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ATHENS - Another edition of Fletcher Page's somewhat relavant rambling.

As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence. – Benjamin Franklin

OK…OK…OK…so maybe we have hit the ever so dreadful "dead period."

We still have 107 days to wait until Georgia and Boise State kick off the season in the Georgia Dome. Spring practice (and player availability) has completely left the rear view. And somehow or another, nobody is driving intoxicated or beating the pulp out of somebody at a bar to get arrested. Washaun Ealey and A.J. Harmon left. But that was about as surprising as Cam Newton's likeness used for a statue at Auburn.

So there's not much to talk about. No quarterback battle. No major coaching change. No nothing.

With that said, I kind of expected for my Mail Bag vessel to run aground with questions like this:

GearDawg asks: As much as anyone else, I hope Mark Richt gets this ship turned around and starts competing for championships again. I know he's capable of it, and I really don't think that he's that far off from doing so. But, if he does have another collapse this season and McGarity sees fit to find another head coach, who do you think the top 5 candidates would be? Do you see UGA throwing Nick Saban money around to get the best coach possible, or would they go for another value hire and pick an up and coming assistant? I'm not trying to say that we should dump Richt, but trying to see how you think it'll pan out if they do.


UGA53MAIN asks: If CMR gets fired at the end of the year, what are the chances Kirby Smart becomes the new HC at UGA?

My answer to both of these is…I don't have an answer.

Now, don't get me wrong—I'm not belittling the thought. Obviously, given where Georgia is right now and what the record shows over the past two seasons, these are legitimate questions. In these driest days of the idle time, I understand thinking on such a topic. It's valid. And judging from what I've heard about the Bulldog Club meetings the past month, Richt has been fielding aggressive inquiries about his job security.

But I can't give you an answer. There's too much left to play out. There are too many things that could go right. There are too many things that could go wrong.

Instead of even attempting to sort this out, I'll give you my "company line" answer…Richt will either set himself up for the next decade at Georgia this season…or he'll be out of a job. I firmly believe that statement, as strong as it sounds.

He'll either win 10 games and sign an extension…or he'll be out.

And no, I couldn't even begin to put together a short list of candidates if a move is made.

While the Richt hot seat questioning is a serious matter for another day, a second line of questioning sprang up during these leisurely days.

It's seems incoming Florida freshman Ja'Juan Story likes to keep a hot seat of his own…

In a Q&A at the website Gator Country, this awkward exchange actually happened…and was actually run in full on the site…


Q: What's your favorite pre-game ritual?

A: Well, I take a doodoo. Before every game I doodoo.

Q: That's your FAVORITE pregame ritual?

A: Well, that's the only thing I do. That's one thing I have to do before every game, or I won't feel energy, and I'll just feel slow. When I do I just feel light on my feet and everything, and I feel faster, so that's what I do.

Q: You know I'm going to write this in a story right?

A: Well, I mean, that's what it is. I doodoo and then listen to Katy Perry.


I just want to take a pause button right here and let that last bit soak in…

Yes, folks…that…just…happened.

Don't worry though. Story follows up those answers with this little ditty:


Q: What's something about you that surprises people?

A: I'm really shy actually. When I get in front of a lot of people, like in class, I don't know, it's weird, but if I have to do an oral presentation or something, my heart starts beating real fast and I feel like I can feel my heart beating through my mouth. And that throws me off a little bit, my palms start sweating, it's annoying.


Perhaps Story should use his pre-game ritual to get ready for class, too.

Luckily, as expected, you guys were all over this one…and made sure to stop my Mail Bag up with questions and comments about Story's rather candid revelation…

TNLogDog asks: What is your favorite pre-game ritual (besides doodoo)?

Honestly, my pre-game ritual for Georgia games revolves around survival. Dean (understandably) likes to get to the Stadium about 27 hours early (that's a loose estimate). Inevitably, I'm still tying my shoes and tucking my shirt in as we walk in the gate…and hoping I didn't forget anything (important).

In college, I liked to do things that are called "shotgunning," and "double fisting," and "dude, are you sure you can handle this," type of activities.

SuwaneeDawg03 asks: If JaJuan Story has bad game for Florida, can we assume he is constipated?

Oh, you're just getting started, aren't you? You want to outdo yourself, don't you?

I realize one last question won't lighten your load, but to continue this nutty and corny theme, how do you prefer your toilet paper? Over or under?

In the words of Bill Simmons—yup, these are my readers.

RyanJordan says: Fletcher is doo dooing now in anticipation of another marathon mail bag session.

And I have Katy Perry blasting through my headphones. Life is swell!

GearDawg returns to the action: Let's doo this....

Well played, sir…

gadawgluver says: With all the focus on nutrition, has the doo dooing changed? If so was this part of the expected method to the madness? In our multi - million dollar expansion facilities did we think this far ahead? I mean do we have the best now in all areas?

Is it wrong that I googled, "Most expensive toilet in the world" after I read this…?

Anyway…bless these idle times, folks. They help me maintain my sanity while also driving me crazy. They…apparently keep me employed.

With all that said…ladies and gentlemen, you already know what it is…let's get it poppin'.

TNLogDog is back to ask: What are your thoughts on only having 80 scholarship players on the team and is over signing really that big of a deal if you consider that a team usually loses 1-3 players from attrition after the signing day and the draft?

I've weighed in on the oversigning issue too many times in the past…let's welcome in another voice to discuss this…Paul McCartney, ladies and gents!

What do you think Paul?

There is a fine line Between recklessness and courage It's about time You understood which road to take It's a fine line And your decision makes a difference Get it wrong you'll be making a big mistake

Whatever's more important to you You've gotta choose what you want to do Whatever's more important to be Well that's the view that you got to see

There is a long way Between chaos and creation If you don't say Which one of these you're going to choose It's a long way And if every contradiction seems the same It's a game that you're bound to lose

Come on back Come on back Come on back to me

(It's a fine line It's a fine line)

Whatever's more important to you (It's a fine line) You've gotta choose what you want to do (It's a fine line) Whatever's more important to be (It's a fine line) Well that's the view that you got to see

Exactamundo Mr. McCartney! I couldn't have said it, or sang it, better myself.

Yes, oversigning is great when you're in the position Georgia currently is—about six ‘ships open due to attrition. But when you're Nick Saban and running players off because you've got too many shoes to fit into the McDonald's play pin locker, you take a bad rap in the media and on the recruiting trail.

Like Paul sings—it's a Fine Line.

How dangerously thin is the offensive line now and should I be as worried as I am about an August injury?

Well…it was "pretty thin" before Trinton Sturdivant got hurt. Then it went to "really thin." Now that Harmon is gone, it's at "maybe we should have taken that borderline/project of a lineman in each of the last three recruiting classes."

There's plenty of depth at tackle. And center is fine with Jones and Andrews. But tackle is worrisome. It's like a Texas Jack-In-The-Box after a Mad Cow disease breakout. Get it? You know…because nobody's there.

Watts Dantzler better get ready. His time may now be sooner than expected.

Does the softball team make it to the world series again this year?

I'm going to say yes…because that senior class will not be denied. Alisa Goler, Megan Wiggins, Tayor Schlopy, Brianna Hesson—those girls have been the best thing that could have happened to the program.

Check out the past four years… 2011 - 47-12. 2010 - 50-13. 2009 - 47-12. 2008 - 46-24. What a run.

Yeah, I think they'll make it and compete. And sadly, I delivered this answer without looking anything up. I think I need a hobby.

blackbulldawg asks: Glad I can expect this one on time because I was dying of boredom last week. Now in the words of Fletch Armstrong "Lets get it popping'.

Yeah, I had one of those weeks where my checklist exceeded my time allotment. I felt like I was back in college during finals week again. Scary, I know. But I'm back now. I may not be refreshed, but I'm present nonetheless.

1. Due to our depth at the O-line which freshman can come in and give us some immediate help?

Watts is going to have to be the guy…I think…check that…I know David Andrews is the most physically and mentally prepared of the incoming group. But he's a center and BenJo (that's like banjo, but it's benjo…I think this works) has it covered.

Of the others, the guards are too hard to predict. They could be the next Gates or the next Lee. There's usually not much in between. With Benedict, Houston, Gates and Burnette there, I don't see much trouble.

Tackle is where help is needed most…and I think Zach DeBell is going to turn into a great one. But he is about 30 or 40 pounds away from that. He needs some time. Watts already has the size. He is somewhere in the middle of Andrews and DeBell. He's not quite ready, but he's also not a year or two in the making either.

Andrews to the left of him, DeBell to the right…Ladies and gents, your Stealers and Wheel feel good reference of the day! Groovy.

2. Now that the dawgs are done with spring ball what does their work out consist of now since it's not bulking up?

Well, currently most of the players are back at home. They'll be working out with their own trainers or on their own until June 5, when they have to report.

A great many of the guys (Christian Robinson, Tavarres King, Brent Benedict, Kolton Houston, David Andrews) are working with Ryan Goldin (which is the best thing that could happen to any athlete. Proven. Point blank).

I still say…the next few months need to be about explosion. Five yards of fire. That's what I think the workouts need to be about.

3. With all the losses at the line we are taking can we put together enough talent to still have a shot at the SECC?

Yes. But Bean needs to "put it all together." And Cordy Glenn can't get mono—or any other injury to hold him out. Georgia can withstand an injury or two at guard. But it can't at tackle.

4. How has Zander "Barbarian" Ogletree looked this season do you see a future starting fullback in him?

He is a little on the short side…ha, I just said a little on the short side. It never fails. I just became the creepy laughing guy as I'm sitting here typing in an undisclosed public location. Maybe I don't need any hobbies after all.

Anyway, the kid is just a football player. He likes to hit. He plays special teams with no fear. He just wants to win and find his own way of becoming a reason for success. Even if he doesn't start, I think he's valuable.

Plus, he has dreads and is a good interview—two prerequisites for getting in the "Bacarri Rambo this has nothing to do with my play on the field in-crowd."

Trust me—that's a coveted status.

5. Last question before you took Cornbread over Kwame( the Behemoth) Geathers in a no holds match with Kwame coming on now would your choice change?

Nice nickname designation my man…the Behemoth. I like it. We've the Behemoth and Cornbread holding it down on the line now. That's a diverse portfolio, folks.

And yes, I'm sticking with Cornbread…because when I make my selections, I stand by them. Except for that one time I said Georgia would win the East in 2010. I bailed out of that ship by Week Four.

In the words of Russel Simmons" Thanks for coming and God Bless and Good night".

We want the fame!

SuwaneeDawg03 is back on the scene: Hey Dean's superior, thanks for the punctual sack this week. If you were delayed two weeks in a row, you would probably fall back to Minion status.

Most of the time I spend all day Friday hoping Dean doesn't read the Mail Bag…but it's sentences like your first that keep me secretly wanting him to read.

The only good thing about having scholarships open after a signing class is for the few recruits that fall through the cracks such as (Denzel) Nkimdiche. This could be a HUGE package deal as we need CB's and wouldn't mind having a top 5 overall player as a DE in a couple of years. Granted 5 available spots (I think) are quite a few more than we should ever have available.

(Nodding my head…).

Are there any other players that may be options for the 2011 class?

(Shaking my head…). Not that I know of.

How many OL recruits do we aim to sign this year and do you think CMR shoots for some JUCO OL to help make up for the lack of experience?

I think the number Georgia is trying to sign should never change—five, six, seven, as many as you can take. I know it never works out that way, but as this new predicament shows, you can never have enough linemen (on both sides of the ball).

I assume the JUCO route will be explored, but it needs to be the right fit. No need to pull a Havercamp.

With all of the developments on OSU's 'student life enrichment' program, has the NCAA and/or media forgotten about our neighboring institution to our west?

Possibly under a stack of papers—but not forgotten. These things take time. And this isn't love—absence does not make the heart grow fonder. Only colder.

We shall see…in due time.

RyanJordan asks: Fletch, Please give us your top 5 Ginger haired athletes of all time.

Oooooh, now I do love the chance for a good list…especially a list that hits so close to home. Let's get it poppin'.

5. Mark McGuire – Slugger. Bash Brother. Cheater. Ginger.

4. Chuck Norris – He isn't really a ginger. It's just blood from former victims.

3. Bill Walton – His faulty knees robbed us of what could have been the greatest NBA career of all-time. Seriously…I was 10 years from coming into this world, but his 1977 Trailblazers rocked the basketball world!

2. Shaun White – C'mon, his nickname is the Flying Tomato. And he's good at everything in the "X-Games" realm. And I know you clicked on what you thought was his profile. First--we don't have profiles for extreme sports. Second--tell me you didn't chuckle a little bit when you clicked thinking you were about to see White's flowing red locks, only to see Shaun White--the quarterback from Pensacola Catholic.

1. Brian Scalabrine – If I'm starting an NBA team from scratch, I need an excellent bench player ginger. He needs to clap at the right times. Over the top congratulate at other times. Console when needed. Slap butts. Play six minutes when all 11 other players are in foul trouble or dead. Everything I just typed applies to Scalabrine, whose bench performances were imperative for Boston's title run in 2009. And he's doing it again with Chicago. MVBP (most valuable bench player…ever).

GearDawg asks: I guess with the injuries in spring ball that Sanders Commings' flirtations with the Diamond Dogs are over?

Right, the schedule just doesn't allow for this to (actually) happen. Football now commands 12-and-a-half months of a player's time. Long gone are days of Buck Belue dominating at both sports. Did you know his career batting average at Georgia was .356? Impressive.

And it won't ever happen again.

hardcorebubba asks: How cool is it that in the new college football video game they are gonna have UGA trying to bite people in it?

Pretty cool…as long as it's not overplayed. That's a nice touch, as long as it's subtle. Needs to be one of those things that happen at the precise time after you've already played 208 games and you've forgotten it was actually possible—kind of how it went down in real life.

gadawgluver asks: If you are late on the sack not coming out on time, do you have to buy Dean a steak? Did he have any comments on it being late?

Dean didn't say anything about the tardy Sack…I think he'd rather the Sack disappear anyway. His magazine deadline was part of what was distracting me to begin with (not that I'm complaining. I am getting paid). So (thankfully) he was lenient.

I knew my destination…but I just couldn't get there. But I'm not buying steak. No way, no how.

If you had to pick on AJ Harmon's transfer would it be talent, lack of commitment, grades, or just not the social place he had hoped he could fit into?

I'll take door No. 3, Bob…

We have heard about John Jenkins summer work out routine, any word on Crowell's? I really hope this kids is busting it and ready to go....

I haven't heard from Isaiah about what he's doing…I'm sure he's working. But he's kind of like Stafford or Knowshon—he can wake up, get out of bed and dominate. I don't mean that to say he doesn't need to work…but there are a select few (I call this the Deion All-Stars. The one name icons—Herschel, Deion, Knowshon…potentially Isaiah) that just wake up, wipe the sleep from their eyes and win.

Now, problems can crop up when players who aren't of that caliber start behaving like they are. I'm not hinting at anything (or maybe I am). But Isaiah is special. You add hard work to special…and you've got a "We're going to put pictures of you on the wall when you leave" kind of player.

And when you boil it down, that's the most beautiful thing you can witness...Again, I need a hobby.

begger asks: Who was this "recruit" we had on campus making Fox miss a Bulldog Club meeting?

I believe it was Ryan Harrow. Despite my overtures, I still haven't gotten his digits….sigh.

Any chance Richt realizes how we hamstring ourselves not shooting for a number just over 85 on that first Wednesday in February, and what are your thoughts on the morally corrupt practice of "oversigning"?

Do I need to bring Paul back in here to play another set?

BlackDeathD asks: Compared to last year do we look vastly better?


We lose A.J. but gain Crowell (power running game).

That's true, but—

Our OL can't be any worse than last year.

Looking at the depth chart—

The 2nd year of Grantham's D


Easier schedule.

Those first two games are—

New and improved S&C program

That was a needed—

T.King, Marlon Brow, Wooten are not world beaters but they are solid.

There are some—

Orson Charles and Malcolm Mitchell could be world beaters

Both of those guys are—

Our now Soph QB was ranked #14 last year in QB nationally

Yes, and he's only going to—

AJ helped Murray's numbers but if you go back and look he was not alone

Losing AJ does hurt, but—

Ya the OL is thin, but didn't stop us in 2007.

Good point, and I would add that—

Should we be excited?

I think you've talked me into it. Yes, you should be excited. You should all be excited.

RedRaider78 asks: Hey fletch, i liked it when greene and pollacks teams would come out of the tunnel with the whole side by side walking out together with there arms locked like a true team 1 heartbeat kid of stuff.

Yeah, that was a pretty original intro.

what is the chances you can put a lil birdie in cmr ear and tell him this south ga. boy would like to see him bring that back for this year?

I'm on it! If it happens, you can take the credit. If it doesn't, I'll shoulder the blame for failing to deliver the message.

is the rambsy kid out of woodbine or the greyson kid out of jesup more highly sought after? i know we are after rambsy but which has more bang for the buck?

If you're talking about Brice Ramsey, of Camden, then yes, he's the more saught after. I think Greyson Lambert is a fine quarterback. I've talked to him before, and he's got a good head on his shoulders and has a chance to be a solid quarterback at a high level.

But Ramsey has the potential to be something special. I could tell from the first time I saw him throw.

At Dawg Night last summer (when Ramsey was just entering his sophomore year), Brice looked better throwing than Christian LeMay. Bigger arm. Tighter spiral. More accurate. More consistant.

And LeMay looked pretty good, too. So, Georgia has chosen to skip taking a quarterback in the 2012 (as it stands right now), and they're putting the full court press on Ramsey. The Bulldogs offered him first, and Mike Bobo has been all over him.

Ramsey has the chance to be special. Maybe not as much "NFL potential" as Stafford had at that age…but it's nearing that kind of talk.

And he hasn't even started a high school game…scary, I know.

rub the ol crystal ball and tell us the future of the 2011 football season w and l's. cmr future. a trip to atl in dec. bowl game and on and on and on and on and on.

I'm going to stay away from making actual predictions…but on the surface, I only see three games Georgia might lose without it coming off as a total or mild surprise—Boise, South Carolina and Florida.

All the rest, Georgia will probably be favored or expected to win (getting over the Knoxville slump is a must).

So, even if the Bulldogs drop all three of those "tough" games, they'd still finish 9-3 in the regular season. But that scenario would mean Georgia didn't win the East.

See where this is going? That's right, absolutely nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Let's get to September, and I'll provide my predictions on a week-to-week basis.

don't count the titles they have or don't have. from 1 thru what ever. 1 being the best. name the best coach's in the sec in your order fletch. and would you swap cmr out for any of them?

12. James Franklin - Yup. It's Vandy. They can thump their chest at graduation.

11. Houston Nutt - Never have cared for him.

10. Will Muschamp - Never coached a game, but some say talent makes the coach.

9. Joker Phillips - Well respected, good recruiter--at Kentucky. Hum.

8. Derek Dooley - Sense of humor. Deep football roots. Does things the right way.

7. Dan Mullen - His best season is 8-5, but again, 8-5 at State is doing work!

6. Les Miles - Does have a title...but I think he fell into it.

5. Gene Chizik - Cam Newton accounted for his natty. Still not sold.

4. Mark Richt - longest tenured coach in the conference (at one school in one run). Two SEC titles.

3. Bobby Petrino - This may surprise, but he's turned Arkansas into a team worthy of the being in the conversation. He led Louisville nearly to the top. And he was a head coach in the NFL (as terrible as that ended).

2. Steve Spurrier - He's come on strong recently. He won't be coaching much longer, but he's still got the history to point to and the personality to recruit.

1. Nick Saban - A coach short on stature, but big on "at-all-costs." He's won two titles with two different schools (one of only two men to do that. Name me the other one and you win a prize).

Now, that's just my personal list (with a little help from our pal Dean). I know Miles is low, but I don't care for his lack of clock management and all the Riverboat Gambling mentality.

And I know Petrino looks to be a little high, but I like his system and I think he's done a good job bringing Arkansas up out of the Houston Nutt ashes.

i am a big blackout fan. i dont think it is a gimmick. what are the chances we would put it in rotation with our red and white uni's? black tops/ red helmets i love, not a big fan of the black helmets

I agree. I thought the black jerseys were good looking.

Personally, I think the debate over the jerseys is the biggest waste of time. It's not like Richt sacrificed any game planning or practice time making the decision. People either glorified the thought process as a stroke of genius (the Auburn game) or crapped all over it as a distracting sideshow (the Alabama loss).

"Let's get back to playing football," some said.

Funny. As if the jerseys actually made Georgia better than Auburn once and worse than Alabama at a different time. The truth was, Alabama was better than Georgia. So was Florida in '09 when the black pants were put on.

I think Richt would agree, the black helmets and pants move was a mistake. But people used that stunt as an excuse for why Georgia lost…? Um…no. Georgia lost because Florida was better.

Jerseys don't matter. It's not like David Lee Roth picking out a new pair of tight fitting pink pants made Van Halen sound better—nor did it make them break up.

They sounded good because they had a unique sound and Eddie Van Halen could make people cheer and scream while simultaneously melting their face off (Auburn win). And they broke up when Roth's ego became inflated and he thought he was better and bigger than the band (Alabama loss).

And subsequent reunion tours have been somewhat of a disaster because the band was older and had lost it's sense of direction, while Roth still had a sense of entitlement (Florida loss).

Did all this make sense? I think it did. Let's move on.

do you prefer a flat tire or a good ol nasty light?

If I'm only having one or two, I'd take the Fat Tire. That's a good beer. But if you're having a Fourth of July party or wedding reception, and we're drinking bulk…I'll be crushing the Natty. Remember, I'm still Minion Status here.

have you ever woke up on a sun. morning after a big game with left over topper money in your pocket? not me. lol

This reminds me of how I met my current girlfriend…I'm kidding. Thankfully, no I've never left Topper's with a stack of the famed Topper Dollars in my pocket. I'm told those bills don't spend well outside of the "club." Another ingenious tool made possible by your local strip club. They're brilliant, I tell you. Simply brilliant.

who do you think is a better coach and a better fit for uga: Todd Grantham or kirby smart? or a win win

I'll take the win-win…Kirby has the "He's been under a defensive genius as a coordinator" thing going on. Kind of like Bobo is when it comes to developing quarterbacks (Richt) or I am when it comes to posting videos in the Mail Bag (Dean).

Grantham has more legit NFL experience. Kirby is a great recruiter. They both run the 3-4. Seems a wash to me.

I think Georgia made the right hire though, for what that's worth.

RenegadeDawg (commonly referred to as the most audacious question-poser the Mail Bag has ever seen) asks: 1) Why on earth do we climb to the top of a tall building and put money in a telescope to look at things on the ground?

"Cause there ain't no tuition for having no ambition." For some reason, I wanted to work in some Kanye West here.

2) Do Chinese people get English sayings tattooed on their bodies?

Nah, but they do eat lunch at McDonald's and KFC…they're ruining Americans externally…we're hitting them with an all-out internal barrage.

3) If you mix Milk of Magnesia with vodka and orange juice, do you get a Phillips screw driver?

There is a Ja'Juan Story joke here somewhere…(still thinking)…(thinking harder)…nope, I'm out. I've got nothing.

4) Why are there interstates in Hawaii?

Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels - men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. --Dwight D. Eisenhower (father of the modern interstate system. This quote makes sense of it all).

dunkaroos8 asks: Is Dante Bichette Jr our next Gordon Beckham? I know it's really early to tell but this kid is Sick. Hes got a great swing and absolutelly tore it up in the home run derby in Tampa. The kid has MLB written all over him in the future. His dad wasnt to bad either back in the day..

I hate to say this…I really do…but I'm not sure if he'll ever play for Georgia…I've seen a couple of mock drafts that have the kid going anywhere from the first to the third round in the upcoming draft…

In tempering expectations with that sinker, if he does come to Georgia, I think he'll have the chance to do some special things from the third base position. Coach's sons, player's sons—baseball lifers (Griffeys, Bonds, Boones, etc) are always a good bet.

graydog25 asks: Fletch, Are there any walk-on offensive lineman that could surprise and give us adequate depth if needed. With this being one of the hardest positions to evaluate, you never know, but I remember hearing good things about a couple of them at one point last year.

‘Tis wishful thinking, my friend. Sadly, I don't think there is a walk-on—well, let me rephrase this. If a walk-on is on the field at any point next season, it will mean bad things. Terrible things, even.

No offense to those guys…they work hard. But no.

gunter2011 says: You're doing great Fletch keep it up...

You flatter me…

Question about the Boise State Game…Thomas Byrd, BS Center (5'11 284lbs.) vs. John Jenkins (6'4" 350lbs.) or Kwame Geathers (6'6" 350lbs.) Does this help UGA get to Kellen Moore faster?

The battle in the trenches—customarily the winner there will win the game. Now, obviously this battle will be more than just Byrd versus Jenkins or Geathers. Georgia's big fellas are going to be fighting through guards, centers, running backs and everything else Peterson can throw at them.

But if the nose tackles can do their job (it's not just about occupying. We hear that all the time. I'd rather use the term ‘commanding.' Those guys have to command the attention, pre-snap and during play. That's key) I think Georgia's defense can have success.

Like I've said in the Mail Bag before, Boise's offense isn't as complicated as it looks—I'm serious. But the Broncos run multiple sets and use pre-snap shifts to confuse. The actual plays are simple. It's the confusion that kills.

The nose tackle needs to set it off and do his job, but the players behind him need to be disciplined. That will be just as important.

AND Your projection on the amount of carries and yards IC will get in that game?

I'm sticking with 249 carries, 1197 yards and 17 touchdowns. (Those are Marcus Lattimore's stats from a year ago, by the way).

Thanks man!

You're welcome…and with that, I'll rescind back into the idle times, driving in the slow lane…but I'll be waiting. I'm always waiting.

Turn the lights out boys, the party's over…We outta here baby…Thank y'all for coming.

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