The Race for Ramsey

KINGSLAND – The race to sign Brice Ramsey has only just started.

The 2013 quarterback whizzed passes in front of a curious crowd at Camden County during that program's spring game on Tuesday. Ramsey connected on one touchdown pass, should have been awarded another and scored rushing. Ramsey only had one poor throw during the day – an under-thrown ball into the flats. Not bad for a player who has yet to start a high school game… there was not much to complain about.

What I saw yesterday lets me know all I need to know – Ramsey is the top quarterback in Georgia in 2012 and 2013, and he will probably be a very highly ranked prospect when the rising junior is ranked in the coming years. Robert Nkemdiche is getting a lot of attention about being the top player in Georgia in 2012 – and rightfully so. Ramsey is probably behind the Greyson star, but not too far behind.

Ramsey has yet to start a high school game, but has two college offers.

Tall and athletic for his size, Ramsey possesses the velocity on his throws that is in the same ballpark as Matthew Stafford's was in his early days at Georgia. Stafford certainly had a stronger arm at the time, but the recently turned 16-year old Ramsey is not too far behind the Stafford I saw as a 17-year old in January of 2006. He is a prototypical quarterback who could use a bit more help from his offensive line when it moves the pocket. That's about where the complaining begins and ends if you like Camden County… they are going to score a pile of points again this season.

The Camden product also kicks off – left footed at that – for the Wildcats. He's an interesting prospect, and comes from a program that knows how to win. Camden County and its wing-T offense have captured three state titles in the last ten years – two lately (2008 and 2009). Ramsey is learning how to play quarterback under center – which is going to be a huge advantage for him when he plays in college. He won't have to learn footwork and won't have bad habits from only playing in the shotgun for years.

That's not to say the Wildcats don't have a sort of "Brice Ramsey package." They briefly showed a four-receiver set in which Ramsey stood with a running back beside him in the shotgun.

College coaches from across the South have swung by to see him throw, and certainly they have not been disappointed. Four major Division I-A programs were in attendance for Ramsey's spring game – Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Middle Tennessee and Florida International. Georgia was the first to offer him a scholarship early in May; Clemson followed seven days later. South Carolina, North Carolina and a slew of other schools have ventured into the corner of Georgia to find out just what the big deal is with this tall blonde. Florida's Charlie Weis is scheduled to make the quick trip to Kingsland today.

Ramsey has thrown in front of college coaches the entire spring.

One thing is certain – Ramsey is going to be one of the most sought-after recruits in Georgia for a long, long time. The recruiting battle may or may not be legendary, but recruiting battles don't always signify how good a player is or will be – it more tests the prospect's tolerance for drama. The state is not known for breeding quarterbacks – D.J. Shockley was the last signal caller from the Peach State to start for the Bulldogs.

That's why Ramsey's recruiting will be so important for anyone trying to scoop him up. He's shown in the camp setting that he can throw the football better than anyone in the South. Now he's showing that he's not just a camp wonder kid – he can actually play football, too.

Quarterbacks don't just grow on trees – they are a very rare commodity. Quality signal callers only come around once every few years, and Ramsey is just that… quality.

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