Catching Up With: Cordy Glenn

MACON - Left tackle Cordy Glenn discusses the lack of depth at tackle, opening against Boise State in the Georgia Dome and what he did with his free time in May.

Entering his fourth year as a starter on the offensive line, Cordy Glenn made a switch to left tackle this spring.

Most consider him plenty able to handle the most important position in the trenches. The concern is, however, that he's the only one with any real playing experience at tackle entering fall camp.

Combining Glenn's 36 previous starts and the (lack of) depth at tackle, the native of Riverdale may just be the most important player on Georgia's offense.

Dawg Post caught up with Glenn to discuss the lack of depth, opening against Boise State in the Georgia Dome and what he did with his free time in May.

How concerning is the depth at left tackle after Trinton Sturdivant's injury and A.J. Harmon's departure?

I don't think it's a major concern. It just means that guys have to step up and just grow up faster than they might have had to. We need to have those guys.

How comfortable are you at left tackle?

I'm getting more comfortable every day. I'm just trying to get more and more comfortable.

Coach (Will) Friend said he were a little heavy back in the spring. Do you feel you weighed too much during spring practice?

Yeah definitely. During spring a lot of the linemen were heavy. I think a lot of us have done a good job of slimming down and just trying to get more flexible and trying to lose a couple pounds.

Where would you like to be once fall camp starts?

325 would be a good weight.

Where are you right now?


How does it feel knowing you're a senior and an elder statesman on the line?

I'm looking forward to it because I think it makes you better as a man to have more on your plate, just having to take more responsibility, so I'm actually forward to the upcoming season.

Last year there were high expectations for the line and for whatever reason it seemed like the unit underachieved. This year, do you think the line is flying under the radar, so to speak? Could that benefit you guys going into this season?

I think at the end of the day we don't need to worry about the stuff people write about us and things like that. As our group of offensive linemen—our small group and our coach—we just need to worry about what we need to do and just getting better every day. Just working on the small things, whether it be something real simple, we just need to get better and not go backwards, but go forward.

Having those first two big games to start the season, will we know what this team is about after those two weeks?

I think I know a lot about this team. This team is working hard. Everybody is motivated. Everybody is alert and ready for the season. We're not going to cruise into this year. Everybody is ready to press on the gas and get going.

How do you feel about the season opener?

Honestly, Boise is a tremendous football team, and we're looking forward to the challenge of playing a great football team like that. It's going to be great to also be in the Dome. It will be a great experience for us.

As far as who you guys are blocking for, how much do you think losing Washaun Ealey hurts the backfield

It just means that guys have to step up. Obviously we'd like to have Washaun. Washaun was a tremendous talent. It just means guys have to step up and fill in his spot and take responsibility.

Were you able to get back to Atlanta any during May (when the players have a few weeks off)?

Yeah I did. My grandma passed a few years ago, so they have a cookout honoring her…I think it's good to relax, just get your mind off football sometimes, just relax with the family.

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