Dawg Night: Five Questions

ATHENS - Scout.com's Chad Simmons answers Dean Legge's questions about Dawg Night 2011.

Who is the top overall prospect coming to Dawg Night?

John Theus is that guy in this current class, but 2013 has some studs coming, too. The top 2013 top guy could be Reuben Foster, Brice Ramsey or Derrick Henry. Theus is a five-star prospect and currently rated as the number four prospect in America.

Over time Dawg Night has become a pretty good event. It seems like Friday Night Lights is still the top summer recruiting event, but where does Dawg Night stack up with everyone else?

Dawg Night started a couple of years ago, and it has really been one of the bigger events in the summer since it got going. Friday Night Lights still is the one most talked about. It has been around a little longer, it draws prospects from coast to coast and it just draws more media attention. As far as single day camps though right now, Georgia is up there because of the talent that it gets on its campus. It is more regional, but from top to bottom, it still has some of the best in America attend. Florida and USC have had the ones most talked about though over the past five years.

The top quarterback coming to Dawg Night? Camden County's Brice Ramsey. (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

Who is the top out-of-state prospect coming to Dawg Night, and what is Georgia's chance at signing him?

John Theus is that guy again, and Georgia is in his final three. He named Florida, Georgia and Texas as his final three on Scout last week. Georgia signed his older brother Nathan Theus in 2011, and that gives Georgia something nobody else can offer him. Family is very important to him, and that is something to remember. I feel it comes down to a Florida-Georgia battle with Georgia having the edge due to family relations on campus.

Dawg Night sort of solidified the base of Georgia's class of 2011. It seems like the Bulldogs are going at a slightly slower pace this year… is that a wait-and-see approach for prospects, or what is the explanation?

More prospects have questions when talking about Georgia just because of the last couple of seasons, changes on the coaching staff at linebacker and offensive line this year, the new strength program and Mark Richt's status. Georgia is still Georgia and they will get their share of talent year in and year out, but it may not come in by summer's end like it has many times in Richt's tenure. Last year Georgia finished strong in January, so as long as Georgia goes out and takes care of business on the field this fall their class should fall right into place.

This is the first time the Bulldogs have entered this event without an assistant recruiting coordinator – will that make a difference on Friday?

I do not think it will hurt them at all during this event. That position has to be filled, and I am sure it will be filled in the very near future, but the coaches and the assistants to that position will pick up the slack without any problem at Dawg Night. The assistant recruiting coordinator is another set of eyes, and that person helps point Richt in the right direction when on the field at camps, but I do not expect this to hold back or slow down Georgia at all on Friday night.

Troup's Reuben Foster is one of the top prospects expected at Dawg Night 2011 . (Dean Legge/Dawg Post)

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