The Personal Drive

ATHENS - David Andrews is excited to be a part of The Dream Team.

Georgia fans should be just as excited that Andrews is part of that team, said Ryan Goldin, an Atlanta strength coach who has worked with Andrews for several years.

"I have had over 1,500 kids I have trained, and I would put him in the top three as far as personal drive, as far as, ‘I am going to be early every day, I am going to get my stuff done and I am going to hit whatever is expected of me each day and more.' He never misses a workout. He outworks everybody."

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Andrews, a 6-foot-5, 276-pound center from the Wesleyan School in Norcross, is rated a three-star prospect and the nation's sixth-best center by

"I think this group we have right now and guys we are trying to get on board are going to be a great group," Andrews said. "I think we've got kids playing all over the field. We've got almost every person at every position. To know we can come in and change around (things). It does mean a lot and it's kind of a cool experience."

Andrews turned his attention to college last December when his Wesleyan Wolves were knocked from the state's A playoffs in the semifinals. He knows he has something extra to prove coming to college from the smallest classification in the state.

"You have to prepare yourself a little more," he said. "That's why I like going to these combines and these camps and all that stuff. You get to see the best of the best and show your stuff and work with them."

Andrews already has proved plenty at all-star camps, Goldin said.

"He's a winner," Goldin said. "He's one of those guys who is not going to lose any individual battles. You can see that when he does his one-on-ones at camp. He whips people's (butt) at the camps. He's nasty, too.

"He's an extremely smart person. He's Clint Boling-type smart," added Goldin, a former professional power lifter who also trained Boling and several other current and former Bulldog standouts. "You are dealing with an absolute complete player."

Although his mother is an Auburn graduate, Andrews was almost a lock to commit to the Bulldogs from the beginning of the recruiting process.

"I grew up a Georgia fan. My grandfather made me a Georgia fan," he said. "I had that (Auburn) influence a little bit, but I had always wanted to go to Georgia. Once we started the recruiting process, I didn't know what was going to happen for sure, where I was going to play, but in the back of my mind it was always going to be Georgia. I knew when they offered, I told my parents, if they ever offer me, that'd be the day I'd commit."

In fact, the Auburn influence in the family was mitigated by the fact that Andrews' mother worked in the recruiting office as a student at Auburn and helped recruit former Georgia offensive line coach Stacy Searels to Auburn.

"When we went to places and they gave us tour guides, she would mess around with them, hang out with them," Andrews said.

Andrews said he doesn't know if he'll redshirt during his first year at Georgia. Senior Ben Jones is the incumbent starter at center, and Andrews said he is eager to learn from Jones' experience. He also said he's not terribly interested in sitting around and twiddling his thumbs for a season as a redshirt.

"(Playing or redshirting) hasn't been one of the talks, but I do want to compete," he said. "I've never really sat on the bench before, but I get a chance to learn from Ben Jones, who I think is one of the best centers in the country, if not the best. A chance to learn from him and work with him for my freshman year – it's going to be a great experience for me just to learn all his stuff and the technique he has got. I don't know, but we'll see when it happens. I am definitely going to compete."

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