the rest of America does not care...

And another thing about Pippa…I'm kidding, I'm out.

Here we have another obscure question from Dean. This is in reference to a phone conversation we had not long ago…where I called myself the Kevin Durant of Dawg Post…and I said he was the Russell Westbrook, taking shots like he thought he was the man around here or something.

I was kidding. Sort of. This was all started by the thread last week aptly (and rightly) titled, "Dean, please let Fletcher do the writing."

Either way, Dean went into this long, annoying diatribe about how he didn't care about the Thunder and couldn't name any players on the team besides Durant.

Which sort of helped my point—if I'm truly the Durant of DP. And I am. But don't tell him that.

He says he's Dwayne Wade (already with a championship ring), and I'm LeBron James (taking all the shots and getting all the hype without having won anything of importance). Being that I dislike Lebron, this zinger cut me deep.

Not a bad comparision for Legge, who has been drawn into my realm of analogies, allusions and absolute worthless rambling.


SuwaneeDawg03 comments: How are you feeling now that Dean has posted not one, not two, but THREE questions in your mailbag in one week?

Almost brought a tear to my eye...this is like watching Lt. Dan get up out of that chair at the end of Forrest Gump...

"Custom-made titanium alloy. It's what they use on the space shuttle."

UGAGirl98 asks: What do you think about Boise State's blunders with the NCAA? I feel like BSU now has an excuse if/when we beat them in the Dome

Eh, I don't read too much into the missed practices…Obviously it won't help, since at least six hours of instruction and honing and preparation and tackling and (insert any other sports related something here) will be missed.

To say it's not a big deal is to discredit coaching and practice altogether.

But I don't think it will make for much of an excuse. I'm sure the self-imposed penalties will make for a good line in the pre-game/post-game shows…but in reality, once that opening kickoff blasts, it's two teams playing a football game. You have to play the hand you're dealt. And why/how you win money, lose money or break even doesn't really matter…just that you did or didn't.

SuwaneeDawg03 returns to ask: Since we lose Chris Mayes to JUCO for a couple of years, I assume that makes signing a couple NTs in this class becomes even more important. Are Taylor and Atkins our only targets for NT in 2012 at this time?

You're astute to note Georgia's need for nose tackles…it goes without saying—if Georgia struggled so mightily without a force at nose in 2010, then that means the Bulldogs can't get caught without one again (assuming this coaching staff is still around for a while and the 3-4 is still employed. Is it too early to make comments like this? Just checking).

Taylor is a top five in-state prospect, and the staff is doing a great job recruiting him thus far.

Atkins isn't the sure-fire hit Taylor appears to be, but Georgia has offered and is the clear-cut leader.

Also offered at the nose: Pat Gamble (needs to add weight, get stronger). Earl Moore (again, weight and get stonger. But he's a great athlete).

A good bet to get an offer in the event of a miss: Dalvin Tomlinson (Henry County).

I'd expect Georgia to take two in this class, and as you can tell by the way this is playing out, Taylor is the most coveted. Gamble and Atkins are the next best available that Georgia thinks can play in the SEC, and they're taking the ole, ‘wait-and-see' on Tomlinson, who has stated Georgia was his fav growing up.

Do you think Coach Mark Fox can recruit at an SEC level or will he have to settle for lesser known recruits and hope to coach the fool out of them? (Pulling in Harrow or Ware would be a nice cherry on top of this class.)

First let me state this: I don't find it wise to take six recruits in one class (unless you're a powerhouse and you're taking the upper crust that you can't turn away).

It's just plain bad business…unless the plan is something like this. One doesn't qualify (hedging the bet). One goes pro within two years (Kentavious, much?). Then you're getting back into a realistic, diversified scholarship allotment for each year.

In saying that, I'd rather have Harrow than Ware. His true point guard nature makes him more valuable to Georgia because Fox won't have a single point guard after next season. Ware is more of a slasher; a player better suited off the ball (where Caldwell makes his living as a shooter/slasher).

Getting that out of the way, I think the true test for Fox is the 2012 class. He will have had plenty of time to make the necessary relationships. And the kids in that class have seen what the team is capable of (NCAA, players hopefully getting drafted in the first round).

So, let's hold our judgment until after November of this year. If Fox comes up empty or disappoints with that group, then I'll start tweeting snarky comments about his recruiting shortcomings.

What (did you do) for your mom for Mother's Day?

This past week has been hectic for me (obviously). I went to Jefferson to cover the state track meet Thursday. I followed that up with two days at the Nationwide Tour event here in Athens. All the while, I was compiling data and other trivial things for Kingpin Legge (things behind the scenes that you don't know I do).

So the Mail Bag was neglected. And the Minion's Mother was neglected.

But I did manage to make the two-hour drive up to my hometown to eat dinner with the fam, hang out for a little bit and try to create enough small talk so my mom wouldn't realize I didn't buy her anything.

I guess you could say my presence was my present.

I would like to personally thank you for providing quality reading material in the Dawgpost mag that passes the time for me while I take a dump. That is all.

I guess I'm full of…for when you're full of…

TNLogDog asks: Is Boise St's D-line as good as they (BSU fans) say they are and who wins that battle on Sep 3rd, their D line or our O line?

Well Damn TNLG, why don't you put me on the spot?

Let's see…the Broncos have eight players returning on the line that are either a senior or junior. So they're experienced, if nothing else.

I can't speak at this point as to who will actually win this battle—but winning the trench war usually goes a long way in deciding the outcome.

While I'm practically worthless with this subject at the moment, I can tell you a few things about Georgia's line…Ben Jones, Cordy Glenn and Kenarious Gates turn me all Glenn Fry—peaceful, easy feeling…and I know (they) won't (you) down…(OK, that's enough of that).

But the other two spots are worrisome. I'm OK with Burnette at right guard if he can stay healthy. He's smart—like legit, knocking finals week out of the park smart. And he's got talent. His knock has always been health.

I'm most concerned about left tackle. I like the talent and size Bean Anderson and A.J. Harmon provide…but at some point potential turns to disappointment, which turns to missed opps.

That's the biggest question mark position on the team, in my somewhat reasoned opinion.

Which recent UGA draft pick landed in the best location, not only money but location (city, night life, etc), future championships as well as advancing in their own personal careers?

Hmmm…I would say many players would be envious of Akeem Dent's selection. Dean would disagree with me because he calls the Falcons a big ole bag of mashed up stinkfest.

But Dent has to be happy…he'll be playing for the team he grew up rooting for. His family will be able to see every home game with ease (live less than five minutes away). And Dent will have an easy drive back to his old digs in Athens. Plus the Falcons sit perched (get it!) to be a contender for the near future.

How much do the two forth rounders stand to make next year?

Hold on…let me do some quick research…OK, I'm back…

I averaged a few random contracts from fourth round picks in the 2010 draft…The contracts went for four years, 2.35 million. The average yearly salary was $405,000, with a $200,000 signing bonus.

So, that's the ballpark we're in. I'm not sure how the new CBA might affect this year's picks.

Why did Kris Durham wear white socks and not black ones like his teammates?

I'm not sure what Durham's thinking was on that…but I had a basketball coach in high school that swore by wearing only black shoes. He said it would make white players look slower, thereby working a deceptive speed factor into our advantage.

Personally, I thought that was stupid. We were slow enough as it was. What's slower than slow? Stupid slow, I use to say.

Maybe Kris was also a believer in this theory and thought the black socks would make him look slower, so he only rocked the whites to salvage his speedy image.

aspendawg asks: Oline, is it gelling? If you get a chance or if you have gotten any further info other than what you have shared already, can we find out how the guys are doing with absortion of coach Friends schemes and teachings....also on that same line, are the recruits warming up to him?

I think everything has been fairly smooth with the transition to Friend. He's a really likable guy—so was Searels though. I'll hand it to Stacey; he was a good recruiter. He could talk to anybody. But he'd chew your ass during practice. That was always a delight of mine—listening to Searels blast and boom and verbally tear stuff down.

Friend, on the other hand, seems more calm on the field. But I think the philosophy has been pretty much the same.

I need to ask some of the players about the specific differences (language of play calls, schemes, expectations, communication, etc.).

loved hearing early about war daddy Gates mentioning that the guys are working on becoming mean and getting better....lets hope this summer we get 100% dedication from 100% of the team. GATA

We shall see.

blackbulldawg asks: 1. What do you think will be our biggest position of need in this class?

I'll always say offensive and defensive lines…those spots are like Jay-Z and love—he says he just can't get enough of it.

But I think Georgia needs to get a couple of receivers in this class. The numbers just aren't there at that spot…also, the staff needs to replenish that secondary—safeties and corners.

2. If you were McGarity what would be some of the main things you change about our football games?

I have always thought the stadium was too bland…I know it's a superficial attraction…but I think I'd splash those concrete decks with color. I'd have banners for each national title and SEC championship. And I'd devote some room for each player with a retired jersey.

And Herschel needs a statue. No way around that little statement.

As far as the actual game day atmosphere stuff—I'd cut out the Nickelback. And I'd figure out if the band is going to play more, or if there are going to be more music video montages pumped through the speakers.

I'm partial to music through the speakers because I'm new school. But I understand why some people don't prefer that style. But I think if that angle was handled properly (variety, volume, timing, transitions) then more people would get down.

Auburn's sound system worked to perfection last year. That place was rocking all night long. The music was on cue. The fans were in sync. The timing was spot on, so as not to distract from the game; rather the game was enhanced.

There's probably tons of other stuff I'd do…remind me in the coming weeks. We'll need something to talk about.

3. I know you think Washuan Ealey is pretty much done with UGA but have you spoken to him to see how he feels about all the stuff that Richt said?

Yep…that worked out, didn't it?

4. What is our best chance of landing a decent wr this class?

That's a tough question…and I'll be frank—of the players rated ahead of C.J. Curry, I don't think Georgia has a great shot at any. I know, I know…this is not the time for lacking candidates at that position. But Curry is one of the best players in the state of Georgia. Most of the Bulldogs targets (as usual) are from out-of-state. That's always hit-or-miss...mostly miss.

5. What's the craziest in a good way experience that happend to you while attending UGA?


I definitely did a lot of things that I probably wouldn't type out here in the Sack…

Of the good times that I can openly discuss…I would say the 24 hours leading up to the Alabama game in 2008 were some damn good times.

We had a good night out on Friday…we never went to bed; instead we stood in line for ESPN Game Day. We actually got in, and we got a sign up high enough to be seen on television.

Later, we had a successful tailgate. I got my picture taken with some awesome English bulldogs in Knowshon jerseys. One of my friends got his picture taken with the Miller High Life spokesman (clearly the High Life High Light of his low life. I kid. He's still currently living the High Life).

But somewhere late afternoon…things started changing. I dropped my new phone in a Jack & Coke. Fried.

We managed to sneak into the lower student section, but we were crammed in like mad.

And then the first half happened…31-to negative 17 or something like that.

I've kind of blocked out the rest of that night…but I remember carrying a grill all the way from North Campus to North Ave. bridge in the aftermath.

Alabama '08—it was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

6. Which previously injured lineman has the best chance to make an impact this season?

I'm gonna stick with Brent Benedict…with Austin Long a close second. I think Benedict's versatility to play both guard and tackle give him the nudge.

As always thanks for what you do

As always, thanks for reading and playing along.

aname asks: Other than Murray and B Jones, who is the leader on offense. Other than J Jones, Boykin, Robinson, and Ogletree, who are the leaders on D.

Offensively…Orson Charles and Aron White.

Defensively…I would put DeAngelo Tyson in there (not vocal, but does things the right way) and Bacarri Rambo (if for nothing else, he's a great interview. I can't stress this enough).

Which of the (basketball) big men incoming will have the greatest impact.

Hmmm…this is like trying to find a date to a break dance convention at a nursing home. All candidates seem flawed from the get go…

None of the post players Mark Fox recruited seem to be world beaters (which is unfortunate). All have been labeled with the "upside" tag, or called "late bloomers" or have "expert knowledge" of the game.

That's good and all…I guess.

The class of 2012 has three post players (Shaq Goodwin, Tony Parker, Robert Carter) in the state that have all those things and are supremely talented. If I'm picking basketball players off a menu, I believe I'll have that instead.

If I have to pick one, I'll take Nemanja Djurisic. He just seems the lesser of the "he'll be good after a few years under Fox" guys. I think he's more ready than that. I think he'll be an inside-out kind of player, but I say this without having actually seen him play.

Tim Dixon would be my next choice, if he's actually a real person. He's athletic and has played with Kentavious Caldwell and Nick Marshall. I think that means something. Of what, I'm not exactly sure.

BlackDeathD asks: Why does UGA have such a rich history of MCL, ACL ect injuries? This dates back to the Donnan's days. Charles Grant, Boss Bailey, Sturdy, Jeff Owens, Marcus Washington, Kregg Lumpkin, Coates, Sturdy again, Sean Bailey, Stripling, Albert Hollis, Rod Battle, Sturdy again. Why? Is it a price paid by our past S&C program. I know on no program in the SEC that goes through it as bad as UGA. How do you prevent this?

Wow. Once you actually start typing the names out like that, you're right, there have been a ton of knee injuries.

Honestly though, I don't think it had anything to do with the strength and conditioning. Well, it may have, but I tend to blame all the shoulder injuries on the old S&C more than I would the knee problems.

I think football is a sport that leads to knee injuries. I don't think you can prevent something like Stripling's (which by the way, was one of the more gruesome things I've seen in person. Luckily for me, I was standing about 20 yards from where that happened. It wasn't pretty). That was on a kickoff, just like Thomas Brown's was (who I don't think you mentioned).

I don't want to dismiss each injury as a coincidence, but I think the sport itself is to blame. Stopping, planting, pivoting, cutting, turning—all of these put a strain on the ligaments in a knee. Football players must perform all these actions—plus humongous cyborgs/Rocky/Rambo clones are trying to tackle them—check that, they're trying to kill them.

Injuries are going to happen.

RenegadeDawg asks: At what point does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?

When Dean walks out of the room.

Why do they put braille on drive-up ATM's?

It's a reward for endless love—Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder playing a tennis match.

Why do people who know the least, know it the loudest?

I don't know how this video applies...but it's funny nonetheless. BigBandMan asks: You are the Reincarnate of Mr. Las Vegas Oddsmaker… Sooooooooooooo, Mr. Oddsmaker --- How many games are our D A W G S the favorites, underdogs, or pickums in this upcoming 12 game football season?

If gambling were legal—and we all know it's not—here's how I see it as of right now…

Georgia will be favored against: Coastal Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, New Mexico State, Auburn, Kentucky, Georgia Tech.

They will be picked as underdogs against: Boise State and Florida.

And the South Carolina game will be a pick'um. It's hard for me to call that one right now because of the Boise game the week prior. What happens there will mean a lot. Georgia will get the home field bump (worth between 1-3 points on the spread), but South Carolina is probably going to be the favorite in the East coming in.

That, to me, will be the biggest game of the year.

Patches33 asks: Why is it that UGA did so well in state recruiting last year yet from what i seem to hear we are not doing so great this year? I'm not worried for the most part because it seems we are doing well outside of the state and you know we will get some of the in state guys.

Yeah, a few things—the state of Georgia doesn't have as many "headlining" players as last year. It's still got talent, no doubt about that. But from top-to-bottom, last year's class was insane (reminded me of the 2007 class. Yeah, that's the one. The one when Georgia struck out on most of the top kids. Say, when did Georgia see a dip in it's on field performance? That's right…two and three years after those misses in 2007. Yep).

Also, Georgia can't take as many kids as it did last year. So, the coaching staff has got to make sure they can take a kid when he's ready to commit. They can't have as many projects in this class.

Out-of-state recruiting does look to be going well. John Theus and Keith Marshall are probably the top two kids on the offensive board.

And don't forget about the JUCO kids already in place in this class…

Honestly what kind of impact could we expect out of Outlaw and Fields (the two juco kids)? Is Outlaw a red zone threat only, an athletic tight end, or a well rounded WR? Just curious about what a 6'8" WR would do for UGA?

I've seen Outlaw in person once…two years ago…at a basketball game. So, it's hard for me to say. Judging on the eye test, I think tight end would be a stretch for him because he's so slender. I don't think he'll be moving from receiver (not any time soon at least).

As far as what he can do at wideout, he's got an obvious strength—his height. But how many times have you heard the, ‘he's so tall, just throw it up in the corner of the end zone and he'll catch it' line used for a tall receiver? A lot. Too much.

I'm sure he can out-jump smaller corners. But I think this coaching staff has shown (with Marlon Brown) that you've got be a well-rounded receiver before you get on the field.

As for Fields goes, he is a big-bodied defensive end—and he's coming in at the right time. Grantham needs as many bodies as he can get down there in the trenches.

I have heard it mentioned that they are thinking of adding for student seats to Sanford, is this possible/likely anytime soon or is this only talk for the time being? Who's seats do they take away? Alumni? Opinion on such a move?

I'm all for students getting more seats. They're loud, they're proud…and damn it, they deserve to be able to go to as many games as possible during that four year (or four-and-a-half if you follow the Minion's precedent) period they're in school.

In delivering that message, there's little chance room would be made by cutting the alumni out—even if it is only slightly. The money talks.

What are students paying these days per game? $10 bucks? Compared to what the alumni contribute, $70 a season isn't going to fly.

But maybe there is room in the second deck to make this feasible. I'd be all for that action. It's been my experience that the youngest fans are typically the loudest.

Do you see BSU getting any sanctions from the "lack of institutional control"? I know its tennis and other sports outside of football but isn't that what the NCAA told USC before they gave them the axe? Again, just curious?

I think the football team will come out of that tangle just fine.

No offense to all the other sports, but nothing else will matter in the overall scheme of things. I'd be willing to bet the football program pays for all other sports at Boise. While that won't be why there will be no sanctions, I just don't see what the football program did to be on the level required for drastic actions.

Of the WR class coming in, everyone seems to LOVE Mitchell, and rightfully so but what can we expect from the other WR/TE? Is Mitchell the only instant impact guy or is there even an instant impact guy in the WT/TE class?

Jay Rome is going to be a beast at tight end…in due time.

As far as receiver, I think Chris Conley will be the next best, most solid option over the next four years. He's polished—a good route runner with good hands. He doesn't have overwhelming speed, but he is efficient enough.

Then, I slide Justin Scott-Wesley in there. He's still rather raw—he's got world-class speed, but needs to keep working on routes and breaks and all that.

I think Sanford Seay could surprise some people down the road, but he needs some time to get adjusted to everything college will throw at him.

Thank you. Keep up your great work.

I appreciate the love.

thedogfather asks: If Josh Smith misses a layup on an abandoned basketball court and no is around to see it, does he still attempt to glare at a ref?

We were having a pretty upbeat Mail Bag (sans the Ealey intro) until you brought up the Josh Smith face.

I'll just go ahead and say it…I don't like watching Josh Smith play basketball. I like watching Josh Smith play basketball. I hate watching Josh Smith play basketball. I love watching Josh Smith play basketball.

Every possession is a different emotion, almost like Josh Smith's game and I are in a seventh grade relationship.

I want to break up one minute…but then I change my mind the next. I pass him notes in class and gush about him to my friends. But then I tell my parents he's icky later that night.

Here's why the up-and-down takes place…he can do things no other player can at times…nasty dunks, leading the break, blocked shots, offensive boards…but then he'll follow that up with some of the dumbest plays ever…bad passes, too many jump shots, flash the Josh Smith face to the ref after a missed lay-up, so many other stupid things that make me want to punch myself in the stomach.

But just when you want to write him off…he soars in for a put-back. And just when you're falling back in love, he commits a charge on a fastbreak when he should have passed the ball four dribbles ago.

It's agony. It's delight. It's the Josh Smith face. It's the nasty tomahawk slam. It's seventh grade bliss.

Speaking of that, somebody just hit me up on MSN Messenger. I've gotta run. If you need me, I'll be chatting with Josh all night. I think he's dreamy…today at least.

Turn out the lights boys, the party's over…We outta here baby…Thank y'all for coming.

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