Mark Richt Camp: Legge's Notes

ATHENS – Georgia's annual Mark Richt Camp took place Saturday. Take a look at Dean Legge's notes from the day.

2011 Mark Richt Camp: Photos

Brandon Hill
6-6, 374
Right Tackle/Nose
St. George's (TN)

Massive Brandon Hill

Big, big, big. Hill tipped the scales at over 370 pounds on Saturday in Athens. He worked so well in the Georgia heat that he got an offer from Georgia's new offensive line coach Will Friend.

One could certainly make the argument that Hill is big enough to play nose in a 3-4 college defense. Still, Hill worked at offensive line during the camp at right tackle. He was the biggest camper in Athens. Hill is physically developed. Someone who weights over 370 pounds can easily look sloppy, but that was not the case with Hill, who holds his weight well. He won't be able to play college football at that weight, however. I wouldn't call him fat, but he certainly would benefit from cutting some of the weight and working on conditioning. The heat, and it was quite hot, was very difficult for Hill (any most of the other big guys). Criticisms? Hill could play lower, and he certainly needs to work on being big in a practical way for the college game. Other than that his hands worked pretty well. His Saturday offer makes plenty of sense.

Jeremy Daniels
6-6, 360
Left Tackle
Lanier County

Daniels, another huge prospect, worked out during the camp with red Georgia shorts on. Right now his only offer is Marshall, but he's visited places like Florida State and Georgia while Alabama and Florida are also showing interest.

Like Hill, Daniels needs to consider the practicality of college football at his current weight. I can't see him being effective at that size – maybe I'm wrong. He's listed as an offensive lineman and defensive lineman in his profile, and I understand that because of his size alone. His size seems pretty good for a nose in the 3-4, but does he have the length necessary to play it? He would rather play offensive line, or he would have been working with the defensive line.

Daniels seemed a bit more effected by the heat than Hill. It seemed like the heat limited his effectiveness at times. Still, he was one of the top linemen at the camp.

Greg Pyke
6-5, 280
Offensive Tackle
The Boys' Latin School (MD)

Another good-looking offensive tackle was Greg Pyke. He seemed a bit more in the most of a left tackle than anyone else at the camp. He moved well - he was also quite a bit smaller than the other players mentioned above.

A lacrosse player at one of the elite schools in that sport in Maryland, Pyke has said that he could play lacrosse in college (he's ranked as high a #8 in the nation for his position), but that he likely will not. He is athletic.

Maricio Askew
5-10, 163
Running Back

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When you weight 163 pounds and are a running back you need to do something to get people to notice you. Running a 4.29 40-yard dash is going to get people talking about you. The time is no fluke – at the 2010 MVP Camp in Auburn he clocked in at 4.38. If nothing else Bowden's Maricio Askew has proven that he can run very fast in a straight line.

Askew certainly looked fast and quick, but its hard to know just where he is at this stage in recruiting because he missed the bulk of last season with a broken leg. Is Askew a full-time running back in the SEC? No way – not at his size, and the broken leg has to give some college coaches pause for concern. Is he ready to be a change-of-pace guy who could be a playmaker? Perhaps. This fall will be big for Askew.

Quayvon Hicks
6-2, 257
Pierce County

Recent Georgia commit Quayvon Hicks

I don't know what position Hicks will play in college, but he's got very good skill for a ball carrier his size. I could see him playing some linebacker in the 3-4 at Georgia, or at fullback – who really knows?

I could see how he could grow out of a fullback's body (if he hasn't do so already). I was with Shaun Chapas not that long ago – Hicks is significantly bigger than Chapas, or at least it seemed that way to me.

Again, he's got impressive size and does a good job of being agile on his feet for a big dude. His chest pokes out – he's physically developed. If Georgia is moving to a program that goes and gets bigger players then Hicks fits that mold.

Tyshon Dye
6-1, 200
Running Back/Linebacker
Elbert County

I wrote down in my notes that Dye was "explosive" on Saturday. Look back at his combine performances from earlier this year. He tallied a 4.11 shuttle; a 4.44 40-yard dash; and a 9'7" broad jump. To steal a line from famed recruiting (and just overall) junkie Charlie Sheen – "Duh, Dye is #winning at explosiveness."

Dye has no problem spinning with the ball in his hands. He moves well from one cone to the next – and doing so quickly with urgency and very little clumsiness. It's easy to see why Georgia offered Dye on Saturday. In fact, I'd forgotten that they had not yet offered him. The 2013 prospect is one to watch over the next two years. I know that 2011 was loaded with talent in Georgia, but 2013 is going to give it a run for its money by the time it's all said and done and Dye is one reason why.

Greg Hall
6-3, 215
Outside Linebacker
North Oconee

Greg Hall could develop into a pretty good outside linebacker for a slew of reasons – he's got pretty good length; he's big… the usual stuff. He certainly stuck out Saturday and passed the eye test. But I worry about his footwork at times. He seemed more like a glider than a kid who was totally comfortable running in space. Hall is a prospect I would say is very raw, but needs to work on footwork and conditioning. He's got a great frame, however, to be an outside linebacker in the 3-4. Watch to see if he becomes a late bloomer.

Johnny O'Neal
6-2, 230
West Laurens

Georgia offered O'Neal some time ago, and he got work during the camp at linebacker Saturday. I still like Troup's Reuben Foster as the state's top linebacker, but O'Neal is a player to keep an eye on – for obvious reasons. I didn't see him as much as I would have liked to on Saturday.

Kenderious Whitehead certainly looked the part in Athens

Kenderious Whitehead
6-4, 212
Outside Linebacker

Whitehead was the one guy I said to myself in watching on Saturday: "And I think we have a college football player." He's got a very good frame – he seems bigger than 212 pounds. He seems relatively long, but one thing is for sure: of the outside linebackers he was the one with the most vicious arm movement. He is interested in fighting with his hands. I was impressed with that. He had explosive hands and good height. A quarterback is not going to hold on to the ball when he hits him – I don't think so at least. He was the best outside linebacker in a group that really was not that bad.

Tray Matthews
6-1, 191

I know that the instant thing to do is compare Matthews to former Newnan safety Alec Ogletree, but wait before you do. They both are young and talented, but Matthews is much more slender than Ogletree is and was. That's not to say Matthews is not developed – because he sure seems to be. He's just not thick like Ogletree, and it doesn't seem like he's going to be that way any time soon. Still, Matthews can run well and defends well in coverage. He's got pretty good athleticism. Matthews is a good player.

Khalil Stinson
6-0, 180
Wide Receiver/Defensive Back

Stinson had a good day. I am not sure if he is a Georgia-level prospect right now because he seems like too much of a ‘tweener. Is he a receiver or a defensive back? I am not sure, which means I am not sure you want to roll the dice on offering him. Stinson, who was one of the few receivers not to wear gloves, has good balance. His day was solid as he made some good catches.

Brandon Facyson
6-2, 178
Wide Receiver

Brandon Facyson is a slender receiver who ran good routes on Saturday. The 2013 Newnan prospect was one of the better receivers at Georgia. He adjusted to the ball well in the air. The quarterbacks were, as it almost always seems at camps, hit and very miss. But Facyson made the most of his chance. Expect to hear more from him as time goes on.

Jeffery Alexander
5-10, 210
Collins Hill

Another 2013 player who performed well, Alexander is a bit short for the Georgia defensive coaches (at least what they have said publically). But I thought he stood out a bit at times. He was certainly well conditioned – when others were clutching the bottom of their shorts Alexander was ready to roll. He moves well, but is a bit small.

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