Brown has Emotional 1st Visit to Athens

ATHENS – For the first ever football camp he'd ever attended Chester Brown did pretty well for himself.

The 2012 Bradwell Institute offensive lineman had never been to a football camp in his life – until he went to Dawg Night 2011.

"To be honest the Georgia camp was the first camp I'd ever been to," Brown admitted. "It was also was my first time going up there. Everything was good. I had fun. I enjoyed the camp. I learned a lot form the camp – a lot of technique."

Brown said he didn't know what he was getting himself into. He thought his trip to Athens would be a quick trip with a light workout. Instead, he participated in an afternoon-long tour of Georgia with the elite camp that followed.

John Theus and Chester Brown at Dawg Night 2011

"We did a lot of touring and visitation," Brown said. "I was pretty amazed with the way everything was going. I thought when camp came around I thought things would go light, but it was the kind of camp I like. I like competition. I thought it was great. I had fun, and it was amazing."

Brown is almost the definition of an under-the-radar recruit. His offers before the trip to Athens were from MTSU, South Alabama and Georgia State. Brown says he's thinks he's been difficult to spot on the recruiting trail because he plays at a small high school.

"I think people haven't found out about me because I am from a small school – no one knows where Hinesville is," he explained. "My coaches have been trying to send my film out. I think that's the reason I came on so late in recruiting."

Brown admitted that Hinesville, which is the gateway to Ft. Stewart and is the largest Army installation east of the Mississippi River, can be a haven for Georgia fans.

"A lot of people love Georgia here," he said. "I wanted to know what it is about Georgia that make people in Hinesville love it, and what you see on TV is what you get at Georgia… and then some. A lot of the coaches at Georgia are spiritual, too, and that's important to me. They put God first. The coaches at Georgia look like players' coaches. They really are what they are. They love to coaching."

But Brown's expectations were a little different than reality. Georgia, it seemed was very interested in him – more than he knew.

"I didn't know that they were going to offer me," Brown admitted. "I thought I would just take a look at it. After experiencing it – I really felt like I was at home. I am not so far away from committing. I had no idea that they were going to offer me. I thought they were going to let me go home, but they all wanted to talk with me after the camp. That's when Coach Friend told me that they were offering me a scholarship."

The gesture from Friend made for an emotional Brown.

"I broke down into tears," he said. "Coming from my family – its hard. We've had hard times. Just thinking about college. It is going to be hard for us to pay for college. I felt like that is a big burden taken off of my family."

Brown's family relocated from California when he was younger, and they are interested in him playing college football close to home. Perhaps that's the reason for Brown's emotions.

"I think my family wants me to stay in state. Now that Georgia has offered me, I think I know what I want to do," Brown said.

Chester Brown at Dawg Night 2011

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